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Chapter 419 – Flesh Golden Pill

“Yi, this flame isn’t ordinary either. Was it extracted from underground?” The flame crow was astonished. Originally, they needed his help in refining the medicine because he came from the Li Fiery Cave and possessed a rare flame essence.

However, when it saw the silver flame beneath the medicinal cauldron, it stopped its actions and carefully observed it. In the end, it released a sigh and said, “This is a Spiritual Ley Line Flame!”

“I’ve long heard that the Medicine Capital was unordinary and that the earth beneath the ground was special, making it suitable for growing precious medicines. However, there is actually spiritual fire underneath the ground that could be used to refine medicine as well! This truly is outstanding.” Huo Ling’er sighed as she spoke.

This place was truly worthy of being known as the place where the medicine god was born, as well as the place where he ultimately fell. This ancient city was not ordinary.

The glistening yellow medicine cauldron was extremely heavy. Just the legs alone were about half a person in height. Clear water had already been placed inside, and the medicinal fragrance was gradually becoming thicker.

The silver flame jumped about beneath the ground. Wisps of white mist rose from the great cauldron, and the contents released a strong fragrance. The people here couldn’t help but sigh with admiration. This cauldron deserved to be known as a thousand-year-old cauldron. The medicinal nature inside was too powerful.

If he was able to, Shi Hao truly would have wanted to purchase it because he would often make use of it. A fine medicinal cauldron was hard to find, but he knew that the owner would never sell it.

Even if it really was up for sale, he most likely wouldn’t be able to afford it. This cauldron was too precious.

Everyone else retreated. Shi Hao washed himself in the courtyard’s clear spring. He then adjusted his body, and only after his body became completely clean and his mind became completely clear did he enter the cauldron.

Huo Ling’er and Yun Xi naturally wanted to avoid looking at him, because Shi Hao had entered the cauldron while completely naked. Only one of Shi Hao’s spiritual bodies remained at the scene, because someone needed to tend to the fire.

At this moment, no one joked around. They needed to stay on their guard, because the slightest mistake could lead to huge problems.

The glistening yellow medicinal cauldron had experienced the baptism of endless years, causing its spiritual characteristics to become extremely great. When its surface was lightly struck, a pleasant sound would ring through the air. Shi Hao was already sitting inside.

The water gradually boiled, and the steam surrounded him.

“Hound Leaf Vine,” Shi Hao instructed.

There was a pile of spiritual medicines on the ground that released an alluring fragrance. These items used up all of Shi Hao’s savings. He instructed his spiritual body to send the medicine into the cauldron.

This spiritual vine was entirely pitch black with strange leaves, and its shape resembled a vicious hound. As soon as it was placed into the cauldron, a wave of black light blossomed, turning the water inside black as well.

“Snow Jade Ginseng!” Shi Hao continued.

This was a silvery white old ginseng that flowed with sparkling luster. Strands of white spiritual mist were spilling out from it. It was obviously a good item.

By the courtyard wall, the big red bird was peeking inside. It continuously drooled while saying, “This truly makes one envious! He is going to place so many spiritual medicines inside and make that cauldron eat it all up.”

Soon after, Shi Hao instructed the spiritual body to cast in a purple centipede that was at least a meter in length into the cauldron. This scene was rather terrifying, and those that watched felt a bit uncomfortable.

“It is a pity that it isn’t a spiritual bug.” Shi Hao sighed as he spoke.

Based on what was written in the pill recipe, he needed a Silver Sky Centipede and a Golden Scorpion, but those precious bugs were too rare. They were even more precious and difficult to find, so he could only use substitutes.

“The inside of that centipede is extremely toxic! Aren’t you scared that it might ruin the medicinal properties?” The big red bird on top of the wall was a bit frightened.

“There’s no need to worry!” Shi Hao shook his head.

The recipe for the little nirvana pill did not have any spiritual bugs, but another recipe did. This was the most precious recipe that the Stone Country’s imperial family had lost.

This pill recipe wasn’t used to refine medicine alone, but rather to use together with the other pill recipes, providing supplementary effects. It could increase the medicinal effects by several times, making it the most valuable recipe.

If one had this ‘supplementary recipe’, then they could make medicines undergo fundamental changes.

“Silver Feather Grass,” Shi Hao spoke to once again instruct the spiritual body to send in medicine. This was a spotlessly white herb, and it was emitting a ring of light. The leaves had patterns atop it that made it look like a feather. Its strong fragrance wafted through the air.

After twenty different spiritual medicines were thrown inside, the entire cauldron became different and released a golden radiance. It had developed spirituality after all, and when refining spiritual medicines, it resonated together with the ingredients.

At this moment, the pill recipe’s unique value was revealed. Shi Hao formed imprints within the cauldron and began to activate the dao flame within him from what he recalled. The flames inside and outside resonated together, and a unique method was used to refine this cauldron of medicine.

His spiritual body returned to the cauldron and merged with him. Then, with a honglong sound, the cauldron’s lid flew over on its own and covered the cauldron.

The big red bird became dumbstruck. Wouldn’t he be cooked alive like this?

Soon after, it felt a wave of fluctuations. Shi Hao was forming imprints within the cauldron, and he began to use the secret technique to refine his body. He was going to unleash his body’s potential.

Time flowed on, and half a day quickly passed. Then, with a kuang dang sound, the cauldron’s lid flew out. Shi Hao’s body was buried within the boiling fluid. His skin was sparkling, and his pores were relaxed and expanded, absorbing and sending out spiritual essence.

“Formidable!” The big red bird exclaimed in admiration.

Shi Hao opened his eyes. The boiling water did not harm his body at all. This time, he didn’t use the spiritual body, and he instead sent the medicine flying through the air inside. After the first stage was completed, he didn’t need to be so careful anymore.

“What a large spider!” The big red bird was stupefied. It was the size of a person’s face and dark green jade in color. It’s length was somewhat frightening.

Shi Hao had the creatures from the Demonic Spirit Lake on him, and he even had a golden spider. However, he was reluctant to use them, for he wanted to use them when he was truly entering the supreme expert realm.

This was still a substitute. Either way, he hadn’t found over a hundred ancient medicines and only had half of it today, so there was no way he could refine the little nirvana pill. This time, it was enough if he could just take another step forward.

In reality, it was impossible to break through the Formation Arrangement Realm into the next level in one go. Who could reach the heavens with a single bound and cross a great cultivation realm? Refining one’s body was like simmering soup, and only by doing that could the effects become optimal. Rushing too forcefully could easily harm one’s body.

The Formation Arrangement Realm was also divided into the initial, middle, late, and consummate stages. He did not place his hopes on instant success, because that could definitely end up harming his body.

The big red bird wanted to try and learn what Shi Hao was doing, but it found that the most crucial part of the pill recipe was still the secret refinement method. It was because it noticed that Shi Hao began to activate his own dao flame within the cauldron and also continuously made imprints.

“Forget it.” It turned around.

Finally, a Dustpan Poison Bug was tossed inside the cauldron. The remaining twenty or so spiritual medicines and a large pile of materials like beast bones and flood dragon tendons were also tossed in. Only after these ingredients were inside could the cauldron now be truly sealed.

“There’s still more?” The big red bird turned around one last time and became somewhat dazzled. What kind of stuff was this? Rocks, bugs, bone fragments… it was just a hodgepodge of random things.

The cauldron’s lid was once again closed, and an entire day passed. The large, glistening yellow cauldron shone. The cauldron’s lid was sealed tightly. The inside was full of spiritual essence and medicinal fragrance.

“Yi, not simple! What kind of great medicine is being refined?” The owner of this place revealed a shocked expression, because he noticed that heaven and earth spiritual essence was congregating here and entering that courtyard.

Outside the courtyard, the nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others were rather shocked as well. Medicine refinement could cause spiritual essence to move? What a powerful sight! This would definitely startle people from all directions.

“Quick, hurry and lay down some formation flags and cover up all sides,” Huo Ling’er said.

They set up a formation around the courtyard. Otherwise, the activity here would become greater and definitely attract suspicion from people in the Medicine Capital.

When they had just entered the courtyard, they saw the spiritual essence had formed a whirlpool. They were sucked in one stream after another into the cauldron. Life force was surging at a somewhat shocking level.

Apart from this, the silver flame that was drawn from underground also began to throb intensely. It then surged and overflowed outwards, and the spiritual objects accumulated inside were extracted and sucked into the yellow medicinal cauldron.

In the end, this courtyard began to stir frantically. There was even lightning around the cauldron; it was extremely shocking.

Everyone became stupefied. What was going on? Was it still medicine being refined? Why did it seem like supernatural things were happening? Even the heaven and earth were losing color!

The cauldron’s lid continuously moved about. Shi Hao’s body was revealed, buried within the medicinal paste. His entire body shone and resonated with heaven and earth. The scene was extremely abnormal. There was even a dao sound ringing through the air.

Was this refining medicine or refining a person? Everyone was astonished. This was too extraordinary.

Vapors continuously rose from the cauldron. The spiritual spring water had dried up, but the air was suffused with dense spiritual essence. It quickly condensed into liquid and irrigated the cauldron continuously.

This left everyone dumbstruck. What a powerful spirit condensing method! Following the imprints Shi Hao made, the dao flame within his body blazed and the surrounding lightning rumbled. It was as if ghosts were crying and deities were howling.

“This is a terrifying breakthrough method! Its significance far exceeds pill refinement!” Everyone was shaken.


Around the cauldron, the sound of lightning and thunder became even clearer. They hacked at Shi Hao’s body, but instead of harming him, they were absorbed, resonating with his body.

“What kind of pill refinement technique is this? It really is like something supernatural!”

Everyone backed up. The thunder and lightning became greater, and frantic winds brew. Spiritual essence surged and poured into the medicinal paste inside the cauldron.

“Golden pill!”

Everyone was given a fright. They noticed that the medicinal paste in the cauldron began to take form. It wrapped Shi Hao within and gradually turned faintly golden. In the end, it formed a golden pill!


Even thicker spiritual essence poured over, altering the characteristics of the medicinal paste. Lightning hacked over, and the silver spiritual flame underground also spiraled upwards, all of which entered the golden pill inside the cauldron.

The cauldron’s lid jumped from time to time. This place was surrounded by dense multicolored light and wrapped up in lightning and flames. A shocking transformation was currently taking place.

Regardless of whether it was Huo Ling’er, the nine-headed lion, or Yun Xi, they had never seen anyone refine medicine like this before despite their great backgrounds. This was truly creating a flesh golden pill!


A sound was transmitted from within the cauldron, and it was as if flesh was cracking apart. Everyone’s expression changed. The golden pill was changing shape; it would crack apart from time to time, and then the cracks would fuse. It blossomed with golden light. From these cracks, they could see Shi Hao’s condition.

“What is going on?” Huo Ling’er was a bit scared. She was startled.

Everyone else became rather anxious as well. Shi Hao’s transformation was too shocking. His body was full of cracks, as if he was about to split apart.

“Using this method to refine medicine and refine one’s body at the same time is too forceful. The transformation that will take place is similarly intense.” They all made this judgment, and it wasn’t too far from the truth.

Shi Hao was undergoing a change, an extremely violent and fierce change. After staying in the Formation Arrangement Realm all this time, he found it hard to increase his cultivation in the slightest. However, today, he was actually breaking through in the cauldron.

He entered the middle stage of the Formation Arrangement Realm. His transformation was extremely intense because he was forcefully opening his body’s hidden treasury. His potential was too great, so even his flesh was cracking apart from the shockwaves.

Shi Hao didn’t move. He sat there and continuously underwent change, refining the flesh golden pill. His body’s potential was boiling, and cracks began to appear more frequently all over his body. However, a powerful aura was erupting as well.

Even though he was bleeding, his body began to emit a faint golden light as well. It was as if a golden pill was forming. The aura flourished greater and greater!

Meanwhile, he kept his mind clear, and he began to carve formations within his flesh. This was the true ‘formation arrangement’ that allowed one to become more powerful.

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