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Chapter 400 – Overbearing

Who was this youngster? What kind of background did he have? The current situation baffled quite a few people. The bird on his shoulder was enough to send the Flaming Bull expert flying.


A long roar sounded. Outside of the palace door, by the jade steps, the expert that had been struck on the mouth revealed his original form. It was an enormous bull that was entirely blood red in color. It was suffused in a fiery light as it rushed towards the palace.

The horns of the massive bull were bright red like blood and sparkling with light. They were incredibly sharp as well. It directly charged at Shi Hao. Even though the hateful bird was the one who attacked him, he was going to get even through Shi Hao, because he was the bird’s master.

“That bull really has a one-track mind, crying and hollering in my direction. Should I change my tastes? Recently, the food has tasted rather bland. How about I get a good meal out of this fat cow.” The big red bird said.

With a xiu sound, it flew outwards. Its entire body was black, and it was like a black sun as it swooped down. Its sharp claws quickly enlarged; this was another one of the small abilities that he obtained from Second Baldy.


Sparks flew everywhere as one of the big red bird’s claws struck against the bull’s horns. Resounding noises rang through the air. An expanse of symbols appeared, and the other claw struck towards the bull’s head. Rainbow colored divine light began to flicker.

Resplendent symbols blossomed. The big red bird’s claw seemed like it was going to hack through the other party’s skull, giving the Flaming Bull a great fright. It immediately lowered its body.

This bird was just too formidable, leaving the Flaming Bull completely shaken. It felt like the other party’s divine strength wasn’t that profound, but for some reason, it couldn’t avoid any of its attacks. Regardless of whether it was the wings or those claws, they all possessed some kind of spiritual nature that made them accurately land on its body.

“Flying Phoenix Claw!” In the distance, the young Feather Race expert with emperor blood revealed a deep divine radiance within his eyes. His aura immediately erupted as he stared at the big red bird with astonishment.

“What? That’s the divine ability of the phoenix – Flying Phoenix Claw?” Some people cried out in surprise from the side.

Quite a few people revealed looks of shock. As long as the technique was tied to the True Dragon, Divine Phoenix, and other creatures of that level, even if the technique wasn’t complete, it would still be formidable and possess shocking might.

Techniques belonging to the Archaic Vicious Ten, even if they were only fragments and extremely damaged, would still possess great influence. It would even be enough to allow a sect to quickly flourish.

Flying Phoenix Claw was naturally one of the formidable precious techniques that the Divine Phoenix passed down. Only, this kind of divine technique had been lost in transmission since the ancient era and was no longer being passed down.

“It’s extremely damaged and can only be considered a small divine ability. However, there is still a few interesting mysteries within it that are worth studying.” Someone said in a low voice.

“Little calf, you better remember this grandpa’s words and behave yourself. Otherwise, I’m going to eat you,” The big red bird let this creature go and flew back to Shi Hao’s shoulder.

When everyone heard this, they all felt that this bird was truly unbridled. This tone of voice was definitely not something that ordinary people could match.

Shi Hao didn’t say much and continued to walk forward towards Lady Qianqian. He was not affected by the conflict at all.

The experts from outside this region all revealed looks of astonishment. They all felt that this youth wasn’t simple. The bird alone was already formidable, so the owner definitely had to be much more so.

“Wait a moment!” A cultivator from the Black Cloud Race opened his mouth and walked over. “Was that precious technique the Flying Phoenix Claw?”

“Is there a need for me to tell you?” The big red bird show him a look of disdain.

Many people watched quietly. After all, even though the Flying Phoenix Claw was a damaged precious technique, there were a few shocking symbols inside. If they were refined, they could become extremely precious.

The faces of the experts from the Black Cloud Race became overcast.. He wanted to talk to Shi Hao, because in the end, the big red bird was just a pet raised by the other party. If he could only talk to this bird, then it would be lowering his own status.

“Friend, you seem to be a bit too self-confident. I am talking to you.” The expert from the Black Cloud Race spoke. His eyes did not show good intentions as he stared at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn’t even pay him any attention. He had already heard that there were several experts from the Black Cloud Race who wanted to find out his whereabouts from Huo Ling’er. They wanted to bring him back for interrogation; wasn’t this a bit pompous and overbearing?

“You dare to ignore this grandpa, it seems like your mouth also deserves a few slaps.” The big red bird revealed a vicious glint. It had never been of particularly good character; to be more precise, it wasn’t some good bird at all.

“Friend, the Flying Phoenix Claw is tied to my race. It is a divine ability that one of my clan’s supreme experts grasped. I want to ask how your bird was able to obtain it?” The Black Cloud Race’s expert continued to press forward.

“You truly have no sense of shame. Just a guy that’s randomly emitting black smoke, yet you want to say that this precious technique is your clan’s precious technique. Are you trying to get it because it’s righteous or something? Your reasoning is too stupid.” The big red bird mocked.

The expert from the Black Cloud Race released a cold snort. When he saw that Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention, he brought out a precious technique. A haze began to spread outwards.

Scarlet multicolored light flickered within the big red bird’s eyes. A wing quickly slapped over to scatter the black smoke, but it found that the haze didn’t scatter at all and continued to surge forward.

“Do you really think that obtaining some odd bits and pieces of the Divine Phoenix precious technique would allow you to do whatever you wanted? It’s just some small dao!” The black cloud expert sneered. Black smoke began to surge, and not only did it surround the big red bird, it was trying to suppress Shi Hao as well.

Suddenly, fiery light was scattered outwards. Not only were there the divine flames of the Vermilion Bird, there was also another type of divine radiance. They were also obtained from Second Baldy. They were currently being released from the big red bird’s mouth. It immediately set the black smoke aflame, creating chi chi sounds.

The expert from the Black Cloud Race moved backwards. Half of its body was set aflame.


Immediately after, the big red bird stretched out a wing, similarly striking the mouth and sent him flying back to the jade steps below.

“Friend, you are a bit too arrogant. By using the vicious bird to inflict harm, are you looking down on us?” Several experts from the Black Cloud Race stood up at the same time and moved forward.

Everyone revealed strange expressions. This race was truly not good to provoke. They had formidable figures among their ranks. Endless years ago, their ancient ancestor had even fought against the Western Sect’s master and displayed a part of the Divine Phoenix’s precious technique. His divine might was matchless.


The big red bird’s entire body shone, and dazzling scarlet multicolored light bloomed from its pitch black body. It shone like a resplendent sun, exuding a terrifying might that seemed like it could destroy the nine great heavens.

This even left Shi Hao shocked. It seems like Second Baldy’s background wasn’t simple, and the small abilities he passed onto the big red bird weren’t ordinary at all.

The creatures from the Black Cloud Race all backed up and were scared stiff. Their faces paled. This was truly a type of humiliation. That youth hadn’t spoken a single word from start to finish, and just the bird alone blew all of them back.

“Don’t provoke this grandpa. If you don’t hurry up and make yourselves scarce, I’ll pile you all up into a mound!” The big red bird said.

At this time, Shi Hao had already arrived in front of Lady Qianqian and paid the proper etiquette as a cultivator.

When those from the mysterious region first saw him come over, they all bore hostility. However, after seeing the ‘crow’ on his shoulder display its might, they all grew apprehensive and didn’t dare to act recklessly.

However, these people were still a bit unresigned. Lady Qianqian was one of the mysterious region’s top ten beauties and was extremely well known. Her status among the younger generation in particular was extremely high.

Yet right now, a youth from the wasteland region actually wanted to worm his way into being friends with the mysterious region’s pearl and have a chat. This was like a direct provocation towards these young experts that were ‘protectors of their flower’.

“It seems that I have yet to ask this brother for his name.” Lady Qianqian spoke. Her pure white jade-like face carried a soft smile. She seemed to be a bit curious about this rather powerful youth.

“I remember! He is… That Bird Grandpa from the Void God Realm. He is on extremely good terms with the small Stone!” Suddenly, someone spoke up, as if he suddenly woke up.

“What? It was the shameless duo?” Someone cried out in shock. However, he shook his head again soon after. Bird and Coin grandpa weren’t that young.

“It’s definitely him. The bird on the shoulder has the same morality and conduct. As for age, it could naturally be covered up in the Void God Realm.” Someone made this deduction.

Shi Hao didn’t express any opinion. His face carried a faint smile.

“I have heard previously that the lady is a heavenly beauty with magnificent style and talent, a moon within the mysterious region. Today, I am able to see that it was a well-deserved reputation.” Shi Hao flattered.

Everyone loved to hear praises, especially a beautiful girl, as they naturally liked hearing other people compliment their beauty. However, Lady Qianqian only smiled lightly and said, “This brother praises too much. I do not dare claim to be as such.”

“I am particularly interested in the mysterious region and hear that there are many famous mountains, temples, and hidden treasuries. I’ve always wanted to visit it for myself…” Shi Hao started a conversation. He wanted to learn about the mysterious region’s great powers.

Lord Qianqian didn’t know where he came from, but she didn’t speak rudely. “The mysterious region is truly divine earth. No one knows just how many great experts rose from this place, the Western Sect’s foundation lies there. In addition, there are remnants of the Vicious Ten, as well as the Immortal Mountain. If this brother wants to experience it for himself, there are many miraculous things to search for.”

The two began to chat, and both of them had smiles on their faces. They seemed to be on rather good terms.

Right at this time, the palace’s doors were blasted open, and several young experts walked in. They were all rather extraordinary, and one of them had a particularly impressive appearance. A head of purple hair scattered down on his shoulders, and streaks of cold lightning shot out as he opened and closed his eyes.

His physique was sturdy, and divine splendor flowed from his pores. There was an explosive force to his body, as well as a type of unruliness. “Who are you? Even someone like you dares to sit next to the lady? Get lost!”

Everyone became speechless. This was just too overbearing and tyrannical!

Even Shi Hao revealed cold light from his eyes. Ever since he left the village, he hadn’t encountered someone who berated him like this yet. This fellow was ridiculously unbridled and aggressive.

The big red bird was also stupefied. He was speaking to the devilish brat like this? In the past, there had never been such an egotistical person like this. Those that dared to behave rudely were eaten, not to mention those who were unreasonable like this fellow.

Only those of the mysterious region shivered inwardly. They were well aware of this person’s shocking identity. It was precisely Lady Qianqian’s cousin that was known as a madman. They were all extremely fearful of the strength behind this individual.

After all, rumor had it that he was an important descendant of an important figure in the Immortal Mountain. His character had always been like this as well, extremely overbearing. The younger disciples that saw him walking around in the mysterious region would always avoid him, since they weren’t willing to provoke him.

The Immortal Mountain was comparable to Western Paradise Sect. It had an extraordinary status and possessed an extremely terrifying inheritance.

However, this sect did not stretch across multiple regions, and its numbers weren’t great. Its important figures rarely made an appearance in the outside world, and the sect did not expand outwards. However, it was still ranked above many of the great sects of the various regions.

Recently, this young man had always been chasing after Qianqian, so now that he saw a youth sitting next to her, chatting in such a joyous manner without even trying to cover anything up, he immediately became hostile, telling Shi Hao to get lost.

“Did you not hear him?!” Someone said from the side, and it was clear that this youth was trying to ride the momentum.

“You all are finished!” The big red bird cried out.

Shi Hao glared outwards, and his body erupted with a berserk aura in just a split second. Several individuals felt their blood and qi swirling uncontrollably within them from the pressure and backed up in retreat. Apart from that one youth, they all coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

Everyone became shocked. The master of that crow was formidable after all!

“You are the one that’s finished!” The youth shouted.

Shi Hao released a cold snort and reached out with a large hand. Symbols flickered, and with a honglong sound, it suppressed downwards. He caught him with a single movement and then began to violently give him a beating with pi pa sounds.

The cultivators from the mysterious region were all horrified. This youth had provoked a great disaster. He actually dared to beat the mouth of that person! Quite a few people in this palace might get caught up in this.

It was because they knew that the the Immortal Mountain was fiercely protective of their people. Even though they didn’t have many people, they were all shocking experts. The reason this youth was able to act so domineeringly was became no one dared to provoke him.

“You…” The youth shouted angrily.

Shi Hao reached out and pointed at the place between his brows and probed his sea of consciousness. In that instant, he understood a lot. He suddenly understood why he dared to act so overbearingly.

“So it seems like you are from the Immortal Mountain. Even though its numbers aren’t great, they are an ancient land that rivals the Heaven Mending Sect and Heavenly paradise Sect.” Shi Hao laughed coldly.

Soon after, him mind trembled again, because he received another extremely important piece of news. After his grandfather the Great Demonic God entered the mysterious region, he ultimately entered the Immortal Mountain.

“What?!” Shi Hao was greatly shocked. The Immortal Mountain might have been connected to his parents.

He carefully probed this youth’s sea of consciousness, and his face continuously became overcast. This arrogant and tyrannical fellow might even have an extremely faint blood relation to him.

This truly was an unexpected harvest. Just now when he was chatting with Lady Qianqian, he was just beating around the bush. Wasn’t information on his parents what he truly wanted to know? He never thought that he would be able to obtain such important clues from this domineering youth’s body.

“You dare to act against me…” When the youth was released, he glared at him angrily with vicious eyes.

“Who do you think you are? I’m going to discipline you properly in your parents’ place!” When Shi Hao finished speaking, he pulled him over and began to slap his face repeatedly. The sounds that were released were extremely ear-splitting.

Everyone became dumbfounded. Did this youth go crazy? Was he trying to get himself killed by the Immortal Mountain?!

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