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Chapter 428 – Divine Bug's Food

It was extremely small, and its entire body was golden and rather chubby. There was a unique medicinal scent that was emanating from its body. As it roamed around Shi Hao's collar, it seemed rather bashful, but also expressed its intimacy.

"What do you want?" Shi Hao's collar was rather itchy after this sparkling and translucent divine bug attached itself to him. He was excited, but at the same time, he was a bit worried.

More than one person had said that this little thing wasn't easy to raise. Under normal circumstances, it simply couldn't survive. Who knew what kind of stuff it ate and how to tend to it.

It was an Emperor Butterfly, and once it matured, it would become comparable to the archaic vicious ten. However, if it died due to improper care, not only would that be an offense, it would become a joke.

"You aren't allowed to be picky with your food. You have to be good and continue living." Shi Hao said quietly. He grabbed it and stroked it, giving him a refreshing feeling. Moreover, his fingers immediately became permeated with a type of fragrance.

Why did it look like a divine pill that developed intelligence? Everyone was suspicious. This fragrance was incredibly intoxicating, refreshing their minds and gladdening their hearts. They felt as if their bodies were completely relaxed and floating about.

"It is rumored that the most divine and sacred creatures would carry their race's most primitive innate aura at birth," Yun Xi said. She was trembling inwardly. She remembered seeing a short paragraph on a bone fragment that matched the divine bug in front of her eyes.

The divine butterfly could find all types of spiritual medicines in this world, so the egg that it bore would naturally carry medicinal fragrance. This creature had just emerged, and so the condensed scent hadn't scattered yet. This was its innate divine essence.

"Come, let uncle take a look." The big red bird drooled. It was a bird species, so when it saw a young bug, it couldn't help but want to eat it, let alone a divine bug that released such an enticing medicinal fragrance.

Shi Hao slapped him to the side with a single palm. After thinking for a bit, he decided that he shouldn't stay here for too long. Staying in these ruins would draw too much attention.

Soon after, they entered an extremely large tavern that included a courtyard. After setting up a formation on all four sides, they began to carefully observe this young bug.

"Yi, the medicinal fragrance isn't that strong anymore." Everyone became astonished. The divine bug's body became a bit more faint as well.

"Is this the result of the innate aura disappearing after it devoured the poor quality air of the mortal world? However, this is also better. Otherwise, it would draw too much attention," Huo Ling'er said. She was extremely fond of this golden little bug.

"Smack smack!"

Unfortunately, this sparkling and translucent divine bug didn't acknowledge anyone else. It continued to suck on Shi Hao's body in an extremely depending way.

Suddenly, Yun Xi's expression changed. "Yi, hold on, the golden color is becoming dim. It truly needs worldly divine objects for replenishment. Otherwise, there will be a huge problem."

To put it briefly, this type of creature was too powerful, making even the heavens jealous. It was truly hard to provide for. Unless there was some heaven defying object to feed it, it wouldn't survive past its childhood phase and would instead die prematurely.

When everyone heard this, their minds immediately trembled. They revealed frantic expressions and became extremely worried.

After making another appearance in this world after being sealed since the ancient times, if they were to let this Emperor Butterfly die, the that would be an enormous regret. It would've been better off if they didn't find it.

"It should be fine!" Shi Hao looked everywhere for the thing on him that was most suitable for it, because the gray-clothed woman had said before that he could raise the divine bug.

Shi Hao put everything into the heaven and earth pouch, and then he caught the divine bug and threw it inside as well, letting it find the object itself.

Soon after, he felt a wave of regret. The golden small creature rushed towards two crystal balls. Inside of each was sealed a drop of divine liquid.

These were from the immortal spring. They were brilliant and dazzling like small suns. Until now, apart from using it for the villagers and himself, he only had two drops remaining. They were sealed separately.

The value of these two drops was incomparable. Even if the entire great wastelands were searched, it would be practically impossible to find any. It might only exist within the Hundred Shattered Mountains, but unfortunately, he was only able to obtain a total of five drops.

Shi Hao saw it stop before the two crystal balls and reveal an infatuated expression. His heart was leaking blood. This fellow immediately set its eyes on the two drops of the immortal spring! This was just too extravagant!

"I'm not even willing to use it on myself…" He sighed. This was a life saving divine liquid. If he were to ever face a life and death crisis, a single drop could definitely bring him back from the dead.

"Yi?" What left him amazed was that even though the divine bug stopped a few times in front of the crystal balls, it ultimately left. It temporarily didn't touch that divine liquid.

Yun Xi, the nine-headed lion, and the others moved over to look inside the heaven and earth pouch. When they saw his collection, they were all mindblown. Even though there wasn't much, the items inside were all just too rare and precious.

"Why is it going straight for my good stuff?" Shi Hao grinded his teeth.

There was a jade cauldron, and sealed within was the True Supreme Water, and it was obtained from the Hundred Shattering Mountains as well. However, there was a few jin of this precious liquid, so he didn't have to worry too much.

The silkworm like golden young bug was charmingly naive as it released a gentle golden light. It stopped here for a few moments, but it left again and didn't make a move.

"Yi, do you guys see? It's leaving a sign. Regardless of whether it's the immortal spring or the True Supreme Water, it likes it. Only, it won't eat it today," said the big red bird.

Shi Hao's teeth were sour. In the future, wasn't he going to be ruined? This was definitely not okay. He wouldn't let this divine bug in to randomly eat.

"This little wine-loving thing."

The divine bug rushed towards a wine pot and was about to crawl inside from the pot opening to enjoy itself here. It wasn't willing to move from this place for a long time.

This was something obtained from the Kun Peng nest. Inside was a drop of archaic wine that could be rated as unique divine wine. Its efficacy should be more powerful than all type of wondrous medicines.

Everyone clicked their tongues in wonder. This fellow didn't pass up any good stuff after all. None of the objects it wanted were ordinary.

Soon after, it shifted targets and rushed towards a praying mat. It was weaved from branches of elder wood and was in fact the praying mat the Kun Peng used before.

You have to understand that Elder Tree was linked to the divine realm. It was the bridge between worlds and regarded as an immortal divine tree. Unfortunately, it was ultimately cut down.


This time everyone was stupefied. The golden divine bug bit down with gusto, chewing off a small piece of elder wood. It seemed extremely happy as it ate.

"It actually needs elder wood?" Everyone was stunned. This was just too ridiculous!

How precious and rare was elder wood? Back then, the tree could connect to the heavens, and one could enter the realm of deities through it. It was naturally a priceless treasure! In particular, after it died, its leaves and branches were cleanly divided up. Even a single piece would become invaluable if it emerged.

The divine bug was gluttonous. After eating a small piece, it immediately held its tongue. It shone all over, and its faint body immediately recovered and began to radiate with life.


Suddenly, it turned into a streak of golden light and flew towards the sealed stone case. It was incomparably joyous, and with a kacha sound, it quickly opened up the case with incomparable infatuation.

"Wait, you can't have that!" Shi Hao was startled and quickly shouted to stop it.

The others' eyes were completely open, and they all sighed inwardly. Shi Hao possessed just too many rare precious treasures. Even a random stone case held a unique treasure! They truly didn't know what kind of treasure he had inside.

When the stone case was opened, a green and sparkling gentle light was released. Inside was a branch with sparkling green buds hanging from it. It was full of divine aura.

This was something the Willow Deity gave Shi Hao. He was told to hold this branch and chant an incantation should he face any danger, and doing so would help him avoid the disaster.

This was his life saving item, something bestowed onto him by the Willow Deity. However, right now, the golden divine silkworm hugged that willow branch and wouldn't let go no matter what. Its eyes were full of little stars, and it was completely infatuated.


Unknowingly, he had chewed off a willow tree bud. It was quickly chewed and swallowed. At that moment, its body surged with golden multicolored light, becoming incredibly resplendent.

The divine bug no longer selected anything else. It hugged the willow branch without letting go. Gold and green interweaved, producing a magnificent and holy radiance. There wasn't any need to say anything else; Shi Hao knew what it liked the most.

"Wastrel, this branch isn't used for eating. There's other uses." Shi Hao criticized.

He was getting an enormous headache. This thing was going to eat the Willow Deity's branch. Was it tired of living? If it needed to constantly eat willow leaves in the future to live, that would definitely not work.


The divine bug ate two more buds, making the golden multicolored light shine even more gorgeously. It had completely stabilized its innate divine essence after obtaining the nourishment of a great treasure.

After eating three buds, it no longer moved. It began to sway back and forth as if it was drunk. However, it didn't let go of the willow branch.

In the end, a layer of beautiful golden radiance surrounded it. It sank into a state of sleep and no longer moved.

"What kind of branch is that? Could it be a divine medicine? Otherwise, how could the divine bug like it so much?" The flame crow was astonished and asked.

Shi Hao shook his head. He had no way of explaining to them about the Willow Deity.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. This little thing was too picky and extremely difficult to raise. This gave Shi Hao a great headache. If it only ate the Willow Deity's buds, then that would be a huge problem.

"I speculate that it doesn't only eat the green branch, and instead only needs to feed every once in awhile. It was mainly using this divine branch's buds to stabilize its innate essence," Yun Xi said.

Everyone began to discuss among each other. They were extremely excited to see the Emperor Butterfly larva, and right now, they were stirred up. However, when they thought of the things it ate, they felt their teeth become sore. This thing was just too hard to tend to.

Even if it didn't need to eat the willow tree buds every day, it was still extremely selective about the other things it ate.

Three days later, Shi Hao was startled by a bizarre fluctuation. He knew that the divine bug was awake. When he looked towards the heaven and earth pouch, he felt a huge headache and hot blood surged inside of him. He almost reached out and strangled it to death.

It turned into a streak of golden lightning, and with extraordinary speed, it surrounded the four stalks of wondrous medicines Lin Kun gave him. Chewing frantically, most of them were immediately eaten.

Only half of the golden herb remained, and its golden leaves were in tatters. A portion of the fallen moon flower was eaten, and much of the leaves were gone. Fortunately, the moon disk like flower was still there. The purple star orchid was in a miserable state as well, with only a third remaining. As for the eternally flowing gold that was suffused with the aura of the dao and specks of fragmented gold, the damage it suffered wasn't too great. Only a small bit was eaten.

This dragon eye fruit sized divine bug that was chubby and shining with light seemed helpless, yet it was like a little thief just now and ate too quickly. It wasn't even that large, yet its appetite was so great.

Shi Hao was furious and directly took it out. This was too much of a waste! These wondrous medicines were rarely seen in the world, and not many of them could be found even if the entire wastelands were searched.

Fortunately, it didn't eat all of them, and their roots were still intact. If they were placed within a spiritual medicine pot and nourished with the earth from the immortal spring, they could prosper again.

"What a powerful fluctuation! It is undergoing a transformation. This is just too quick! It had just finished eating, yet its aura became much more rich and powerful." The nine-headed lion was shocked.

The young golden bug's physique didn't change, but the golden light became more brilliant. Moreover, when Shi Hao brought it out and threw it into a magical artifact container, it directly made its way out.

"What? It's this powerful?!" Everyone became astonished.

This was still a child, yet it was already so remarkable. It could directly make a hole through normal magical artifacts. If it attacked a person, then the result might be the same.

It seemed extremely innocent. It blinked its two large eyes as it looked at Shi Hao as if it didn't know what was happening. It didn't understand why it was locked up.


However, it was extremely clever and ultimately flew towards Shi Hao's hair like a streak of golden light. It curled up its body and hugged a lock of hair before turning into a golden pearl.

"Yi, I can't tell that it's a divine bug at all and can't sense its aura. This fellow is too powerful!" Everyone became astonished.

"I've decided. I'm going to completely sweep through an Archaic Divine Mountain. At the foot of the mountain, I'm going to release it into the mountain and let it feed as much as it wants in the spiritual medicine fields." Shi Hao's eyes shone when he spoke like this. Then, he looked towards Yun Xi and said, "Could you introduce to me one or two Archaic Divine Mountains with large amounts of spiritual medicines?"

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