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Chapter 426 – Open

"I hope your luck is good enough to obtain it. The Emperor Butterfly might not be weaker than the vicious ten. As for how great its worth is, it is something you can well imagine!" the little pagoda said. It was only around the size of a thumb and sparkling snow white in color, flowing about with sparkling luster as it rested in Shi Hao's hair.

"What?!" Shi Hao was shocked. Was the Golden Divine Butterfly really as powerful as the rumors claimed, being able to contend against the world's most powerful existences?!

"It is merely speculation at this point." The little pagoda spoke calmly. After all, the Emperor Butterfly was too mysterious and only made a single appearance in the archaic era. It had never appeared again.

As for the current situation, the little pagoda couldn't guarantee anything, to the point where it didn't even think there was an Emperor Butterfly here. It was more normal for this realm to not have an existence like that.

In this realm, there was only a single instance of its appearance during the ancient times. Moreover, it was a hurried one, and no trail was left behind afterwards!

"So mysterious," Shi Hao said quietly. He began to feel more and more that the Emperor Butterfly's background was heaven defying. Forget about its innate precious techniques and other great abilities, just its appearance alone was a great mystery.

Shi Hao became the devilish child again. At this moment, his eyes turned into crescents and shone brilliantly. His delicate and pretty face was all smiles, and in the end, he couldn't help but wipe away a bit of drool.

"This fellow is smiling in such a lowly manner…" The big red bird said.

On the other side stood Huo Ling'er and Yun Xi, and when they saw Shi Hao's current appearance, they thought that he was thinking bad thoughts, making them furious and humiliated.

"Brother, you should stop while you can with those amorous glances. The sky hasn't even darkened yet." The flame crow couldn't keep watching and chuckled while speaking.

This truly was a situation that was easy to misunderstand. Shi Hao was wiping his saliva and smiling in a peculiar way while there were two outstanding young beauties in front of him, so how could others not misunderstand?

"Let me warn you! Even though I want that magical artifact back, I still won't compromise like that. You better not be thinking any random thoughts," Yun Xi said in an ashamed and resentful manner.


As for Huo Ling'er, she was more direct, immediately hitting Shi Hao on the head. The sound that was produced wasn't soft, indicating that she had used quite a bit of force.

"What are you all doing?" Shi Hao asked after completing sobering up. Then, he wiped away his saliva again. His mood was extremely great, and when he looked at each person, his gaze was extremely gentle.

"Your lowly smile!" The big red bird muttered.

Dong! Shi Hao flicked him with his finger, making the big red bird cry out. With the strength of the devilish brat that could tear apart metal and stone, the big red bird immediately flew outwards and cried out in ow ow sounds. Those that didn't know where it came from would think that it came from a wolf and not a bird.

"Let's go!" Shi Hao turned around, being the first to leave. He was full of expectation and wanted to find a place to break into the interspatial case. This place wasn't suitable, because those from the formation followed his every move.

"Yi, could it be that I guessed wrong?" The flame crow became doubtful.

An expanse of golden light appeared. Shi Hao once again used the Kun Peng technique to surround everyone. They turned into an expanse of indistinct multicolored light and quickly shot through the air away from the divine valley.

They didn't return to the Medicine Capital and instead entered a mountain range. Shi Hao wanted to ask the little pagoda to take action here to avoid startling people with possible large disturbances.

After thinking for a bit, Shi Hao informed everyone that he was going to enter isolation training to open this precious case.

Everyone was amazed. After understanding what it was, they all lost hope. It was simply impossible to break!

It was because these precious objects that contained a huge world were just too rare and impossible to open. Unless one understood the intricate symbol arrangement inside, there was no chance.

"Can you really open the precious case?" The purple clothed Yun Xi revealed a look of astonishment.

"There's no need to be skeptical. As long as I'm given time, even a path to the heavens can be opened," Shi Hao smiled and said.

This kind of giddy smile was no different from the one several years ago within the Hundred Shattering Mountains. This immediately made Yun Xi grind her teeth inwardly. She thought that after becoming a king level figure, he would become more dignified and didn't think that he would remain the same.

"From the ancient times until today, there has been others who have witnessed this archaic precious case, but only a single instance where they actually opened it." Yun Xi's tone carried a type of arrogance, because she absolutely couldn't stand this devilish brat's cockiness. Every time she saw that expression, she would immediately think of that extremely embarrassing scene.

"Whoever doesn't believe me can make a wager with me," Shi Hao said.

Everyone became a bit shocked, because they noticed that Shi Hao seemed to have quite a bit of confidence. They didn't know why he suddenly had this much confidence. Could it be that he really could open it?

This was a mountain range that was full of dense spiritual essence. There wasn't any savage feeling in the mountains and rivers around the Medicine Capital, and on the contrary, it was full of spirituality. Clear springs flowed and mists curled about.

After hearing him speak like this, everyone became extremely hopeful and incredibly curious. They urgently wanted to know what the interspatial case contained and whether or not there really was a hibernating Emperor Butterfly.

"If you lose, then you have to return the magical artifact to me." Only the purple clothed Yun Xi from the Heavenly Divine Mountains wanted to wager.

"Sure, no problem. But if you lose, you'll dig out your mountain's stalk of divine medicine for me?" Shi Hao was all smiles.

"No way!" Yun Xi directly shook her head. The divine medicine was tied to their race's prosperity and decline. Not even the heavenly ranked archaic Celestial Race could be that generous.

"Then you have to go protect my village!" Shi Hao said.

"You…" Yun Xi stared at him with her beautiful eyes, her expression constantly fluctuating. In the end, she clenched her teeth and said, "I… am not betting anymore!"

"Sigh, what a disappointment. When can I bring one back? It has to be good looking, and they have to be strong too. It's so hard to find…" Shi Hao said in a sighing voice.

The others all began to chuckle, and only Huo Ling'er shot him a look. "Why don't you just eat a few more pig ears? Once you become a bit more powerful, you'll be able to do it."

Yun Xi's eyes shone with light as she looked at Huo Ling'er. The latter didn't shrink back and similarly stared at her.

"Killing intent!" The big red bird spoke in an extremely alert manner as if he was deadly earnest.

On the mountain peak, the ancient trees weaved about and strange stones laid about in disarray. It was extremely tranquil.

Shi Hao warned repeatedly, "Little pagoda, you have to be careful. From what that girl said, this thing is extremely dangerous! Even though your power is great and can forcefully open it, it might destroy the small world inside, causing its space to collapse! That's the most terrifying result!"

"I was never going to use brute force," said the little pagoda.

A thread of chaotic energy flew out and entered this fist sized bronze piece.  Moments later, several hundred mysterious symbols lit up and densely covered the bronze piece's surface, making it appear extremely brilliant.

Eventually, it didn't even seem like a bronze piece anymore and instead, a piece of extraordinary and beautiful divine jade. It unexpectedly began to turn sparkling and translucent.

"Yi, the interior really is solid without any space inside." Shi Hao was astonished. Then, he became a bit nervous, fearing that he had been happy for no reason.

The little pagoda didn't use its unmatched power to destroy it and instead silently studied it. Then, it controlled a strand of chaotic energy to disturb the sequence of those symbols and move them about.

This bronze precious case continuously shone, becoming more and more brilliant. An expanse of metallic symbols imprinted themselves in the air, continuously rearranging and quickly interweaving about.

"The space is becoming unstable!" In the distance, a few people became shocked. They clearly felt that the world was distorting and trembling.

On top of that mountain peak, Shi Hao was extremely astonished because after those symbols linked up and interweaved, they actually formed a gate. A gate was opened in the void, leading to a small world.

"Too mysterious!" Shi Hao exulted. He knew that it had succeeded.

"You should go and accept it." The little pagoda informed him, telling him that he could enter.

Shi Hao walked through the gate and entered a world of nothingness. This place was dark and not very large. At the center was a stone table.

"Powerful!" The big red bird shouted. The group all ran forward to enter that small world together.

"Wow, this is just too stingy, There's only a stone table and not any divine treasuries?" The flame crow was disappointed.

"Success." Shi Hao smiled. In his hands was a piece of beast skin, and quite a few things were recorded here by the Medicine God.

The Medicine God's so-called Emperor Butterfly originated from this interspatial case. The reason he was able to open it was because he obtained the secret incantation to open the precious case from an archaic cave.

"There is no Emperor Butterfly?" The nine-headed lion asked.

"It's within the Medicine Capital. It is recorded quite clearly on here," Shi Hao said. After the medicine god opened the case, he brought out the creature. He was going to draw power from the underground ancestral root to nourish it.

Everyone went up and looked over the piece of beast skin.

The group of people was shocked to find that the Emperor Butterfly's incubation required a nearly endless amount of worldly essence. Otherwise, how could it display such extraordinary power and capabilities?

There was an ancestral root beneath the Medicine Capital also known as the World Life Gate. It was the best place to raise the egg of a bug and allow it to hatch.

"It was sealed under that short mountain in the ancestral root?" Lin Kun was astonished. It actually resided within their sect's most important place. However, that was a place no one could enter.

"Could it be that it appeared earlier and ran away?" The big red bird asked.

"It won't. It was recorded clearly here." Shi Hao pointed towards the beast skin.

Back then, when the interspatial case was first opened, the medicine god found the butterfly egg sealed within a divine ice container. Upon extracting it, he sent it to the Medicine Capital's underground ancestral root and laid down a special formation. Once the divine egg was incubated and nourished for a while, it would be sent back into the divine ice container and be sealed.

The medicine god wanted to personally open the divine ice container and use all of his time and energy to subdue and raise the Emperor Butterfly.

Unfortunately, he passed away, not given the opportunity to wait for the divine bug to reemerge.

"The medicine god was extremely cautious. He was scared of not being able to subdue this creature that isn't any bit weaker than the archaic vicious ten," Huo Ling'er said.

Everyone nodded. Even one as powerful as the medicine god acted so carefully. He was waiting for the optimal time when he could completely devote himself to raising this divine butterfly.

"All of these preparations, yet he can't benefit from any of it." The big red bird wasn't sincere at all as he spoke.

"I've truly found it…" At this moment, the Divine Medicine Gate's respected elder Lin Kun felt as if part of his soul had been lost. He didn't dare to believe everything that had happened.

You have to understand that these were all things from legends. The more one understood, the more terrifying it was. The bronze piece from the ancient past was made whole, and the whereabouts of the Emperor Butterfly was made known.

"Elder Lin Kun, I won't forget about you in the future!" Shi Hao spoke up and patted his shoulder.

Lin Kun snapped back to reality. He had already given it out, so why regret at this point? Moreover, he knew that even if the Emperor Butterfly was in his hands, he wouldn't be able to raise it. It required too much, so he couldn't even maintain it. Moreover, this might not be a completely terrible investment. If Shi Hao could calmly rise to greatness, how many people would be able to keep him in check in the future?

After returning to the Medicine Capital, these people quickly began to move. They searched about the Medicine Capital to open the ancient restrictions and fetch the divine ice container.

Two days later, based on what was recorded on the beast skin, they found eight small altars underground around the Medicine Capital. They successfully activated them.

They didn't rush into the Divine Medicine Gate and instead waited outside the short mountain, waiting for the formation to deliver the divine ice container out.

"Yi, why did the spiritual essence become so much denser?" At this moment, quite a few people became astonished, revealing looks of confusion and puzzlement.

Within the Divine Medicine Gate, there were even more people that were incredibly bewildered. The short mountain immediately became hazy and released endless spiritual essence. As the mist drifted about, this place seemed like an immortal mountain.

In the depths of the underground ancestral root was a pond. It flowed with misty divine multicolored light. This was liquid formed from the underground spiritual root. It released an exuberant life force and possessed a type of immortal energy.

A snow white container was submerged at the very bottom. At this time, symbols appeared one after another, creating a formation. They surrounded the container, and with a chi sound, it was sent out.

Spiritual essence surged within the pond. Endless divine light was transmitted from the bottom. The divine ice container had already disappeared from this place and appeared in the outside world.

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