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Chapter 430 – Heavenly Divine Mountain's Secret

The walls of the Medicine Capital weren't tall. Some could even be called collapsed, the effects of time evident on its surfaces. However, the city had been crowded since the ancient times, so this place did not need the protection of walls.

During this period of time, Shi Hao received many things. All different sects' leading figures came to visit, moreover not empty-handedly. There were some who brought spiritual medicines.

"This is the flower produced by the spiritual medicine tree at the front of the city?" Shi Hao was extremely moved. Inside of the jade case in his hand, fragrances wafted through the air and sparkling light shone brilliantly. The petals were crystal clear, as if stars were flickering.

This was an amazing flower with priceless value! Every year, there would only be a few flowers, and quite a few people had their eyes on them. Those that wanted to purchase them feared that they wouldn't be able to get in line to do so.

This was a transformed spiritual herb. After absorbing a small reservoir of lightning tribulation fluid, it became a spiritual medicine tree. It has lived for several thousand years and was on the verge of becoming a divine medicine. It was incomparably rare and precious.

Shi Hao's eyes burned with desire. He took a deep breath, allowing his nose to become suffused with the medicinal fragrance. He immediately felt like he was in great spirits, and essence energy began to flow abundantly within his body.

"Many thanks to dao brother!" He expressed his gratitude. The value of this flower was simply too high, far surpassing that of normal spiritual medicines. He could feel that the divine bug in his hair was already becoming restless.

This was an old man with a seemingly common appearance that didn't carry any unique traits. However, this was actually the sect master of the Pill Cauldron Sect.

After talking a bit more, Shi Hao was shocked to discover that this was an extremely ancient sect that went back even further than the Divine Medicine Gate. It used to be extremely splendid, and in the ancient past, whenever the two words 'pill cauldron' were mentioned, everyone would know what it was associated with.

Under the endless stream of time, anything could happen. They gradually declined, and today, they were simply a ruined sect within the Medicine Capital, on the verge of becoming forgotten.

"I have a child who possesses great natural talents. Ever since childhood, the child has wanted to bring back the Pill Cauldron Gate's ancient glory, and as such has left home for many years in search of the lost inheritance. I hope that little dao friend can take care of that child should the two of you meet one day," said the old man.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn't refuse. After he understood the details, he nodded in agreement.

Rumor has it that since the ancient times, there were only four people who have successfully refined the Nine Reincarnations Pill. The Pill Cauldron Sect's first ancestor was one of them. Upon ingesting the divine pill, one could immediately become a deity and ascend to the heavens.

One could well imagine how great this sect's inheritance was. If it could be found, there might even be a day when it'll rapidly soar to greatness, restoring its ancient glory.

"Let's go!"

Now that he even obtained a flower from the spiritual medicine tree, there were no regrets left in coming to the Medicine Capital. Shi Hao decided to leave and proceed towards the Stone Country Imperial Capital to take a look at that letter.

Of course, he didn't forget the reason why he came to the Medicine Capital. From here on out, what he had to do was continue gathering spiritual medicines and do as much as he could to collect everything he needed to refine the Little Nirvana Pill.

This was for the sake of breaking through his shackles, a great golden path that lead towards the goal of becoming a supreme expert.

Troubling times were coming, and even supreme experts were fleeing. How terrifying was it going to be? It was difficult to even imagine! The more strength he had, the greater of a footing he could have in survival.

Spiritual medicines were rare, and in theory, every spiritual mountain could only grow a single stalk. If they weren't in the Medicine Capital, how could Shi Hao have gained that kind of harvest?

However, despite this being the case, before leaving, Shi Hao only had ten stalks on him. In this trip to the Medecine Capital, he had used up everything he had and turned completely impoverished.

Of course, Stone Country Capital also had spiritual medicines, because there were many great clans there that gathered there once the country was founded. Moreover, he believed that the Imperial Family's medicine fields definitely had some rare things.

Shi Hao carved out his reputation through battles and had the qualifications to compete for the position of Stone Country Emperor. It could even be said that he had an absolute advantage, so if he continued to head there like this, if nothing unexpected happened, he would obtain great benefits.

Soon after, they left the Medicine Capital and gradually distanced themselves from that place. They were going to use the beast skin in a place where no one else was to travel through the void.

"Your trip this time will most likely be extremely dangerous," Huo Ling'er reminded him.

"I know." Shi Hao nodded. However, he had already made all types of preparations.

"Let's go there together. We've always wanted to give Stone Capital a look as well." The nine-headed lion, flame crow, sable, and the others still wanted to go together.

"Hey, Celestial Race girl, why do you keep following me?" Shi Hao agreed to the others' request, but he was extremely unsatisfied when he looked at the purple-clothed young lady.

Yun Xi was extremely beautiful, and her temperament was otherworldly and refined. However, right now, she grinded her teeth inwardly. This fellow's gaze was fiery as it swept over her body, making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Shi Hao continued, "You won't even recommend a divine mountain, borrowing a stalk of divine medicine from you isn't okay either, yet you still continue to follow after my butt demanding the divine precious artifact all day. Tell me, don't you think I should just forcefully carry you back?"

Yun Xi's beautiful face carried a serious expression, and her eyes contained a hint of disdain, as if she wanted to give him a beating. She vowed inwardly that she would give this little brat a good beating sooner or later!

"It's not like I'm following you, I've just developed an intimate friendship with the others. I'm just following them, so why do you care where I go?"

"Are you trying to provoke me?" Shi Hao laughed as he looked at her.

"Aiya, what are you doing?!" Yun Xi cried out in alarm. Her body was slender, and elegant curves outlined her body. She was suddenly picked up, immediately causing her pretty face to become thoroughly red. She began to struggle intensely.

"I've decided, I'm forcefully carrying you back to the village," Shi Hao said.

"There's no need for so much trouble. Just marry her off already. I have a brother who is rather handsome and talented. I think it's a perfect match." Huo Ling'er opened her mouth.

The remaining people looked at each other in dismay. They all suggested that they shouldn't have any internal strife here, but no matter how they looked at it, it didn't seem like they were going to stop, moreover, there seemed to be some conspiracy going on.

"Cough…" The nine-headed lion made a coughing sound and said, "Can you let it go? The Heavenly Divine Mountain's people aren't bad. They've helped out my race before in the past."

He tried to smooth things over. The Heavenly Divine Mountain's supreme expert had sought out his grandfather the Nine Spirit King and gifted him with an ancient pill. It contributed to the nine-headed lion's transformation into a pure-blooded creature.

The flame crow also opened his mouth, stating that the Celestial Race wasn't arrogant and has some friendly relationship with his race. His grandfather, the old flame crow, had even visited the Heavenly Divine Mountain before as a guest.

"I've finally found a suitable candidate, one that is also a fatty that holds hostility towards me, so how could I easily let her go?" Shi Hao carried the tall and slender Yun Xi without letting go and said, "Give me a satisfactory answer. Why else would you chase me every time asking me for the armguard?"

"I think it's better if we just sell her off." Huo Ling'er instigated the situation. She was laughing in an entirely worry free manner.

"Fairy Yun Xi, why do you always ask for that armguard every time? From what I know, the Heavenly Divine Mountain shouldn't be lacking this single divine artifact, right? There are many, many treasures in your clan." The flame crow asked her.

"Exactly. Fairy Yun Xi, why bother doing such a thing?" The nine-headed lion asked.

"You aren't replying? Then this time, I'm definitely carrying you back to the village. You should just peacefully protect my home." Shi Hao deliberately gave her full bottom a slap.

"Ah…" This immediately caused Yun Xi to scream. Her eyes erupted with flames, and her beautiful face was full of red multi-colored light. She truly wanted to bite this hateful little bastard.

It was clear that Shi Hao was trying to purposely draw out the armguard's use together with Huo Ling'er, the nine-headed lion, and the others. What kind of great secret did the Heavenly Divine Mountain have? This was why he played the role of the villain, and why the flame crow and the others played the role of the hero.

"Let's go back to my home. Aren't you all curious where it is? Today, I'm bringing her back to protect the village, and meanwhile, I'll invite you all as guests," Shi Hao said. Then, he winked and said, "The Village Chief has always wanted me to bring back a few beautiful fatties."

They stood on top of the Void Beast Skin and quickly moved through the air. Finally, the group of people appeared at Stone Country's western border. Yun Xi struggled this entire time while screaming. She was truly terrified beyond belief, truly scared of becoming this devilish brat's prisoner and being brought away in an uncivilized manner.

"Let me go!" Yun Xi struggled. She was the goddess of the archaic divine mountains' younger generation. When had she ever been put in such a sorry situation?

"Let's go! A bit further and we'll reach my home," Shi Hao said while carrying her.

"I'll speak!" Yun Xi finally couldn't take it anymore. She was so beautiful, yet she was being carried on his shoulder like spoils of war. This was just too unbearable.

Immediately, the group of people became silent and looked at her. They all wanted to hear her answer.

"The pair of armguards serve as a key that could open an ancient formation and allow one to leave the entrapment of this great region," the purple-clothed girl spoke quickly. She truly couldn't take it anymore.

"What?" Everyone became shocked. The words 'great region entrapment' left everyone emotionally stirred. They immediately thought of many things.

"Where exactly does it lead to?" Huo Ling'er asked. Her jade-like complexion was full of shock.

Everyone found it hard to calm down, because this now made it seem like leaving the wasteland region wasn't that difficult. One could typically cross the region wall between great regions only by using extreme methods.

"It is written on the formation. Once we leave this great region, even we don’t exactly know where it will lead to," the purple-clothed girl said with a sigh.

"It was a tremendous secret after all," Shi Hao said to himself softly. Second Baldy had once talked to him about this matter.

In the past, Second Baldy was also the expert of a generation. However, the bird's character wasn't that great, and after obtaining rumors of a secret, it muddled its way into the Heavenly Divine Mountain to search for this great secret. In the end, it managed to touch the border of this great secret, but was ultimately discovered by the Heavenly Divine Mountain's experts and hunted down. As a result, it hid within the Hundred Shattering Mountains.

The Celestial Race was guarding a treasured land, but they weren't aware of that secret. Only after cleaning up all types of bone books left behind by archaic celestials in recent years did they notice this shocking record.

This mystery was extremely terrifying. If the Heaven Mending Sect, Immortal Mountain, or Western Sect knew about it, they would most likely hunt down and occupy the Heavenly Divine Mountain.

"After leaving the great region's entrapment, where will you ultimately go?" Shi Hao frowned. His mind was heavy, because there were just too many secrets in this world. The influence of this one was undoubtedly profound and far-reaching.

"Release me first." The purple-clothed young lady's beautiful face was completely red and humiliated.

"Pa!" Shi Hao gave her a slap that sounded sharp and clear. This made Yun Xi completely flip out from rage. She no longer cared about her image of a goddess and directly opened her mouth and bit down.

"Aiya!" A single moment of carelessness resulted in his ear being bitten. He felt a wave of pain and hurriedly threw her off to carry out self-protection.

"You truly are formidable! You've finally revealed your true character!" Shi Hao shouted.

Yun Xi continuously spat on the ground. Her face was completely red and she stared at him with her large round eyes. She was both humiliated and furious. She was the goddess of a heavenly ranked archaic race, yet she suffered every time she encountered this devilish brat.

If those from the Archaic Divine Mountains found out that she bit another person's ear, they would probably fall straight to the ground. Many youngsters would be in disbelief, feeling both grief and indignation.

"Your resolution is too vicious, you actually bit me." Shi Hao massaged his ear in extreme anger. He grumbled noisily that he was going to get his revenge.

Seeing him act like this, Yun Xi was so ashamed and resentful she almost fainted from anger.

"Fairy Yun Xi, why are you in such a hurry to leave the wasteland region?" Huo Ling'er modestly asked for advice in a sincere and gentle manner, because this matter was of great importance.

Now that they reached this point, the purple-clothed girl didn't want to hide anything either. It was because she had already prepared a contingency plan for the worst. Should things come to it, she would tell Shi Hao the truth and bring him together with her out of this great region's entrapment.

"It is because the truth is too terrifying…" Yun Xi slowly spoke.

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