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Chapter 442 – Supreme Divine Treasury

The claw was too enormous. The greenish-gray claw covered the heavens, scattering the sky with a single movement. The primitive mountain range trembled and the great earth collapsed. Smoke and dust soared into the skies.

"Willow Deity, what is this?" Shi Hao asked.

A strange wave of energy was diffusing everywhere. It was as if an enormous beast in the great wastelands was awakening. At this moment, this area of the wastelands became silent. Regardless of whether it was the birds in the sky, the beasts roaming the earth, or even creatures like bugs, they were all shaking.

The world seemed to have become deathly still. It was as if they had entered a demonic abyss as all sounds disappeared. A wave of indescribable pressure engulfed the boundless mountain forest.

"This thing is still alive?" The little pagoda said to itself, seeming rather unconvinced.

The Willow Deity stared solemnly at this existence for a long time. They were separated by a seemingly endless distance right now. If that enormous beast were to emerge into this world, it would be even larger than the combined mass of several mountain ranges. You have to understand that this was its true body and not some magical image. If it were to produce a magical body, one would doubt whether or not the world would even be able to contain it!

"Willow Deity…" Shi Hao inquired once again.

"Supreme Divine Treasury," the Willow Deity replied. Its words were only faintly discernible, as if they were transmitted all the way from the ninth heaven. Its entire body seemed to be shrouded in an indescribable aura, as if it was contemplating something.

Shi Hao was astonished. He involuntarily cried out out of shock, because the Village Chief, Shi Yunfeng, had told him about this story ever since he was little.

During all these years, he's always heard rumors. It was to the point where experts from outside this race even lusted after it, experts like the mysterious male with the chaotic magical disk.

Meanwhile, the big red bird, Second Baldy, Hairy Ball, and Aunt Green Scaled Eagle, during all these years have searched with all their heart through the mountains and rivers. They stumbled upon traces several times, but in the end, they couldn't track it down.

The Supreme Divine Treasury could move about through the earth; this was what the Village Chief said. In the past, he even had the luck to enter its gates and obtain a few bone books from the outermost region.

During recent years, Western Paradise became extremely interested in finding this supreme precious treasury. They located its position several times and were even about to take action, yet in the end, they fell at the last hurdle.

"It could move! Turns out that it was an enormous wasteland beast." Shi Hao was overwhelmed with shock, but he was also full of puzzlement. What kind of beast was this exactly?

They gazed down from high in the sky. Regardless of whether it was the little pagoda or the Willow Deity, they both concealed their auras. It was because this matter was too great. The higher realms were probing about, continuously tearing apart the space in this region, creating cracks and blinding streaks of light.

"What type of vicious beast is it?" Shi Hao earnestly asked for guidance. His heart was full of curiosity .

"It ought to be an old tortoise, an utterly massive and terrifying existence," said the little pagoda.

"A tortoise? Submerged under the earth?" Shi Hao was astonished. This was too formidable! How enormous was this tortoise? He had never heard of the existence of such a massive creature before. It really was something to think about.

The tortoise claw compared to its own body was rather short, yet it could split open mountains and valleys with a single movement and even scatter the clouds in the sky. The bulk of its body was simply unimaginable and enough to leave one shaking.

"The Supreme Divine Treasury is hidden on its back and carried around as it moves from region to region. Whenever it is awake, it will move from place to place," said the little pagoda.

Was this the true secret of the Supreme Divine Treasury? The reason why it could move was because it was on the back of an enormous turtle.

"That's not necessarily true," the Willow Deity said quietly. It had sensed the aura of the enormous turtle a long time ago. At that time, it only had a single willow branch. The Willow Deity did not indiscriminately come into contact with this turtle.

And today, now that its strength had gradually returned, it was becoming more and more profound. As a result, it learned of even more mysteries, yet it became even more calm and did not take action.

"Could the Supreme Divine Treasury be fake?" Shi Hao was shocked.

"The wasteland region truly has a Supreme Divine Treasury and an enormous tortoise that terrified even deities. However, it might not necessarily be the one that we are seeing right now."

Based on what the Willow Deity was saying, there was a chance that this might be a fake. This turtle might not necessarily even be living and might be the activation of a formation built to purposely emulate life.

This type of strange statement left Shi Hao extremely confused.

The little pagoda was also in doubt. He was somewhat in disbelief.

"It is most likely a setup, something a great ancient figure left behind. Its goal is not for the creatures of the wasteland region to enter, but rather for the supreme existences in the higher realms."

After hearing the Willow Deity's explanation, Shi Hao was astonished. How terrifying of an existence was the one that laid down this formation? For the sake of setting up a trap, it actually laid it so many years ago in the ancient era. This was just too terrifying.

Even the little pagoda was trembling and broke out in a cold sweat. This was too sinister, definitely designed to ensnare an existence with tremendous background.

"Isn't that person too fierce? To endure silently all the way from the ancient era until now all for the sake of this one moment?" Shi Hao was scared and upset. He felt that people like that were absolutely terrifying.

If someone like this was made an enemy, it would truly be hard to remain calm for one's whole life. Shi Hao was definitely scared. Even though he wasn't involved in this, he still felt a wave of chilliness.

If not for the Willow Deity observing it silently for so many years without taking action, this secret might not have been discovered. It was obvious just how diligent and profound the individual who laid it was.

"Could it be that an outstanding ancient individual in the wasteland region wants to defeat an existence from the higher realms?" Shi Hao asked.

He found that he didn't understand this type of battle at all. Everything he saw and heard today frightened him greatly, all of it exceeding his imagination.

The little pagoda said, "No, it's most likely something arranged by a fellow from the higher realms and created during the ancient era. It concealed itself until now before activating. "

Shi Hao became speechless. He suddenly realized that the wasteland region's dispute was only a small game for the truly powerful existences. No wonder they could watch from the higher realms and use these trap laying schemes. It was clear that they were looking down on the lower world.

As if understanding the fear in his heart, the little pagoda said, "Have you thought about what kind of existence the one who set the trap was? To live for endless years and reach that level, if one doesn't have the heart to think of such plans, would one be able to climb that high?"

Shi Hao nodded. This was the truth. Those were the few existences that crawled out from the endless multitudes of cultivators and rose above them all. They had naturally experienced the most cruel and bitter struggles.

He sighed and said, "Sigh, with these types of existences here and the great disorder about to occur, should I just hurry up and hide myself to avoid being targeted? Wouldn't that be for the best?"

The little pagoda sneered and said, "Even if a little piece of straw like you howled with all your might in front of them, they wouldn't even pay you any attention."

"Nonsense!" Shi Hao was discontent.

"If you want to make those kinds of figures bat an eye, you need to become a supreme expert at the very least," the little pagoda's words dropped heavily.

Shi Hao became downcast.

"The supreme precious treasury is about to leave the great wastelands for other regions," the Willow Deity said.

They silently withdrew from this place without alerting that enormous tortoise and directly appeared in Stone Village. The Willow Deity returned to its previous position, its body entering the large dark green tree.

At the head of the village, Shi Hao opened up the heaven and earth pouch and brought out a pile of items. They were all sparkling and brilliant, leaving the villagers dazzled. The children directly threw themselves over.

At this moment, Shi Hao's eyes also straightened as he carefully counted the divine materials. There were ten of so divine materials here, and they were all hard to find normally. The colors they produced made it seem like an illusion.

Fiery red dragon blood earth, resplendent sun stone, the sparkling blue sea diamond that released a boundless aura… All types of colors shone beautifully. They released an auspicious and peaceful radiance that surrounded a large portion of the village.

Hairy Ball was startled awake, and Aunt Green Scaled Eagle was startled. The village's people all huddled over. It was amazing to see even one of these things in a lifetime.

He could vaguely hear the sound of swallowing by his ear. Within Shi Hao's hair, the little pagoda swayed back and forth. It separated itself and threw itself into the pile of divine materials.

"I'm not exchanging!" Shi Hao stopped it and spoke these words.

Right at this time, another sparkling stone shouted loudly, "Big bro, did you rob a deity? Give me some!"

The divine striking stone had been sleeping the entire time. It had revived now, crying out loudly as it rolled and crawled frantically towards the divine materials. However, it was stopped in place by Shi Hao.

Shi Hao shifted his eyes and looked at the little pagoda, considered how he should exchange with it to maximize his benefit. The good-for-nothing pagoda was also organizing its speech, trying to patiently and systematically guide Shi Hao into giving it the divine materials.

"You've done well. With the great calamity about to arrive, Stone Village truly needs to make arrangements. I will prepare a great formation and just need these types of divine materials." Suddenly, the Willow Deity spoke and lowered ten or so sparkling willow branches, picking them all up and inspected them carefully.

"Ah?" Shi Hao was stunned.

The little pagoda became furious. Strands of chaotic energy could vaguely be seen.

Shi Hao was stupefied. If the items were stolen by the little pagoda, it would definitely flee and nothing Shi Hao said would convince it otherwise. However, the Willow Deity took action and collected these materials, making it hard for Shi Hao to retort. He had to give it up now.

"Those are mine!" The little pagoda revealed wisps of chaotic energy, and the entire pagoda became hazy, making it extremely indistinct, but a type of terrifying aura was spreading.

The Willow Deity didn't pay it any attention and continued to think.

"It's mine, I've given them to the Willow Deity." Shi Hao clearly voiced his opinion on the matter. He also poured the other precious materials from the heaven and earth pouch out.

"You… I helped you in vain." The little pagoda became discouraged and restrained the chaotic energy.

"That was business. You always cheat me, while the Willow Deity truly treats me well." Shi Hao retorted.

The little pagoda was left speechless. It felt like it was in the wrong and no longer uttered a word.

In the following days, the Willow Deity continuously pondered while laying the formation. It was a truly mysterious great formation. Each time a divine material descended and entered Stone Village, there would be the sound of sutras being chanted.

This left Shi Hao shocked. Even laying the formation would produce this kind of sound? Was this the result of harmonizing with the world's great dao?!

During the course of events, the divine striking stone continued to yell again and again, so happy that it might faint. It was because when these heavenly treasures were used, they would leave behind bits and pieces, all of which were devoured by it.

Originally, there were some divine materials left over, and even though it wasn't much, it was still not worth looking down on. However, the little pagoda cherished its external appearance and ended up helplessly watching that piece of stone jump around.

The divine striking stone's entire body lit up, becoming brighter and more translucent. It was clear that it was about to undergo some type of crazy transformation. It knew itself as well, and as a result continuously kneeled and bowed towards the Willow Deity, frantically flattering it.

Nine days later, the Willow Deity released a soft shout. "Formation complete!"

The world was transformed, and an indescribable aura moved about. As if the sun, moon, and rivers of stars were stirred, inexhaustible spiritual essence surged, and a great profound dao appeared in the air. Endless symbols filled the air, and the image of divine images arranged themselves in the air and kowtowed.

The chanting of sutras sounded loudly, but it was suppressed by the Willow Deity's existence. It was trapped within, not reaching the skies and therefore not affecting the outside world.

The great formation was completed. It seized the natural force of this world, combining defense and offense into one entity. It could be considered a great unparalleled formation, and at the very least, the little pagoda didn't deny this.

A few days later, at the end of the distant horizon, a rumbling sounded, shaking the boundless great earth. Even the mountains began to sway.

"Did it come?" Shi Hao was horrified.

When this sound rang and this enormous shockwave spread, it was not only existences like the little pagoda who could feel it. Even normal cultivators could sense it.

"It is about to!" The little pagoda trembled.

At the end of the horizon, divine light flew through the air. The great cracks in the void extended outwards, and between them, an indistinct gate was taking form!

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