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Chapter 435 – Celestial Race

This left everyone speechless. Second Baldy and a woman from Heavenly Divine Mountain's relationship was broken apart? Shi Hao, Huo Ling'er, and the others looked at each other in dismay. They didn't know what was proper to say in this situation.

"The old thief wreaked havoc in my Heavenly Divine Mountain back then, ruining spiritual medicine, stealing divine medicine, lusting after my clan's divine treasures, and deceiving my father. You've committed practically every crime thinkable, yet today, you came back to speak such nonsense. Capture him!" Fourth grandpa roared.

Several experts rushed out from behind him. They were going to capture this strange naked bird.

Second Baldy glared and said, "Stop. Aren't you going to ask your aunt? If you disrespect me, you might cause her heart to become sore, and in the end, you will have to apologize to me."

This was truly great gossip. The Heavenly Divine Mountain's people all began to feel apprehensive. After rushing down, several individuals slowed their pace. Even Fourth Master began to feel uncertain. Even though he was unbearably upset, he still didn't want to recklessly rush into action just in case he was mistaken.

"Yun Canghai, I, Kong Qiuji have personally come to visit. You are truly putting on airs. Aren't you going to come down the mountain to welcome me?" Second Baldy spoke. At this time, he had a strange grandeur as he roared towards the mountain.

"This old thief…" Yun Xi was not calm at all. Her impression of this bird was absolutely terrible, and she had long heard about this scoundrel. Right now, the bird actually dared to call out her grandfather's name.

Rosy clouds scattered multicolored light on the grand and majestic mountain. A divine rainbow rushed over, scattering down an expanse of holy radiance. The clouds and mists were scattered, and an elder descended.

This man was no stranger to Shi Hao. Back then, he had fought intensely against this old man and even gained his armguard after giving him a good beating. At this moment, his lips couldn't help but curl upwards.

Yun Canghai was a supreme expert, and as such, his spiritual perception was extremely powerful. He immediately noticed Shi Hao's expression and he felt his teeth becoming sore. Motherfucker, it was this little bastard again. He truly couldn't stand what happened in the past.

He had the urge to eliminate Shi Hao, the one whose death would end all their struggles, and cover up the dark experience of being beaten up forever. However, the next moment, his eyelids jumped, and his heart became extremely heavy.

Of course, what he had to face right now wasn't Shi Hao. He had to shut Second Baldy Kong Qiuji's mouth first.

"Isn't this the all-powerful great con artist that looked down on an entire generation of the wasteland region? Even your feathers are now gone. I recall that the supreme peacock back then possessed an imposing appearance, a courageous and beautiful figure whose might made everyone tremble. How did you fall to this extent?" Yun Xi's grandfather Yun Canghai mocked.

Second Baldy laughed coldly and said, "What do you understand? I am undergoing nirvana. When my divine feathers reemerge, they will be so powerful and beautiful that they will leave your eyes blinded."

"Haha, you've hidden yourself for so many years. I thought that you would have succeeded already since you showed yourself. However, having the courage to flee into the Hundred Shattering Mountains also deserves some admiration," Yun Canghai said. He looked at the other party, and his face slightly sunk. "Your cultivation has been completely shattered, yet you still dare to ascend my Heavenly Divine Mountain. Aren't you scared that I might turn you into a live sacrifice?"

"If this great one was scared of you, I wouldn't have come. Without me, can you all completely research that formation? Heng, forget about understanding it completely, without the formation diagram, you all are still far off!" Second Baldy said arrogantly. He stared at the Heavenly Divine Mountain supreme expert with a face of disdain and said, "Before you all wanted to escape this realm, did you ask me? If I don't allow you all to leave, would any of you be able to leave?!"

His voice was extremely loud as he looked down on Yun Canghai and the others. It carried an overbearing tone that left the group shaken.

"You…" Fourth Master was indignant. The legendary evil peacock had returned, and it actually dared to berate his father in front of so many people's faces. It was too arrogant, and he was starting to feel that it was unbearable.

"Hairy brat, don't move rashly. If you don't believe me, ask your father whether or not you pooped on my arms before." Second Baldy shot him a sidelong glance as if he couldn't care less about him.

Motherfucker! Fourth Master was already middle-aged, and his status within Heavenly Divine Mountain was extremely high. He had great prestige, yet right now, veins were popping on his forehead, and he felt like he was about to be driven mad. Could he not act so hatefully? Regardless of whether it was true or false, repeating it so many times in front of everyone's faces, and even in front of his child was just too lacking in moral sense. It left him fuming in rage.

"Little four, back down." Yun Canghai spoke, not allowing him to take action.

"There really was such an event?" Shi Hao was stupefied and couldn't help but mutter. His voice wasn't loud, but it was loud enough that everyone heard him.

"Pi chi!" One of them couldn't help but release a laugh.

The Heavenly Divine Mountain became extremely embarrassed, and even Yun Xi felt a bit light-headed. Why does this peacock seem a bit different than the information that was passed down? There seems to be some secrets involving it.

"You scoundrel, do you think mocking children is that that great of a skill? You are just as persistent and despicable as before," Yun Canghai said.

"Lies. It is all because you helped break up an affectionate couple, separating me and Menglan," Second Baldy shouted.

Regardless of whether it was Fourth Master, Yun Xi, or the Heavenly Divine Mountain's people, they were all carefully listening. They really did end up involving one of the mountain's great figures, Yun Menglan!

Yun Canghai scoffed and said, "If you didn't ruin the spiritual medicines, steal the divine medicine, and lust after my clan's divine treasures, would we have hunted you down?"

"Nonsense. I was merely curious and looked around. It was clearly you all who were jealous of how extraordinary I, a great supreme peacock, was, fearing that I would surpass you all." Second Baldy shouted.

Everyone could tell that these were petty and old gossips where both sides were in the wrong. Either way, Second Baldy wasn't some good bird, and Heavenly Divine Mountain wasn't some virtuous party either.

"Go. We will get to the bottom of this after we ascend the mountain. I will invite Menglan over," said Yun Canghai. Light flickered past his eyes.

Second Baldy immediately became discouraged. "Don't, there's no need to invite her. How can I meet her looking like I am right now? It'll be fine if we just sit for a bit. When I recover my heroic and beautiful appearance, I'll then come and look for Menglan."

Then, he suddenly raised his head and said, "Yun Canghai, you better not mess with my conscience. I, a supreme peacock, am not that easy to pressure. If you want to get to the bottom of that formation, then today, you need to pay in blood."

The mountain was tall and lofty. Before them was a bluestone path that led straight to the summit. It had supposedly existed since the archaic era and was personally laid by a deity.

This stone path was overgrown with moss. The crooked path led into a secluded area, giving off a feeling that felt as if they were travelling through a fantasy. The spiritual medicines that would appear on the side of the road every so often, as well as the spiritual birds and auspicious beasts all added to the immortal feeling this place possessed.

"What a shocking medicinal field!" Shi Hao sighed in admiration.

When they were approaching the summit, the air became rich with spiritual essence, and all types of light blossomed. There was a medicinal field there that was full of spiritual medicines. It was full of vitality and rich with medicinal fragrance.

The reason why the spiritual medicine could be grown together and defy normal reasoning was because an archaic deity had cleared up this spiritual field and laid an astonishing formation to preserve the surging spiritual essence. There was also a spiritual spring that was enough to irrigate and nourish this medicinal field.

This mountain was quite large. There was a region for vicious birds where many enormous birds rested. They were at least dozens of meters in length, and there were some that were several hundred meters in length. There was also a vicious beast region where killing intent surge and all types of terrifying roars sounded from within a great formation.

Divine mountains were not ordinary at all. Only the summit was the most peaceful.

Yun Canghai brought everyone to a special region. There were two medicinal fields here between several thatched cottages. They gave off an otherworldly feeling.

"Let's have a chat." The two arrived at a thatched cottage and sat on stone blocks. They had some tea and refreshments, and everything seemed to calm down. There were no longer any disputes.

Meanwhile, the others walked over to the medicine fields and wandered about.

"Yun Xi, how is your race's divine medicine? Can you let us take a look?" Huo Ling'er asked. She was extremely curious.

Shi Hao, the nine-headed lion, and the others nodded. They also wanted to see it for themselves. They've heard about the great reputation of the divine medicine, but they never had the chance to see it.

Yun Xi looked left and right and noticed that the important people had all left out of anger towards Second Baldy. Those like Fourth Master went to the older generation to inquire about what really happened back then.

At first, she was a bit reluctant, but she ultimately nodded her head. She told them that they had to behave themselves once they got there, and she especially warned Shi Hao to keep the Emperor Butterfly in check. There was a deity's formation there that if touched, would immediately result in the extermination of one's body and soul.

This summit was truly large. Yun Xi brought them to another region and opened a formation. It was as if they had entered another small world that was isolated from the outside world.

"Heavens, the spiritual essence is so rich that it turned into liquid!" The flame crow cried out in shock.

Spiritual springs moved about, vegetation grew in abundance, fresh flowers bloomed, and strange rocks lied about in disarray. This was a piece of holy land. Wisps of multicolored light descended from the void and condensed into liquid form, forming true spiritual liquid.

Everyone became speechless, overwhelmed by shock.

"Are there many places like this?" Shi Hao asked.

"The spiritual essence in the other places aren't as rich as this one, but there are quite a few similar regions," Yun Xi said. The mountain peak had been divided into dozens to over a hundred spaces like this, as if they were each small worlds.

"This divine mountain is so large!" The nine-headed lion sighed in admiration. What it saw along the way was only the scenery on the surface. What was hidden by formations was the true hidden scenery.

After walking into the depths of this region that was sealed off by a formation, a sweet scent wafted over from far away. Everyone was moved, and they couldn't help but walk forward.

Soon after, they all became apprehensive. They felt as if their souls were leaving their bodies. This kind of fragrance could nourish one's soul.

"What kind of ancient medicine is this?" Huo Ling'er was shocked.

Everyone knew that they were about to see the divine medicine, because this fragrance definitely came from it.

They continued to travel for several li like this. The medicinal fragrance became richer and richer. Eventually, they finally arrived at a lake formed from condensed spiritual essence.

Apart from this, there were symbols flickering at the bottom of the lake. There were a few divine rocks arranged there that emitted a primordial aura. They aided in the divine medicine's growth.

It was a lotus. It took root within the small lake that didn't exceed a hundred zhang in circumference. The extremely fragrant lotus was a purple gold color, and even the roots were as such. It seemed like it was cast from purple-colored divine gold.

"What kind of divine medicine is this? My soul feels especially comfortable here," the flame crow asked.

"Soul Guiding Lotus," Yun Xi replied. This divine medicine has existed for an incomparably long period of time. It was priceless, and something that the Heavenly Divine Mountain would never give away.

The Soul Guiding Lotus was surrounded in sparkling purple light. Waves of purple multicolored light rose, creating a misty fog around it. It had a total of eight leaves, and the purple gold flower had eight petals. Auspicious multicolored light blossomed at the center of the flower.

"This truly is a gem!" Shi Hao sighed. The strength of this divine medicine was heaven defying and it could bring one back straight from the dead. While refining pills, just adding a tiny bit would allow its medicinal strength to increase tenfold.

As for using the entire divine medicine to refine a pill, normal people had no idea what kind of ridiculous result that would produce.

"Rumor has it that during the archaic era, this spiritual medicine received a deity's care. It was even more mysterious then, with a total of nine leaves and an additional petal on its flower. Its medicinal strength was several times more powerful than it is right now," Yun Xi said.  

"What? It was this crazy?" The rainbow luan was astonished.

"En, later on, it was injured, and its true spirit was cut. It degenerated into this state." Yun Xi sighed.

"Eight leaves and eight petals is already a divine medicine, so if it had nine leaves and nine petals, what level of medicine would it reach then?" Shi Hao was bewildered.

At this moment, the Emperor Butterfly revived. It was quickly stopped by him, because there was a deity's formation here. If it randomly moved about, it might bring danger onto itself.

Right at this moment, someone outside the formation sent a message, asking Shi Hao, Yun Xi and the others to go there and leave this place.

After coming out and once again returning to the thatched cottage, they saw that Second Baldy was currently fighting verbally against a group of experts. Spittle flew everywhere.

"Sigh, you guys returned. I've already told them everything. They know that the formation is damaged, and that only with the formation diagram I stumbled upon could it be repaired, so they should be thankful." Second Baldy spoke as if he was being considerate. He didn't pay any attention to the group of individuals with sullen faces.

It looked towards Shi Hao and said, "Youngster, I've gotten you a wife, and it's that purple-clothed girl right there. In the future, she is yours. Her grandfather joyously agreed."

"Ah…" Yun Xi was immediately so frightened that her face lost all color. They had only left for such a short time, yet this kind of result occurred.

"What was owed to this great one naturally has to be returned now." Second Baldy spoke in a cocky manner, as if he didn't give the Heavenly Divine Mountain any face.

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