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Chapter 451 – Suppressing Kings With Might

Shi Hao swept his gaze over everyone here. This gaze was intense, and there was a type of disdain, as well as an indifference present. He looked down on everyone with a domineering aura!

When the two sentences were spoken, the central heavenly temple immediately became silent. Everyone’s hearts were beating frantically. The little Stone had returned, and his display was too powerful.

“Haha…” One of them laughed in a drawn out manner. His eyes contained indifference. He retreated without saying a word and was going to watch from the sidelines.

“The Wasteland Heavenly Lord is quite domineering, shouting in front of everyone like this. Does he really think he can fight against all the great powers of this world alone?” Someone transmitted this message in secret.

The central heavenly palace sparkled with golden brilliance. This palace was formed from golden rock, and not only was it incredibly sturdy and resilient, it could also gather the world’s spiritual energies.

This place was covered in all types of wonderful scenes. The palace had draconic aura drifting about, making it appear holy and auspicious. It was as if the main palace from the divine realm had descended into the world of mortals to suppress all other energies.

Shi Hao’s face was expressionless, appearing cold and calm as if he was the lord of this place. He ascended the steps one flight at a time to reach the highest point in this central heavenly palace. He turned around and looked downwards. “What I said, I will do!”

When these words were spoken, it was as if an invisible pressure diffused out in all directions. Regardless of whether it was the experts from outside this region or the various nobles of the imperial capital, all of them became serious.

Regardless what what kind of motives these individuals had, they all had to account for the little Stone’s strength in their plans. Once he went crazy, it would definitely be quite a disaster, one full of blood.

Ever since he was born into this world, he had never been defeated. He killed the dual-pupiled individual, rivalled fairy Yue Chan, and forced back all other kings in the same cultivation realm, carving out an incredibly glorious reputation for himself. With his past successes, who dares to contend against him?

In front of the imposing palace, the jade pond shone. A few spiritual medicines grew inside the waters. The auspicious multicolored light they released made this place become more misty, as if they were in the home of a deity.

Above the imperial palace, the azure drake that was formed from auspicious light absorbed draconic energy and continuously circled about. It raised its head and released a long and distant sounding roar that transmitted into the nine heavens.

There were still a few spiritual birds in the distance, but none of them dared to come any closer. They were all auspicious birds raised within the imperial palace, but right now, they were trembling with fear.

“Wasteland Heavenly Lord, you are truly acting a bit overbearing. This is the imperial palace, not your lord manor.” Someone said in a tone that was neither aggressive or passive. How could they resign themselves to withdrawing like this?

“That’s incorrect. His majesty has already changed the lord manor to king manor. As long as the little Stone returned, he could immediately become the Wasteland Heavenly King.” A royal king spoke.

Everyone was startled. It was actually the War King, an extremely powerful noble. Now that he made this declaration, it was clear that he was extremely partial to the little Stone who had just returned.

Right now, the imperial capital was in utter chaos. Forget about the great sects outside this region, Stone Clan was experiencing great internal strife. They all wanted to inherit the great inheritance, so now that a powerful king expressed his stance, the atmosphere became even more tense.

“Correct, he can be called Wasteland Heavenly King!” Several old guards stood out to declare their position.

“Hah, what a great title. The wasteland region is so large, yet he bears its name along with heavenly king. Are you trying to suppress the entire wasteland region? I wonder if it is just an undeserving title.” An extremely cold yet gentle voice sounded. It came from both the left and right, making it hard for the people present to distinguish its source.

No one dared to directly jump out and confront the little Stone yet. No one wanted to take the lead. They simply showed their disdain in secret, instigating disharmony.

Shi Hao had already stood at the highest point here. He stood in front of the imposing palace and looked down. In a cold voice, he said, “Those that hide in the shadows have no right to stand here!”

He swung his sleeves, and immediately, golden light smashed down like a mountain. This simple strike struck down on an individual in black with a hong sound. The individual’s face immediately revealed fear, not expecting that he would be directly exposed at all.

“No!” He could only manage to release this type of scream before exploding with a pu sound, crushed under the pressure of the mountainous golden light. Only a bloody mist remained.

This was an expert from outside the region. Needless to say, he definitely came from a great sect. After just issuing a provocative statement, he was killed ruthlessly by Shi Hao.

This was the little Stone’s might. Even when he was alone when facing these king level figures, he continued to act fiercely and decisively. His domineering nature was fully revealed.

Shi Hao stood there calm and unmoving. The corners of his clothes moved about as he stood there silently. He looked outstanding and intelligent, but right now, there was a great pressure being exerted by him. It was a pressure that crushed down on everyone’s minds like a mountain.

There wasn’t a single individual who wasn’t shaken inwardly. Their eyelids jumped. The little Stone was no joke after all. With just the raise of his hand, someone from outside this region was immediately killed mercilessly.

Shi Hao swept a cold gaze over everyone while standing on the platform. He felt great anger, but at the same time, he sighed inwardly. With the disappearance of the Stone Emperor, everything indeed went into chaos.

Individuals from great sects outside the region barged into the imperial palace without any restraint and didn’t place any of the country’s imperial power in their eyes. They were going to directly create a puppet. It was just too unreasonable and tyrannical.

There were also Stone Country’s people. The nobility all came, and they were separated into two completely different factions. Some acted on their own interests to support a certain successor, and some placed themselves into the hands of those outside the region, leading the wolves straight into the palace.

“Shi Hao, who do you think you are? You are just a king, so by what authority can you declare this type of threat to kill us?” A general spoke up, clearly having been stirred on by another king.

Finally, someone else jumped out to argue back. Many people were inwardly unwilling and unsatisfied with the fact that Shi Hao acted so aggressively alone. They didn’t want to give up.

“Right! With Stone Country experiencing some changes, we have come as guests to await the new emperor. What’s wrong with that?” An expert from outside the region stood out and questioned with a cold voice. Shi Hao’s eyes landed on each of these individuals one after another. His expression was indifferent, with no emotions visible, only the oppressive aura that caused the hearts of others to pound faster.

“I did not consider myself as anyone special. The Stone Emperor has issued a decree for me to enter the palace, so I responded to his call. However, as one of the generals that guard this palace, you ignored your duty and allowed outsiders into the palace. Are you trying to rebel? I want to ask you, do you even know what punishment is?!” Shi Hao glared at that general.

When he finished speaking, he raised his hand, and a scarlet streak of sword energy hacked out. The space around it distorted as it flew towards the general.

Precious techniques covered the skies. The general wasn’t the only one that put up a defense. Another individual interfered, wanting to strike down Shi Hao from above. This could also be considered acting with disrespect. They were going to destroy his domineering appearance.

Ka cha!

Two powerful magical artifacts were sliced apart. The scarlet sword energy hacked down, slicing that general in two. With a pu sound, a string of blood spurted high into the air. His body was hacked into halves, and he died on the spot.

At the same time, Shi Hao moved his finger, and a special purple streak of lighting flew out. It wasn’t that wide in thickness, but it made the space here shudder. It surrounded an individual.

A muffled sound rang out. The cultivator from outside this region that intervened, despite being powerful, had his body protection symbols penetrated. He immediately released a miserable scream and turned into charred ash.

“Coming to attend a ceremony, who invited you all? This is the imperial palace’s restricted land. Do you think that this is some random backyard?!” Shi Hao spoke after killing this cultivator from outside this region.

Those present didn’t only belong to a single great sect. There were individuals from the Heaven Mending Sect, Immortal Mountain, Western Paradise Sect, and others. There were even more truly heroic individuals standing by.

Shi Hao looked at them, and then he looked at Stone Country’s own power. His eyes were extremely penetrating as he looked at one after another.

“Rain Clan, Kun king, Lan king… you all wanted to follow the orders of the great sects from outside this region, making them your master?” Shi Hao asked. His voice was calm, but his eyes were blazing with cold radiance.

He only gave those that supported their own successors of Stone Country a single look. However, towards those kings that led the wolves here, he glared at with endless killing intent.

“The two of us are both kings, so by what authority can you interrogate me like this? You view yourself too highly!” The Kun king said in an overcast tone.

“Shi Hao, you better stop acting so domineeringly. This Stone Country isn’t yours, and all of the kings here are equal with the same authority with the absence of the emperor. This isn’t a place where your words determine everything.” The Rain Clan’s representative spoke. They had a group of people here. Because the Rain King was beaten miserably by the great demonic god, he couldn’t personally make an appearance.

“I am not the master of Stone Country, but as an heir of Stone Clan as well as the Wasteland Heavenly King, I have the authority to deal with those plotting against the country. By inviting the great sects into the the main imperial palace, are you trying to overturn Stone Country? Are you all even worthy of being kings? Can you even face Stone Country’s people? All of you will be punished!” Shi Hao spoke in an oppressive tone.

“With the world in chaos and a calamity that isn’t limited to the country present, we are also acting in self-defense, and even more so for the sake of preserving Stone Country’s foundation to avoid it being destroyed by heavenly judgment,” said the Kun king.

“Exactly. How is it wrong to have the Heaven Mending Sect, Immortal Mountain, Western Sect and the others to protect my Stone Country? The foundation is still ours in the end.” The Rain Clan’s representative also shouted loudly.

“After inviting wolves into your home, you still dare to sound so dignified. The traitors in the capital that disgraced the country will all be killed!” Shi Hao shouted coldly.

“By whose authority? Do you really think that no one else can deal with you in this world?!” The Rain Clan’s representative shouted. Both the Kun and Lan kings’ faces became downcast.

Shi Hao’s entire body shone. His battle aura surged as he walked forward towards those kings that argued in front of his face and he was going to take action.

“Dao friend, wait a moment.” A young individual’s voice sounded. In his hand was a golden sword mace. It was a holy weapon, and terrifying strands of white mist were being released from it.

Everyone exulted. This was an individual from the Heaven Mending Sect, a powerful genius. Even though his reputation wasn’t as great as fairy Yue Chan’s, it was still quite incredible. He rarely met his match.

Apart from this, there was another young individual in gray clothes that walked out. His hair was only an inch thick, and his skin was earthen yellow in color. In his hand was an alms bowl that released purple energy, another holy weapon. This individual blocked in front of Shi Hao as well.

This was an individual from the Western Sect. Even though his name was unknown, it was clear to see that he was also a formidable expert. From the faint golden radiance around his body, one could tell that the Vajra Unbreakable Body had been refined to its limit.

Shi Hao smiled, but this smile contained cold intent. He swept his eyes over them and said, “I want to see who exactly can escape. Not a single person on the list of those I want to kill will be able to escape!”

“Why are you doing this? The great powers of this world have already made their appearance. Are you trying to overturn the heaven and earth? Why don’t you just back off?” The Western Sect’s short haired male spoke.

The youngster from the Heaven Mending Sect also held a holy weapon in his hands. He blocked in front, and after making preparations for battle, he said, “Your talent is respectable, and your power is astonishing. However, you should not try to stop those that are doing things in your best interest.”

Shi Hao laughed loudly, and then his expression suddenly became chilly. “Those that dare to obstruct me will all be killed. Who cares what sect you are from. I will stand by my previous words. Right now, the cultivators from outside the region who didn’t withdraw will all be killed!”

With a hong sound, the little Stone took action. He was going to massacre all of these king level figures with his own strength!

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