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Chapter 399 – Gathering of Creatures from Outside the Region

The Fire Clan’s former guardian spirit took root here, and at the base was a pair of Vermilion Bird wings that formed a door. Inside was the ancient Holy Emperor’s golden coffin which blocked the entrance to a cave.

How could anyone not be shocked by this scene? Shi Hao broke out in cold sweat. He felt like he had just stumbled upon a great secret.

“The Fire Nation is quite unordinary. Rumor has it that several great sects allowed their disciples to enter the Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds to search for something.”

“Could it be a secret to becoming a true deity? Even if there is such a thing, it probably wouldn’t be in the ancestral grounds.”

A few young experts from outside this region were talking among themselves. They didn’t seem to be scared of anything.

Shi Hao was startled. Were the words of these people reliable?

There were a few who entered the luxurious palace and sat down and began to discuss a similar topic. However, the things they talked about were completely different.

“In my opinion, these great sects are looking for the source of the impending calamity. It is entirely likely for it to originate from this Fire Nation.”

These words left many puzzled. Up until now, not many people truly understood the implications of the great disaster and why it was going to happen.

Shi Hao took a deep breath. He made his final attempt to see past the golden coffin into what lay inside the cavern.

He put in all his effort. The divine individual’s eye shone, and then turned into dao patterns, merging together with him. His sight immediately pierced through the space in front of him.

Not only was the divine being’s eye trembling, even Shi Hao’s own eye was in pain. Blood trickled out from his eyes. He circulated his divine force to the extreme, since he really wanted to see the truth inside the cave.

Finally, he was able to see a blurry outline of what lied behind the golden coffin. The ancient tree was deep and immeasurable, as if it was connected to an ancient world.

A hazy mist wafted about. He saw what appeared to be a ground full of corpses as well as many ruined weapons. It seemed like a boundless and gloomy ancient battlefield.

However, in the blink of an eye, those things concealed themselves again. Holy radiance surged violently, and it was as if he was back at the Kun Peng nest where that gate of light was. Mysterious energy swirled about.

“Yi, Lady Qianqian arrived, one of the mysterious region’s top ten beauties! She is an extremely well-known figure in the younger generation.” Someone muttered with a fiery expression in his eyes.

Shi Hao had already completed his probing. When he looked outwards, he saw a young girl. It was precisely the beautiful creature from outside this region he saw when he had just entered Fire Nation’s capital.

She was clearly not of the human race, since there was a rhombus shaped imprint between her brows. Apart from this, there was also a pair of jade horns on her forehead that seemed like dragon horns. They were quite short, and they flowed with radiance around her hair. It gave her an additional unique sense of beauty.

Apart from this, her stature was not much different than that of the human race. Her appearance was extremely gentle and beautiful, however, from time to time, a sharp glint would emerge from her eyes.

“Mysterious Region?” A flash of light flew past Shi Hao’s eyes, because he knew that his own parents had entered the mysterious region. In the end, his grandfather also went there.

He really wanted to know the circumstances of that region, but rarely do creatures from that region enter this one. This time, cultivators from more than one region entered the wasteland region.

There were a few people around Lady Qianqian, and they were all quite powerful. It was clear that they were all well-known figures from the mysterious region. They picked a table and all sat together.

“Lady Qianqian, I’ve heard that your genius older cousin has had success recently and has returned from the western sect. Did he not come to the wasteland region? Based on his character, after hearing about the battle of the two Stone brothers, he definitely would’ve come!”

Many people trembled inwardly. Even though he was accepted into the Western Sect, he didn’t seem like someone from a sect like this at all. Every time he came down from the mountains, he would always challenge others. He was full of vigor, and it seemed like he would challenge whoever he saw. He was an extremely terrifying individual.

Rumor has it that he cultivated the Vajra Unbreakable Body and has reached the absolute peak with his physical body. He always plowed through his enemies and rarely suffered defeat.

The Western Sect was also known as the Western Paradise Sect. It was on a level similar to the Heaven Mending Sect and Sky Severing Sect. It was known as an immortal inheritance and crossed over several regions. The Vajra Unbreakable Body is one of their great secrets, and those that were able to obtain such an inheritance were all rather formidable.

“He probably came,” said Qianqian. Her hair scattered behind her. Her eyebrows were rather light, and when she smiled, it was as if a flower was blooming.

Many people were shaken after they heard this. Those from the mysterious region all knew how strong that madman was. He was someone that they never wanted to meet.

The mysterious region was an extremely great region. Not only was the territory that it covered vast, it was a famous place where numerous great heroes emerged from. The foundation of the Western Sect was in this region.

“It’s just a madman. He can only show off in the mysterious region.” Someone said this in an extremely cold voice. It immediately made the atmosphere more tense.

There was actually someone who dared to speak like this, as if they weren’t worried about that madman at all. That person’s strength was definitely unordinary. Everyone looked towards a jade table and saw that there was a single person sitting there.

His appearance was ordinary, and he didn’t seem to exude a particularly terrifying aura. He seemed like a human, but he definitely wasn’t, because behind him was a pair of pure white wings. Above his head was also a shining halo.

“A feather race expert with imperial blood!” Someone gasped. This was a rarely seen figure within the feather race, one with blood that surpassed the king blood. When he grew up, he would most likely become the race’s lord.

What region did he come from? Many people were making their speculations, for the feather race was a large race. Its members could be found in each major region, so if the race truly united, their power would be terrifying.

The people from the mysterious region looked over and stared at him. The expressions of those by Lady Qianqian’s side were all unpleasant. The atmosphere was a bit tense.


Right at that moment, the palace doors were pushed open forcefully by a few individuals. Several individuals entered, and their expressions were overcast. They didn’t seem to be too happy.

“Yi, it’s actually the flood region’s creatures. From the looks of it, they definitely paid the princess a visit but only ended up before a closed door.” Someone muttered this, because this wasn’t the first time such a thing has happened.

Recently, the Fire Clan’s Huo Ling’er had been pestered like crazy. There were many people who wanted to find the ‘little Stone’ through her, so in the end, she had to refuse everyone and disappear from the public eye.

“What is so special about her? Isn’t she just the princess of some human race? The wasteland region is finished. Let’s see how much longer she can remain arrogant for!”

The expressions of these creatures were downcast and full of anger. They weren’t humans, but they were currently in humanoid forms. Black air seethed from their faces.

“The wasteland region is finished. In the future, the Fire Nation won’t even exist anymore. At that time, this princess or whatever would be the same as a single stalk of grass!”

They were extremely angry. Their words were cold, and waves of killing intent seeped out from them.

Someone recognized that these were Black Cloud Race experts from the flood region. They possessed the demonic earth’s black cloud force. They now took human forms, and every single one was strange and powerful!

When the flood region was mentioned, everyone thought of that black cloud demonic earth. It had produced an unequalled expert, and this individual even fought his way into the mysterious region to fight against the old sect master of the Western Paradise Sect.

From the ancient times until now, just how many were there that dared to provoke the Western Sect? The monkey, and a few of the Black Cloud Clan’s supreme experts from endless years ago were probably the only ones reckless and daring enough to slaughter their way into the Western Paradise Sect.

“Could it be that you all still want to fight against the smaller Stone brother?” Someone asked while looking at the Black Cloud Race’s experts.

“Heng!” One of the Black Cloud Race’s experts snorted and said, “We don’t care about him, but there are people from our race who want to talk to him.”

Everyone revealed strange expressions. They had heard that the Black Cloud Clan was becoming richer and more powerful by the day. In recent years, they produced several formidable geniuses, and it was likely that these were the people who wanted to test out the little Stone.

“These creatures from outside this region are just too domineering. They are incredibly disrespectful towards our wasteland region.” Someone muttered. There were naturally quite a few human experts here.

“The wasteland region only has the Archaic Divine Mountains that have some kind of backing. However, during the great disaster, they will probably close their gates. As for the humans, they are truly weak…” A creature from the mysterious race shook his head.

Quite a few people agreed with these words, and quite a few of them were humans from outside of this region.

“If the humans here were like fairy Yue Chan or the witch, then those characters definitely wouldn’t suffer from such contempt. Currently, there is only that little Stone, and we don’t even know if he is dead or alive. Could it be that he truly died within that decisive battle, disappearing from this world?”

“Regardless of whether it is the bigger or smaller Stone, if they are still alive, a single finger would be enough to crush you all to death!”

Someone said this in a low voice. It wasn’t clear where this voice came from, making it hard to find out who it was that said this.

Shi Hao became speechless. This definitely wasn’t him boasting about himself. When he wanted to find out who it was that said that, the voice had already been cut off.

“Truly arrogant! You actually dare to show off in front of us. If you have the strength, then come out and fight!”

By coincidence, Shi Hao had just walked out from the private room. He wasn’t trying to face off against these people, but instead to head towards Lady Qianqian’s area to ask about the mysterious region’s situation. He wanted to see if he could get any information about his parents.

However, in those creature’s eyes, Shi Hao seemed like he was provoking them. Someone got up as soon as he finished speaking and even walked over. It was as if he was accepting his challenge.

“Good, you have guts, actually walking out. Do you want to fight it out against me?” This creature was seething with anger, and his eyes were cold.

“Your spiritual awareness seems to be a bit lacking. I wasn’t the one that spoke. You’ve got the wrong person.” Shi Hao shot him a glance and said these words.

Everyone became speechless. This human brat seemed rather wimpy, but weren’t his words just now a type of contempt? Was he mocking the senses of the expert from outside this region?

“You… are too arrogant!” This creature from outside of this region had a pair of fiery bull horns on his head. Even after changing forms, he still had this trait from his clan. It proved that he belonged to the Flaming Bull bloodline. Even his temper matched his race, he was easily angered.

Shi Hao naturally didn’t bother paying him any attention. He walked with large steps over towards where Lady Qianqian was.

“Don’t take another step!” The face of the young expert from the Flaming Bull race fell. He reached out towards Shi Hao’s shoulder.

“Are you looking for a beating?!” The big red bird that was napping opened his eyes. Currently, his body was entirely black like a crow. When it saw the hand descend, it angrily widened its eyes.

With a hong sound, a pair of enormous wings reached out, creating a sharp pi pa sound. The big red bird directly slapped this Flaming Bull Race expert in the face. It was extremely loud and clear.

Everyone became dumbfounded. It was just a crow, yet it was so domineering. It gave a creature from outside this region a slap on the mouth!

“Don’t provoke me, or this grandpa will beat you until you will wish you were dead!” The big red bird sad arrogantly. His heart was jumping wildly, because it never expected that the few methods that Second Baldy taught him would be so precise. It didn’t miss, since the other side couldn’t dodge at all.

“You… should die!” The Flaming Bull expert was about to rush forward. It was so angry that its entire body was shaking.


The big red bird was extremely straightforward. A wing that was seemingly formless sent the Flaming Bull expert flying out of the palace. It struck cleanly against his mouth.

“Second baldy was that powerful? He taught me a few tricks before leaving. If I knew how strong he was before, I would have made him spill everything!” The big red bird was extremely regretful. These were the few ‘small abilities’ that Second Baldy taught him before leaving Stone Village.

The creatures from outside this region were all shocked. Who was this person? Even the bird that he raised was so powerful. What about himself?

“Don’t irritate this grandpa, or else I’ll beat you all to death!” The big red bird swept his gaze through all the cultivators here.

The creatures here were all petrified. They were just looking down on the humans of the wasteland region, yet this kind of youth appeared. The bird he raised was already so arrogant and powerful to a ridiculous level. It made many of the creatures here go crazy!

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