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Chapter 427 – Coming into Being

Outside the mountains in a relatively far place was an abandoned courtyard. Broken walls and tall grass that reached half a person's height filled this area. These were ruins.

People said that the medicine god had taken residence here in the past. Later on, it became an area of historical remains, a place where his descendants came to pay respects and homage.

Shi Hao, the nine-headed lion and the others had waited here for a long time already. The debris was moved out of the way, the ruins were cleaned out, and the earth was dug out, revealing a small altar.

With a weng sound, white light flickered. A container appeared on top of the altar that wasn't that large, only being the size of a fist. It was snow white and sparkling.

Its abrupt appearance suddenly attracted everyone's attention. Shi Hao's eyes shone with brilliant light. His large eyes immediately narrowed, revealing his incomparable excitement and happiness.

The others were excited as well. They felt as if this was a bit unreal, never expecting that this would actually succeed. From the ancient times until now, so many years had passed. The divine ice container from the past was actually still there!

"This is too great! We succeeded! The legendary creature is going to make another appearance in this world!" The big red bird cheered, not able to hold himself back.

"This… we really did find it! This belonged to the ancient medicine god, and rumor has it that he has visited thousands of mountains and tens of thousands of waters. He has searched endless archaic remains, and only after searching through myths and legends did he find it. Yet right now, it is actually in front of our eyes!" Lin Kun's face was full of astonishment.

Huo Ling'er's pretty face was completely red, and her beautiful appearance was full of smiles. Coming to the Medicine Capital actually resulted in such a great harvest. It really was a bit inconceivable. They've even found something straight out of a legend.

Yun Xi was also at a loss for words. Her sparkling white face carried shock. This was definitely an extraordinary opportunity. Obtaining this divine bug signified that one equal to the Archaic Vicious Ten was about to reemerge into this world. Regardless of whether it was the Emperor Butterfly or its divine ability, they were both incredibly profound. If news of this was announced to the world, it would raise a tremendous disturbance.

Unfortunately, no one in the outside world knew right now. Shi Hao had obtained something extraordinarily great!

Currently, the Medicine Capital's spiritual essence was becoming richer and richer. In particular, at the heart where the short mountain was, thread after thread of multicolored light was released, forming a mist that rose to form rosy clouds. It was extremely beautiful.

"This… what happened?" More and more people were shocked. They expressed their puzzlement.

The Divine Medicine Gate appeared particularly special. A few elders and their disciples looked towards this divine mountain and revealed looks of shock. They recalled a few legends.

"In the ancient years, this mountain was precisely like this, only, it was sealed up later on by the medicine god. As a result, the spiritual essence began to surge only underneath the ground and rarely seeped out. Now that this scene has appeared, could it be that the underground formation was broken?"

It was to the point where some people had heard that the short mountain was suppressing something. As a result, they speculated that it was likely to make an appearance now.

The Divine Medicine Gate immediately began to clamor with noise. Many people hurried towards the short mountain in hopes of finding out what was going on.

On top of the short mountain, an ancient well was gushing with auspicious multi-colored light. Spiritual essence surged, making this seem more and more like the precious home of an immortal.

It was clear that the gray-clothed woman noticed what was going on. As she stood with her legs crossed, she gazed into the distance, as if she could see through space and nothing could hide from her.

In the ruins, Shi Hao sealed the ice container inside the interspatial case. Then, he placed it inside the small pagoda to hide its aura.

Soon after, two streaks of light broke through the spiritual mist and shot over as if they came from the eyes of a deity. Huo Ling'er and the others were immediately left with a wave of shock.

Shi Hao's heart and mind jumped wildly. The distance should already be far enough, and the ancient deity's formation delivered it out, yet it still startled that person?

She truly was too powerful. Even the location of something sent out by the formation of a deity could be located by her? This was just too horrifying!

Shi Hao was inwardly nervous and summoned the courage to look in that direction. He felt as if this was a bit too unreasonable. They weren't even close to the short mountain and were instead far away in the surroundings, so how could he still have been discovered?

"You haven't left yet." The gray-clothed woman sat on top of the short mountain and looked at the distant Shi Hao. She was surrounded by white immortal mist, making her appear extremely mysterious and giving her an immortal feeling.

The distance was truly far, but this region could still be considered a downtown area. Its position was still accurately determined; this was a bit too frightening.

"Older sister, I left behind some stuff. I'm about to leave." On top of the debris, an extremely pure smile hung from Shi Hao's face. However, he was feeling extremely unsteady inside.

There was such a huge distance between the two, yet the other party's eyes swept over like two divine rainbows. It was just too shocking. Was this the legendary undefeated ancient power — dual pupils?

"Did she find out? That should be impossible, right? How could the location of something sent out by the formation of a deity be accurately pinpointed?!" The nine-headed lion transmitted in secret. His thoughts were in complete chaos.

"You are looking down on me." Even though there was so much distance between them, those words were still clearly transmitted over. The gray-clothed woman's mood wasn't bad, and her tone carried a bit of amusement. She was just too intelligent and otherworldly.

"What? No mouths were opened, and only a message was sent through divine awareness, so how could she hear it?" The nine-headed lion was scared and upset.

"Stop thinking nonsense and don't use your divine awareness. This older sister grasps the 'mind connection' type of world-shocking precious technique," Shi Hao said.

Yun Xi, Huo Ling'er, rainbow luan, and the others became momentarily stupefied. It was this terrifying? Even somebody's thoughts could be heard? The most ridiculous part was that this could all happen under such a great distance!

This individual was too mysterious and terrifying!

"I am aware that there is something incredible sealed within this short mountain, but I decided not to seize it. I deduced that I wouldn't be able to raise it." On top of the short mountain, the gray-clothed woman seemed more and more otherworldly. Her beautiful hair scattered downwards, her large eyes were extremely quick-witted, and her forehead was sparkling white. There was a unique type of intelligence to her. This was a beauty so great that it couldn't be matched.

Shi Hao was shocked. The other party knew what there was?

As if she knew what he was thinking, the corners of the gray-clothed woman's lips curled up. Even though she was an ancient deity, there was still a lively charm to her voice. "I have mind connection, so finding out this isn't much."

Shi Hao's face immediately fell. He felt a wave of nervousness. Did they waste all of their efforts? The other party knew about everything.

"I've sensed that you have something on you that can allow it to continue living. Moreover, since this creature was obtained by you, I naturally wouldn't fight with you over it." The gray-clothed woman said.

Shi Hao released a breath of air. Worthy of being called a heavenly talent of the ancient era. This type of heart and bearing was too extraordinary, leaving others with nothing to say. If it was another person, how could they let such a thing go?

"Big sister, you’re truly a wonderful woman." This was sincere admiration.

Yun Xi, Huo Ling'er and the others were all rolling their eyes. This fellow's skin was truly thick. They already realized that this was an ancient unrivalled legendary figure, yet he truly had the nerve to call her big sister.

"When it becomes a butterfly, I will bring it three gifts," said the gray-clothed woman with a smile. She was rather happy, and her sparkling pretty face carried a type of lively and intelligent aura. It did not match her identity at all.

Shi Hao was speechless, but he ultimately nodded.

The spiritual essence in the Medicine Capital was dense, and the short mountain became more and more indistinct. The gray-clothed woman was covered by the immortal mist.

Her gaze had already been collected. The people here looked at each other in dismay.

In the end, they didn't waste all of that effort. Shi Hao was glad, however, inwardly, he still remained vigilant. That undefeated legend was far more powerful than he had imagined!

When things calmed down, the others looked towards Shi Hao, anxiously waiting to see that legendary creature.

He brought out the bronze piece from the little pagoda. Because he obtained the beast skin, he already knew how to open the interspatial case. Multicolored light flickered, and hundreds of symbols interweaved before ultimately revealing a void gate shining with holy radiance. He quickly entered the small world.

"So cold!" Shi Hao immediately released his grip, and the container landed on the altar. This was just too cold! It was cold enough to freeze one's soul.

When he first obtained it, he made use of precious techniques and didn't touch it with his body. Only now did he experience firsthand how ice cold it really was.

The big red bird thought that Shi Hao was trying to scare them and didn't believe it. As soon as he touched it, a layer of frost appeared on its body, as if it was going to freeze him rigid. He immediately released a cry and quickly backed up.

Without touching it, one couldn't feel it. However, once they reached out their hands, the ice cold sensation would be unbearable. The nine-headed lion and the others were all curious. Huo Ling'er and Yun Xi also gave it a try, but as a result, their faces all became pale and they staggered in reverse.

This truly was a strange object. The fist height divine ice container was enough to freeze a powerful cultivator to death.

"This type of divine ice will never melt, and it is a holy treasure that can freeze flesh and eternally preserve it. It can nourish the body and soul. During the archaic years, not even deities could obtain it."

After Yun Xi carefully thought for a bit, she recalled a short anecdote recorded in the ancient texts. It was rumored that the divine ice did not originate from this world.

Everyone was amazed. Forget about the Emperor Butterfly, even the container was a rare and priceless treasure!

"Everyone, don't act recklessly. I am going to undo the seal based on what was recorded on the beast skin." Shi Hao stopped talking and activated the symbols. He sent his divine force into the divine ice container.

Its entire body was snow white, and there were quite a few symbols on top of it. In the next moment, it immediately released light and then soundlessly opened. They did not encounter any difficulties.

Forget about the big red bird, the flame crow, and the others, even Yun Xi and Huo Ling'er no longer cared about their images as they shoved their way towards the container to carefully see what was inside.

"A golden pill!" The big red bird released a strange cry.

The others were astonished as well. There was no divine butterfly, only a golden pill the size of a dragon eye fruit. Its round and shining body was releasing a golden splendor.

"It really isn't a bug or a butterfly. There is even some medicinal fragrance. We've been fooled!" The flame crow cried out.

The medicinal fragrance wafted through the air and refreshed everyone's minds, making them feel as if their pores were relaxing. It was an extremely comfortable feeling, as if they were going to ascend into the sky.

"This shouldn't be the legendary Nine Reincarnations Divine Pill, right?" The big red bird cried out in astonishment.

The rumored Nine Reincarnations Divine Pill could immediately allow one to become a deity upon consuming it. Only, there hadn't been many who could refine it since the ancient times. It was known as the Heaven Defying Divine Pill!

Shi Hao was also speechless. He removed the golden pill and held it in his palm to carefully observe it. A fragrance was wafting from this perfectly round flawless pill. If he were to tell others that this was not a divine pill and instead a creature, no one would believe him.

"Cut it and divide it. If we eat it, we might immediately soar to greatness!" The big red bird wiped his drooling saliva again and again.

"Go and wait on the side!" Shi Hao gave it a kick. He probed it with his divine senses to see if he could find any fluctuations of life.

However, he was left with disappointment. The golden pill was isolated from everything and could not be investigated. It seemed extremely mysterious.

"Yi, it moved!" The Rainbow Luan was pleasantly surprised and became extremely excited.

After Shi Hao probed it with his divine senses, the golden pill actually began to move. Then, it suddenly stretched out, no longer being a sphere. It turned into a golden silkworm.

"Ah, it can change! It was clearly just a divine dan just now!"

More precisely, it wasn't a silkworm, but rather a divine bug. This creature was rather chubby, and its body was sparking and translucent. It seemed a bit bashful and it didn't like being surrounded and watched.

Its eyes widened. They were large and extremely beautiful, and there was a type of astonishing spirituality inside of them. It seemed rather bashful, and with a chi liu sound, it turned into a golden streak of light, and jumped toward Shi Hao's neck. It hid under his collar to hide from everyone's gazes.

Everyone became astonished. It was too fast, like a streak of golden lightning!

It sniffed, and as if it noticed something, it became extremely happy. It began to move around Shi Hao's body, as if it was demanding something.

"Yi, could it be that I actually have something on me that is extremely important for you that could raise you?" Shi Hao was astonished. At the same time, he was full of joy inside.

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