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Chapter 440 – Tremendous Gains

How high is the sky? How deep is the earth? When the youth was young, he fantasized of being able to travel freely through the mountains and rivers. He now accomplished it, yet he noticed that the world was vast and the heavens were great. They were greater than he had imagined, so he was still dreaming about the heaven and earth.

This world still had a higher realm. What kind of place was that? Was it a place where deities resided? Shi Hao asked the small pagoda these questions, but all he received in response was silence.

He then asked the Willow Deity, and what he received in return was just a shaking head. He could clearly sense that the other party was feeling a type of unbearable feeling.

What was going on with the wasteland region? When the higher realm was brought up, why did the little pagoda and the Willow Deity respond like this?

"Hey, little pagoda, the spatial cracks have happened a few times, and the light is rather blinding. Don't you think we should go there and collect a few divine materials? Why don't we go and subdue it?" Shi Hao thoughtlessly said.

The little pagoda didn't pay him any attention. It flickered with light as it hung on his hair, sensing the aura above the heavens.

"Willow Deity, are you an older sister, or should I call you uncle?" Shi Hao continued to be talkative. He couldn't tell from the hazy figure and had no choice. He couldn't see its true appearance, and when conversing, it was always through divine will. He couldn't distinguish it through a voice.

The Willow Deity didn't reply, only telling him to leave behind the armguard and quickly leave. They couldn't stay here for too long. At the same time, Kong Qiuqi was told to make his preparations.

"I'm truly unwilling to just leave like this… Can't even get anything in return. Helping these heavenly ranked creatures avoid danger this time was not worth it at all." Shi Hao muttered, his devilish brat nature once again surfacing.

Of course, the one most confused was Second Baldy. His original plan was to fix the formation, act cocky for a bit, and then casually pay Menglan a visit. In the end, he was told to leave.

"Menglan, when are you coming out?" Kong Qiuji paced back and forth, seeming at a complete loss as for what to do. He was originally naked and couldn't turn into his human form, so he didn't want to meet the beautiful woman from the past. However, with the Willow Deity's help, he was able to recover his former appearance. He wanted to reunite with her after being separated for so many years. Now that he stood in the Heavenly Divine Mountain again, his feelings were all over the place.

As if there was some type of response, a beam of divine light rushed into the heavens from the rear mountains.It brought a dense mist that rapidly spread. Then, a light cry sounded, similar to the cry of a phoenix from the ninth heaven.

"Yi, Menglan came." Yun Canghai was astonished.

At the same time, several elders from influential clans revealed looks of shock as well. This woman was extremely elegant and beautiful back then, one who was pursued vigorously in her generation.

Even a figure as powerful as the Golden Peng Race's Clan Master Jin Luantian watched the rear mountains attentively. His golden pupils swirled with deep divine radiance, as if a bit of vitality was restored within them.

The Hou Race's elder even changed into his human form, no longer showing his original form. When he saw other people look in his direction, he didn't feel ashamed in the slightest. Instead, he chuckled a few times.

"Grandpa, why do I feel like you became younger?" Hou Tian mocked.

"Little brat, stay on the side and be quiet. I just wanted to see an old friend. Go back and don't talk drivel." The old Hou threatened.

"Relax. When the time comes, just give me a bottle of divine wine. When I see grandma, I definitely will forget everything." Hou Tian snickered.

"Little bastard!" The Hou Race's clan master stared at him.

"Wrong, its little 'Hou' bastard." Hou Tian corrected

A streak of rainbow light flew over, and female clothing could be seen. It fluttered about freely as the woman walked over on the rainbow bridge. She looked at Kong Qiuji in a daze.

"You should go." The Willow Deity spoke up.

Kong Qiuji trembled. Did the Willow Deity help him open up the sealed ancient cave in the rear mountains, which allowed Menglan to emerge? He suddenly had a feeling that this was possible.

"You… came to see me?" This woman's voice was soft, and two streams of tears flowed down her face.

She was extremely beautiful, seeming thirty years old. Her beautiful thick hair was coiled up high above her head. She was dignified and beautiful. When they met each other again, she revealed astonishment, sorrow, as well as a type of joy.

"Yes, I returned." Kong Qiuji's voice was overcast.

"I really can't stand tears. Shouldn't reunions be joyful? What is there to cry about?" Shi Hao said softly.

"What does a brat like you understand? Go and stay on the side!" Second Baldy showed a rare aggressiveness. He placed his hand on Shi Hao's head and walked forward with large steps, grabbing Yun Menglan's hand.

"I've waited for you for many years, believing that you would definitely come find me one day." Yun Menglan weeped. Tears rolled down her face, clouding her eyes.

The great peacock supreme expert from back then had stirred up all types of chaos. He now returned, aged and without any cultivation. He met her again, accompanying her into the distance.

Jin Luantian's expression was complicated, and he shook his head. The Hou Race's old Clan Master looked at them and sighed. He scratched his head and said, "We were all ignored. In the end, the hateful peacock is still so horrid…"

Hearing the little pagoda also sigh, Shi Hao grumbled, expressing his puzzlement.

The little pagoda did not release any fluctuations in its mood. It only said a single sentence.

"If there is a day when the stars in the sky shatter, the world itself collapses, and you are the only one left behind, even if you are unequalled in this world, you can only think about the past. Watching the hair of young beauties turn white like snow and their souls reduced to nothingness, seeing friends fall as time endlessly passes on, forever asleep within cemeteries, when these things have come to pass, you will obtain this type of mentality as well."

"What are you even talking about?" Shi Hao didn't understand.

"When you become powerful enough, there will be a day when it will be hard for you to see a single old friend in the boundless world. There will only be the ruthless great dao to accompany you." The little pagoda was incomparably tranquil. It continued, "If you remain indifferent, then you naturally won't have the qualifications to understand this type of loneliness."

"Nonsense!" Shi Hao retorted. Moreover, his finger flicked the small pagoda. It could be said that he was quite daring.

"After endless years pass, there might be a person like this. One who has travelled alone along the endless river of time, recalling the past with only the divine dao as a companion," the Willow Deity said.

"Ah, Willow Deity, don't scare me." Shi Hao was startled.

"It's not like we are talking about you. What are you so anxious for?" The little pagoda laughed and said.

"If there is an outstanding person like that, other than me, who else could it be?" The devilish brat's confidence and narcissism had never been separated. This had remained true ever since he was a child.

"Is there any remedy for this?" Shi Hao nervously asked.

"There is," the Willow Deity said softly. He looked into the heavens and said, "There is still a realm above the heavens."

"What?!" Shi Hao immediately asked. However, both the Willow Deity and the little pagoda ignored him. It was clear that he was still too far away from such a level. Even if they told him, it would be pointless because he wouldn't be able to understand.

Both of them became silent and the Willow Deity even disappeared. While waiting for Second Baldy to return, out of extreme boredom, he walked towards those old clan elders.

He had a simple-minded smile on his face and appeared to be simple and honest. He acted politely towards Yun Canghai, telling him that he was going to return the divine magical artifact to them.

Yun Canghai didn't dare act careless, because he had already been informed by his granddaughter that there was an extraordinary existence behind this fellow. This existence might be powerful to an unfathomable level.

There were several divine formations in Heavenly Divine Mountain, yet they couldn't force that existence to show itself. It was a bit too terrifying.

Shi Hao acted extremely modestly. He gave an apology, and then he said that he should give the magical artifact back to the Celestial Race right now. Only, later on, he opened his mouth a few times, but each time, he didn't say anything, because it was a bit embarrassing to mention.

"Little friend, what is wrong? If you have any troubles, just state it!" Yun Canghai generously said. He was willing to take the initiative to be the one to offer things, because what he needed the most was right there before his eyes. Moreover, there was a great supreme deity behind the other party, only it never said anything.

"Sigh, my village's formations have all rotten. We want to repair them, but we don't have materials…" Shi Hao said.

"That's easily done. In a bit, I will open the treasury and have some people send a few over for you to select from." Yun Canghai waved his hand, indicating that it wasn't a big deal.

"Normal materials aren't enough. Our village only has forbidden formations that need divine materials for repair." Shi Hao spoke in an extremely dejected manner.

Yun Canghai almost slipped and fell onto the ground. This fellow was truly like a lion when he spoke! There weren't many divine materials even in their treasury, or else why would they work together with the other divine mountains?

"This… Divine materials are used to repair archaic formations. We fear that we might not have enough, and as such, it is hard to give away…" Yun Canghai said after some consideration. He feared that this might be something the deity behind Shi Hao wanted.

"No problem. Just one of each type is enough. Our village isn't that big." Shi Hao's face was just too thick.

Yun Canghai hesitated for a moment. If it was the great deity's idea, then he truly couldn't offend it. He had to discuss this with a few other races.

In fact, even after the formation was repaired, there would still be quite a few divine materials remaining. Only these types of things were too valuable, so who would gift them out?

Sure enough, as soon as Yun Canghai spoke, these people directly shook their heads. The Golden Peng Race in particular sneered continuously. They truly wanted to straight up settle things with Shi Hao.

Since things reached this stage, Yun Canghai had no choice but reveal that that Shi Hao might have a supreme deity backing him, moreover a deity with terrifying status.

These powerful heavenly ranked experts gasped. They were a bit discontent to only receive these news now. If they knew earlier, the Peng Race definitely wouldn't have dared issue a provocation.

Yun Jinhai's face became even more unsightly. He had half-Peng half-Celestial Race bloodline, so he always acted arrogantly. He always thought his defeat to Second Baldy was strange, and after thinking deeply now, he felt a wave of fear.

Shi Hao's eyes move around and looked at those people. He immediately guessed what they were thinking, and drool almost fell straight out of his mouth. He jiggled his buttocks as he ran over and said mysteriously, "Everyone, I'll tell you all a secret. Actually, there is a senior who wants to borrow a few divine materials."

When everyone heard this, they all became frightened. Sure enough, this was this case! This was what they were all thinking inwardly. Not only did their expressions reveal shock, they looked at each other in dismay, and they all nodded in succession. Finally, they came to an agreement.

At this moment, not only as the devilish brat wiping his saliva, a gu lu sound was transmitted from the little pagoda as well, as if it was also swallowing. It couldn't calm down while in Shi Hao's hair.

"Little friend, how many types do you need?" Yun Canghai asked.

"At least ten, I think." Shi Hao pointed forward at the divine materials each race brought. He actually wanted one of each type.

Hearing these words, these elders' vision turned black, and their bodies began to feel weak. This was just too vicious! Their hearts were leaking blood.

"Uh, I think it's better if we borrow some other materials as well. These divine materials alone isn't enough. After all, our village's formation's damage is too severe. It needs a complete remodeling." Shi Hao spoke extremely bashfully.

The elders all felt suffocated. Why did they feel that this youngster wasn't kind and honest at all? That bashful smile looked… extremely lowly!

As the little pagoda frantically swallowed its saliva, Shi Hao began to store the items inside the heaven and earth pouch. His actions were truly fierce, with almost half of the divine materials being taken by him. These old men were all hopping with fury as they tried to hold themselves back.

Despite this being the case, he still bashfully smiled, shaking his head as if he felt embarrassed while still firmly taking a small half of the materials.

"Peng Race senior, my family's great one wants to create a Five Bird Fan, but we still lack a great Golden-Winged Peng Race's primordial symbol bone. I wonder if you could help me out?" Shi Hao became shy once again and asked as if he was extremely embarrassed.

Right now, the Peng Race master Jin Luantian had an urge to drag this brat that was smiling extremely lowly over and spank his buttocks into eight parts!

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