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Chapter 405 – Reappearance of the Little Stone

This was someone from the Immortal Mountain, an expert at the Formation Arrangement Realm, yet his right arm was sliced off by someone! This shocked the crowd stiff!

“Is the nine-headed lion that powerful? Together with a broken sword, it could actually kill a king level figure at the Formation Arrangement Realm?” Someone gasped in surprise and dared not believe what he was seeing.

“Hold on, that sword energy clearly came from the sky. Even though it seems to match the broken sword in style, it shouldn’t have came from the nine-headed lion.” An elder spoke in a low voice.

In reality, he wasn’t the only one that noticed this. However, the individuals here who were at the Formation Arrangement Realm all began to mutter. That sword was too sharp! If they were the ones that it targeted, would they be able to stop it?

From the distance, Shi Hao lowered his hand. Just now, he was the one that released those two streaks of heavenly sword energy. It was the sword intent he comprehended from the beast skin.

A stalk of grass could hack apart the sun, moon, and stars. This kind of profound mystery and terrifying realm was enough to make one’s heart pound just when thought about!

This was the first time he revealed the sword intent, and sure enough, it was incomparably sharp. He did not take action again. It was enough for him just to teach this middle aged man a lesson, for they might still have some far off blood relation.

He didn’t want to unleash a slaughter without understanding everything clearly. He did not want to incur unnecessary difficulties in the mysterious region. If he truly killed a few people from his mother’s family, it might bright about great trouble.

The face of the middle-aged individual from the Immortal Mountain fell. He stared at the sky in disbelief. That sword energy was too bizarre. It didn’t have any origin! Just how was it released?

The most important thing was that its power was too great. It was simply impossible for him to defend himself. One of the swords hacked towards his chest and almost sliced him in half. This was a warning! The second sword hacked off an arm. Blood continuously poured out; this was the punishment.

Who was this? To dare to treat him like this? There was a great hatred within the middle-aged individual’s heart. His gaze swept through everyone in an intimidating fashion. He came from the Immortal Mountain and represented a top level inheritance!

“Truly courageous, daring to make my Immortal Mountain your enemy…” He clenched his teeth. His eyes surged with rage.

The nine-headed lion roared. Its golden pupils shone, and it spat out a dazzling expanse of golden flames that surrounded the broken sword. It once again hacked out.

“So bold and powerful!” Many people cried out in alarm. Many people had not seen through this strange sight. They had thought that it was the nine-headed lion that had hacked off one of the middle-aged individual’s arms.

A pu sounded. The middle-aged male had just gotten on the stage, and at such a close range, he had no time to dodge. His body was brushed by the sword radiance, and a terrifying wound was opened up. Blood surged violently.

He hurriedly flew out in reverse and backed up. Today, he was actually continuously wounded. He truly never suffered so greatly before.

He restrained himself. Normally, once an individual from the Immortal Mountain came out, who would dare to offend them? Yet today, not only did someone rebel against them, they even wanted to kill him, stirring up a great anger within him.

However, there was no way he could continue fighting now. He knew that if he continued to attack, there would be a risk of dying here. The mysterious sword energy that appeared just now was too terrifying.

“This is enough, I have to retrieve a holy artifact!” He was extremely hateful. He grabbed his broken arm and turned around as soon as he landed. If he continued to stay here, he would definitely suffer even more.

The extremely sharp mouthed big red bird enthusiastically bade him farewell, saying, “Hey, dao brother from the Immortal Mountain, are you going to leave just like that? Just now, weren’t you acting like some second grandson of the king of heaven?”

“Evil creature, don’t go too far!” The middle aged individual shot him a glare. He disappeared from this courtyard with a single flick of his sleeve.

Who dared to stop a king level figure from leaving?

There were still a few individuals from the Immortal Mountain here, but they felt their faces become dark. They hurriedly left as well. A great disturbance ended for now, just like that.

In reality, the nine-headed lion really wanted to take action. It was extremely forceful and had already brought out the black broken sword, but he was stopped by Huo Ling’er’s king level uncle.

This old royal figure felt a huge headache. Even though he was discontent with the Immortal Mountain, he still didn’t dare to offend them too greatly. After all, that was an ancient supreme sect that could look down on all regions.

Before Shi Hao even went to meet the nine-headed lion, he already heard a wave of clamoring.

“Who are you trying to cheat? Just a broken stone, yet you dare to say it’s a sun stone? You even want me to use some holy artifact to exchange for it. Why don’t you just rob me?!” Someone cried out angrily.

There was not only a single courtyard here, as there were many people in this gathering. The chatting and mingling individuals here could choose where they wanted to go, and no matter where they went, there would be good wine and food.

However, there was no wine or food on the jade table in this courtyard. Instead, it was full of precious artifacts and materials. Many cultivators were standing around and exchanging for items.

“Hurry up and go over there. Exchange for that stone!” Within Shi Hao’s hair, the small pagoda shook and transmitted this message. It was clear that it noticed something good.

Shi Hao was moved inwardly. Even though it was usually good for nothing, at crucial times, it truly still displayed great divine might. It could even block a chaotic magical artifact, so it was worth the ‘bottomless pit’ like investment.

He quickly walked over into that courtyard in fear of having it taken by someone else.

“That stone is the one!” The little pagoda transmitted and pointed for Shi Hao. It definitely had to obtain that dark stone.

“How many times can this stone make you act?” Shi Hao asked inwardly. He did not immediately purchase it.

“Once!” The little pagoda’s reply was extremely straightforward.

“Who are you trying to fool? That stone is clearly unordinary. It deserves at least three times, right?” He tried to bargain.

“No matter how good it is, could it be better than chaotic earth?” The little pagoda calmly said.

Shi Hao was dumbstruck. He immediately felt that he should have tried to haggle earlier. It truly was too much of a pity. He always felt that this good-for-nothing wasn’t of the honest sort.

“I’ve helped you against that divine disk in the Void God Realm. Do you even know what that thing was? If we were really going to get into it, not even all of your heavenly materials and earthly treasures would be enough for me to fight against it once.” The little pagoda saw that he was a bit unwilling and said these words.

“Alright, once it is.” Shi Hao said softly. He then crammed his way forward.

There were many rotten things on top of the white jade table. They were all fragments of ancient magical artifacts and seemed to be ancient. However, these items released shocking fluctuations. There was a rather dark stone that was placed in an eye-catching place.

“Good stuff! This is definitely a holy artifact. What a pity that it’s damaged.” Someone sighed in admiration. He picked up a copper piece and rubbed it with his hand.

Shi Hao was also a bit moved. The items on top of the table weren’t ordinary. They were definitely things left behind by a great ancient figure. Unfortunately, they were all damaged.

“Even though the magical artifact is broken, this sun stone can be considered complete.” The owner of these items was a small old man. He had a goatee and a shrewd appearance.

“Don’t talk drivel. Isn’t this just a piece of earth fire rock? You dare to call this some sun stone, do you think we are idiots that ran here to be cheated?” Someone sneered with disdain. The old man released a hollow laugh and said, “Friend, you cannot make such irresponsible remarks. This is a heavenly treasure dug up from a ruin. Do you all see these magical artifacts? There are holy artifact fragments here, so it was definitely the dwelling of a great ancient figure. This stone came from the same place, so how could it just be some ordinary equipment refining material like an earth fire stone?”

“We do not lack knowledge on these types of materials. This is definitely some rock you found after digging up the cave. It’s just an act of making up the numbers with inferior products.”

“If it really was a sun stone, would you bring it out for sale? An object like that is a true ‘heavenly material’. Stop trying to cheat people already.”

The little old man forced a smile. However, inwardly, he became a bit depressed as well. This truly was something that he dug out from that cave, but he had already earnestly inspected it and found that it was a piece of earth fire stone.

Shi Hao picked up this dark rock, and when he did so, he felt a bit of heat. After carefully inspecting it, he did not notice anything unique about it. It truly was a piece of earth fire rock.

The little old man immediately seemed to become full of vigor. “This young brother has good eyes. Have you finally seen that this is a ‘heavenly material’ from outside this region? It’s good stuff! There’s no need for you to exchange with a holy artifact. Just a Formation Arrangement Realm magical artifact is enough.”

“When did earth fire stones increase in price? How come I never heard about it?” Shi Hao asked. The people beside him roared with laughter, leaving the little old man in an extremely awkward situation.

Shi Hao secretly used that dual-pupil of his to inspect it, and his expression immediately became rigid. The center of the earth fire stone was scarlet red and almost burned his eyes.

He sighed inwardly. Since he wasn’t a dual-pupiled person, he definitely had to cultivate a heavenly eye in the future. Otherwise, he would truly be missing out on too many good things!

“This is a precious pearl from the Northern Sea. I’ll exchange it for your earth fire stone. It should be enough, right?” Shi Hao said and brought out a pearl.

“I guess I’ll have to cut my losses.” The little old man smiled deviously. This pearl far surpassed the price of the earth fire stone. He quickly received it and handed the earth fire stone to Shi Hao.

“Is this really a sun stone?” Shi Hao asked the little pagoda.

“Correct. This truly is a sun that was hacked down by someone. Moreover, it is a top level divine sun.” The sparkling bone pagoda transmitted sound mentally.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was shaken inwardly. Just how shocking would one’s strength have to be to destroy a heavenly sun? The great ancient figures were truly astonishing!

He held the dark stone in his hands and noticed that there were some marks on its surface. It seemed like it was left behind by some auspicious artifact. When he closed his eye and carefully sensed it, his brows suddenly jumped. There was actually a terrifying sword intent contained within it!

“Don’t devour it yet. Let me study it for a few days!” Shi Hao said.

“Yi, it’s you?!” Suddenly, several youngsters stopped their steps and revealed shocked expressions. Several days ago, they saw Shi Hao within the suspended palace.

“He might be… the little Stone?!” One of the female cultivators cried out in shock.

This shout immediately cause people to raise their eyebrows, and many cultivators looked over. Then, through low voices, they learned that this youth might just be Shi Hao who had lived in seclusion for more than a year.

“What? The little Stone from the battle of two Stones appeared?!”

When this sentence was spoken, great waves were stirred up within this manor. Many people were shocked and quickly hurried over.

A dark cloud surged. Several young experts from the Black Cloud Race originally left to get reinforcements. This time, they invited an elder.

“Is he the one?” The elder asked.

“That’s him. Several days ago, he humiliated my clan’s experts. Today, he used the nine-headed lion to act violently.” A youngster spoke while possessing a vicious glint in his eyes.

The elder didn’t say another word and reached out with a large hand towards Shi Hao.

At the same time, a fiery red Barbaric Ox descended from the sky while carrying with it an endlessly fiery light. It glared at Shi Hao like a tiger watching its prey; this was a king level expert.

“Get lost!”

When faced with this this king level figure’s actions, Shi Hao only had these two words. His tone was extremely domineering.

The elder from the Black Cloud Race became furious. No matter how you looked at it, he was a Formation Arrangement Realm expert. He admitted that if Shi Hao was at the same cultivation realm as him, not even ten or a hundred of himself would be enough to beat Shi Hao.

However, looking at this youth, he clearly did not have Formation Arrangement Realm symbols fluctuating around him. As a result, he forcefully suppressed downwards with a large hand.


Shi Hao slapped out with a hand, and it collided into that big hand. A clear sound rang out, and following a pu sound, bloody light splashed outwards, and that elder’s hand exploded.

Everyone was astonished. A king level figure was acting in an overbearing manner, yet in the end, a single move ruined an arm. How shocking was this? Could it be that this youth was truly the little Stone?

“It’s definitely the little Stone. It’s been confirmed. Other than him, who could do something like this, using the strength of a youth to suppress a king level figure?!”

This courtyard immediately erupted with commotion. Everyone began to tremble.

After a year and a half, the little Stone appeared again. This made many people excited and also shocked.

Since this was the case, Shi Hao revealed his true appearance. He stood there without any fear while facing the creatures from outside this region.

“It was him after all!” Someone cried out in astonishment.

At this moment, not only this courtyard, but the entire manor was in an uproar. Many cultivators hurried over to this place.

“It was you? The one that killed my clan’s geniuses within the Fire Nation ancestral grounds?!” A middle-aged man rushed over. Below his waist was the tail of a snake; this was precisely the Flaming Python Race expert. He stood next to the flaming bull and loudly hollered.

“Get lost if you all don’t want to die!” Shi Hao said. Towards these people who bore hostility against him, he never acted too politely.

“You really are great, little Stone. Regardless of whether or not you are a supreme youth from the wasteland region, by humiliating the Immortal Mountain, you’ve cut short your future.” The middle-aged man that lost an arm returned. Behind him followed an elder.

“What did you say?!” Shi Hao had his own unique feelings about the Immortal Mountain that had been restrained this whole time. However, now that he saw this situation, he took a heavy step outwards and forced his way forward.

The middle-aged man was startled and quickly backed up. However, he noticed that the youth continued to overlook him while floating in midair. He was less than a meter from him, and his eyes were so cold that it was horrifying.


He spat out large mouthfuls of blood from the great pressure. His chest felt like it had suffered a lighting strike and he almost collapsed right here.

Everyone was greatly shaken. This youth truly was like a deity that oppressed mortals. Without even taking action, just his imposing aura was enough to force back a king level figure from the Immortal Mountain, force him to cough blood, and suffer a great injury.

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