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Chapter 406 – Killing a King

Blood dyed the area in front. His chest felt like it was being crushed. The eyes of the middle-aged individual from the Immortal Mountain rapidly shrunk in disbelief. Currently, his body was ice cold, and he couldn’t conceal his shock!

The other party didn’t even move and simply exuded his pressure, yet it forced him to cough out a large mouthful of blood from the pressure. This was still just a youth! How could he have this kind of cultivation? How shocking was this?

“You…” He didn’t know what to say. He suddenly understood. Earlier, when the formless sword hacked off his arm while he was fighting the Nine-Headed Lion, it was released by the youth in front of him.

Shi Hao landed on the ground, and the powerful energy was collected inside.

“It truly is the little Stone! Stunning and incomparable! Even a Formation Arrangement Realm king level expert was injured by him!” Everyone was in shock.

After a year and a half, the little Stone of the two Stones reappeared, leading to an enormous disturbance. It was an absolute uproar. All of the cultivators in the manor broke out into commotion and disorder.

“This is a domain of physical strength, an embodiment of his powerful, precious body! Who can contend against him in physical power? They would undoubtedly die!” An old king said. His voice was trembling slightly, because it was just too inconceivable. This type of body cultivation that has only appeared in legends actually appeared in such a young youth.

Everyone was in an uproar. However, when they thought about his performance in the battle of two Stones, his body was already shocking. Back then, he was already known to possess a body that was at a similar degree of perfection to the Vajra Unbreakable Body. Sure enough, it didn’t seem like that was false.

“No wonder…” The middle-aged individual from the Immortal Mountain backed up and wiped off the blood from his lips. He felt a wave of lingering fear. His suppression just now was not unjustified.

The face of the elder of the Black Cloud Race became overcast. A mist appeared, and he stifled the fury inside of him. Before ascertaining whether or not the other party was the little Stone, he immediately reached out with a large hand to suppress this youth. However, he never expected the other side to immediately crush his palm.

“When the little Stone appears, who dares to resist? No one among his peers can be his opponent, and right now, only these older generation figures could keep him in check.” Someone from the wasteland region said in a soft voice.

They were extremely stirred up. During this period of time, the creatures from outside of this region were acting too high and mighty. They looked down on the wasteland region’s people, causing them to hold in quite a bit of resentment.

“You are that Shi Hao?” The elder from the Immortal Mountain walked out. His face was calm, but a peculiar flash of light flew past his eyes.

The middle-aged individual from the Immortal Mountain who had his arm sliced off had gone to fetch a holy artifact, yet in the end, this elder also followed him. He was clearly a formidable expert.

Shi Hao was greatly moved. He had a vague feeling that the people within the Immortal Mountains were related to him from his mother’s side.

At this moment, he calmly looked at the elder and nodded. “I am.”

“It really is him. He truly is ridiculously powerful!”

“Didn’t a lot of people want to fight him? Now that he appeared, how many actually dare to show themselves?”

The creatures from outside this region discussed among themselves. Many of them were not able to personally witness the battle of two Stones, and right now was the first time they saw him.

“A hero among youths, indeed formidable. It would be hard to find one or two like you even in our Immortal Mountain.” The elder nodded.

The crowd was astonished. This elder was praising Shi Hao’s talent, but at the same time, he was stating that there were still one or two that could match Shi Hao, leaving everyone greatly shaken.

For characters like Shi Hao, just having one in their region was already incredible and glorious. Was the reason why the Immortal Mountain could look down on every region because they would always have several individuals like this?

When the middle-aged individual with the lost arm heard the elder mention the Immortal Mountain’s talents, he immediately became proud and muttered, “My Immortal Mountain has never lacked people. My clan’s geniuses could look down on any other talents!”

Everyone was greatly shaken. Just how much confidence was this? Were the Immortal Mountain’s talents really this powerful?

Shi Hao didn’t say anything and only furrowed his brows. If it was before, then he would’ve ignored it, but now that his identity was revealed, the Immortal Mountain still treated him with this attitude, making him feel as if something wasn’t right.

Could it be that these people didn’t know that they might have some kind of blood relationship? Shi Hao narrowed his eyes and swept his gaze over the Immortal Mountain’s two individuals.

A flash passed the elder’s eyes as he stared back at Shi Hao. It was almost as if he was aware what Shi Hao was thinking. He revealed a warm smile and said, “You are quite excellent. You should have some karma with my clan.”

“May I ask for Senior’s name?” Shi Hao asked. His spiritual senses were extremely sharp, and he did not feel any type of intimacy from the elder’s body. Even though the other side was smiling benevolently, there was a killing intent present that was difficult for ordinary people to detect.

What was the meaning of this? The elder might know about the blood relationship between them, but there was still killing intent present. It was a bit difficult to make sense of, leaving Shi Hao confused.

“This old one is Qin Shoucheng.” The Immortal Mountain elder said. His smile became increasingly warm.

Shi Hao noticed that the strand of killing intent became a bit thicker. Ordinary people could not detect it, and he was only relying on his keen intuition as well.

“Young one, you are a bit too aggressive. It is not too good to immediately start a fight following a dispute,” Qin Shoucheng said. He pointed towards the middle-aged man with the broken arm and then looked at the Black Cloud Race elder that lost a palm. “Cultivation is not easy, so how could you so easily harm the bodies of others?”

“I am someone who is not willing to cause trouble. However, when others bully and humiliate me excessively and even want to take my life, I won’t show fear.” Shi Hao calmly said.

Everyone trembled. Was the Immortal Mountain going to make things difficult? If such a great power was going to target a single person, forget about a supreme youth, even if an undying deity emerged, it still wouldn’t be enough! They wouldn’t be able to defend themselves at all!

This was because this place had old monsters who did not fear deities!

The elder voiced a word of dissatisfaction and gave out a signal towards everyone. The Immortal Mountain did not like this youth; this immediately caused the cultivators with hostility towards Shi Hao to become confident again!

“Let me ask you again. Are you the one that killed my race’s geniuses in the Fire Nation ancestral grounds?” The flaming python race’s elder walked up. His eyes shot out light, and below its waist was the fiery snake body that was the thickness of a bucket.

“Correct!” Shi Hao replied.

“You’ve killed my race’s pure-blooded descendants, so just pay with your life!” The elder said. His head of scarlet hair erupted with flames. His lower half flickered with scarlet radiance as he snaked his way over.

“Are you not even going to ask why I killed them?” Shi Hao furrowed his brows.

“There is no need!” The flaming python elder spoke with an overcast expression.

“How overbearing!” Shi Hao looked at him coldly. The other party was truly unreasonable and domineering. He would not treat these people who attacked him first with any politeness.

“It doesn’t matter who you are. A supreme youth isn’t enough either. By killing my race’s pure-blooded descendants, you can only pay with your life!” The Flaming Python elder said.

Everyone knew that this was not only overbearing, but also a type of disdain towards the wasteland region. He actually wanted to kill the little Stone? Would he do something like that if he was in any other region? He would definitely have to reconsider!

After all, this was the wasteland region’s most dazzling youth. Under normal circumstances, who dared to act so hastily without any fear of the region’s retaliation?

“Old man, did you just enter the wasteland region?” Shi Hao asked. He felt like the other side didn’t understand his accomplishments.

“What if that is true? By killing my race’s people, it’s not enough even if you are the wasteland region’s most dazzling youth. You can only fall!” The elder was incredibly overbearing. The bucket thick snake body flickered with scarlet light. Wit ha pa sound, it slammed into the ground, creating large cracks.

At this time, he took action, but he didn’t close the distance. He knew from seeing what had just happened that the little Stone’s body was too powerful. He could exude a domain that normal king level figures could not defend against. With a shake of his hand, he brought out four flags that surrounded Shi Hao. This place immediately became hazy, and symbols covered it densely. It was as if there were stars all around.

At the same time, he quickly formed an imprint and displayed his precious technique. Strands of divine light entered the killing formation. This series of actions was carried out in a fluid manner to kill Shi Hao as soon as possible.

Everyone was shocked. Even though this elder from the flaming python race was overbearing, his methods were truly unordinary. A great killing technique that was difficult to defend against emerged with just the raise of his hand.

Clouds and mists roiled as the four banners rumbled. Four divisions locked down this small area, and tens of thousands of streaks of lightning were released. This entire space seemed to be annihilated.

Everyone gasped. This old fellow was too hateful! This wasn’t an ordinary magical artifact; the four banners were refined by a supreme expert. Many people felt pity for Shi Hao. He was too careless and was trapped within. It would be hard for him to escape his fate of being refined.

“Did you all think this old one was bluffing? Those weren’t empty words. I am going to kill the heroic youth of this so-called wasteland region!” The flaming python race expert said.

Everyone was astonished. They finally understood why this elder acted so wildly and aggressively. He used his most powerful move as soon as they fought to directly decide the result. It was too shameless.

A few minutes later, the inside of the four division formation surged with scarlet light. It looked just like blood blossoming. Then, this place became increasingly calm, and the mists no longer circulated.

The flaming python race expert sneered and said, “I admit that you are a heaven warping genius with an outstanding reputation. However, if you aren’t allowed to grow up, you are still the same as an ant.”

With a shua sound, he collected the formation banners. The mists scattered, and he continuously sneered.

However, at that instant, his expression froze. A large hand reached out from the mist and was about to make contact with him. It immediately grabbed his neck and pulled him in.

Everyone was greatly shaken, and they all cried out in alarm.

A youth was standing there, not having moved an inch. There wasn’t a single scratch on him.

Shi Hao held his neck and coldly looked down. If not for his advancement into the Formation Arrangement Realm, he definitely would have been refined by this old fellow. This old thing could be considered rather fierce, using his trump cards right off the bat.


A string of blood splashed out. Shi Hao removed his head in an extremely clean manner. Then, he collected the original body. It was an enormous flaming python.

Even though it wasn’t pure-blooded, it could still be considered precious flesh medicine since he cultivated to the king level realm.

The crowd became mute. This was too quick, and the movements were skillful. Did the youth do this type of thing often? The creatures from outside this region all trembled inwardly.

“We are carnivores and love to eat good food the most.” The big red bird appeared and flew to Shi Hao’s shoulder. It looked at everyone with disdain.

A Formation Arrangement Realm king level expert was killed just like that. The crowd was dumbstruck. It was just like something out of a fantasy!

“This is too powerful and a bit ridiculous!” Everyone was endlessly shaken. They found it hard to say anything else.

The crowd was in an uproar. A few creatures crammed their way in, and they were all cultivators from the Immortal Mountain. Among them was a purple-haired youth seething with killing intent. He stared at Shi Hao with a gaze that was full of hostility. There was a type of hate within him that was almost etched into his memories.

Shi Hao remained silent and completely ignored him.

“Isn’t that the prince of the Immortal Mountain? Rumor has it that he is some great figure’s descendant.” Someone said softly, which sparked a few discussions.

Several days ago, Shi Hao had given this purple-haired youth several slaps to the face and fiercely taught him a lesson. No only did he knock out the teeth in his mouth, his chin was also given quite a beating.

Shi Hao calmly looked at the Immortal Mountain’s people that were present. He really wanted to ask them about his parents’ matters. He wanted to get to the bottom of his relationship with the Immortal Mountain.

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