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Chapter 401 – Unparalleled

“Release me!” The youth cried out loudly, and his face was full of anger. His cultivation was so powerful, and he rarely met worthy opponents. Together with the fact that his background was so great, when was the last time he even suffered like this?

Shi Hao carried him with a cold smile on his face. If this fellow really was his distant relative, then he had to give him a really good disciplining, especially since he didn’t even know for sure if this was true yet.

Pa, pa…

These were clear slaps to the face. More than ten slaps rang out in succession. The youth’s mouth and nose were dripping with blood, and his mouthful of teeth all flew out. His face swelled to a ridiculous level.

Many people were dumbfounded. No wonder the crow on his shoulder liked to strike the mouth. These two were birds of a feather!

Meanwhile, the people of the mysterious region were even more horrified. If he didn’t know about the youth’s background, then that was that, but who dared to provoke him once they did know? The reputation of the Immortal Mountain intimidated every region.

“Stay your hand!” The youths that were pushed back earlier shouted and rushed up together.

Shi Hao raised his head, and ice cold pupils could be seen. An invisible domain appeared. These individuals were all trapped and suspended in midair. They couldn’t move at all.

He then released a breath. Strong winds surged, and these people felt as if a tremendous weight struck against their bodies. The sound of bones breaking immediately sounded.

Everyone became petrified. How ferocious was this person? He didn’t move his body, and just a wave of of his energy was enough to trap these individuals. A breath of air from him broke their bones!

Not even Lady Qianqian’s cousin acted in such a terrifying manner when he first came, right? Everyone looked at Shi Hao like they were seeing a ghost.

With a hong sound, the space began to tremble. Shi Hao collected his aura. These people recovered their freedom and fell onto the floor. They all cried out loudly in pain.


Their entire bodies were in sharp pain, and they didn’t know just how many bones were broken. They were all terrified. Just how high was this young expert’s cultivation?

“Release me!” The face of the youth in Shi Hao’s arms paled. He knew that he had stumbled upon trouble this time. A cultivator with this kind of cultivation definitely did not have a weak backing.


Shi Hao gave him another big slap, drawing forth a string of blood. He stared at him and said, “You don’t listen to teachings or follow good examples. You’ve lost face even for your parents.”

Everyone became stupefied. No matter how they looked at it, this was like a senior disciplining a descendant. It was too domineering. Was he truly not scared of the Immortal Mountain at all?

The youth was resentful, and his face was full of anger and humiliation. He lost so much face in front of one of the mysterious region’s ten beauties, making him really want to find a hole to hide himself in. The vicious light in his eyes went out. He truly hated Shi Hao deeply.

“You dare to harbor resentment?” Shi Hao gave his mouth another beating, almost sending his lower jaw flying. He then swung his arm and threw him outside of the palace. His body tumbled down the jade stairs.

“You still aren’t making yourselves scarce?!” The big red bird shouted. He returned that youth’s words back at them.

These people supported their injured bodies and hurriedly scurried off without daring to say another word. This time was truly too humiliating. They didn’t even dare say a single word.

The luxurious palace was extremely quiet, and no one spoke for a long time. Who was this lord? He was more overbearing than the descendants of the Immortal Mountain.

They now understood why that crow on his shoulder dared to act so viciously. With a master like that, it naturally wouldn’t hold back.

Lady Qianqian’s beautiful eyes flickered as she looked at Shi Hao. It was as if this was the first time she had truly seen him. She revealed an interested expression and said, “Brother, you’ve provoked a great disaster. I advise you to quickly leave. Otherwise, those from the Immortal Mountain will definitely make things difficult for you.”

Even with her extraordinary status, she still didn’t dare to deal with that youth like that. He truly did slap his face after saying he would, as if he was beating a dog. This was just too domineering.

Lady Qianqian loathed that youth. If not for her fear towards the Immortal Mountain, she would have gotten rid of him a long time ago. Seeing him get beaten up so badly today actually made her feel quite good.

“Leave? That’s not our style.” The big red bird raised its head and said.

Shi Hao seemed extremely calm without saying anything. He truly did not fear much.

He had already learned about the current situation from the past few days. With the great disaster coming, the supreme experts had all sealed up their mountains. Right now, there weren’t many experts in sight, since all of them were trying to avoid the impending crisis.

Soon after, a few people got up and left. The Black Cloud Race in particular had cold glares in their eyes. They swept their eyes over Shi Hao before leaving.

“If you stare at this grandpa again, I’ll beat you guys to death!” The big red bird threatened.

“Martial brother, who exactly are you?” The feather race youth with the emperor blood spoke. He should have been the strongest individual in this palace. A halo floated above his head, giving him an extremely heroic appearance. He wanted to exchange some pointers with Shi Hao.

“You aren’t enough to be my opponent,” Shi Hao calmly said.

Everyone was startled. Emperor blood from the feather race was too rare, and once they grew up, they would definitely be extremely powerful experts. However, this youth actually replied in such a calm manner. He didn’t seem to give this any attention, causing everyone to be astonished.

“All of you can call me Bird Grandpa,” said the big red bird.

This made the creatures from outside this region speechless. This bastard was too unbridled! He truly dared to call himself a grandpa. Could it be that he truly had ties to that Bird Grandpa from the Void God Realm?

The feather race youth with the emperor blood sank into a state of silence. However, he still walked forward to compare with Shi Hao. “Then I ask for a bit of guidance.”

Shi Hao did not stand up and only released a wave of violent energy. It all happened in a split second. Everyone felt a wave of chilliness, as if they were standing within a sea of corpses and blood.

What kind of youth was this? He actually possessed this kind of killing intent!

The feather race youth with the emperor blood sighed and said, “I am indeed not your opponent right now. I will take my leave.” He turned around and left.

Everyone was frightened. Even the feather race youth with emperor blood backed off. Could it be that this youth was comparable to the little Stone?

A frantic roar sounded. Black smoke flew into the heavens, engulfing the heavenly palace as if it was a wave of monstrous energy. The entire restaurant began to tremble.

A long roar sounded, and a frantic gale was raised. The black cloud condensed, forming a youth. He descended outside the palace and then walked inside with large steps. His fighting aura surged.

“Black Cloud Race’s expert!” Everyone knew that he must have came here after receiving a report.

“You were the one that injured my clansmen just now?” When the youth saw how young Shi Hao was, his eyes revealed a blazing radiance. Killing intent seethed from his body.

Shi Hao did not have any good impressions of this race. They were trying to find clues about him through Huo Ling’er to interrogate him. They truly viewed themselves too highly.

“You’re wrong, it’s this grandpa that taught them a lesson.” The big red bird spoke.

The youth immediately became surrounded in black smoke, as if it reflected his mood. He erupted with killing intent, and black symbols diffused everywhere. He was like a supreme demonic god, making the entire palace hall tremble.

“One of the Black Cloud Race’s geniuses!” Everyone immediately understood that this was definitely one of the rising geniuses of the Black Cloud Race.

The big red bird trembled inwardly. This youth was extremely powerful, and right now, it definitely wasn’t his opponent. Those fluctuations made its heart beat frantically. It would be hard for it to defend against this attack.

Shi Hao stood up and looked at the lump of black smoke. “You dare to make a move against me?!”

“By humiliating my clansmen, you will naturally receive punishment. It doesn’t matter who you are!” The Black Cloud Race’s genius coldly laughed as he spoke. As he spoke, black symbols interweaved, forming streaks of electricity as it surrounded Shi Hao.

In just a split second, the palace with a great formation carved on it shattered. The fluctuations of this energy were too powerful, making the entire palace hall shake.

“So powerful! The geniuses of the Black Cloud Race are astonishing after all.” The creatures here all sighed with admiration. They were worthy of being heroes of their clan and could look down on everyone else. They were definitely well-known figures in their generation.

Shi Hao released a cold snort. His aura suddenly erupted, as if he was a dragon waking up from a deep slumber. He shot out a look of disdain. The energy that was released left everyone incomparably terrified.

There wasn’t a single person that wasn’t in fear. How could this individual not be known? He was definitely a supreme youth that could match the two Stone brothers.

Lady Qianqian’s intelligent eyes flickered with multicolored light as she stared at Shi Hao’s back.

Shi Hao walked forward. He was like a divine king. The entire palace was locked down, neutralizing the danger that threatened its destruction. He looked down at the unique youth in front of him. When his first step descended, the other party already couldn’t help but retreat.

At the same time, the black mist dissipated. The black cloud race’s genius couldn’t help but shudder. The blood in his body was surging chaotically and his flesh was in great pain. It was as if he was going to split apart from the pressure.

When Shi Hao’s second step descended, blood flowed out from the mouth of the expert from the black cloud race. He staggered backwards. His unsurpassed aura from before was about to be crushed.

When Shi Hao took his third step, he couldn’t stop himself from coughing out a large mouthful of blood. His body immediately flew out of the palace. He suffered a severe blow from this attack.

Everyone was horrified. What kind of power was this? The rising genius of the black cloud race couldn’t even stop three of his steps. His superior aura was crushed just like that, and his body was blown backwards with blood spat out. It was just too horrifying.

Shi Hao continued to take steps forward. However, he collected his aura and left the magnificent palace just like that. He did not pay the other people here any attention.

“He’s so young, yet he possesses such an unrivalled might. Apart from the two Stones, the Wasteland Region actually has such a dazzling hero?!”

“This… He is comparable to the little Stone!”

The creatures from outside this region all sighed. They felt that the youth was extremely dazzling and almost invincible. Everyone woke up, and they suddenly raised their heads.

“He… could he be the little Stone?!” When this sentence was spoken, everyone became shocked. They all rushed towards the palace gate, but that youth had already disappeared.

Lady Qianqian spoke in a soft voice, “That person definitely won’t find an opponent in his generation. His eyes are already set on the older generation.”

Everyone was deeply moved. No one in his generation could keep him in check. That was most likely the smaller Stone making an appearance!

This uncertain news began to travel outwards, immediately creating an uproar in the surroundings. However, they didn’t receive any confirming news in the end, leaving many people unsatisfied.

Several days later, the Fire Nation princes came out from her seclusion. She invited the various races from outside this region to the imperial courtyard. There were too many people knocking on her door normally, pestering her beyond endurance. She prepared to end it once and for all.

“Did that fellow really make an appearance?” Huo Ling’er said to herself. She had also heard the small news, and that was one of the reasons why she held this gathering.

The imperial family courtyard occupied a large amount of space. There was a small bridge, flowing water, palace balconies, and everything that should be here. The scenery was extremely elegant.

“So many people came?” Huo Ling’er frowned. It was supposed to be a small gathering at first, but she never expected all of the experts from outside this region to come.

“The people from the Immortal Mountain have come. This is an immortal inheritance that cannot be provoked.” Someone said softly while looking forward. There were two middle aged males that brought a few youngsters over.

“Yi, is that fairy Yue Chan? Western Paradise Sect and Sky Severing Sect sent people as well. What is going on? Why are so many important figure from these great sects here?” Everyone became shocked.

“Did you guys not hear? After a year and a half, the little Stone might have appeared again.” Someone said in a low voice.

The little Stone from the battle between the two Stone brothers was coming? This information immediately stirred up a huge commotion. Many suddenly understood why these heroes from outside the region came.

Everyone had a feeling that there might be great waters brewing. Once the little Stone emerged, who could contend against him? This was the most discussed topic for more than a year. If he emerged, the Fire Nation Capital would definitely erupt into disorder.

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