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Chapter 407 – Unyielding Until the End

Qin Chao was shockingly talented. Within this younger generation, he could be considered a well known person as well. If he didn’t lose himself to feminine charms and put in more work while cultivating, his current strength would would be far greater.

In reality, there wasn’t a single ordinary descendant within the Immortal Mountain. Moreover, his family background was definitely not simple, as he was the great-great-grandson of some great figure. His lineage was noble, and his hidden potential was extremely great.

For the sake of increasing his experiences and chasing after Lady Qianqian, he left his region and came here. From what he had heard, this was a barbaric ancient region that was not elegant and completely lacked talented individuals. He looked down on this region inwardly.

He originally thought that he was simply berating a native from this region to get lost from Lady Qianqian’s side, yet he ended up incurring a vicious beating to the mouth, completely humiliating himself.

Qin Chao came from the Immortal Mountain, so normally, even the talented disciples of other great sects would all try to be on friendly terms with him and initiate discussions. They definitely wouldn’t offend him. However, someone from the wasteland region he looked down on actually humiliated him like this.

He slapped him in the face. Even in the Immortal Mountain, his parents never did such a thing. During these past few days, he almost burst from rage. He was constantly thinking of ways to get revenge.

However, what could he do? The last time he brought people over, the youth had already left, leaving him fuming with fury with nowhere to vent it. Now that he saw Shi Hao again, he naturally clenched his teeth. His eyes were so chilly that they were about to freeze.

“Are you going to run again?” Qin Chao coldly spoke. With his clan’s experts here, he naturally had no need to fear anyone. He had a type of confidence. With the Immortal Mountain’s people here, who dared to defy them? Even if it were the Heaven Mending Sect and Western Sect, they would feel a lot of restraining fear. They wouldn’t be willing to create conflict.

This place was extremely quiet. Many cultivators were watching without speaking, and even the cultivators from outside this region were silent. They didn’t dare provoke the Immortal Mountain, for who wanted to make the Immortal Mountain their enemy.

A few people felt like it was a pity. This was an originally astonishing youth with unlimited potential. If he was to break in the Immortal Mountain’s hands, then it would be too regretful.

Shi Hao gave him a cold look with eyes that were full of contempt. This was just a slight glance, and afterwards, he no longer paid him any attention. He did not feel any need to talk to him.

This kind of attitude and gaze was clearly being displayed, and everyone could see this. They all trembled inwardly. This youth ignored the prince of the Immortal Mountain, so wasn’t this a silent contempt and provocation towards their clan?

You have to understand that from a certain perspective, the Immortal Mountain was even more terrifying than the Heaven Mending Sect because they had many descendants as disciples. The Heaven Mending Sect was spread across multiple regions, so it was impossible for them to personally demand an explanation for everything. Meanwhile, the Immortal Mountain’s numbers were few and precious, so if they were humiliated, they would definitely go out to deal with the enemy.

Qin Chao’s gaze immediately became cold. He felt humiliated. What kind of attitude was that? He was being completely ignored in front of so many people! This was just like a slap to the face.

Shi Hao not paying any attention didn’t mean that the Big Red Bird wasn’t going to. He shot the purple-haired youth a look of contempt and said, “Last time, your face was beaten up so badly that it was almost unrecognizable, yet you still have the nerve to come back to provoke us? Back then, who was it that ran away with their tail tucked between their legs? Does your face itch again so you want to get beaten up?”

Hitting his sore spot and not letting it go; the big red bird fulfilled both of these. It allowed many people’s pent up anger to subside a bit, making them rather happy.

Many people disliked Qin Chao, but they could only feel anger and not speak up. Someone actually dared to beat and ridicule him, allowing many people to feel as if they’ve ingested some ginseng. All of the pores in their bodies felt like they were relaxed.

“You two really are good!” Qin Chao shouted. His face was fuming with rage. He was humiliated in front of so many people, making him want to skin Shi Hao and the big red bird alive.

“Of course we are good. After seeing the fellow that got beat up come back to get beat up again, we feel even better.” The big red bird said.

Everyone was shaken. They were completely tearing apart his face here! A great battle was definitely unavoidable. After ridiculing the Immortal Mountain’s prince, how  could they be forgiven?

Huo Ling’er arrived, and when she saw Shi Hao, she revealed a joyous expression. However, when she thought about how he was going to face his opponents, she then felt worry. An ancient sect like the Immortal Mountain would leave even the Fire Nation feeling oppressed.

At this moment, the nine-headed lion walked over while radiating golden light. There was a type of grandeur to its figure as it watched everyone. It was going to fight at Shi Hao’s side.

Lady Qianqian, one of the mysterious region’s ten beauties, looked at Shi Hao in amazement with her beautiful eyes. The one she met last time was the little Stone. He unexpectedly didn’t escape and instead once again sparked conflict with Qin Chao.

“Elder Shoucheng, suppress them!” Qin Chao’s face fell ashen, because he saw that the expression in Lady Qianqian’s eyes was aimed at Shi Hao and not himself. Together with humiliation, he also felt a type of anger that was difficult to describe.

“Little friend, don’t you think you are going a bit too far by being so overbearing?” Qin Shoucheng from the Immortal Mountain said.

Shi Hao felt another wave of killing intent He already understood that there was a problem here. It was possible for him to have some type of blood relationship with the Immortal Mountain, but Qin Shoucheng still wanted to kill him here. There was definitely something strange going on.

“Could I inquire in what way I’ve acted excessively? A youngster from your clan doesn’t know how high the heavens are and how deep the earth is. He is shouting noisily in my direction. I did not bother bickering with him and instead remained silent. How is that being overbearing?!” Shi Hao spoke in a downcast voice.

It was extremely obvious that Immortal Mountain’s Qin Chao was the arrogant bully. Shi Hao simply looked at him with contempt and didn’t say anything to him.

“What about that bird? Didn’t you purposely stir it up to speak nonsense?’ Qin Shoucheng spoke with a flat expression.

“Did you see me purposely stir it on?” Shi Hao was forceful like a divine sword, sharp and direct as he shouted in reply. A wave of killing intent flew outwards.

He was unsheathing his sword to threaten the Immortal Mountain! Everyone was shocked. This youth was indeed powerful. He deserved to be called the supreme youth of the wasteland region!

“Old fellow, don’t flaunt too much just because of your age and act as if you don’t know of neither honor or shame!” The big red bird screeched.

“Younger generation youth, is this an act of becoming enemies with my clan?” Qin Shoucheng’s face fell.

“Don’t test my patience!” Shi Hao said. His voice clearly showed his discontent.

At this moment, everyone felt like they finally witnessed a strong person. This was a fearless and undisguised threat towards the Immortal Mountain.

“He actually reached the king level? He was able to reach the Formation Arrangement Realm?!” At first, people thought that he used the ‘domain’ of his physical power to deal with his opponents. Now, they were thoroughly shocked.

If he really reached the Formation Arrangement Realm, just how shocking would this be? A fifteen year old king; just the thought alone was shocking and crazy! From the ancient times until now, how many people accomplished such a thing at this age?!

This was a monster, a monster that continuously created miracles!

Many people became stirred up, especially those of the wasteland region. Once Shi Hao grew up, just how heaven defying would he ultimately become?

“Elder Shoucheng, what else is there that needs to be said? Kill him!” Qin Chao said with a cold voice. He knew that his elder had a great killing formation on him that could definitely kill his opponent.

“You are too unreasonable!” Shi Hao took action, forming a faint golden light before slapping over. At this moment, no one could easily block it.

It was because this was the Kun Peng’s movement technique, so it was fast to the extreme. Even the middle-aged man with the broken arm and Qin Shoucheng could only watch helplessly without much chance of blocking it.

With a pa sound, half of Qin Chao’s face was broken, and his entire body flew outwards. Bright red blood splashed outwards, drawing a streak through the sky.

Everyone was completely dumbstruck. This was a descendant that a great figure greatly doted on. If he was informed, there would definitely be a great disaster that could not be settled!

Taking a step back, the ancient inheritance wouldn’t allow anyone to treat a disciple that was under the Immortal Mountain’s direct line of descent this way.

The situation did not end here. The instant Qin Chao was struck, Shi Hao moved through the void, and with a stamp, he stepped on the other party’s body. With a kacha sound, his meridians were destroyed, crippling him.

“If I leave you with your cultivation, who knows just how many more people will suffer from your bullying, so today, it will be broken! However, seeing as how we still have some kind of connection, I will leave you with your life!” Shi Hao said.

No one knew what the so-called relationship he said meant. Only Qin Shoucheng’s eyebrows jumped, as he felt a bit uncomfortable.

However, soon after, Qin Shoucheng surged with killing intent. There was actually someone who dared to defy the Immortal Mountain like this, crippling a core disciple of theirs. This was a serious provocation!

Qin Chao fell in the courtyard, tumbling backwards. He knew that he had been crippled, and his cultivation was completely gone. Quite a few of his blood vessels immediately dried up. His face revealed an expression of dismay.

This place was in a state of uproar. Everyone was shocked at Shi Hao’s forcefulness and directness!

“Not fearing the Immortal Mountain, is he trying to defy the heavens?”

“This wasteland region’s supreme youth is really something. Not just anyone could have this kind of bravery.”

Even the creatures from outside this race were startled and scared. Many experts asked themselves whether they would provoke the Immortal Mountain, and all of their answers were ‘no’. However, the one before their eyes was just a youth, yet he was so courageous.

As for who was the most happy, it was naturally Lady Qianqian. She had always been annoyed by Qin Chao and had been pestered beyond endurance. However, she had no way of getting rid of him. Right now, she was finally at peace.

However, she soon felt pity for Shi Hao. How could anything good come from crippling Qin Chao? She clearly understood the methods of the great figure behind him.

“You…” The middle-aged man with the broken arm was furious and pointed out with a finger, shouting, “By ruining my clan’s direct descendant, are you trying to make the Immortal Mountain your enemy?”

Shi Hao seemed extremely indifferent and said, “I’ve even killed the supreme expert of the Heaven Mending Sect, let alone some idiot from the Immortal Mountain that doesn’t know how big the world is. Even if I kill him, so what?!”

His aggressiveness made quite a few youngsters’ blood boil.

The Immortal Mountain’s middle-aged man became speechless. He had also heard the rumor that Shi Hao killed Grandma Xihua in the Void God Realm, that he was an extremely daring person!

Everyone was roused up. Shi Hao truly had this kind of oppressive style. Back then, he dared to challenge the Heaven Mending Sect, and right now, the Immortal Mountain was treating him similarly, so why  wouldn’t he dare?

Outside the stage, fairy Yue Chan’s face was extremely unnatural. If we were to talk about who was the most upset outside of the Immortal Mountain, then it would naturally be her. An old scar was opened up again without good cause.

Qin Shoucheng’s face became completely overcast. “You might have a connection with my clan, so today, I won’t act excessively either. If you admit your mistakes here, hand yourself over, and return with me to the Immortal Mountain, I will consider treating you leniently.”

“Have you woken up? If you dare to speak rudely again, then all of you will become powerless!” Shi Hao laughed coldly. From the little guy to the devilish brat to the present, he had continuously grew, but had he ever bowed and bent his knees to another? The Heaven Mending Sect was already after him, so what did it matter if Immortal Mountain was added to the mix?

If there really was a type of relationship between himself and the Immortal Mountain, he wanted to see for himself just how the clan was going to deal with him.

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