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Chapter 441 – Departure

Sect Master Jin Luantian's eyes were like blades as they released a golden light. This youngster! He resisted his urge and didn't make a move in fear of the supreme deity behind Shi Hao.

These things were important treasures even for the Peng Race. Each terrifyingly powerful Golden Peng could only nourish one of these true feathers their entire life, making them no weaker than a primordial symbolled bone.

The entire ancestral mountains only had three or four, and they were all sealed within their treasury. It was because not every ancient Peng ancestor could leave one behind, and over the years, a few were used up.

"Many thanks to Senior Jin." Shi Hao's shy appearance was utterly repulsive in Jin Luantian's eyes. This hateful little bastard truly needed a spanking.

"Brother Jin, let it go. Even though it is an important treasure, what is it worth when compared to crossing realms? Once we enter the higher realms, what divine materials and rare treasures can't we find?" Yun Canghai advised in secret.

The Hou Race's old man also smiled and nodded, walking up to 'console' Jin Luantian. However, no matter how you looked at it, he seemed to be taking joy in this calamity, making Jin Luantian feel even worse.

Ultimately, Jin Luantian's face fell and he nodded. He ordered someone to fetch a true feather from the Peng Race. This was, of course, an important individual, because how could just any ordinary member of the clan come in contact with such a sacred object?

"Senior, you should go through the transport formation now so that you can return faster. The great calamity is approaching, and time is of the essence." Shi Hao benevolently reminded.

"Heng!" Jin Luantian released a heavy cold snort and brushed his sleeves before leaving. Even though he knew that there was a supreme deity behind Shi Hao, he still didn't show him any respect.

Then, Shi Hao gathered Huo Ling'er, the nine-headed lion, sable, and the others to hold a discussion. He informed them about the severity and urgency of the situation, how the great calamity was about to descend at any time.

Everyone became nervous, and no one wanted to tarry here. They all wanted to return to their clans to deliver this information as soon as possible to prepare for the calamity. A tremendous storm was about to arrive.

"You aren't leaving the wasteland region?" The nine-headed lion gave Shi Hao an astonished look. He and the flame crow had decided to stay since their clans didn't have any supreme experts.

Since the Celestial, Golden Peng, True Hou, and the others were all heavenly ranked creatures' descendants. If the the nine-headed lion and the flame crow's clans crossed realms with them, without any supreme experts there, it would be too dangerous.

Shi Hao nodded and said, "Right, I don't want to leave. I haven't found my father and mother yet. If they aren't leaving, then neither am I."

"You… aren't leaving?" Huo Ling'er's eyes were sparkling like water as they looked at him.

Shi Hao nodded. He already made the decision.

Huo Ling'er became silent. Her circumstances were different. The Fire Clan had extremely powerful individuals like the emperor. His abilities were extraordinary, and as such, it would be extremely dangerous for him during the great calamity. What could they do? They could only choose to travel through the archaic formation.

However, if they walk through the formation, she would have to follow as well and completely leave the wasteland region into the higher realms. This was an extraordinary opportunity, but why was Shi Hao reluctant? It might be because there were certain people and certain things that were definitely hard to forget.

On the mountain, multicolored light shone from a transport formation. A Golden-Winged Peng emerged from the sky and descended. It quickly turned into human form, and inside of his hand was a stone box with a seal sticking to it.

"Many thanks to Peng Race senior." Shi Hao jiggled his buttocks as he scurried over. Seeing his shy and polite manner, the people here wanted to use the stone box to hit his face.

This devilish child, this lowly little brat was too despicable; this was what every member of the Peng Race felt.

Shi Hao uncovered the seal. A string of symbols shone and blazed with radiance, turning the yellow paper into ashes. The secret incantation had lost its effectiveness.

He carefully opened the stone box. He was extremely excited, because this was now the third one. He had already obtained the true feather of a green luan and vermilion bird previously. He was now getting closer and closer to his goal.

A beam of light surged, and the entire sky was covered in golden multi-colored light. It was as if a treasury was opened. It was incredibly dazzling, so much so that the people at the scene couldn't look straight at it.

This was a golden Peng feather. It was a meter in length and glistening yellow in color. Mysterious symbols were concealed within, and they circulated with astonishing fluctuations. The sound of a Peng's cry trembling the skies was faintly discernible.

Shi Hao extracted this true feather, and with a gentle shake, the space itself trembled, releasing wuwu sounds. Golden fragments filled the skies like stars and scattered in all directions in an extremely terrifying manner.

In addition, a thick streak of divine golden radiance followed. Electric radiance sparked about this almost sword energy like radiance. Its offensive power was astonishing, clearly displaying the great power of the Peng Race.

"Good stuff!" Shi Hao said to himself. It was not weaker than a primordial symbol bone. Just from using it like this made it an incredibly formidable weapon, so there was no need to describe the extraordinary nature of the Five Bird Fan.

He wasn't the only one that felt like this. The Golden Peng's own members, Celestials, and the True Hou Race's experts' eyes became red. How could something like this be given out? It was usually kept within the race to make secret treasures.

Shi Hao closed the stone box and put it away. He was extremely satisfied. In the future, he truly might be able to refine a world shaking magical artifact. Once a precious fan like that was brought out, just a simple wave would turn mountains into ashes and dry rivers. Its might would be incredible.

Kong Qiuji returned. It was unknown what the two discussed. They stood side by side, and the two had a type of quiet and content expression that could only be gained after experiencing a long trial of torment of being unable to speak to each other.

"I wish to remain here." Second Baldy spoke this sentence.

Shi Hao was stunned. "Don't you understand how grave the situation is?"

The peacock supreme expert from the past, and the Second Baldy today nodded. He gave Yun Menglan a look, and it was clear that the two were going to face life and death together.

"You have to understand that the higher realms and the future are full of uncertainties. It is difficult to anticipate they will bring good or bad luck." Shi Hao reminded.

For some reason, the Willow Deity seemed rather supportive of them, bringing out a special willow leaf. It was faint gold in color and not dark green. It landed in Second Baldy's hands.

"Before the formation is opened, you have one opportunity to bring a single person back to Stone Village."

The peacock supreme expert was immediately moved, and then he became extremely grateful towards this great spacial type gift. Others couldn't hear or see what was going on, but they could guess that it was the deity revealing itself.

"Menglan, I've brought up this youngster's marriage previously." Second Baldy pointed at Shi Hao, and then he looked at Yun Xi who wasn't far off.

Menglan and Yun Xi spoke quietly for a bit. The two of them were greatly disgusted with the arrangements of the father and brother in the past, causing her separation from Kong Qiuqi and forcing the two to almost never meet again. As such, she interfered.

"What, your Affection Pendant has already been given to him?" Yun Menglan was astonished.

"No, that little thief stole it." Yun Xi was a bit frenetic.

The Celestial Race's members were all shocked, because all the adults knew that the women from the Celestial Race all had Affection Pendants that would be normally be given as a token of their love. Yun Xi's Affection Pendant had already been given to Shi Hao several years ago?

"I understand. I will take responsibility for this matter in your place." Yun Menglan nodded.

"Great aunt, it's not what you think!" Yun Xi began to explain, but how was she supposed to go about doing so? Back then, the devilish brat hads bit down on her sparkling ear and it was lost that way. However, that matter definitely could not be exposed.

Moreover, back then, she wasn't aware of its significance. Only in recent years did she find out how important it was.

"Big brother, you've heard as well. Several years ago, the Affection Pendant has been given out by Xi'er, so I believe that you will not interfere with these two youngsters, right?" Yun Menglan looked at her older brother.

Yun Canghai laughed bitterly. He had heard his granddaughter give a simple recount of this story, and it was definitely not a voluntary gift. However, with Yun Menglan speaking like this, clearly still holding grievances over the past events, it left him at a loss for words. How was he supposed to refuse her?

"Cough…" He released a dry cough.

"Fine, then let's do it like that. Youngster, since you've obtained the Affection Pendant, you can come and propose marriage in the future." Yun Menglan decisively said.

"Ah?" Shi Hao scratched his head. This was just too straightforward. That was an object of trust? How could things like marriage become so unfounded and be decided just like that…

As for the Golden Peng, Green Luan, and True Hou's cultivators, they were all stunned. The goddess Yun Xi from the Archaic Divine Mountains had her marriage decided just like that? It was just too sloppy.

The younger generation, in particular, couldn't help but howl in grief. The looks in their eyes really could kill. They all stared hatefully at Shi Hao, truly wanting to charge up.

"What are you guys glaring at me for? I'm not even going to the higher realms. Who knows whose wife she would be in the future. There shouldn't be a lack of shameful geniuses in the higher realms, right?" Shi Hao muttered.

"What did you say?" Yun Canghai looked askance at the youngster.

"Nothing much. Old man, since we're family now, gift me some more materials, okay? Apart from divine materials, I still need other materials to repair the village's formation," Shi Hao said. He had long gotten over it already. Forget about goddess, even if it was a female deity, so what? They were going to be separated by realms, so what was the point in thinking about it?

He can't just carry her back directly, right? Otherwise, she could choose to stay behind and not go to the higher realms.

Who knows what kind of place the higher realm was. It was obviously a place where ancient and splendid ancestral sects were. Yun Xi's outstanding appearance might be the best thing for improving relations.

"You brat!" When Yun Canghai heard his muttering, he swung his sleeves and left. However, in the end, he still gave him a pile of precious materials. This made quite a few Celestial Race members jealous, and quite a few people frowned.

"Seniors, who among you still has divine materials or a primordial true feather to give me? I'll tell peacock supreme expert to pass the diagram to you all so that any of you can repair the formation in the future.

However, at this time, the powerful races' experts all grinded their teeth and ignored him. A small half of the dozen or so divine materials were taken by him, yet he still wanted to exploit them. He didn't know when to stop!

Shi Hao seemed embarrassed and cupped his hands. In a swindler's voice, he said, "Clear waters should continue to flow from green mountains. We will meet again, raise the child well, my wife!"

"Go die!"

Finally, Shi Hao and the rest set out, using the formation here to go on their way. The nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others all told each other to take care of themselves. They returned to their respective clans.

With the Willow Deity's great divine ability, they naturally didn't need to use the divine mountain's formation. A path was directly opened, allowing them to depart. It immediately caused many experts' faces to lose color.

Suddenly, the space around them distorted, and the passage became unsteady. This naturally wouldn't affect their safety, because the Willow Deity was here, and this was a passage it created.


Following the agitation, a wave of valiant aura shook the space around them to the point of almost shattering.

Multicolored light flickered. They walked out from the passageway and saw an unthinkable landscape. An enormous claw extended from the earth and scattered the clouds in the sky.

It was thick and unadorned, as if it had been buried for countless years. There was still a shell of earth around the claw that had not been removed, giving it an ancient feeling.

Just now, it was precisely this existence that disturbed the stability of the passage. As a result, they were still a few thousand li from Stone Village.

Shi Hao was immediately frightened. This large claw could cover the skies. He seemed to have seen it before. In the past, for the sake of sharpening himself, he left Stone Village, and on his way to Stone Country's western border, he had seen this terrifying claw while riding the unicorn.

At the same time, glaring light streaked across the sky. These were cracks in space; there was someone in the higher realm who was trying to break the wall between realms.

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