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Chapter 389 – Targetting the Domain Embodiment

When these words were spoken, everyone became shaken. Had the Sky Severing Sect sent out their people? Moreover, it was this bizarre witch whose identity was comparable to fairy Yue Chan!

This naturally left many people worried, especially the supreme experts who spoke just now. This was a great conflict between great sects! Even though their origins were great, if they were caught up in this, it would only spell out trouble.

Shi Hao was actually this exceptional, involving himself in the struggle between these two great sects and making the Sky Severing Sect personally show themselves. If anyone dared to take action, they truly would think twice before doing so.

The demonic witch had bright eyes and white teeth. Her magnificent style was unmatched, and her physique was extremely alluring. A beautiful pair of long and slender legs moved back and forth, drawing out a figure that was extremely moving.

“Little Stone brother, your wounds aren’t light. You should just leave together with me,” the witch said. Her black eyebrows were curved and her pupils were intelligent. Within her red lips were sparkling teeth, and there was a type of spiritual influence to her.

“It’s not that bad, I’m still okay and can walk by myself. After all, this kind of life and death struggle is a good way to sharpen myself.” Shi Hao laughed and expressed his thanks.

Everyone became fearful. This fellow was too strange! He was clearly suffering from serious injuries and about to die. Did he really consider this kind of fight a test?

These experts were naturally experienced, and they naturally now saw that this heaven warping youth had extraordinary backing. While fighting life and death battles against supreme experts, he could actually still laugh so casually.

“Is there anyone else that wants to have a go?!” Shi Hao shouted.

Everyone became stupefied. Was he being serious? He actually issued the challenge himself. What was he trying to do? Was he really not scared of dying here?

In reality, Shi Hao actually did suffer from great injuries. Not long ago, he had still wanted to flee and carve out a path of slaughter. However, he now realized that this was a chance to completely release his potential. By exhausting everything he had, he could actually gain many benefits.

You have to understand that normally, he would always overpower his enemies. Where would he find any suitable opponents? In the Fire Clan ancestral ground’s Holy Emperor Palace, he encountered the Wall of Gods and Devils, which made him ecstatic.

And right now, there was a group of creatures worth fighting with everything he had! This was definitely a rare opportunity.

Of course, this wasn’t him rushing to his death. He still had some confidence, because when he killed Grandma Xihua just now, he obtained that Void Beast Skin. It could allow him to travel unobstructed through the void!

Thus, he no longer feared anyone here. He treated this place like a slaughterfield. He was going to fight this bloody battle to its end!

It had to be mentioned that the witch was just too sharp. She was extremely intelligent. From Shi Hao’s eyes that were filled with battle spirit, she sensed a type of confidence and arrogance and immediately understood his intentions.

“Since that is the case, everyone, please continue. My Sky Severing Sect will back off.” She giggled. Then, in a straightforward manner, she directly flew through the air like a bright and beautiful spirit.

Everyone became stupefied. The witch left just like that, not willing to stay here for even a moment longer.

“Do you think you can just leave?!” Suddenly, a black-gowned individual appeared from the darkness and rushed murderously towards the witch. A large black hand reached into the sky.

At the same time, several indistinct figures appeared. They were all powerful figures with outstanding strength.

The source of their power did not mainly reside with their bodies, but rather in the great formation that was laid out. They were going to trap the witch here, leaving everyone horrified. They could all feel that this was a divine formation!

“Yi, you guys also followed me into the wasteland region. Are you trying to kill me with this? However, this is the Void God Realm, so it’s not as easy to take advantage of me. You all might just die here instead.” The witch was amazed when she recognized who they were.

“Do you think there is no one left in our Sky Severing Sect?” Right at that moment, there was an aged voice that sounded. Two figures appeared and directly broke into the formation to assist the witch with attacks.

This place erupted with action. A battle involving great formations broke out. Both sides continuously brought out formation flags.

“Divine Formation, this… is worthy of an unrivalled great sect. Even such an item was brought along.  Should they decide to participate in the wasteland region’s impending chaos, it will definitely lead to great disorder!”

Everyone was frightened. These unrivalled great sects that crossed over several regions truly deserved their reputation.

“Who is still unwilling to give up? Come here and fight! I’ll help you cure your mental illness!” Shi Hao challenged. Everyone felt that this was truly too arrogant when they heard his words.

There were a few supreme experts whose faces fell ashen. Their expressions became sullen. This was just too overbearing! This fellow was taking the initiative to challenge them, completely flipping everything around. He wasn’t even running anymore.

There were a few people whose hearts became cold. This youth’s natural talents were exceptional, and he was already so powerful. If he wasn’t killed right now, then it wouldn’t be good for them in the future.

“Since he is asking for it, then let’s kill him together!” Someone spoke hiddenly for everyone to take action.

“Fine, let’s kill him!” The ones that took action just now were all supreme experts. These were all figures with great influence, and being provoked by this younger generation youth made them furious.

A sky-shattering sound rang through the air. A few indistinct figures appeared. They hid their true appearances and began to unleash a great slaughter!

In that instant, lightning and thunder erupted and ill winds howled angrily. This place exploded into action again. The male in the divine flame and fairy Yue Chan were fighting a great battle high up in the air, the Sky Severing Sect’s witch was fighting some mysterious individuals in the distance, and nearby, Shi Hao was fighting intensely against the supreme experts.

This place began to clamor with noise, and shouts of murder rang through the skies.

“Youngster, you really don’t know when to back off. The Sky Severing Sect had already decided to defend you, yet you didn’t grasp the opportunity and instead flipped out here. Many people would be wronged if you didn’t die today.” One of the elders spoke deeply.

“Old thing, just now, you were the one who jumped out and asked me to let Grandma Xihua go. Now, you came again, but to die. Don’t think that you are safe just because you hid your appearance. In reality, I wouldn’t care less who you are when I kill you!” When Shi Hao finished speaking, he disappeared from his original location with a sou sound.

“Yi!” Everyone became shocked.

With a hong sound, the skies were blasted apart. Resplendent rays of light filled the air. Shi Hao stood on top of a piece of ancient beast skin while using his divine abilities, blasting that elder outwards. He immediately coughed out a large mouthful of blood and nearly died tragically.

“Void Beast Skin!”

Everyone’s hearts began to jump violently. This was Grandma Xihua’s item, so how was he able to use it immediately after obtaining it? This kind of strange beast skin should carry mysterious and profound symbols. At the very least, one had to thoroughly comprehend it before using it.

“How are you able to use it immediately after refining it?” That elder asked in a weak voice.

“Who am I? I’m a heaven warping supreme being!” Shi Hao laughed coldly. His voice was extremely domineering, and it also carried confidence. It left everyone speechless, however, inside, they were trembling a bit. This fellow truly seemed to have comprehended it thoroughly.

This piece of beast skin was extremely ancient. It had never been refined into a precious artifact, and instead, the symbols left on top of it were used for its ability to move through the void.

As Shi Hao stood on top of it, his body and dao merged together to move it. Not only was his natural talents astonishing, it was also because he had once came into contact with the Fire Emperor’s beast skin.


As the beams of light extinguished, Shi Hao once again pierced through the skies. This made everyone shiver inwardly. This was too bizarre! They didn’t know who he was going to attack next!

“Ah!” The elder that was seriously injured released a miserable cry. Shi Hao appeared once again, and he directly used the Kun Peng’s power to break through the precious techniques protecting him. He was shaken to such an extent that his entire body began to crack and coughed out large amounts of blood.

“Everyone, move together! Hurry and kill him! I’m trying to stall him. Everyone, join hands and quickly eliminate him!” The elder shouted loudly, hoping for the others to take action and help him.

Shi Hao burst into action. Even though his face was pale from blood loss, he was still incomparably tyrannical. He was like a human-shaped dragon as he soared across the air and brandished his fists. He used his precious techniques to attack everyone.

Everyone hurriedly rushed over to offer their assistance. They wanted to use this chance to exterminate this youth.

However, the end result did not end up the way they wanted it to. With a hong sound, the elder was blown apart alive by Shi Hao, exploding in midair. Then, a scarlet Soul Shattering Needle flew out, piercing through the true spirit.

“What?!” Many people cried out loudly, revealing signs of fear. This fellow was too savage and worthy of being known as someone who angered gods and humans alike! He directly killed the supreme expert.

It was hard for this place to quiet down again. Everyone was greatly shaken, and an uproar immediately erupted.

Without a doubt, the wasteland region was going to be greatly affected. It was just a single day, yet not only was the dual-pupiled individual killed, several supreme experts fell in succession as well. This was just a great disaster!

Shi Hao, merely a thirteen-year-old youth, actually possessed such great battle accomplishments! He was definitely an uprising glorious and world-shattering figure!

His rise to power was truly done so by stepping over the blood and bones of supreme experts and outstanding talents. It was just too astonishing. Everyone’s hearts were moved, and they continuously trembled.

“This should be enough!” Suddenly, a cold voice sounded, and changes happened in the skies.

The male within the divine flame became incomparably cold as he released an enormous strike. It was the six dao reincarnation divine ability. Six types of precious techniques flew out at the same time, shaking the heavens and moving the earth as it pushed back fairy Yue Chan.

In addition, a mysterious magical artifact was placed by him into the heavens. It began to devour essence energy from all sides. The individuals that died, especially the bloody mists of the supreme experts that died were sucked up.

“What kind of precious technique was this? Is it going to destroy this place?” Everyone cried out loudly. This magical artifact was too formidable, unexpectedly making the heavens unstable and throwing the laws of this place into disorder. The sky was on the verge of exploding.

Even the supreme experts were astonished. They all raised their heads to see what was going on. Their hearts all began to shake.

What was especially frightening was that the magical artifact continuously grew, covering the skies. Only now did they notice that it resembled an incomparably terrifying divine ring.

“Not good, this thing is beyond the limits of our comprehension. It is a heaven-defying divine object that releases chaotic energy! Too terrifying!” A supreme expert cried out in horror.

“What?” Even Shi Hao was shocked. He could see that an indistinct divine disk covered the sky. Strand after strand of primal chaos flowed outwards to suppress this world.

At this moment, even the small pagoda in his hair began to sway, as if it was producing some kind of reaction.

Fairy Yue Chan’s expression changed. She quickly flew in retreat to break free from the space surrounded by this divine disk. She separated herself from the battlefield with an overcast look on her face.

The others were all horrified and felt as if judgment day had arrived. They scampered off in all directions, and even supreme experts were no exception.

However, they were still a bit late. A few individuals were blown apart and turned into a bloody mist before entering that divine disk. Even though the number of people wasn’t great, it was still extremely terrifying.

“What is going on? What is he going to do?” Someone cried out.

Even the supreme experts were frightened. They felt that this individual was too scary. He actually brought out a precious artifact like this! It greatly affected the stability and atmosphere of this place.

“Stop!” Right at that moment, the domain embodiment shouted loudly. His face was ashen and as ugly as it could be.

“Hehe, too late!” The male in the divine flame laughed coldly. He glanced over at fairy Yue Chan in the distance and said, “You are my woman, but right now, there is something major that I have to take care of first.”


The disk smashed downwards, surrounding the domain embodiment.

Everyone became astonished. They never would have expected that the target was actually the domain embodiment! After all, the reason they were able to come to this place was because of the domain embodiment.  

Everyone was about to go crazy. This was too unreal! There was actually someone who dared to rebel against the Void God Realm like this! Were they trying to defy the heavens? He was trying to kill the domain embodiment!

Before this mysterious individual came, everyone had the impression that he was arrogant and conceited, but now, they realized that he truly had the strength. His aggressive behavior was not without any backing!

At this moment, many people were stupefied.

Everyone felt that either they weren’t thinking clearly, or that person was crazy. No matter how ridiculously crazy one was, one still shouldn’t try to kill the domain embodiment!

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