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Chapter 429 – Immortal Mountain's Decree

A decree flew across the boundless wasteland regions. It was as if it was a deity descending into a world of mortals, bringing with it tens of thousands of streaks of golden light. Characters were imprinted upon it one after another, all of which contained the complex and profound meanings of the great dao.

In the end, it descended in Fire Nation Imperial Capital and began to burn like golden flames. Symbols flickered one after another as if they were going to seal up this world.

The Immortal Mountain's decree travelled through the wall separating domains and entered the wasteland region!

This happened many days ago. News of this extended gradually to every area, creating quite a commotion.

The Immortal Mountain really was powerful. It was just a decree, yet it could pass through the wall separating great regions and travel through the skies. It truly left many people shaken. Even though they knew quite a bit, they still couldn't understand how it could do such a thing.

"Have you heard? The Immortal Mountain has sent a decree. It seems like it wants to summon Shi Hao."

"Right, things will become extremely difficult for him. This is an undying inheritance we are talking about. After daring to kill this ancient sect's people, it will be hard for him to preserve his life…"

As cultivators moved about, information spread to many cities, sparking quite a few discussions.

Quite a few people heard the rumor that the Immortal Mountain sent a decree into the wasteland region for him to have an audience. This was most likely done to get rid of him.

All types of rumors and suspicions quickly passed around.

The Medicine Capital was hundreds of thousands li away, making it quite far from the Fire Nation Capital. There were endless mountain ranges separating them, but they still heard a few vague rumors.

Shi Hao was half worried and half happy. He was happy that this divine bug was extraordinary, displaying such power even though it had just emerged, so it could help him fight soon. What was worrisome was that this fellow ate too much.

He tried to convince Yun Xi for a long time to help him find an Archaic Divine Mountain that was suitable in raising an Emperor Butterfly larva. In the end, the purple-clothed girl didn't even take a moment to think before refusing.

She was scared of what could happen. This divine bug was too greedy. If it unknowingly wiped out all of a party's spiritual medicines, then their Heavenly Divine Mountain would suffer as well.

"What are you implying? Can't you even show the way? If you don't tell me, I'll directly go to your Heavenly Divine Mountain!" Shi Hao said.

"If you dare, then you can give it a try." Yun Xi looked forward to him trying. At that time, she'll directly capture and detain him.

"Then I should just forcefully carry you back first." Shi Hao threatened.

Yun Xi's face became thoroughly red. Right now, she truly couldn't defeat the devilish child. Back then, the other party could only roll around the ground while wrestling her, but now, he could directly capture her.

"Stop fighting amongst each other. Something major happened!" The big red bird shouted.

It had just went out to wander about and heard a few rumors. The Immortal Mountain had issued a decree to call in the little Stone. There was another saying that they were going to capture and kill the little Stone.

Shi Hao was shocked. This colossus of a power was truly wary of him. They've taken action so quickly.

"I won't pay attention to it for now." He shook his head. Right now, there were rumors flying everywhere, so who knew if this was real or fake.

Several days later, news that were relatively reliable came. The Immortal Mountain really did issue a decree for Shi Hao to have an audience. Nothing else was said, so no one knew whether it was good or bad.

Shi Hao was put in a bad mood. So what if it was the Immortal Mountain? Did they think that they could dominate the world, summoning whoever they wanted? He wasn't going to go.

Several days later, another rumor appeared. A middle-aged individual held the golden decree, and he was in charge of overseeing the Fire Nation Capital. He sent the order to tell the little Stone to quickly have the audience.

Shi Hao's temper rose. He now really wanted to go and give the other party a beating. As long as a supreme expert didn't appear, he had nothing to be scared of.

"Big red, I brought you out to help you learn. Now that there's nothing left, you should go to the Fire Nation's ancestral ground," Shi Hao said.

The big red bird was moved, but he was a bit hesitant. "Why do I feel like the outside is pretty good right now? Won't it be okay if I go study after a bit of time?"

"Just go sooner!" Shi Hao fetched a stone case. Inside was a scarlet red feather, the one that Little Red left behind.

He asked Huo Ling'er for her help in sending the big red bird into the ancestral ground. He said that this was what he agreed on with the Fire Nation's guardian spirit, and that he was sending it a disciple.

"Why don't I know about this?" Huo Ling'er was confused.

Shi Hao said, "It's like this, Little Red is interested in a mountain treasure, but right now, I can't find it. I'm scared that it might become frantic and turn around to find trouble for me, so I'll send big red first to give an explanation."

Huo Ling'er was unconvinced. Then, she suddenly understood and revealed a smile that was yet not a smile. She looked at him and said, "Big red definitely doesn't know about this. You are just throwing it there randomly as a hostage?"

"What kind of words are those? The guardian spirit will definitely search its sea of consciousness and find out that I truly don't have the mountain treasure. In addition, big red truly wants it to become its master. Isn't this the best of both worlds?" Shi Hao said.

"Big red is truly unlucky. In the future, it is definitely going to be turned into a sandbag!" Huo Ling'er giggled. From their relationship, she decided she was still going to help him out here.

It was because she knew that guardian spirit's temperament. Recently, it wanted to avoid the incoming disaster, but it had always been thinking about the mountain treasure. It might just decide to carry Shi Hao away before disappearing.

If things weren't explained, that little red bird might really come out and seek trouble.

Fortunately, Huo Ling'er had a piece of void beast skin and could use it to quickly move through the void. She could immediately travel across the endless mountains and rivers with great speed.

The unfortunate big red bird was longing for the future and carried wonderful hopes as it was sent into the Fire Nation's ancestral grounds. It was going to meet the great guardian spirit that was about to go into hiding, yet in the end… Before Huo Ling'er left, she heard it scream miserably. It was given a good beating.

"You dare to call yourself big red?!" The guardian spirit turned into a furious little bird. The devilish child had called it Little Red before, yet afterwards, the one that came over actually called itself big red. Was he trying to take advantage of it?

"Don't hit me anymore, master. In the future, I'll be known as little little red, is that enough?" The big red bird wanted to cry but no tears came out.

"Who is your master? Where's the mountain treasure?" The furious little bird asked.

"What mountain treasure?" The big red bird was confused.

As a result, thunder struck down, almost turning it into charcoal. It immediately understood and cried out miserably, "Damn that devilish brat! He used me to take the blame!"

"Too insincere… you don't know how miserable big red was. He was almost cooked alive." Huo Ling'er complained after returning.

Shi Hao released a hollow laugh and said, "You don't know how thick his skin is. I believe that it can definitely grasp an opportunity to become the guardian spirit's disciple."

Then, Shi Hao turned around and looked at the nine-headed lion, flame crow and the others and said, "Little brother, flame crow, all of you should return as well. The wasteland region is going to become chaotic. Roaming about outside will be dangerous."

"Brother Stone, you are regarding us as outsiders here." The flame crow seemed to have realized something and said, "You definitely have something to do. After sending off Big Red first, you then let us go on our way. You are doing this out of fear that something bad might happen to us, right?"

Huo Ling'er, the nine-headed lion, and the others immediately widened their eyes. They felt like he was most likely going to knock on death's door and accept the Immortal Mountain's invitation. He didn't want them to get caught up in his troubles.

"Shi Hao, hurry and have the audience. Otherwise, you will take responsibility for the consequences!"

It was ignored for many days. The little Stone didn't appear, making the individual who held the Immortal Mountain's golden decree furious. His words were extremely intense, as if he was condemning Shi Hao.

This raised a huge uproar. Was this a clear declaration of their position? They were now focusing on the little Stone and were going to thoroughly dispose of him.

Before that, there was some secret information being passed around that the Immortal Mountain wasn't doing this to make things difficult for the little Stone and were instead calmly bringing him to their sect.

"The little Stone won't lower his head and loathes being called by others like this, so he hasn't replied this whole time. This angered the expert holding the decree, and as a result, killing intent emerged." Someone made this speculation.

Shi Hao's mood really was rather terrible. Even though there was a blood connection and they might be relatives, making him have an audience? Do you guys really think of yourself as the king of the world? He was extremely disgusted.

"I am inside the Medicine Capital. You all can have an audience with me." In the end, Shi Hao released this message, opposing the other party with equal harshness.

The outside world was once again thrown into an uproar. The little Stone finally reappeared. This was a provocation! To have the Immortal Mountain's people meet him instead, he was truly bold!

The Immortal Mountain's people were furious. After being ignored for several days, the other party didn't show himself and instead acted in such an arrogant manner. The individual holding the decree knew vaguely that the little Stone might have some blood connection with them, but this still wasn't good.

The Immortal Mountain's people didn't come to the Medicine Capital. The great figures of this ancient city moved first instead. They visited homes one after another, raising a huge commotion.

The outstanding and brilliant little Stone was actually in the Medicine Capital; this was shocking information. Many people came to this place to see if they could take a look at the little Stone.

Regardless of what was said, the little Stone's name was well known throughout the wasteland region. Once he grew up, he might become an unmatched supreme expert. Who would dare to look down on him then? The powerful individuals that had gathered were naturally here to create some good karma between them.

When a few great figures saw Shi Hao, they all became a bit scared and upset, because conflict almost sparked between them in the divine valley's third formation when they coveted his bronze piece.

Many people directly wiped away their cold sweat. Fortunately, nothing happened back then, otherwise, they would have most likely died.

Shi Hao was all smiles. After his identity was revealed, many great figures send people to deliver gifts. They were the spiritual medicines he needed, and as a result, his unhappiness from before was made up.

"Sigh, there are enough rations to feed the divine bug. It can last it for a while."

Fortunately, this young bug only needed to be fed after several days, and each day, it would eat spiritual medicines. In that case, Shi Hao decided that he might as well let the divine bug eat all of it for now.

After several days passed, the Immortal Mountain's people still hadn't come.

On the contrary, Shi Hao obtained some news that a letter was sent to Stone Country's Martial Imperial Manor. It was then passed on to his Wasteland Heavenly Lord Manor, which could now also be called Wasteland Heavenly King Manor, because the Stone Emperor had long given the order to change the name.

Shi Hao rose to his feet and said, "Let's go pay the Stone Country Capital a visit!"

Huo Ling'er, the nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others didn't leave yet. After hearing what he said, they were all shocked. They advised him not to act rashly.

Shi Hao shook his head. He was not acting impulsively. Regardless of whether that letter was real or fake, he still had to take a look. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to remain calm, because his parents and grandfather were still outside this region.

"It's not a big deal even if the Immortal Mountain's people left for Stone Country Capital. I am not scared of them." Shi Hao laughed coldly.

He passed on a message inwardly towards the little pagoda and said, "The decree of the rain deity is still rather tasty, right? This time, I'll invite you to eat the Immortal Mountain's decree."

"Last time, the decree was already broken. This time, I hope it is a complete and powerful deity's decree," the little pagoda said. It wanted to eat the imprints left on the deity's decree.

Shi Hao laughed and said, "Alright, this time, let's go directly to the Stone Country Capital. Let's see what they can do. So what if you all are from the Immortal Mountain?!"

He did not feel any fear. If the Immortal Mountain has some blood relations with him and are truly sincere, then he wouldn't act rudely. If they are arrogant and threaten him, then he didn't mind fighting a great battle!

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