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Chapter 418 – Wasteland Region’s First Spiritual Root

Shi Hao was astonished. What kind of tree was this? How could it be like this? This was just too outrageous!

The fist-sized little figure turned, did a flip, and then sat down on the tree without moving. It was as if it was cultivating, creating a rather dignified scene.

The savage child licked his lips. This type of thing definitely had to be delicious! The flower it produced actually turned into a human form, so if he ate it, wouldn’t it be a bit too cruel?

Soon after, he knew that he was thinking too much. With more than a hundred formations separating them, how could he possibly obtain it? It was as if it was situated within a dark abyss.

The little tree was only a foot tall. Immortal mists curled up about it hazily, and its branches and leaves were sparkling with brilliance, resembling stars.


Suddenly, the second flower turned into a magical artifact. It released a ringing sound similar to that of a dao bell. The sound could vaguely be heard as it transmitted outwards.

“Do you all hear something?” Shi Hao asked.

“There seems to be a strange fluctuation.” The nine-headed lion spoke with a rather uncertain expression.

Everyone else nodded. They felt that this place wasn’t ordinary. It was as if there were sutras being chanted, and the profound mysteries of a great dao were diffusing outwards.

Shi Hao trembled inwardly. He sensed even more, because when he could distinctly hear the sound, his body began to feel light and his mind started to calm down. He was on the verge of sinking into a state of dao comprehension.

“There is this kind of effect too?” Shi Hao was astonished. The first flower transforming into a humanoid form was already said and done, but the second flower could assist one’s dao comprehension even through the hundred or so magical formations. If it wasn’t trapped within the formation and was right in front of him, how great would it be then?

This was definitely a supreme treasure, a heavenly world-shaking spiritual root. This little tree was far more precious and mysterious than he had imagined. This was truly a rare existence!

The little tree was quiet and motionless. The three flowers were surrounded in mist, making them appear extremely mysterious.

The fist sized small figure sat underneath the foot tall little tree, as if it was comprehending the dao.

The second flower turned into a magical artifact and suspended itself above the little figure’s head. It turned into a stove, and from its opening, streams of ‘magma’ flowed out onto that figure.

Was this refining his body? The longer he looked at it, the more mysterious he thought it was. This was clearly just a tree, yet it could produce such an astonishing scene.

Shi Hao didn’t show any expression, but he was definitely not calm. This small tree was too strange. Needless to say, if he was able to obtain this tree, it would definitely be an extraordinary opportunity!

If he was able to merge with that small figure and comprehend the dao with the magical artifact above his head to refine his body, how heaven defying would that be?

Eventually, the space around them shook. It was clear that another change took place within the divine valley. Shi Hao observed the valley carefully with the dual-pupil to avoid missing anything.

The sound of a cauldron rang through the air. The magical artifact scattered into specks of light and then formed a flower again, returning and growing on the small tree again.

Meanwhile, the fist-sized little figure was the same. It disintegrated following the sound and formed a beautiful and glistening flower, once again taking root on the small tree.

“It truly is strange!” Shi Hao said to himself. This little tree was too bizarre. He originally thought that the flowers had matured and that was why they left the tree, but it turns out that this wasn’t the case at all.

Was it trying to defy the heavens? Shi Hao hadn’t been this astonished in a long time. Had the flowers on the small one foot tall tree developed intelligence? They could actually move about on their own and cultivate. How astonishing was this? He had never heard of a spiritual root like this before.

“What did you see just now?” How Ling’er and the others asked. After hearing his muttering and seeing his shocked expression, they all became extremely shocked.

Shi Hao did not hide anything and directly told them what he saw, leaving them baffled. Not even legendary precious medicine was this heaven defying.

“No wonder even a heavenly ranked divine bird died in this valley and this small tree is protected by more than a hundred ancient formations. It might even be on a divine level. This matter isn’t simple!” said the nine-headed lion.

Shi Hao did not retract his gaze and instead continued to stare forward. The three flowers stood side by side as they released a hazy immortal energy. As the energy surged, it made them seem even more mysterious.

“One tree, three flowers, one life in the dao, three existences in harmony. It definitely isn’t ordinary, and it is acting in line with the world’s profound mysteries.” Yun Xi also spoke up. Her outstanding and beautiful face revealed a look of shock.

After hearing her say these words, everyone else became shocked as well. They felt that this valley was more and more extraordinary.

The rainbow luan brought up a question. Did the Archaic Divine Mountains’ divine medicine produce this kind of strange scene?

Not every Archaic Divine Mountain had a divine medicine, because after all, it was just too rare. There weren’t many divine grade spiritual medicines in the wasteland region, and it was a number that could definitely be counted.

The Heavenly Divine Mountain just so happened to have one, but Yun Xi shook her head. She stated that there definitely wasn’t this kind of scene, and that it couldn’t be compared to the divine valley’s little tree.

“In that case, this tree might become the wasteland region’s first spiritual root?” said Huo Ling’er. Her hand propped up her spotlessly white forehead; she truly felt that this place was extraordinary.

“This tree might not be a spiritual root of this realm, and it could be even more shocking than what we are imagining. Otherwise, how could it do these things? Have you guys ever heard of something being protected by more than a hundred ancient formations before?” asked Yun Xi. She came from the divine mountains after all, so she knew a bit more.

“There has been a rumor that the ancient medicine god’s death was related to a spiritual root. This place is so close to the Medicine Capital, so could it have been this tree?” Huo Ling’er asked. She recalled some of the imperial palace’s records and produced this speculation.

This kind of inference was naturally shocking. Many of them sank into a state of silence.

Regardless, this should be the wasteland region’s first spiritual root. Even though he was shocked, he also felt a feeling of anticipation. Once this great formation was broken, he wanted to fight for what laid inside.

“I feel that eventually, blood will flow like rivers here, and this land will be in devastating disorder. This is something that even the ancient medicine god wanted to obtain,” said the rainbow luan.

Shi Hao was moved inwardly. Was the divine valley going to open during the wasteland region’s chaos? Why were they both happening so close together? He had a feeling that this small tree didn’t belong to this realm.

“Wu, the more I think about it, the more terrifying it becomes. This spiritual root was carefully sealed and hidden in this place. If it isn’t something from this realm, then is its owner still in this world?”

Everyone discussed with each other, and they felt a bit scared.

The most frightening part was that if the individual that laid down the one hundred formations was still alive, once that individual appeared, it would definitely lead to huge troubles!

After analyzing it like this, everyone felt a wave of dread. The great sects from outside this region came precisely to seize opportunities, so this place definitely met the criteria they were looking for.

It was impossible for them to break this formation right now. Even if they knew how rare and heaven defying the things inside were, they still couldn’t obtain them. They could only wait for their chance in the future.

Shi Hao was experiencing an unquiet state of mind, because no matter who it was that learned of this secret, they would all become uncalm. They then returned to the Medicine Capital. This matter had to be carefully considered.

“Regardless, we need to hurry and increase our strength. The wasteland region is about to become chaotic, and extremely bad things are going to happen.”

When Shi Hao returned, he wandered about the limestone laid streets. He entered and exited ancient stores one after another to purchase medicinal ingredients. He felt an urgent need to become more powerful.

To refine the little nirvana pill, he needed several dozen to a hundred or so spiritual medicines. Some of them had to even be wondrous medicines that were rarely seen in this world, with many years passing without even a single one appearing. They all grew in extremely dangerous places as well.

It was to a point where these wondrous medicines weren’t more common than divine medicines. They were extremely rare.

Even though the Medicine Capital was known as a holy land for medicinal herbs, it was still impossible for him to obtain everything he needed here. Being able to obtain half was already quite good, because in the end, that pill recipe was just too unusual.

Shi Hao couldn’t help but sigh. This was still only the first pill recipe. The other ones needed spiritual objects that were even rarer.

No matter what kind of place it was, spiritual medicines would always be extremely precious. Even a few was already quite good, so where else would you see someone like Shi Hao who needed dozens to a hundred medicines at once? He did not want to be too conspicuous, so he kept a low-profile.

He asked the nine-headed lion and the others to separately purchase on his behalf; however, it still raised a huge commotion. Even if it was the Medicine Capital, forty-eight precious medicines being sold in the market was still enough to shock everyone.

“Who is this person? What a huge spender! What kind of spiritual pill needs more than forty spiritual medicines in one go? It has been many years since something like this happened!”

None of them were stupid. Such a large amount of business transactions would never happen normally. Spiritual medicines were precious, and each family would make a record after each sale. This all happened so abruptly today, so everyone immediately realized that this might be the doing of a single person.

Fortunately, the nine-headed lion, flame crow, and the others all turned into their human forms. Otherwise, they definitely would have been recognized, and their background and plan might have been exposed.

Even though this kind of big client was rare, it wasn’t like they didn’t exist. After a few days had passed and the commotion calmed down, Shi Hao prepared to refine the spiritual medicines according to the pill recipe.

He was still far from a hundred medicinal ingredients, so he definitely couldn’t produce the little nirvana pill. In the end, the main medicinal ingredients were too hard to find, and Shi Hao did not place all of his hopes on this place.

The history of the pill recipe was mysterious. From what the old king level figures said, their effects were astonishing. Shi Hao felt that even though he couldn’t gather all the ingredients this time, he could still bring out some of his body’s potential and make a breakthrough.

“I need a slightly larger medicinal cauldron,” Shi Hao said. This time, not only was he refining medicine, his flesh had to be inside the cauldron as well to be refined simultaneously.

As for the Medicine Capital’s ‘fiery golden vine’, he didn’t even consider it. Forget about being surrounded by others, even quietly using it at night was out of the question. There was a supreme creature sitting within that spiritual vine that left him with rather fearful.

Apart from this place, there were actually some places in the Medicine Capital that were specifically meant for a cultivator to refine medicine in.

Two days later, Huo Ling’er selected a good location that was relatively further away and extremely peaceful. Within a spacious courtyard, plants released their fragrance. The medicine refining furnace inside was also an old cauldron.

“This cauldron has existed for a long time and has been used for over a thousand years. There is a powerful spirituality inside that could increase the efficacy of medicines.” The owner of this place introduced.

Shi Hao nodded. The cauldron was glistening yellow, clearly due to being cleaned well. Meanwhile, even when clear water is poured into the cauldron, a medicinal fragrance would suffuse the air. It had obviously been used countless times to refine medicines, and only with what it had accumulated over all this time could it produce this kind of ‘medicinal characteristic’.

This kind of cauldron was extremely uncommon. Any of them would fetch a sky-high price in the markets.

Of course, borrowing it wasn’t cheap either. Shi Hao only rented it for three days, yet he had to pay three stalks of spiritual medicines. This price was a bit ridiculous, enough to leave many speechless.

However, for the sake of breaking through, no matter how high the price was, he would still pay it. When refining himself together with the spiritual medicines, the cauldron that’s chosen has to be sufficiently extraordinary.

This was especially true for the pill recipes passed down in the Stone Clan, which cared even more about these things. Medicinal cauldrons without enough spirituality can’t refine those medicines. It would result in failure, leaving him with nothing.

“I am preparing to slowly improve myself and open up my potential to break through. Please help protect me while I am doing so.” Shi Hao wouldn’t act overly polite with them.

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