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Chapter 374 – Pupils’ Might

Dark light burned fiercely. The black light seemed like a hellflame from the netherworld as it burned furiously with an annihilating power. The space around them began to distort, as if it was caving in.

This left everyone horrified. What kind of horrifying force was this?!

Flames were shooting out from his eyes. What kind of terrifying sight was this? When the spectators saw this, they all began to feel anxious. Their bodies all went cold.

This was the first time the dual-pupiled individual revealed his natural divine might. It truly was terrifying.

Shi Hao shifted his body. Originally, he was going to give chase and continue his attacks to greatly wound this little big brother of his. However, this unexpected event forced him to dodge instead.

The dark light was truly rather terrifying. Once it flew out, it was like a flowing stream of light. When it smashed into the distant faint gold railings and cornerstone that was even tougher than precious artifacts, they were all blasted to ashes.


This was the unanimous opinion of everyone here. This dark light could obliterate anything, making even the Sky Battlefield unstable. A large portion of the railing surrounding the cornerstone was even destroyed.

This time, the two individuals separated to two sides. Following an intense blast, the stage finally quieted down, becoming momentarily peaceful.

However, the atmosphere became even more tense. The two individuals were extremely stunning! They were talents rarely seen since the ancient times, and as geniuses of the wasteland region, who could claim to be their equal?

The battlefield was in a state of silence. The people who were previously discussing passionately had now quieted down, and they were all silently watching. They all knew that a storm was brewing, and that once another fight broke out, it would be even more intense!

The dark light from Shi Yi’s right eye receded. His eyes became hazy, as if the mist of primal chaos filled them, making them difficult to see clearly. Meanwhile, his left eye lit up, becoming clearly different. It immediately caused everyone’s mind to jump.

The pupil turned silver, and a pure white radiance began to flow out like water. It surrounded him, making his body radiate with splendor.

At the same time, a powerful wave of vitality blossomed. It was as if they had returned to the start of the world. Everything was in luxuriant growth, and the natural force of the world was surging.

At this moment, everyone noticed a shocking truth. Shi Yi’s injured shoulder began to release a flourishing light. Symbols covered it densely, and it was absorbing the thriving spiritual essence.

At the same time, his chest began to ring with gabeng gabeng sounds. His bones began to undergo rebirth!

“What? That’s too heaven defying! His injured body was restored immediately. What kind of eye is that? It actually possesses such a divine might! It’s simply ridiculous!”

Cries immediately sounded at this unbelievable scene. The power of the dual-pupils was just too powerful! They could actually allow one to instantly recover their injuries!

After thinking about it, everyone began to shiver inwardly. Didn’t this mean that Shi Yi had an immortal body? If they fought like this, wouldn’t it mean that he would never lose?

Shi Hao did not move and did not use this chance to attack first. Instead, he watched Shi Yi calmly to feel the power of the dual-pupils.

In reality, he knew that based on Shi Yi’s nature, he was most likely waiting for him to fight back.

Just like that, the stage became calm. The pure white hazy radiance flowed about that area. Shi Yi’s bones released a loud sound, signifying that they had been completely healed.

This kind of result made everyone, including the supreme experts, shocked. They were all greatly moved.

“Good, good good. Yi’er won’t lose to anyone in this world. Continue fighting! Kill that little devil!” the golden spider said to himself. The Demonic Spirit Lake’s people completely relaxed.

On the other side, Grandma Xihua also sighed in admiration. She then became quite worried. The dual-pupils’ power was too mysterious and simply inconceivable. Could such a person really be suppressed? She couldn’t help but glance over at the flawless young lady at her side.

Fairy Yue Chan’s expression was calm. Her sparkling jade-white like face had a bit of shock on it, but also a type of indescribable feeling. However, she remained calm without any significant changes to her outstanding appearance.

“Alright, little brother, what are you waiting for? Don’t you know that opportunities should be taken? Come here and fight.” Shi Yi seemed extremely calm and collected.

Even though he had just suffered an injury just now, he still seemed to possess his elegant bearing. He appeared to be quite self-confident, making others feel as if he had never been scared and that everything was within his plans.

Following those words, his entire body erupted with dazzling light. Ancient symbols resonated with the world, as if they were bestowed onto this world by a deity. A layer of light surrounded this area.

At this moment, his aura became extremely terrifying and increasingly powerful. Everyone else couldn’t help but tremble!

“Do I need you to teach me?” Shi Hao did not show any weakness at all. On the contrary, his manner of speaking was extremely unyielding. Moreover, he directly dissolved his opponent’s grandeur and said, “You were the one injured by me!”

His words were concise, yet they were extremely forceful. His voice was extremely overbearing, even scattering the strange throbbing of the world.

“My good little brother, you are too conceited. If I told you that fighting without using my dual-pupils is the same as fighting with my eyes closed, would you believe me?” Shi Yi calmly said.

With this sentence spoke, all four sides were greatly shaken. Everyone became so shocked that their mouths widened. He was fighting with his eyes closed?

At this moment, regardless of whether it was the normal cultivators or figures like the sect masters, they were all experiencing a multitude of feelings. They were all greatly shaken. Was this a joke?

Shi Hao sneered and said, “Then open your eyes so you can clearly see how you are going to lose.”

Even though he spoke this way, he still knew what his opponent was hinting at. It was because he had obtained a divine being’s eyeball as well and knew some of its capabilities.

“Little brother, release all your tricks. Why don’t you hit me with everything you have? This is your only opportunity!” Speaking up to this point, the light in Shi Yi’s eyes began to shift. They erupted into two great flames.

In the next moment, his eyes became like a small sun. They were dazzling to the point of intimidating one’s soul. It was as if they were burning. If one looked carefully, they would see that they were beams of light made from symbols.

“Fight!” Shi Hao only had this one word. His entire body surged with essence energy and shot towards the heavens!

This battle will definitely go down in the records of history. The two individuals rushed at each other with auras that became even more magnificent. It was as if they were two human-shaped dragons as they collided in the air.


This time, they had just made contact when they backed up. It was because they were exhausting too much divine force at once, so they were both shaken until blood flowed from their mouths. They continuously took steps backwards.


Shi Yi’s eyes shone. Metallic sounds surprisingly sounded. His eyes were like the sun, blazing with golden light. It was so blinding that those watching began to shed tears; it was difficult to look straight at him.

“Let the hunt begin!” Shi Yi said softly. His lips carried a sneer that gave others shivers.

That kind of expression and manner of speaking was full of danger no matter how you looked at it. Everyone’s hearts were jumping, for they knew that the dual-pupils were about to reveal their power.

Shi Hao shuddered a bit, but he was not scared.


In what seemed like just a moment, the two individuals fought intensely once again.

Unexpectedly, Shi Yi’s pupils did not reveal any heaven defying power, and merely dazzled. They shone like two small suns.

Only Shi Hao, who was within the battlefield, could feel that things were different. A strange energy was surrounding his body, making it so that he couldn’t hide anything from those eyes.


Shi Hao’s body moved. All of his joints moved together, sounding as if dragons were crying and tigers were roaring!

A purple imprint appeared within his arm. All five fingers curled with electricity, and then ten stars began to circulate; a strange scene was being produced!

“What is that?” Everyone became astonished, but they could only ask this question. It was because Shi Hao’s speed was too fast and he had already taken action.

That palm quickly enlarged, and ten stars circulated within it. Rumbling sounds rang out as lightning interweaved. It was as if a new world was being created.


Shi Hao flipped his hand over and slapped towards Shi Yi. This was the materialization of the Suan Ni’s precious technique. The spherical lightning was turned into stars and purple lightning. The power within his palm was the embodiment of profound mysteries.

Even though the Suan Ni’s precious technique was an archaic descendant’s, after undergoing this kind of transformation, it contained tens of thousands of different energies concentrated together. As a result, it became similarly amazing!


A golden streak of light filled the sky as Shi Yi shifted his body. There wasn’t a speck of dust on his clothes, making him look like an exiled immortal. He was just too fast.

A hong sound rang out. Enormous rocks collapsed, and the railings were broken. A large portion of the Sky Battlefield was blown apart, and the sky battlefield was almost destroyed by Shi Hao. The ten stars in his hand were all blasted apart, turning into a sea of lightning. The large golden boulders were destroyed.

The domain embodiment’s face paled. This kind of situation was just too rare. These two youths were ridiculously terrifying. They continuously destroyed the battlefield, making his face gradually more unpleasant.

“Little brother, you still aren’t good enough. Your speed is too slow.” Shi Yi’s voice was as light as a feather.

Everyone had long become stupefied. Shi Hao’s strike was just too powerful, but it seemed like Shi Yi was even faster. Even that palm of lightning that seemed to cover the entire world was dodged just like that.

Shi Hao knew that it wasn’t that he was slow, but rather that Shi Yi was using the power of his dual-pupils. It could break down every movement, making even lightning like speed become as slow as a snail.

Shi Hao laughed coldly and said, “Stop this cynical talk. Isn’t it just because of those eyes that you can slow down what you see? In my opinion, that’s a sickness, so let me cure it for you!”

With this sentence spoken, the crowd became completely petrified. This… he really dared to say anything! The smaller brother was truly daring, and his words were quite different.

“Xixi…” The witch’s laughed. She had been thinking this entire time. Her smile was so beautiful it could topple walls, and her eyes were like full crescents. Her snow white skin flickered with a sparkling luster, and her red lips were incomparably alluring.

Shi Yi’s countenance remained unchanged. While facing forward, he said, “Seems like you still have the temperament of a child with such a bad mouth. As your senior, I have to teach you a lesson!”

He took the initiative to rush over. He turned into an incredibly ferocious Bi’an that was absolutely tyrannical. The pair of golden pupils in particular seemed to understand the natural laws of life itself.

Shi Hao indifferently welcomed his attack.


This time, both individuals exchanged several moves quickly in an incomparably fierce manner. The entire Sky Battlefield began to rumble and shake from the chaos. Countless terrifying symbols floated about.

Shi Hao faced an incredible inconvenience, because with Shi Yi’s dual pupils activated, he could see through his changes. His movements were slowed and easily stopped.

Without mentioning the dual-pupils’ other abilities, just this strange power alone was enough to shock the world and leave others helpless.

During this battle, at each crucial point, Shi Yi would always be able to neutralize Shi Hao’s killing blow. Moreover, he could inflict a heavy blow himself at the same time, leaving Shi Hao in a terrible situation.


In the end, Shi Hao suffered a palm to his chest. He was blasted backwards, and his body smashed into the light gold railing. Only then did his flight stop. He coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Shi Yi had an indifferent smile on his face. With each step, the light in his eyes shone brighter. Everything in this world, from the grass to the trees, had their speed greatly slowed in his eyes.

“My good little brother, try again!” This time, his body became golden, releasing a precious splendor. His appearance was holy and dignified, as if he was a divine Peng lord when he swooped over.

Shi Yi used the Great Golden Peng’s precious technique, making himself even more terrifying. His speed was increased to the limit. His palms and fingers became golden, and they ferociously descended.

This was clearly an attack to remove Shi Hao’s head!

The light in Shi Hao’s eyes flickered. He had already thought about how he was going to deal with the dual-pupils way of reducing his speed to that of a snail, and it might even allow his speed to increase further.

When he saw that the opponent was using the great Peng’s technique, Shi Hao’s body illuminated, displaying the speed of the Kun Peng. He turned into a divine rainbow and unleashed his ultimate blow!

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