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Chapter 439 – Impending Chaos

A single tall and slender figure was taking a stroll through the Archaic Divine Mountains. There was a type of deathly loneliness to this figure who could overlook the nine heavens; this was precisely the Willow Deity.

"These mountains, these waters, this world will all vanish in the end." She (he) softly said.

Towards the dispute between the Celestials, Golden Peng, and other great races, she (he) did not pay it any attention. The Willow Deity merely walked through the Heavenly Divine Mountains, because she (he) saw traces of a certain individual.

This was a heavenly figure who had always stood at the peak of the divine dao, unsurpassed and regarded as a forbidden existence. Everyone had thought that this individual died in battle, yet there were remnants of this person's footsteps here in the Heavenly Divine Mountain.

It was half a chunk of rock, and only a blurry half of a footprint remained, yet it was still clearly sensed by the Willow Deity. Was it left behind by that person after being severly injured?

This gave off a type of a feeling, a sharp intuition. After making contact with that footprint, threads of silver radiance flew through the Willow Deity's eyes. Then, while suffused with primal chaos, scenes appeared one after another.

"The archaic formation was left behind by you, and you used this gate of life to flee death. Are you still in this realm? Hey!" The Willow Deity's eyes flowed with light, as if they could pierce through the wasteland region. She (he) was searching, wishing to see that person.

"Are you speaking the truth?" The resounding voice sounded by the palace. Experts from true races have arrived, and they asked Shi Hao this question. The auras this group of individuals exerted were terrifying, and they all possessed astonishing strength.

It was a youth that spoke. A layer of light covered the surface of his body, making him seem like he was cast from brass. He was quite young, not even 20 years of age, yet he had reached the king level, a Formation Arrangement Realm expert.

This race was definitely powerful, similar to the great Golden-Winged Peng Race. They were known as heavenly ranked archaic vicious beasts, being the heavenly ranked vicious beast's descendants. There were even pure-blooded heirs in their clan, so they could naturally look down on the wasteland region.

From a certain perspective, they were existence at the very top of the food chain. They were simply invincible in the wasteland region, and no one was willing to provoke them.

"Correct. If you defeat a Golden Peng, one more person can cross realms." Shi Hao smiled and said.

Hou Tian shot him a look of disdain and said, "Rather than doing this, why don't my race just force you and directly suppress you and that naked bird to increase the quota??

"Do I look like someone easy to bully? Even the great Golden Peng has backed off, do you think I'll care about what you think?" Shi Hao was not polite at all. "The only reason I am borrowing your strength and not directly becoming hostile against them is to give them more pressure."

"You are… too lacking in moral sense." Hou Tian rolled his eyes and spoke. However, why did it feel that this hairy brat was somewhat amiable? In fact, he himself disliked the Golden Peng Race.

Then, the Green Luan race came. Their relationship with the Heavenly Divine Mountain was quite good, or else they wouldn't have cooperated together for the trip to the Northern Sea to explore the Kun Peng nest.

These people didn't have good attitudes towards Shi Hao. If not for realizing something, they would have taken action a long time ago. There were people within this race that truly wanted to kill this human youth.

They arrived one after another, and in the end, six or seven pure-blooded races arrived. They all used to belong to the ranks of gods and devils, with deity level experts emerging from all of their races in the past.

"Hah, Jin Yunxiao, you brat, get over here. I want to see if you've improved at all during these two years!" Hou Tian shouted, leaving everyone stunned. They never thought that he would truly take action and challenge a cultivator from the Golden Peng Race.

"Causing trouble!" An elder from one of the races shouted. This extremely powerful elder had not transformed into human form. Dark light radiated from his body, and his black fur shone. It was extremely terrifying.

When he spoke, all types of symbols appeared on the surface of his body. This ring of light made him seem like a supreme beast deity.

In the distance, Shi Hao drooled. This was a rarely seen pure-blooded Black Hou. It he could obtain a piece of fur, or a piece of primordial symbol bone, then it would truly be amazing.

"Little bastard, you dare stare at me and drool!" The Hou Race elder was so angry he widened his eyes.

"I didn't, senior is mistaken. I definitely didn't. I just feel like disciplining your heir like this isn't good. Why don't you let him go?" Shi Hao wouldn't admit it even if he was beaten to death.

The experts from the other races also stared at him, because they've long thought that something was amiss with this youngster's expression. He actually dared to drool like this in front of ancient races like theirs! It was too shameless and audacious.

Soon after, Peng cries roared through the skies and golden feathers fell. The Peng Race's young expert Jin Yunxiao was defeated by someone, beaten half to death and carried back.

"Hou Tian, you little bastard, you truly dare to take action?!" An elder berated.

"Brother Hou is truly a heroic figure. When the time comes, you can bring along whoever you want. I'll allow you an extra person!" Shi Hao spoke.

"Good!" Hou Tian first received a scolding and punishment from his clan elders, and then he received the promise from Shi Hao.

Following that, there were a few other unique fellows who jumped out, severely injuring the Peng Race's people. Those that dared to issue challenges all held certainties of victory, all of them being extremely powerful characters.

In just a day, the Peng Race descendants' faces became ashen. Even though the number of individuals that were injured wasn't that high, this was still an unbearable disgrace.

"That youngster is too unbridled. Does he think that we won't directly suppress and kill him after angering my Golden-Winged Peng Race?" An elder's face became overcast.

As for Shi Hao, he had almost forgotten about this matter. He merely thought that the Peng Race was unsightly and set this up. Now, he had entered their 'plans'.

Golden Peng, True Hou, Green Luan, and other races' treasuries were extremely abundant. The divine materials they brought over shone brilliantly. Piled up into a small mountain like this, it was truly a bit tempting.

By Shi Hao's ear, a luring voice continuously sounded, telling him to help out and steal a portion.

"Out of the question!" Finally, Shi Hao snapped awake and was no longer tempted. He strongly rejected the little pagoda.

"Divine materials that can be exchanged for my help are right in front of you. Are you going to miss this chance?" The bone pagoda persuaded once again.

Finally, the Willow Deity arrived and gave the little pagoda a look. Even though nothing was said, the little pagoda still became embarrassed, feeling that bewitching a youngster wasn't right.

"There are a few things amiss with the Heavenly Divine Mountain. You all should quickly depart." The Willow Deity told Shi Hao and Second Baldy.

This made everyone tremble. How powerful was the Willow Deity? Those words were definitely worth listening to. The two nodded, indicating that they understood.

"There are still three types of materials missing. All of you should hurry and collect it," Second Baldy said.


Right at this moment, a roar sounded from the back mountains. A Golden-Winged Peng rushed into the heavens, and following behind was a Suan Ni. Lightning roared, and this battle was incredibly intense.

A loose cultivator had appeared. After hearing that they could pass through the formation into another realm as long as one of the Peng Race was defeated, conflict sparked.

Shi Hao was stupefied. He originally thought that no one would completely have a falling out and that this would only be a disturbance among the younger generation, yet an extremely fierce individual came.

This Suan Ni wasn't pure-blooded, but it reached the Supreme Realm all by itself. Its strength was terrifying, suppressing a Peng and beating it until its feathers flew everywhere. Golden light shone resplendently.

In the end, the Suan Ni won. Lightning crackled throughout its body. Of course, its own body was almost destroyed in the process, and its injuries were severe.

"Do you think my Peng Race is easy to bully?" An elder's face became downcast, and killing intent surged. Apart from Jin Yunxiao, the Golden Pengs that were defeated were all half-blooded creatures. No one dared to challenge the core members of their race, because this was still, after all, a heavenly ranked race.

However, this situation was still ultimately changed. The sect masters of several powerful races stepped forward, instructing the younger generation not to act rashly.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao didn't say anything either, because he couldn't be bothered to deal with this. The Willow Deity had already urged him to not stay in this place longer than necessary, and the little pagoda had even said this.

"Hurry and give them the armguard. This formation is a bit strange and might provoke the karma of the heavens!" This was the little pagoda's warning.

It even did something out of character, creating symbols for Shi Hao so that he could see through this place. A few mysteries were thus revealed.

After Second Baldy used the divine materials to repair the formation, this place surged with an indescribable type of aura. The footprint on a stone not far off became more and more distinct.

"It is calling out to a forbidden existence. If the formation isn't properly fixed, no one knows what might happen." The little pagoda spoke seriously.

"What kind of a person is it?" Shi Hao asked.

The little pagoda shook its head and hinted for him to ask the Willow Deity. Its own body was damaged, with several layers of the pagoda missing. As a result, there were holes in its old memories.

"Willow Deity, will there be danger here?" Shi Hao asked. If it was true, would there be any sense in repairing the formation? Wouldn't they be sending Yun Xi and the others to their graves?

"Nothing will happen to the Celestial Race, and they might be able to truly leave. This formation's master should have some kind of great relationship with the race. As for the others, it isn't easy to say." The Willow Deity directly stated.

In the surroundings of the formation, white mist rose strand after strand in an extremely mysterious manner. Apart from the Willow Deity and the little pagoda, no one else could see it.

Shi Hao was only able to witness it due to the little pagoda's divine ability. He immediately experienced a mysterious energy and saw the footprint in the distance. It was as if someone would descend from the heavens at any time.

Shi Hao felt a wave of horror, feeling as if his conflicts with these pure-blooded creatures truly weren't worth much. When faced against this mysterious and incredibly great event, it could all be overlooked.

What was going on? What exactly was there in the wasteland region for a forbidden existence to descend and some incredibly great figures to make a move? What was there in this realm that attracted them?

He had a feeling that the wasteland region was on the verge of becoming chaotic. It truly might be as the Willow Deity said before, being completely different from the past and maybe even greater than the previous incidents.

"Let's leave and separate ourselves from everything here. Let's not provoke any type of karma here." The little pagoda spoke. It had this type of method of wiping out everything.

This was completely different from what Shi Hao had anticipated. He still wanted to do more, but he never expected to receive the warning to not stay here any longer.

He had even wanted to collect a toll here with Second Baldy, making those that wanted to enter the formation pay up. That scenario had left him drooling with saliva, yet he now found out that such a thing was impossible, because they had to leave now.


Suddenly, a mysterious fluctuation transmitted from the little pagoda, shaking Shi Hao as well. He didn't know why, but a chill rang through his body.

"What happened?" He cried out involuntarily.

"The great calamity is about to start." The little pagoda said softly.

"Why can't they feel anything, while I can anticipate it?" Shi Hao's mind trembled. At the same time, he couldn't understand why this was the case.

"It is because I am residing on your body. Through my aura, you can sense it as well," said the little pagoda calmly.

Shi Hao understood that it wasn't as calm as it looked. It was also taking precautions. Was this tremendous pressure making it feel nervous as well?

"Are you worried as well?" Shi Hao asked.

A weng sounded. Shi Hao's eyes were in pain as he saw a streak of light fly through the heavens. It was even more blinding than lightning, more dazzling than the sun. It was incredibly bright and splendid.

"What is that?" He was a bit nervous, and his expression was grave.

"A great figure in the higher realms is probing about. That was the space itself cracking. Ordinary people cannot sense it, but you can through my power." The little pagoda became incomparably solemn and respectful.

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