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Chapter 425 – Interspatial Case

The bronze piece wasn't large, and green rust filled its surface. It rested just like that in the mist. This piece was definitely the other half of the bronze piece in Shi Hao's possession, and the two pieces could be combined together to be made whole.

If not for the dual-pupil, he wouldn't have been able to notice it at all. The mist was rather strange and made it so that the naked eye couldn't see clearly though it. This once again proved how terrifying dual-pupiled individuals were.

"When can I cultivate a heavenly eye? I need to at least be able to see through these types of fabrications." Shi Hao said to himself.

Of course, now wasn't the time to be distracted. He felt a bit of a headache. The bronze piece wasn't in the safe region, so in order to obtain it, he needed to break through the formation and walk in.

"You really found it?" The big red bird was shocked. They came here just to try their luck, and none of them thought that they would immediately find their target.

This was something that had been lost since the ancient years. For it to appear again now was truly outside of their expectations.

Even Lin Kun was stupefied. He had already come here yesterday and carefully looked around. After almost overturning this place, he didn't find a single thing.

He never thought that the savage youth actually had such great luck and was able to directly see it. This was just too unreasonable, making his originally resigned heart once again curse fiercely.

Could it be that the legendary divine butterfly really was going to make a reappearance? Lin Kun was momentarily dumbstruck. Even though he was already well on in his years, his blood began to stir again like a young man.

"There is a chance of seeing the legendary existence…" He trembled as he spoke to himself.

Shi Hao and the others were all stirred up inwardly. They silently thought hard about a way to bring out that bronze piece, but none of them dared to indiscriminately take action.

You have to understand that even a deity level figure died here after only breaking through two and a half formations.

"The distance isn't that far. We might be able to use precious techniques to shift it over," said the rainbow luan. It was eager to give it a try.

"Be careful. We'll use our protective techniques on you." The big red bird's eyes flickered with light.

"Let's see!" Ever since arriving in the Medicine Capital, the rainbow luan had always maintained his human form. Otherwise, their group would immediately be recognized by others.

It sat near the edge of the formation. Five brightly colored feathers rose from its back, each a different color. Then, with a shua sound, they swept out five streaks of divine light and entered the formation.


At this moment, a terrifying scene erupted within the third formation. It was as if sky high ocean waves were engulfing all directions.

Forget about the area that hadn't been broken through yet, just the safe region was trembling violently from the violent fluctuations. It felt like it was going to crush everyone to pieces.

With a pu sound, the rainbow luan coughed out a mouthful of blood and his face paled. The five-colored divine light had been devoured and its own body suffered a great recoil.

"How terrifying! It was just a small test without entering the formation, yet it produced a counterattack of this level." Shi Hao frowned. He knew that he had encountered a huge problem.

"Who is it that is randomly taking action? Do you want to kill everyone here?!" In the distance, several important figures of the Medicine Capital berated angrily.

Lin Kun hurriedly went up and talked with them for a while before their anger was quelled. Afterwards, he was able to learn about what had happened in the past day. These people had also taken action before, and as a result, quite a few people became wounded.

It was to the point where there was even one particularly brave expert who for the sake of scattering the mist entered the formation. He directly exploded, and both his body and spirit were extinguished.

"The formation of a deity is definitely not something mortals can touch. A great calamity inevitably awaits those that tread inside," said the purple clothed Yun Xi.

"Then what can we do?" The big red bird was extremely unwilling. If he hadn't seen it, then it couldn't be helped. Now that it was so close, it was hard not to take action.

Shi Hao wandered about this area. He naturally wouldn't back off here. He looked at the magical artifact fragments scattered about. These were all left behind by the heir of the medicine god.

"There is a formation diagram, but it is already in tatters. Only a damaged portion remains." Lin Kun knew about this information, but it was simply useless. The formation couldn't even be broken through with the complete formation diagram, or else how could the medicine god's heir have died here.

"Don't act randomly. Heavenly deities are too high above us, and their methods are not things we can comprehend. The formations they left behind can kill deities." Yun Xi warned.

In fact, after learning about the circumstances, Shi Hao and the others' heads all felt sore. Forget about using precious techniques, just the divine awareness they sent out was devoured by the formation.

The big red bird was the most unfortunate. A part of his spiritual force was cut off and dissolved within.

Using force was definitely not an option. The dangers associated were too great.

"The bronze piece fell inside the formation, yet it didn't break. How sturdy is it?" Shi Hao was startled by this fact, because he found that all other magical artifacts were broken to pieces once they entered the formation.

"It truly is a good item. It hasn't be destroyed by the great formation." The nine-headed lion nodded.

"Hold on, let me take a careful look. What exactly is it?" Huo Ling'er spoke. She wanted to take a look at the bronze piece in Shi Hao's possession.

"Did you discover anything?" The flame crow asked.

"It seems rather familiar. I've seen it before in an old book. It seems to be a type of precious case," Huo Ling'er said.

"Yi, you're right, it really is as such." The purple clothed Yun Xi was astonished.

These two individuals' origins were all unordinary, and they understood quite a few things about about the ancient era. The latter in particular came from the Archaic Divine Mountains, so she naturally knew even more.

The archaic precious case was a term called by the people of the later generations. It was what great figures in the archaic years used to store their precious things. Typically, what was stored inside were all treasures.

The true name was interspatial case.

This type of case was extremely special. Apart from the owner, others typically could not destroy or open it.

The big red bird's face immediately fell. "Even the precious case was broken in half, so what stuff was there to speak of inside? This is just too upsetting."

"Wrong, the items inside the precious case might not necessarily be destroyed. It should still be inside. This kind of item is rather extraordinary, or else why would the experts of the archaic era store their greatest treasures inside?" Yun Xi said.

Huo Ling'er also mentioned something she had heard. There was someone in the past who found a interspatial case, and after unexpectedly opening it, a large divine treasury was revealed.

These stories immediately made these people's eyes burn with passion.

"Since we know it is an archaic precious case, we might be able to do something." Yun Xi smiled as she spoke. It was as if she thought of something.

Shi Hao looked like he thought of something. While holding the bronze piece, he quietly tested it with divine force. It immediately released brilliant light, and over a hundred symbols rose.

"Yi, it actually lit up. It's so bright!" Several people cried out in alarm.

Not only did the bronze piece in Shi Hao's hand light up. The other half in the formation was like this as well. The rust came off, and over a hundred symbols lit up. It seemed like the other piece was summoned and there was some kind of interaction between the two.

This situation startled everyone else, and they looked over.

"It moved!" The bronze piece in the formation was actually moving slowly along the ground in this direction.


Suddenly, a thick bolt of lightning hacked down on that bronze piece. Normal magical artifacts would definitely have been crushed to pieces, but this bronze piece was not.

Outside the formation, Shi Hao's body trembled. The bronze piece in his palm jerked about, as if it was trying to escape his grip.

The bronze piece in his hand wasn't the only one like this, as the piece in the formation was similarly being called over, as if it couldn't be held in place.

"This stuff really is strange and mysterious. Not even the killing light of a divine formation could destroy it, and even Shi Hao is struggling to hold it in place." The big red bird was shocked.

Other people became envious and crowded around this place.

"Come out!" Shi Hao shouted in a low voice. With a weng sound, brilliant light erupted within his hands, as if there was a small sun there. Over a hundred symbols surrounded the bronze piece and shone with incomparably dazzling light.

Similarly, the bronze piece in the formation was also like this. This time, it finally flew towards this direction.


It was as if the sky and earth were turning upside down. The fluctuations within this formation were extremely terrifying, and the space seemed like it was going to explode

All types of divine light rushed outwards, wreaking havoc within the formation. They hacked down on the bronze piece, but they still weren't able to destroy it.


Finally, the final ringing sound was released, and the two pieces collided. The thread-like seam between the two emitted dazzling light, and then it quickly dimmed, forming a fist-sized rectangular bronze piece.

"It doesn't look like some case and instead seems to be completely solid…" The nine-headed lion spoke.

"Wrong, after it is activated, it will form a small world, and stored within are the treasures." The purple-clothed Yun Xi spoke.

"What?" The big red bird began to drool. A precious case like this could contain a small world! This was obviously a rare divine object. No wonder the archaic experts used these items to keep their treasures.

"Dao friends, what kind of treasure did you obtain? Would you allow us to take a look?" The people behind them saw the precious case shine as bright as a sun with their own eyes. Now that this place became calm again, there were some individuals with fervent expressions revealing their greed.

"Let's leave this place first," Shi Hao said. He did not mind fighting against these people and completely suppressing them, but he wasn't in the mood right now. He wanted to immediately open the precious case.

An expanse of golden light surged and surrounded all of them as he used the Kun Peng technique. He turned into a streak of golden lightning and quickly left this place.

They left the great formation and arrived outside the mountain valley. Their group immediately began to study this interspatial case.

"Apart from the owner, it is hard for anyone else to open it unless there is some coincidence or unexpected event," Huo Ling'er sighed and said.

They didn't encounter any 'unexpected events'. The interspatial case repeatedly exchanged hands, but none of them were able to open it.

Even Lin Kun was envious and gave it a try, but in the end, he helplessly gave up.

"The Emperor Butterfly is inside this precious case. Could it be that there might be even other divine treasures inside?" It was useless no matter how much the big red bird salivated.

In the end, Shi Hao clenched his teeth. While holding the precious case, he transmitted sound secretly to the little pagoda and said, "Use up one transaction."

The little pagoda replied, "Wu, same rules. The sun stone from last time will use up one chance to help you. It will be used up now."

Shi Hao felt like he was bleeding inwardly. This good for nothing… How precious was the sun stone? It was known as remarkable treasure. The price to ask for its help even once was just too extravagant.

"That won't do. This time, I want you to help me break into this mountain valley and fetch the stalk of precious medicine. This precious case is just opened along the way," Shi Hao said.

Even though he knew that the little pagoda would most likely declare a high price since there were over a hundred formations here, he never expected it to be so terrifyingly ridiculous.

"Unless you exchange with over a hundred heavenly treasures, it's impossible." The little pagoda was extremely straightforward.

"You are too much of a swindler!" Shi Hao was furious. Of course, this all was transmitted inwardly, so no one outside was aware of what was going on.

"Do you even know what kind of formation this is? Even if deities came, most of them would die. That spiritual root inside the valley in particular is something you should just forget about. That is something that a person temporarily planted in this world. Misery will befall anyone that tries to move it, and it will definitely provoke that individual into descending!" The little pagoda warned in an extremely grave tone.

Shi Hao was frightened. This place was formidable after all!

"One must know how to be content with what one has. If you truly can obtain the Emperor Butterfly, then that is also a heaven defying opportunity," said the little pagoda. It actually had such a high evaluation towards this type of golden butterfly!

Shi Hao gave this ancient case a final look and felt his heart pound. No wonder the gray clothed woman warned him to leave the Medicine Capital. It seemed like this place was going to become a war ground.

"Fine, help me open this interspatial case first!" Shi Hao said.

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