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Chapter 381 – Generous Reward

The dual-pupiled individual was killed just like that. Everyone seemed to have become completely petrified. The stronger and the weaker Stone brother had been decided, and the battle had ended!

They had looked forward to this for so long, and the moment had truly arrived. The spectators sank into a state of silence. They were all incomparably shaken. The dual-pupiled individual that was so powerful was killed just like that.

During the ancient years, the dual-pupils were known as an undefeated legend. There was simply no one in this world that could kill such an individual. They were unequalled, yet in the end, such a legend had been shattered today.


This place erupted with noise and action. The crowd’s voices flooded this area and engulfed all directions.

“Yi, wait, there is still an eyeball at the scene displaying its radiance!” One of the individuals there cried out in shock, drawing many people’s attention.

Within the ashy-brown battlefield, there was an eyeball rolling on the ground. It then turned into a streak of lightning and flew towards Shi Hao. It erupted with resplendent light, and with a peng sound, it exploded.

All types of symbols began to flicker about, and a dazzling rain of light scattered out, as if they originated from the void. Shi Hao released a muffled groan as several bloody holes were opened in his body.

Everyone became frightened. Everyone knew how powerful Shi Hao’s body was, yet it was still pierced through. Blood trickled outwards, proving just how horrifying this attack was.

Even though the dual-pupiled individual had fallen, the eyeball he left behind was still absolutely shocking.

Only now could the battle finally be considered to have ended. Shi Yi was killed, disappearing from the Sky Battlefield. Apart from the blood that dyed the ashy-brown battlefield red, there wasn’t really anything else left behind.

After a wave of silence, the Sky Battlefield became clamorous again.

News quickly travelled in all directions. There were many who weren’t able to come here and witness the fight, so now that the battle finally ended, great aftereffects would naturally ensue.

As expected, the entire Void God Realm was shaken. All parties were stunned, and every sect was left with indescribable shock.

“Heavens! The natural born deity-like Shi Yi was killed! Is this real? You have to know that he has dual-pupils!”

“It truly is hard to believe. The naturally blessed Shi Yi has lost! The entire wasteland region will be shaken because of this. A legendary youth has fallen!”

“It was the younger Stone brother that reigned victorious. This generation will now belong to him, and from here on out, he will embark on a glorious and unmatched path to greatness. He will force back all enemies in this world!”

The Void God Realm was in an uproar. Everyone from all directions was shocked.

When news traveled back to the real world, it caused many great ancient countries to become chaotic. After all, not everyone entered the Void God Realm, so this shocking news swept past like a hurricane.

It had to be known that this battle drew the attention of countless people. It wasn’t too much of an exaggeration to say that this battle shook the entire world. Every part of the wasteland region was discussing the shocking fight between the two Stone brothers!

In reality, as news was quickly travelling outwards, the Sky Battlefield had not yet calmed down. The waves of commotion did not end, and were instead quite fierce.

The ashy-brown battlefield was formed from meteorites and carved with the symbols of gods and devils. On top stood a single youth whose body was stained in blood. His injuries were severe, but not a single person dared to show contempt for him. They all gazed at him with reverence.

The battle between the two most powerful youths in the wasteland region had ended, and the victor was the true unequalled youth. His future was incomparably great, and he would forge an undefeated legend. Even the dual-pupiled individual was killed by him, so just how great would his future accomplishments be? No one could predict such a thing!

“Disturbing the Sky Battlefield in my presence, you all truly do not know the difference between life and death!” The domain embodiment released a thunderous divine might. He was utterly furious.

He moved to where the Demonic Spirit Lake’s people were and stretched out a large hand. It covered a region, and those within all released horrified cries. They found it hard to defend themselves, and all of them were trembling.


The hand covered the sky. The domain embodiment’s enormous hand surrounded this group of individuals and then slowly closed.

It was as enormous as a mountain.


These individuals all exploded. They turned into lumps of bloody mist, obliterated by the enormous green hand. These were all experts that had cooperated in the golden spider hair attack, and all of them were now dead.

The golden spider’s expression was ugly. He turned into his human form, and at this moment, veins were popping on his forehead. His eyes were red, and his fists were tightly clenched. In the end, however, he endured his rage. If he dared to act presumptuous here, then he would probably be killed.

The domain embodiment was a will of the Void God Realm. He was in charge of this pure land and possessed ultimate power. How many people dared to defy him? Doing so would bring about their end.

In the olden days, there actually were people who dared to do so, but the great golden spider was definitely not one of those people. He was not that bold.

The domain embodiment swept his chilly gaze over the crowd. Not only were two of the Sky Battlefields broken, there were people who dared to recklessly disturb the great battle, making him furious.

However, in the end, he did not find traces of the Heaven Mending Sect, because that forbidden artifact was extraordinarily strange. It did not leave behind any clues.

Within this entire battlefield, Shi Hao was probably the only one who knew that it was precisely Grandma Xihua’s people that took action, since he was the one that personally experienced it.

Shi Hao stood quietly within the ashy-brown battlefield, silently adjusting his breathing and tending to his injuries. This battle had caused him to pay an enormous cost, one that could almost be considered a half-defeat.

This was the first time he had encountered such a difficult battle. If Shi Yi had continued to fight him with his dual-pupils, then it would have been even more difficult. He didn’t know just how much blood would be lost then.

In reality, many people were feeling deeply regretful, especially those supreme experts. They had hoped that the dual-pupiled individual would reveal its greatest profound mystery so they could see just how stunning it was.

From the past to the present, the profound mysteries of the dual-pupils were always known as unmatched. Those that tried to fight against them were all killed, giving them an illustrious reputation.

They finally had a chance to witness it today, but Shi Yi did not have the chance to display it. This truly was unfortunate.

Shi Hao stood without moving for a long while before finally sitting down slowly. It was because his injuries were too severe. Just now, he didn’t dare to move recklessly in fear of being taken advantage of by others, and only now did he feel a bit better about doing so.

His entire body shone. His injuries closed and his bones joined up again, but he did not have the dual-pupils’ natural abilities to immediately recover. He simply temporarily stitched everything together.

To kill Shi Yi, the younger Stone brother paid an equivalent cost. At the very least, there were eight or nine bones that were broken. There were even gaps in his inner organs that needed to be healed.

However, his vitality was still astonishing. Soon, his blood essence began to roil and surge like a great sea. It surrounded his body and made him shine brilliantly.

“This is too ridiculous. His body is powerful to such a ridiculous degree! Apart from his bones which can’t immediately be restored, he has practically fully recovered, right?” Everyone watched with stupefied expressions.

The Sky Battlefield was in great commotion. There were some who were happy, and some who were depressed. There were even some who were cursing. All of them were feeling something different.

“He chose to use the supreme being bone, but was beaten to death in the end without even the chance to display the profound mysteries of the dual-pupils. Yi’er died unjustly!” Shi Yi’s relatives grieved. A deity-like youth had been slain in battle. For them, it felt as if the entire sky had collapsed, and all hope had been lost.

On the other side, the golden spider didn’t say a word. His face was downcast. This truly was ‘trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice’. The losses were disastrous.

The order to use their ancestral secret artifact was given by him, yet in the end, it caused over ten of his clansmen to die. A large vacant area had been opened up behind him. He was forced to choke back his fury.

“Golden spider brother, I wonder if you invitation is still in effect?” Some of the supreme experts that did not get along with the demonic spider ridiculed.

“Heng!” The golden spider snorted. Before the battle, he sent out invitations to the Archaic Divine Mountains’ supreme experts to hold a celebration, for he assumed that Shi Yi would win. Now that there was this kind of result, he might as well have slapped himself in the face. He was utterly humiliated in front of all these people.

“Yi, what is that in the sky? There is some kind of divine object descending,” someone cried out in alarm. Multicolored light flickered in the heavens, creating a brilliant expanse of light. There were spheres of light descending.

“Reward. This is the Void God Realm’s divine object. Those that are able to enter the Sky Battlefield will all receive its blessing, and the victor will naturally obtain even more.”

Meanwhile, stone tablets appeared in all parts of the Void God Realm. They were sparkling and translucent with characters flickering about them, informing the rest of the world about everything that happened.

“It’s… the bronze book fragment! There really was such a rare treasure!” The crowd’s eyes were full of envy. Even the supreme experts were watching carefully.

Soon after, everyone became stupefied. This truly was the copper divine book, moreover there were three pieces at once! It truly made everyone jealous. This was an invaluable precious technique!

Shi Hao had obtained five pieces previously, so now together with this, he had a total of eight pieces. In the past, everyone had still thought that piecing together all ten was still too far way, but now, it was almost complete! It was within reach and on the verge of succeeding!

“Once the ten pieces join, the bronze precious book is known to produce a supreme archaic precious technique! It might be something left behind by the archaic vicious ten, or it might be something only second to that. It is shocking enough just to think about!”

When someone spoke these words, it immediately raised a huge commotion.

Shi Hao was extremely happy. This battle was extremely bitter, but it was truly worth it. When he stood up, he staggered a bit. His wounds were severe and impossible to immediately heal.

He gently touched the three pieces of bronze books with his hand. The crude sensation and faint luster gave him great satisfaction. This signified a supreme precious technique.

“Originally, only two pieces were going to you, with the third left for Shi Yi. However, he has died in battle.” The domain embodiment spoke.

This battle had thrown heaven and earth into chaos, leaving him greatly shocked. The two youths had destroyed two Sky Battlefields, and the Void God Realm had bestowed a truly generous reward.

Everyone was completely silent, with even the discussions gradually fading away. They gazed over passionately, some with rather undisguised greed.

Shi Hao was gravely injured, so this was amazing opportunity. He carried eight pieces on him, making him practically a divine treasury. This naturally was enough to make some want to take the risk.

“This might be an opportunity. His heavy wounds are difficult to heal. If several supreme experts take action at the same time, then it will be hard for him to survive!” Someone muttered.

“Is it time for me to make my appearance?” Within the divine flames at the horizon, a youth with fiery light burning inside his pupils said inwardly. He carried an austere aura that seemed to even shake the heavens.

The pure-blooded creatures behind him trembled. They all acted respectfully and didn’t dare say too much, for they knew that an extraordinary storm was brewing!

“Young miss, be careful. That individual has appeared!” Grandma Xihua cried out in alarm.

Fairy Yue Chan seemed to have sense something. She gazed toward a certain direction, and her charming jade-like face revealed a different expression momentarily.

This place was going to become chaotic. Not only had the heavenly talents from beyond this region appeared, there were even supreme experts who were going to make their move.

“The bronze precious book is descending. This is an auspicious omen, one that is worth seizing!” The golden spider said to himself. Killing intent appeared on his face. If he took action now, it should no longer be considered interference.

At this moment, he looked towards a few of his old friends in hopes of getting them on his side. However, he discovered that some of the supreme experts had long been moved, and their eyes were blazing with passion.

“Elder Zhong, find a way to take action. We cannot allow the bronze precious book to fall into that youth’s hands! He refused our sect, so our paths will be different in the future. He will most likely become a great enemy in the future!” Grandma Xihua said in secret. A vicious light flashed through her eyes.

As Shi Hao sat within the battlefield, he sensed a few malevolent intents. However, he did not fear. His eyes flickered with light. If anyone dared to take action, he didn’t mind unleashing a great slaughter!

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