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Chapter 447 – Fairy's Opinion

The Stone Country Capital was just as grand and imposing as before. The towering walls were like a vast mountain range that stretched around the city.

"The divine formation was activated, but it was destroyed." Shi Hao had arrived. He stood in front of the city and stared in silence for a long time.

The city walls looked like they were made of black metal as they shone with cold light, clearly due to the power of symbols. Unfortunately, they had been destroyed, and what remained today were just ruined traces of formations.

The city gate opened and people came and went, their shoulders brushing each other due to the numerous creatures moving about. The city was still filled with activity.

His visit this time made Shi Hao feel a bit different. Back then, he rushed over here excited and full of expectation to search for his grandfather, yet in the end, he fought against the Rain Clan and Martial Imperial Manor, shaking up the entire Stone Capital.

The city right now was full of hidden activity. With the Stone Emperor missing, the city was thrown into disorder, and as a result, the great sects outside of this region were going to interfere. Because of this, his visit this time might be even more dangerous.

The higher realms were ruthless. They looked down on the creatures below them, killing and pillaging however they pleased. Meanwhile, in the lower realms, the dao creeds that were related to them all moved like tigers and wolves.

Shi Hao entered the city. He continued forward without stopping. His goal was the palace. With the human emperor missing, what was even left in that place?

The reason he entered the city was naturally because he had confidence. While the supreme experts were in dire straits and even deities were killed, he had already entered this world's most powerful ranks!

Of course, dangers still existed. It was unknown what arrangements had been made by those in the higher realms or what kind of people arrived from the great sects outside this region.

Before coming to Stone Capital, Shi Hao ignored the little pagoda's curses and woke it again to ask for guidance, because this situation was too great with fatal dangers lurking at every corner.

The only thing that he could ascertain was that this was a blank period of time that was the least dangerous for him. The great calamity had just retreated, and with the gate between realms closed, it was impossible for the individuals left behind by the great inheritances to kill him.

There were many people along the streets, forming a stream of movement. There were many stores on each side of the streets, and the sound of peddlers continuously rang out. It was bustling with activity.

"The disappearance of the human emperor has only been spread between cultivators. Ordinary people aren't aware of it yet." Shi Hao said softly. If normal people knew, the atmosphere of the capital might be extremely nervous and downcast.

He calmly proceeded, and in a flash, he traveled more than ten li. Even though there were many people and no lack of cultivators among them, no one paid much attention to him. After all, when one's strength reached a certain level, if they didn't want to draw attention, no one would notice them even if they came across each other.

Suddenly, heaven and earth became quiet, and the entire street seemed to separate. The travellers silently separated to two sides, revealing a vacant space.

Those on the street weren't aware at all that this type of scene was being created.

Shi Hao stopped moving. In front of him was a young lady who was beautiful and otherworldly as she stood there peacefully. The corners of her eyes and the tip of her brows contained an intelligent light as she blocked the way. Her figure was tall and slender and extremely wonderful. Divine multicolored light curled up around her as if she was a divine lotus, spreading a holy aura into the bustling activity of mortals.

Fairy Yue Chan!

She appeared, moreover so quickly. It hadn't been that long since Shi Hao entered the city, yet she already came. Her beautiful figure leaned slightly as she calmly looked over.

Neither of them spoke for a moment. This street was extremely spacious, and all pedestrians inadvertently moved around this powerful domain.

In the end, only the two of them remained in this road. They stood opposite each other and didn't say anything for a long time.

"There's no point." Yue Chan broke the silence. Her voice contained a type of magnetism that moved the hearts of others. Her beauty exceeded the ordinary, as if she wasn't a person of this world.

Her skin was sleek and sparkling, and her snow white dress fluttered in the wind, as if she was going to disappear like an immortal. She was truly outstanding. Divine light shone about her.

"Do you think that I'll lose? That might not be the case!" Shi Hao's voice fell.

He was handsome and possessed delicate features. During the recent great calamity, he changed even more, making him even more outstanding. He seemed like a supreme existence that had been exiled from the heavens. Divine light curled about him, and his clothes drifted about, giving him an extraordinary appearance.

If others saw him, they would definitely become shocked. This pair of man and woman was too outstanding. None of them were polluted by the aura of mortals, as if they were immortal companions.

"With you own strength, do you think that you can contend against this great world?" Fairy Yue Chan's rosy lips gently opened, releasing a soft and moving voice. Her eyes were like water as they released fine light. This type of beauty was too difficult to find even in the entire world.

Shi Hao admitted that Yue Chan's appearance was truly ridiculously beautiful and that it was hard to find one that could match her. The witch and the ancient gray clothed woman were likely the only ones that could compare.

"Wrong, I should be the one asking you guys if you want to go against this entire world. Do you want to make everyone under the heavens your enemy?!" Shi Hao's expression was serious. It was like an immortal that was exerting his rage and revealing his divine might.

"The great world can also be called a great power. Do you still not understand?" Yue Chan's voice was gentle. She seemed even more beautiful and otherworldly. Her snow white skin and glowing face made even flowers lose color.

Shi Hao didn't say anything, but his gaze became increasingly threatening. They were like two streaks of electricity as they landed on the woman's body. A muffled thunder sould could be heard. The space lit up and pi pa sounds crackled.

"Brother Shi, you have quite the skill. If you continue to advance with your talent, there will be a day in this vast world when you will soar into the ninth heaven." Fairy Yue Chan carried a warm smile on her face.

"I have no intention of becoming the slave of another. If you are trying to persuade me into joining the Heaven Mending Sect and then entering the gates of heaven, then forget it!" Shi Hao said coldly.

The street was quiet. People were moving about in a crowded manner. An endless stream of horses and carriages moved along, yet this place was completely vacant. There wasn't a third person in this spacious street. The two individuals stood in confrontation with neither one backing up.

Shi Hao knew that if there were still people who could threaten him in this world, this fairy Yue Chan would definitely be one of them. Back then, she wasn't even scared of Shi Yi, so how could she be scared of him now?

This was a heaven warping woman. Once the battle started, it would be difficult to predict who was stronger or weaker.

She was slender and beautiful, but this woman was truly too powerful. She could look down on various great regions and rise above her peers. It was rare for her to meet a worthy opponent.

"The two of us can still be considered acquaintances. Why don't we have a chat?" Yue Chan spoke. She shifted the hair in front of her forehead and calmly stood up. Her actions were slight and pure.

Shi Hao was not scared and nodded.

In a moment, the street once again clamored with noise. Everyone became confused why there was such a large space that was empty, yet they all moved around it. Soon after, this place was once again filled with people.

Shi Hao and fairy Yue Chan moved alongside each other. Their temperaments were outstanding, as if they were a pair of jade. The male was refined and outstanding, while the female was as elegant as an immortal. Dust and dirt all moved away, not staining their precious clothes.

"Yi, that's the little Stone. He… returned?!" Inside Stone Capital, there really weren't many cultivators that didn't recognize Shi Hao, because he had truly raised a storm here in the past.

The battle that had happened many years ago seemed to have happened yesterday in their minds. If not for the great calamity having just passed, his appearance definitely would've raised a huge commotion.

Despite this being the case, there were still many cultivators that revealed looks of shock. It was because the situation right now was too tense. Now that the little Stone returned, what was about to happen? Quite a few people's hearts began to pound intensely.

Misty Rain Restaurant was an old and well known restaurant. It was located next to a spiritual spring, so misty rain drizzled about all year round.

This place was rather special. Spiritual springs gushed outwards, creating water vapor that surrounded this region. It created its own precipitation and went against normal meteorological reasoning.

Bits of water vapor spread, bringing with it multicolored clouds. It made the entire place seem more holy and gave it an extraordinary atmosphere. It was as if this place was a precious building from the divine realm.

The two individuals entered the restaurant and chose a private room. After opening the window, strand after strand of spiritual essence poured in, calming their minds.

"Not bad, if this water is continuously drunk, it can extend longevity. It is even more beneficial for cultivators and is worthy of its spiritual spring name." Another guest sighed in praise.

The great calamity had just passed, so those that were able to remain relaxed weren't ordinary people.

Shi Hao and fairy Yue Chan didn't pay them any attention. They moved a table away and sat opposite of each other.

He could smell a fragrance of orchids wafting over towards him that blended with her natural smell, and this fragrance contained the aura of a great dao. This left Shi Hao astonished. This woman was truly formidable, obtaining great benefits from the great calamity as well.

It was just like him. If he wasn't able to restrain his aura, he would also give off a type of fragrance. This was a sign of one's flesh harmonizing more with the dao.

Fairy Yue Chan's lily-white hands gentle moved, and a hazy light sprinkled outwards and surrounded this private room. It temporarily isolated this area from the outside world.

"Do you understand the great calamity?"

Upon hearing this, Shi Hao shook his head. Even though he knew a bit, he still didn't understand it completely. Neither the Willow Deity nor the little pagoda explained it to him in detail. On the other hand, he knew that the Heaven Mending Sect definitely understood it. It was a sect that was ancient and undying. If they claimed to have no relations to the higher realms, no one would believe them.

"You should just seize the opportunity and continue. This is a great chance." Fairy Yue Chan calmly said.

Shi Hao remained silent and calmly sat there.

Suddenly, fairy Yue Chan revealed a smile that wasn't a smile and said, "You want to make a move now? But I can assure you that you can't capture me right now and would instead startle everyone here."

Shi Hao remained silent. After thinking about it in secret, he didn't make a move.

"Moreover, you will find that everything you do will be a futile struggle," fairy Yue Chan said. Through the hazy drizzle of radiance, she looked outside the window and said, "Supreme experts are being captured and killed, while the ordinary people aren't worthy. Just like seeds, waiting for maturity, what do you think this region's creatures are like?"

"The medicinal field theory was actually true?" Shi Hao said softly. Then a wave of anger began to burn within his mind. If this was true, then it was too miserable.

"It's not completely true. The capturing and killing of supreme experts I just mentioned was only a small part of the great calamity. It isn't the main reason for the great calamity at all," said fairy Yue Chan. Her eyes flashed with a shocking light.

Shi Hao frowned and said, "What is there in this realm? Why are they acting so unbridledly? They aren't even treating the lower realm like a thing. How cruel is that?"

"If you want to understand, want to know, you can just completely transcend worldliness. Won't you understand it all then?" Yue Chan said.

She didn't give up and continued to softly persuade him. If given the chance to have this kind of outstanding beauty as a companion, any normal person would definitely feel as if they were dreaming.

Shi Hao sighed. He knew that there was something formidable in the lower realm. Exactly what was it that was making them trouble themselves so much? Did they want him to control Stone Country, obey their orders, and then use the entire country to search for it?

The two were both smart. They didn't need to say too much to reveal what they meant.

"After I said so much, you still don't understand the great power?" Fairy Yue Chan's expression was gentle, and she was becoming more and more outstanding and spirited.

Finally, she understood and said, "Then let me speak about a few more unknown details. How do you feel about the wasteland region, and also about the other regions?"

"Some are similar to great wasteland era, some have empowered land and great heroes, some are not suitable for creatures to reside in, turning into lands of death…" Shi Hao frowned and said. He was contemplating what she was trying to say.

"Do you think these eight regions are large enough?" Yue Chan asked.

"The great dao is vast and boundless just like the stars in the sky. As for the world of earth, I reckon that it shouldn't be much less than that of above." Shi Hao pointed with his finger up towards the ninth heaven.

Yue Chan sighed softly. She then smiled. Her brilliance and beauty were exceptional, and even Shi Hao almost became absent-minded. Her appearance was so pure and holy that it made hearts tremble.

"Then let me tell you the truth, what kind of places these eight regions truly are."

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