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Chapter 448 – The Truth About Regions

Shi Hao's eyes focused. He sat across from the redwood table and silently watched her. Exactly what kind of secret information was she going to reveal?

Fairy Yue Chan's sparkling white face carried an indescribable charm. She gathered her long, beautiful hair and said, "Even you will become extremely shocked after hearing it."

"What haven't I experienced? Just say it." Shi Hao said.

"You might have heard that the wasteland region is a land of exile, but that isn't everything. It is just the tip of the iceberg," fairy Yue Chan said softly. She looked through the clear barrier surrounding the private room and outside the window. Her expression seemed to be a bit fleeting.

"Keep going!" Shi Hao said indifferently.

"You think that the boundless eight regions are equal to the great world, correct?" Fairy Yue Chan turned around and spoke while looking at him.

"Is that incorrect?" Shi Hao asked.

Yue Chan shook her head and said with a calm and peaceful voice, "If I told you that the sky, earth, mystery, emptiness, space, outer, flood, and wasteland regions were eight prisons, would you believe me?"

Shi Hao continued to sit silently, but his eyes were already releasing shocking beams of light that illuminated the entire private room. This information was too just too astonishing and difficult to accept.

"Hard to accept, right? But this is the truth." Fairy Yue Chan said softly. After speaking, she emptied the fine wine from the cup before placing it onto the table with a ding sound.

Shi Hao became silent. This type of information was truly shocking. Was this real? He was feeling all types of emotions and didn't dare to believe what was going on.

The eight regions, regardless of how vast and boundless they were, these were only eight prisons. Who was the one that brought about such a thing? The scope of something like this is just too great!

In that instant, he thought of many things. All type of information appeared in his mind, and he found it hard to believe it all.

"Is it hard to accept?" Fairy Yue Chan asked upon seeing that he didn't say anything. She then continued, "Such a great world, vast and boundless, yet they are just eight cages. It truly leaves one doubtful."

Shi Hao didn't say anything and thought about it on his own. When he met the witch, he had heard a few secrets, but it was far from being this thorough.

After thinking carefully for a while, even though Shi Hao was greatly shaken up, he began to somewhat believe these words. Even though fairy Yue Chan harbored negative intentions, there was no reason to mislead him.

"Do you not believe it?" Fairy Yue Chan asked.

Shi Hao didn't say anything and only looked at her. His gaze was a bit threatening. Symbols appeared in the air, and they began to rumble. This was a type of 'power' that followed Shi Hao's state of mind, ready to suppress at any time.

"Anyone who hears this for the first time would find it hard to endure. However, do you think that you will be able to deal with me in one strike if you take action now?" Fairy Yue Chan had a faint smile on her face and remained extremely calm.

"So what if it's eight prisons? I was born here, so who can call me a prisoner?!" Shi Hao's words carried a wave of killing intent.

"Based on the size of the eight prisons, you can well imagine how great the heaven and earth is outside and how wonderful it is. Are you willing to spend your entire time in a cage?" Fairy Yue Chan asked.

If any normal person heard this kind of information, they would immediately become dejected. The grand eight regions were boundless like divine earth, and most heroic individuals couldn't even travel through one region. However, he was now told that these were just eight prisons.

This was truly too great of a mockery. It was infuriating enough to make one go mad!

Even if supreme experts heard this, they would still roar into the skies out of seething anger. What was the purpose of this? Who would have imagined that the descendants inside the eight regions were prisoners from birth?

Upon being born inside the eight regions, they were already branded. There was no freedom. They were only prisoners, descendants of sinners. This was a fate that was not easily separated from.

"Based on what you are saying, since you were born inside this prison, you should also be a prisoner." Shi Hao stared at her as he spoke. Then, his words became even severe and he shouted, "Being born within the eight regions, yet you still want to help the higher realms, you are just a traitor!"

"Brother Shi, you've accused me of quite something. I cannot bear such an accusation." Fairy Yue Chan shook her head. She didn't become angry and instead continued to carry that faint smile on her face.

"Those that are born within this cage all have the right to pursue freedom. Do you wish to break free and escape from this disgraceful prison?" Fairy Yue Chan asked.

"Does that mean that you can rely on the higher realms?" Shi Hao coldly asked.

"The so-called sinners have all committed great crimes. The prisoners are all incredibly vicious and evil creatures. The higher realms' lord has issued its judgment that if the creatures of the lower realms feel remorse and obtain approval, then they can break free. What is wrong with this? Could it be that carrying guilt for one's entire life and be trapped here until death is the correct way?" Fairy Yue Chan asked in reply.

"Do I have any sin? Even if the eight prisons you said were real, it was still my ancestors who committed the wrong. Moreover, my ancestors might not even be wrong, as the truth has long been covered. Even though this all has nothing to do with me, could it be that the chain of guilt has passed on from generation to generation, and even the descendants are all considered sinners?" Shi Hao's face sunk as he asked.

He felt a wave of anger inside that was hard to quell. The land he was born on was actually a land of sin. He had been marked and known as a guilty descendant. What type of principle is this?!

He truly wanted to pierce through the heavens into the higher realms and overturn everything!

He naturally didn't approve of Yue Chan's words. What prisoner, what sinner? It was all nonsense. Growing up in the wasteland region and rising to greatness wasn't some disgraceful thing.

"Seeing how angry you are and how impossible it is for your mood to calm, I understand that no matter what I say, you won't be able to listen properly." Fairy Yue Chan sighed lightly. Her glowing and otherworldly body carried a sweet fragrance. She frowned slightly and said, "What is the point of getting angry? It's better to break free and learn everything once you leave. To leave, one needs to understand the great power."

"Shut up!" Shi Hao shouted. With a weng long sound, the space around them scattered with transient light. They were like clouds that overflowed with auspicious multicolored light as they surrounded fairy Yue Chan and tried to suppress her.

Yue Chan wasn't shocked. A streak of dazzling light flew out from her pure white jade like body. It turned into an expanse of symbols to block this stream of light. Then, her body drifted outwards, separating herself from him.


Around Shi Hao, ten heavenly passages emerged. They were going to form a domain to freeze everything in this area.

Yue Chan said, "I also possess fruits of the dao. You aren't leaving me much of a choice by doing this. If we fight, it will be difficult to determine who wins or loses for quite some time. There is no point in a conflict like this."

"You believe that you are a guilty descendant just because you are born in the eight regions? By relying on them and helping them deal with the lower realm's creatures, do you really feel like you are accomplishing something?" Shi Hao said coldly.

"I have never said that the descendants are sinners due to the great vicious ancestors. This is just something that was decided back then. I merely cherish talent and want to leave you an opportunity to struggle free from this cage," Yue Chan sighed and said.

She then became rather calm without any look of shame and said, "Moreover, I wasn't born inside the eight regions, so I will eventually return to the higher realms."

Shi Hao's eyes froze, and he was startled inside. She was someone from the higher realms? This was the first time he had heard of this before, as well as the first time he realized that he was conversing with an existence that didn't belong to this world.

His pupils revealed bits of divine light that blossomed into the air like fragments of gold. As if he could see through everything, he carefully evaluated the perfect woman in front of him.

It seemed like some things became easier to understand. Could it be that the entire Heaven Mending Sect, Immortal Mountain, and the others were all like this?

When he thought of this possibility, Shi Hao's mind was greatly shaken. What was the reason behind the higher realms' people extended stay in the eight regions? What were they planning? Was that thing that important?!

"I believe you have guessed at a few things. Some of the dao creeds were left behind by the higher realms, so not all of them are sinners," fairy Yue Chan said.

Something wasn't right! Shi Hao quickly thought of a problem. It wasn't easy to come down from the higher realms. The Heaven Mending Sect, Immortal Mountain and the other disciples couldn't all have came from the higher realms. They should have been recruited from the eight regions. Fairy Yue Chan might be special to have come from the higher realms, and others just didn't know about this.

"I descended when I was young and only found out in recent years. This is one of the harshest types of training, and in the future, I will return." She indifferently spoke.

"I never would have thought that a sinner like myself would be face to face with a fairy from the higher realms! How extremely honored I feel!" Shi Hao mocked. However, it was hard for him to calm down inside.

At this moment, he thought of too much. If the eight regions were a prison, then where did the ancient extraordinary figures originate from?

For example, the Kun Peng and the fallen true phoenix, did the archaic vicious ten descend from the higher realms and just happened to fall, or was there some other secret?

Or were those from the higher realm also searching for precious techniques and things related to this?

Shi Hao's mind trembled. The eight regions were cages; if this saying was announced to the world, the impact would be too great and would involve many heroic talents. At the center of this would be the archaic vicious ten. What kind of role did they play exactly?

Shi Hao's eyes continued to flicker. His entire being was overflowing with energy that became more and more exuberant.

"After I said that much, do you truly not want to break free of this cage and restrictions to enter the real great world? This is just a prison, a damaged space," fairy Yue Chan said.

"I can't endure the fact that I am a sinner and that I can't climb higher because of the sinner's blood of my ancestors running through my body. However, if I want to enter the higher realms, I will definitely slaughter my way up myself!" Shi Hao's gaze was frightening.

Fairy Yue Chan quickly backed up. Endless divine light erupted.

Following a hong sound, the private room exploded. Symbol light rushed into the heavens from, the Misty Rain Restaurant. This restaurant wasn't an ordinary place and was full of formations, yet it still completely collapsed.

Shi Hao and fairy Yue Chan rushed into the heavens and fought intensely. They quickly exchanged moves, and symbols covered the sky. The most mysterious and profound dao auras were released.

This battle was incredibly shocking. Many people were startled, and then they became shocked. The power of this battle was too great! It was as if two supreme experts were fighting!

However, the battle immediately died out despite having just started. Fairy Yue Chan held a jade sword in her hand, and with a light slice, a domain was sliced through, freeing her from the control of this space.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao frowned. He looked towards the direction of the imperial palace and noticed that it was overflowing with the aura of a dragon. A dragon was moving about, and an overwhelming pressure suffused the air as if a true dragon had revived.

"Imperial dao aura, something left behind by the Stone Emperor!" Shi Hao said to himself. Then, he turned around to leave, not dealing with fairy Yue Chan anymore. He rushed straight towards the imperial palace.

"I will stop him." Several individuals appeared behind fairy Yue Chan, and among them, a purple-clothed youth spoke.

"There is no need. In the current world, there is only myself and two or three others that can stop him. If you all went, it would be extremely dangerous." Fairy Yue Chan spoke.

"Upon entering the Heaven Mending Sect, I haven't done anything for it yet. How could I act so cowardly in front of the enemy?" The purple-clothed youth said, taking out a precious artifact before directly attacking Shi Hao's back.

In reality, it was because he was unwilling to accept what she said. As a genius of this region that had been looked fondly upon by fairy Yue Chan and even entered the Heaven Mending Sect, how could he admit to being inferior?

You have to understand that back then, he and fairy Yue Chan had fought previously, revealing his powerful and terrifying side.

Shi Hao turned around. Purple lightning shot out from his eyes and struck the precious artifact with a hong sound, causing it to fall to the ground. Then, he turned around and left towards the imperial palace.

"What did the Stone Emperor leave behind?!" He truly wanted to know.

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