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Chapter 390 – Chaotic Magical Artifact

The divine disk shone with six different colors and released a hazy chaotic mist. It confined the space around it, as if it was going to shatter everything. It was so powerful that the laws of heaven and earth became unsteady and the order of this place became chaotic.


A beam of light flew out from the disk towards the domain embodiment. This light was powerful to the extreme. It made the space around it sink in, and it was as if this disk was changing the laws of this place.

Everyone’s faces were pale as they cried out in shock, especially the supreme experts, who felt an even greater chilliness creep down their backs. How was producing this amount of power possible? It actually destroyed the order of this place!

It was just too strong, far surpassing the amount of power that was allowed here!

The domain embodiment’s face became ugly as he quickly backed up. This strike was aimed at him, and should it hit its target, it would truly be too horrible to even think about. Even though he was the enforcer of this place, he still had to avoid this attack.

“Too unreasonable and excessive! Who is this person? Why would he ignore the rules and laws of this place and try to kill the domain embodiment?” Many people became rather scared, and there were a few experts who were even dumbstruck. They simply couldn’t understand the reasoning behind these actions.

This was a madman! He wanted to kill the domain embodiment and destroy the laws binding the Void God Realm together, affecting this ‘Spiritual Transformation realm’ region. This place was going to be completely broken through.

After all these years, no one had ever heard of this kind of person. The things he did were just too excessive and incomprehensible!


The beam of light swept past. That area quickly grew dim, as if space-time was being damaged. The domain embodiment’s expression was ugly as he barely avoided the attack. However, the people behind him got caught up in it and immediately turned into ashes.

“It’s practically impossible to defend against! Even if a supreme expert were to face this attack, they would still most likely die!” When everyone fled that area, their bodies went cold. A layer of goose bumps covered their skin.

Following a honglong sound, the divine ring in the sky shook. Chaotic mist shot out towards the domain embodiment’s location. The scope of this attack was tremendous, and it inflicted an extraordinary amount of pressure.

Many people felt a chill run all the way down their bodies upon seeing this scene. What kind of magical artifact was this? Even primal chaos emerged, which made their souls shake. This was definitely a supreme treasure.

This kind of thing had only been brought up in legends and stories and was practically nonexistent in the real world. They never expected that they would be able to witness it with their own eyes.

When the supreme experts understood a bit more, they became even more shocked. When they carefully thought about this, they realized that this kind of precious artifact shouldn’t even exist in the real world. At the very least, it shouldn’t have appeared in the mortal realm.

It was because based on their understanding, even their ancestors that had ultimately become gods or devils did not have this kind of magical artifact. They simply couldn’t refine such a thing.

This kind of precious artifact was only a legend even to gods and devils!

With a wenglong sound, the primal chaos surged over. The domain embodiment immediately released a loud cry. Even though he quickly moved out of the way, a part of his body still made contact with the mist. Even though it was just a thin layer of mist, it made his body shake violently. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood.


The domain embodiment shouted loudly. His entire body erupted with light. These were the profound mysteries of the laws. It was as if a divine case was opened and the most resplendent radiance was released to push back the mist.

The domain embodiment’s body greatly trembled. He quickly backed off. It was as if he had seen a ghost, and quite a bit of color was gone from his face. After moving several hundred zhang away, he looked at the mysterious male and the divine ring in the sky. It was clear that he had suffered quite a blow.  

“Who exactly are you?!” His mind was greatly shaken. He was only a will of this world, representing a type of order, yet someone could actually injure him.

When everyone heard these words, they all began to tremble with fear. Just how terrifying was the male in the mysterious flames? Even the domain embodiment was injured. This was like something out of a fantasy.

“Me? I’m just a free and unfettered cultivator. I like to collect heavenly beauties, and I also like to collect all types of precious techniques. Today, I want to seize the god essence,” said the male in the divine flame.

His voice was very loud, making the heavens shake. Everything rumbled, as if thunder had sounded. The entire sky was resonating in response, making many people’s expressions fall.

If this was before, everyone would have felt that he was just being arrogant, but now, not a single person doubted his words. He first wanted to capture the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy, then, he was going to kill the domain embodiment. These tasks were just too ridiculous.


A streak of light flew out. The divine disk in the skies trembled again and interweaved with symbols to destroy everything in its way.

The skies trapped a group of people, and they couldn’t escape at all this entire time. They brought out precious artifacts to defend against this murderous light.

In reality, this streak of divine radiance wasn’t aimed at them but rather still towards the domain embodiment.

“You dare!”

The domain embodiment shouted loudly. His two hands formed an imprint to bring forth powerful energy that collided with that streak of light, and a tremendous noise sounded. All types of laws and profound mysteries emerged, causing this place to explode.

The light was obstructed, but the domain embodiment still breathed deeply, and his chest violently fluctuated.

Everyone became petrified. This youth was just too terrifying! With this kind of heaven defying method, was it able to harm even the domain embodiment?

“Seizing the god essence… there is actually someone who dares to do such a thing!” In the distance, an elder’s eyes revealed endless bewilderment. He was completely shaken.

He wasn’t the only one. There were a few rather aged cultivators who were feeling fear. This type of event had happened before in the ancient years, where there were those who dared to challenge the domain embodiments. It was truly heaven defying.

However, these people were too rare. They were all insurmountable and unstoppable figures who possessed strength that was utterly ridiculous.

“How is he going to seize the god essence? What is he going to do?” Some people didn’t understand. Their voices were trembling as they asked their elder supreme experts.

“The Void God Realm was forged from the essence energy of many deities, so it naturally contains the laws of deities. The domain embodiment is a will of this world and contains ancient and profound laws of order. By killing the domain embodiment, they are removing a portion of his core, equivalent to seizing the deities’ profound mysteries.”

Everyone became stupefied. The domain embodiment was the reflection of the laws left behind by the deities. Killing the domain embodiment and stealing his imprint was the same as acquiring a portion of the deities’ profound mysteries.

The experts were all astonished. What was this mysterious male planning? This was too heaven defying! He was going to fight against the spiritual law left behind by the deities and even seize their power! This was truly a rare sight.

“How could there be someone like him? Is he truly able to break apart even the spiritual world constructed by deities? He’s not pushed back in the least, isn’t he too powerful?!”

Everyone was somewhat unwilling to believe how powerful this mysterious male was. He surpassed all of the legends.

“He is extremely powerful, but he is not like how you all imagine him to be. No one can seize god essence without any restraining fear. He is relying on that divine disk. I believe that it is a magical artifact that would terrify devils!” An old supreme expert sighed while speaking.

Everyone began to ponder over whether this was truly the case. The main thing was that the magical artifact was too heaven defying. Otherwise, how could he have forced back the domain embodiment? This divine disk circulated with primal chaos. Forget about the wasteland region, it was rarely seen even in the entire mortal world.

“Yue Chan, wait for me to seize the essence first, then I’ll look for you. The two of us will be inseparable. How great would that be!” The male in the divine flames laughed heartily.

Right now, no one thought that he was overly arrogant and instead felt that he had the power to back himself up. Only those powerful enough would act this conceited.


The divine disk shone again. It rumbled as it moved and released several divine chains that looked like beads placed on top of a divine thread. This terrifying attack shot towards the domain embodiment.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. This was the materialization of the law’s evolution, and it was going to suppress the domain embodiment.

The domain embodiment’s face became downcast. His two hands formed an imprint, and all types of symbols rushed forth. They were as brilliant as the sun, moon, and stars as they densely filled the sky. The entire sky began to tremble and violently sway.

“I will carry out the law in the place of the deities — die!” The domain embodiment shouted.

The laws of this world erupted. Terrifying energy began to diffuse and fill the air. It was as if he turned into a deity as he controlled this place.

This strike was similarly terrifying. Those symbols rushed forth and collided with the divine disks, causing what seemed like a flame to burn fiercely and vigorously. The entire sky began to shake and distort.


The domain embodiment coughed out blood. Even though he was the incarnation of the laws of this world, he was not much different than a flesh and bone person here. After sustaining injuries, blood flowed from the corner of his mouth in an extremely lifelike manner.

Meanwhile, this time, the body of the male in the divine flame also shook. The scarlet, fiery light within his eyes seemed to dim a bit. He was also injured; after all, this was an attack from a will of this world.

The only thing that didn’t change was the divine disk. It continued to shine brilliantly like an eternal sun as it floated in midair. The dazzling object continuously released chaotic multicolored light.

“Heavens! He injured the domain embodiment! He is too powerful. Is he trying to defy the heavens?”

“He truly is quite strong, but it’s not enough to crumble the Void God Realm. What’s truly heaven defying is that primal chaos disk. It could shatter a portion of the laws put in place by the deities!

Everyone sighed in admiration. They now realized just how incredible the shining disk was. It was seizing the natural energy of this world to produce great power!

The male in the divine flame coughed out a mouthful of blood. He sighed and said, “It seems that it is still lacking a bit! Continue the sacrifice!”

Following his shout, miserable screams sounded from the crowd. Several pure-blooded creatures received an order, and a slaughter was unleashed, turning many figures into bloody mists.

These were all members of his followers. After receiving the order, they began to kill large numbers of cultivators. They became sacrifices for the disk swirling with primal chaos, allowing it to display even more might.

These pure-blooded creatures were naturally powerful and could easily sweep through large numbers of enemies. Even if supreme experts faced them, they might not necessarily win.

In just a moment, bloody mists surged. These sacrifices were all devoured by the chaotic magical artifact, making its power flourish even greater.

“You dare!” The domain embodiment shouted. He knew that his opponent was going to use this to defeat him, so this was what he had to stop first. He exerted the power of his own laws to banish several pure-blooded creatures.

“You are only a domain embodiment. Even though you are quite strong, expelling people in front of my magical artifact still isn’t enough. I fear that this won’t end well for you unless the domain lord comes.” The male in the divine flames said softly.

Everyone stared blankly for a moment, and then they gasped. The domain embodiment wasn’t the most powerful enforcer, and there was another domain lord? This was still only the wasteland region!


The domain embodiment revealed his power. All types of profound mysteries danced about, shaking this world. Streak after streak of auspicious lights emerged, hacking outwards to kill the male in the divine flame.

Following this strike, both sides coughed out a large mouthful of blood. Just like before, the magical artifact within the primal chaos was unaffected, continuing to float in midair.

“Freak! We are looking at someone straight out of a legend!” Everyone was both shaken and shocked.

During the ancient era, there were naturally people who dared to challenge the domain embodiment, but who here could have possibly witnessed such a thing? This had all happened too many years ago. However, there was someone doing this exact thing right now.

“Domain embodiment, stop struggling already. I can already tell that the divine mysteries of this place share karma with me. Why don’t you just let me borrow it for a bit?” The male in the divine flame spoke after spitting out a mouthful of blood.

This was just too overbearing! For the sake of cultivation, he dared to behave so atrociously in the Void God Realm and seize the profound laws left behind by deities. This was simply beyond normal reasoning!

At this moment, fairy Yue Chan stopped in the distant skies. She had a jade sword in her hand, and her eyes were moving about. She had finished her preparations for the great battle.

Other than her, there was also the witch whose beauty surpassed all others. After breaking free from her battle, she stared at this place, ready to make her move at any time.

“Everyone, if we want to share this delicacy, we need to pay the price. Let’s all take action together.” The male in the divine flame laughed as he spoke. Even though he coughed out blood, he was still arrogant and self-confident.

Shi Hao stood on the beast skin in the distance. His eyes flickered with divine light as he calmly waited for the result.

“By behaving like this today, in the future, you will never have the chance to enter the Void God Realm again!” The domain embodiment’s eyes were cold.

“Where I cannot enter is just the wasteland region’s Void God Realm, or rather, just the region you control. I can still do whatever I want in the other regions. Today, I will seize the essence of this place!” The male in the divine flame shouted.

He then bit the tip of his tongue. Blood continuously flowed towards the divine disk, allowing it to shine even more brilliantly. Its body began to gradually emerge.

Ancient and profound patterns were carved on its surface, as if they had emerged from the dust after endless years had passed. The magical artifact’s original form was revealed.

“Yi, it is only a damaged horn!” Everyone was shocked. It was not complete, but rather only a single horn. Only a sixth of its original form was left, and the rest were all supplemented by the light it emitted.


The male in the divine flame coughed out blood. He used his own blood essence as sacrifice to revive the chaotic disk. A streak of divine light that was practically unstoppable was released. It immediately drew a large cry from the domain embodiment.

Everyone became shocked. The domain embodiment was sliced apart, dyeing the skies red with blood. How world-shaking was this precious artifact? They had never seen such a thing within the ancient records.

At this time, the small pagoda in Shi Hao’s hair swayed. It seemed to have sensed some kind of pressure, and a bit of primal chaos began to diffuse outwards.

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