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Chapter 358 – Wall of Gods and Devils

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The wall before him was extremely tall and grand. If he didn’t know that he was in the Holy Emperor’s Palace, Shi Hao definitely would have thought that he was facing a mountain cliff.

The entire structure was grayish without much color. Only an an ancient feeling of great change was left behind. The engravings on the stone gate were extremely lifelike, as if they possessed a soul.

Shi Hao pondered for a long time. He didn’t know what was behind the stone gate. He could almost hear the roars of beasts, giving him a rather unsettling feeling.

He leapt into the air to see just how tall this wall was. In the end, he saw a line of large text: Wall of Gods and Devils!

This startled him quite a bit. To have a name like this definitely meant that it wasn’t ordinary! Exactly what kind of place is this?

Shi Hao descended. He then began to observe the stone gates one after another, counting a total of one hundred and eight gates. Some of them were a bit special, such as those with engravings of the true dragon and Vermillion Bird. The gates were sealed shut and these images were carved out; he could not open the gates.

“These creatures are too powerful. It seems like there isn’t a true door, so the way is blocked?” Shi Hao walked back and forth a few times around this area. He did not actually take action, because he had a vague feeling that this place was rather dangerous.

He returned to the Pool of Rebirth and looked around. Huo Ling’er had yet to emerge from the cocoon.

As for the divine striking stone, it stared at him as if it was guarding against a thief. It guarded the mouth of the spring in fear of Shi Hao fighting over it again.

Shi Hao adjusted his body’s condition before once again returning to the Wall of Gods and Devils. He fiercely pushed open a stone gate. As soon as he did so, the feeling of the great wasteland immediately rushed out, as if he had returned to the ancient era.

He took large steps forward. The stone gate behind him suddenly closed with a guang dang sound!

Shi Hao was momentarily shocked. There was an enormous battle stadium. It was entirely black, as if its current appearance was brought about by dried blood.

It was precisely this battle stadium that gave off the terrifying feeling. It was as if this world had returned to the ancient era, and he was facing the fierce beasts of the great wastelands before a great battle.

By now, Shi Hao could also be considered a rather knowledgeable and skillful individual. He had never believed that the Fire Clan’s Holy Emperor would only leave behind things that could be used by his clansmen.

As for the battle arena, he noticed an enormous boulder with a few words on top. The things recorded on it were rather frightening.

“Wall of Gods and Devils, perished during the archaic era!”

These words were like stabbing knives. It gave him an ice cold feeling. What did this mean?

There were a few words on the bottom, but they were completely unrelated to those words. They didn’t explain anything and only made this battle stadium seem extremely terrifying.

This was a place to undertake a challenge. It warned the later generations not to enter recklessly, for this was a place prepared for geniuses with rarely seen talents.

“Only by making it through one hundred and eight challenges and succeeding could one earn the qualifications to tread on that path.”

This sentence was hiding a mysterious meaning.

Shi Hao was rather confused. What kind of path was this? He had a feeling that it was unrelated to the Holy Emperor’s Palace and was something extra. This wall was inserted by mysterious means.

“Could this wall be something that Little Red’s ancestors or the Fire Clan’s Holy Emperor brought in purposely to prevent too many people from participating?”

This place was rather strange, and he had many doubts. He felt as if this entire place was shrouded in thick fog. There was definitely a great secret hidden within this place, and he wasn’t sure if he should delve any further into it.

He laughed helplessly. He had already entered, so the decision had been made a long time ago. What was the point in hesitating now?

Shi Hao walked forward, entering the black battle stadium. As soon as he stepped in, he immediately heard the roar of desolate ferocious beasts. It was as if he was standing in the great wastelands.

Of course, this was a wasteland much more terrifying than any he had been to before. The black battle stadium was particularly large, and deep within, one pair of eyes after another lit up.


A ferocious beast rushed out. It was entirely crimson, and flames burned fiercely around its body. It revealed its snow white fangs as it viciously pounced over.

Shi Hao did not hold back and threw out a fist with enormous strength. Even the air around him began to vibrate.

This vicious beast resembled a ravenous wolf, only more ferocious. While surrounded in flaming symbols, the beast truly seemed formidable. It shifted its body and narrowly avoided the attack.

Shi Hao’s ferocious strength was infused within that fist, and the wind it carried was incredibly powerful. It was so powerful that the battle stadium began to rumble and continuously shake.

“Interesting!” He said to himself. He was surprised because one, the vicious beast had avoided his attack, and two, because the black battle stadium was incredibly sturdy. It could actually bear his strength.

It was worth noting that even if there was a stone mountain laid out before him, he would still crush it with a single fist. There was no chance of failure!


In the distance, roars of beasts sounded one after another in succession. Pairs of eyes opened and burned with radiance. They rushed out from the darkness towards Shi Hao.

This was an entire beast pack that did not only include ravenous wolves. There were also feathered tigers, flame rhinoceros, horned dragons, and other creatures. They were extremely different from normal. Even Shi Hao was startled, as the number of vicious beasts here was definitely not lower than a hundred.

For him, even if an individual had a cultivation realm a level higher than his, it still wouldn’t be a problem for him to kill at all.

However, before him was not one or two beasts, but rather a group. There were more than a hundred, and all of them were surrounded by terrifying symbols. When a group like this all rushed out murderously, it was truly scary.

In addition, there was order to this beast pack. There was a rhythm to their movements, and they formed a battle formation to become one body. When they grouped up together like this, it was definitely terrifying!

However, the more dangerous it was, the calmer he remained. So what if there were more than a hundred fierce beasts? Back then, he killed even more in the Northern Sea.


Shi Hao did not hold back at all. He used the True Primordial Record’s symbols in a simple and direct manner.

When his fist slammed out, it was as if tens of thousands of beasts cried out at the same time. A countless number of ancient beasts emerged one after another, and a divine radiance lit up this place. Pi pa sounds rang out as all of it entered the battle formation.

It was like cutting across a vast ocean!

This strike’s power was extremely great, directly cutting off the road path of those hundred or so beasts. After disrupting their rhythm, he soared into the air to slaughter his way through them.


A foot stomped down, and the air started to tremble. The ravenous wolf-shaped creature wrapped in scarlet flames bore the brunt of the force. It was extremely powerful and was even at the late-stage of the Engravement Realm, but it still similarly couldn’t stop Shi Hao.

This time, it could not avoid Shi Hao’s attack, because there were beasts everywhere. There was no way out. With a pa sound, the two collided. It released a howl before being blasted apart in midair.

With both unwillingness and despair, it turned into a rain of light.

“Created from dao symbols!” Shi Hao was extremely shocked. In the original location, a golden sheet of paper was set aflame, burning into ashes.

What kind of technique was this? It was truly astonishing! It wasn’t even just a normal symbol beast, but rather one that really was quite powerful. If it was released into the outside world, then it would also be considered an Engravement Realm expert.

There was actually someone who could create something with so much power just through symbol paper. This was definitely extraordinary!

Shi Hao slaughtered his way into the formation. He continuously released heavy attacks, slaughtering them one after another. Pu pu sounds continuously sounded, as if he was within a battlefield in the ancient era. He did not hold back in the slightest.

This place was extremely unusual, so he had to give it his all to quickly end this battle. Who knew what would happen after this?

He felt as if he had walked into a strange situation, so he had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, it was rather frightening. Every single vicious beast was made of a sheet of yellow paper. After they were killed, they would combust in midair into ashes. Just how terrifying of a skill was this?

You have to understand that every single vicious beast was at the Engravement Realm, yet they came from a sheet of symbol paper that was preserved from the ancient times until now. One or two was still okay, but there were over a hundred sheets!

It was evident just how heaven defying the creator was. This truly gave others a feeling of amazement.

Shi Hao was unstoppable. It was as if he had returned to the Kun Peng Nest in the Northern Sea. He unleashed a great slaughter and fought against enemies from all sides alone.

Finally, the vicious beasts numbering over a hundred were all killed. There were ashes all over the ground. All types of precious techniques had been defeated, none of which were able to harm him.

However, he didn’t celebrate his victory, because he was only battling against symbol paper.


Suddenly, an overcast roar sounded from the depths of the battle stadium. A pair of terrifying pupils filled with wildness and killing intent appeared, its aura pouring out like a tide.

Pure-blooded creature!

Shi Hao immediately became vigilant. He then waited for it in a serious manner.

Even though he was currently quite powerful, he still did not dare to treat this kind of creature carelessly. He needed to face it seriously. Who dared to claim that a creature who also broke through the limits did not appear here?

It was an extremely ferocious Violent Ape with a white head and bare feet. It was like a small mountain as it towered over ten zhang in height.

It walked over one step at a time. The battle stadium trembled and continuously released booming sounds. An enormous wave of killing intent covered heaven and earth as it poured over.


It was precisely an archaic Zhuyan! It was incredibly savage and was a master of killing. It was an extremely rare creature, and he never expected to encounter one here.

This creature was different from Hairy Ball. He now confirmed that Hairy Ball’s bloodline was unique, because it even had a dragon horn on its head, despite the fact that it hadn’t completely matured yet. Its head was also white and its body was entirely golden.

Ao… The Zhuyan roared and rushed over quickly in a ferocious and overbearing manner. It raised its fist murderously, bringing with it a wave of berserk aura. Symbols covered the sky, engulfing everything.

This was just too ferocious. It was simply impossible to block! Not even normal pure-blooded creatures would dare meet it head on!

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This was worthy of being an archaic Zhuyan, known as one of the most vicious creatures. Its physique was incredibly terrifying. It was an unrivalled existence even during the archaic years.


Shi Hao leapt up and raised his fist to meet it. He did not avoid this attack and directly faced it head on. As a result, it was as if a great earthquake occurred in this black battle stadium. An enormous explosion sounded, making the sky shake and the ground quake.

One large and one small, the two figures clashed in midair. An attack as overwhelming as this was truly stunning.

Between the two fists, lightning erupted. It was as if tens of thousands of golden snakes were swimming about as they rushed in all directions. All types of symbols flickered and flew in different directions.

Shi Hao dropped down, and the Zhuyan also descended. However, the latter retreated three steps with deng deng deng sounds. Every step made the battle stadium sway greatly.

Even though Shi Hao held the advantage, he was still shaken. This Zhuyan was too powerful! It did not split apart under his full strength. It was worth noting that even pure-blooded creatures could not block a strike from him at full power and would inevitably be seriously wounded.

“What a freak! You can actually use force to face a Zhuyan!” Right at that time, the divine striking stone appeared. It wobbled about as if flew over.

“You are familiar with it?” Shi Hao did not turn around.

“Back then, the Zhuyan clashed with the Western Sect, triggering major waves. This brought out the legendary sect master that had lived for seemingly forever, and only then was it subdued,” said the divine striking stone.

Shi Hao revealed a strange expression. This stone seemed stupid, but now from its words, it seemed like it actually knew quite a bit.

“Other than the seventy-two transformations the Zhuyan can undergo, its body refinement is also absolutely world-shattering. During the archaic years, it tore apart gods and devils and treated all the heavenly experts as food,” the divine striking stone said.

From its point of view, for Shi Hao to match the Zhuyan in terms of physical strength, he really was a freak among freaks. Not even the Western Sect’s unbreakable vajra body would be able to easily take on the Zhuyan.

“What kind of place is this exactly? Do you know? For some reason, I feel like this place isn’t deeply related to the Holy Emperor’s Palace,” Shi Hao asked the divine striking stone.

The divine striking stone hesitated, and then said, “This… you might have encountered a ‘pleasant surprise’. Normally, a wall like this won’t appear in this world. Defeat this Zhuyan first, then I’ll be able to confirm my suspicions.”

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