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Chapter 350 – Vermillion Bird

The tree trunk was thick and powerful, as if it was an old hibernating dragon. After Shi Hao climbed up, it felt as if the tree itself seemed to be breathing and all of its leaves had a pulse. There was a unique type of dao rhythm here.

Shi Hao didn’t have the luxury of appreciating these things. He directly headed upwards, quickly closing in on the bird nest. It was constructed out of strange branches shone all over in dazzling gold.

His eyes immediately widened. This bird nest was a treasure! Every single branch was sparkling and releasing a fragrant aroma.

Right now, it was already no longer a matter of looting the bird nest. He was ready to carry away this entire nest! He was not able to decipher what species these golden branches belong to, but they were definitely great treasures.

“It can’t be the branches of some divine tree, right?” It was more likely the more he thought about it.

Shi Hao had already reached the summit of the ancient tree, right in front of the bird nest. He looked at the golden nest several times, noticing that it was closed off. There was even a roof covering it with only a single opening that led inside.

It was just like a golden ball. It was hollow inside, and only a fist sized hole led outside. Resplendent golden light was being released from the nest.

Shi Hao giggled continuously. There surprisingly wasn’t a single restriction! However, after taking a look inside the hole, his eyes immediately felt pain.

Why was there scarlet light? It was too blinding, making Shi Hao feel as if his eyes had been stabbed by needles as tears flowed from his eyes. He sensed a vibrant wave of vitality.

A scarlet egg?

Shi Hao was extremely astonished. There was an egg inside that was completely red. The gem-like egg released a blazing multicolored light that made it hard for people to open their eyes in its presence.

The fist-sized egg looked like it was carved from a blood diamond. It was brilliant and covered densely in symbols, giving it an incomparably mysterious appearance.

The most terrifying part was the fluctuations being released. Even though the tremendous life force was being sealed within the shell, the bit that flowed out was still enough to make one’s soul tremble.

Shi Hao could tell in a split second that this egg was incredible. It far surpassed any egg he had seen in the past and was absolutely priceless!

This made him stare with greed. After entering the depths of this ancestral land, he originally wanted to wander around and never thought that he would encounter an egg like this. It was truly unexpected.

The most crucial part was that there were no restrictions here. No great formations had been laid out, yet it had still been safe and sound without encountering any dangers. This really was a bit suspicious.

“This really is heaven’s gift!” Shi Hao sighed. His eyes were burning with passion. This egg alone was already incredible, and based on his estimations, it was likely a divine bird egg. If he was able to breed it, then he would be obtaining an archaic precious technique.

After looking left and right, Shi Hao noticed that there was no one watching him. He didn’t hesitate any longer and reached his hand into the nest to bring out the egg.

In that instant, Shi Hao felt as if he was struck by lightning and almost tossed out the egg. He had just made contact!

A wave of boundless energy surged outwards that was difficult for him to endure.

“This little shit…. developed intelligence?!” He truly couldn’t comprehend what had happened. The egg didn’t even hatch, yet the creature inside was already this powerful? This defied logic!

One has to understand that he even killed a true Green Luan before and ate many creatures much more powerful than this one, yet none of those seemed that powerful!

This creature hadn’t even made its appearance into the world, yet was already releasing this kind of fluctuation. It was definitely an existence that exceeded his imagination! It made him develop doubts. Could this be the egg of the true ancestral Vermillion Bird?

Otherwise, how could this be?!

Eventually, Shi Hao brought out the egg, propping it with his palm. He gnashed his teeth in pain, because in addition to the terrifying energy, this egg was just too hot.

If it wasn’t him, who had a body comparable to  Western Paradise’s Unbreakable Vajra Body and Heaven Mending Sect’s Unbreakable Golden Body, but switched with someone else, their hands would have been cooked through and melted.

This temperature was just too terrifying. SHi Hao brought out a precious artifact, but as soon as it touched this egg, it directly melted into metallic fluid.

“What the heck!”

Shi Hao scratched his ears. This truly was a hot potato! He couldn’t hold on to it, but he couldn’t throw it away either.

He brought out the Heaven Transforming Bowl and threw it inside. “If this egg can be raised, then it will definitely be a heaven defying creature. It might even be the descendant of a deity, far surpassing normal pure-blooded creatures!”

After thinking it over, his saliva began to drip out. “There are great dao fragments within this egg, and its life force is like an ocean. If I straight up eat it, I might undergo a great transformation.”

The devilish child was at a loss. Should he allow his body to undergo a rebirth, or should he wait to obtain an archaic precious technique?

While propping up the small bowl, he knocked it a few times and said, “I’ll lend you a helping hand. Hurry and come out.”

He activated his essence energy and circulated his symbols around the scarlet Luan. The entire Heaven Transforming Bowl began to shine. He was tempering it to allow the young bird to to become even greater. If he really couldn’t raise it, then he’ll eat it.

However, using the symbols on the eggshell ended up in disaster. This place immediately erupted, and the force of a starry sea surged.

In that split second, Shi Hao almost fell from the tree.

This little thing… too violent! This kind of fluctuation was ridiculously terrifying, as if tens of thousands streaks of power were bashing down on him. Blood trickled out from the corner of Shi Hao’s mouth.

Fortunately, he opened his ten heavenly passages. Together with the shining of his flesh heavenly passages and the force of the Kun Peng circling through his body, he was able to protect himself. Otherwise, his body might have split into pieces.

Fortunately, that terrifying force was recollected after that mere flash.

What if this was a rotten brat? Shi Hao had a bad feeling. Even though it was a creature that had not been born yet, he most likely wouldn’t be able to control it.

Could this be a natural born deity?


Right at this moment, the egg began to crack. The symbols on top flickered and released resplendent light. The creature inside was about to come out.

Shi Hao was stupefied. They had only made contact once, yet it was already coming into this world?

Moreover, at this moment, an indescribable aura began to swirl through it. It enveloped the ancient tree and left behind a surging scarlet radiance. With a hong sound, a sea of flames emerged.

Meanwhile, the ancient tree suddenly entered the heavens. Multicolored clouds surged and scarlet radiance swirled about. The tree immediately surpassed the mountains and entered the skies.

“What happened?” Shi Hao was stupefied.

The cracked bark seemed like dragon scales, and at this moment, it was sparkling brilliantly. The leaves were dazzling and flowing with auspicious multicolored light. When the wind blew over, they would create hualala sounds, as if it was the ringing of the divine dao.

The ancient tree was now completely different!

Within the Heaven Transforming Bowl, cracking sounds continuously sounded. The shell cracked apart, and luckily, it did not erupt with terrifying power again this time. On the contrary, it began to frantically devour essence energy from all directions.


In the end, a small red bird emerged. Its eyes were like black gems, and its fist-sized body was entirely red. It was covered densely in symbols and radiating scarlet multi-colored light. It seemed extremely magical.

The eggshells turned into liquid, and it was devoured by this small bird without leaving behind a single bit. It then became an even more glistening red.

Shi Hao was dumbstruck. He stared just like that into the Heaven Mending Bowl. Why did he feel like it was a bit familiar-looking?!

The small bird was also a bit confused. It blinked its large eyes and stared at Shi Hao. The two fellows looked at each other, both revealing suspicious looks.

“I am your mother.” Shi Hao smiled fakely and forced out this sentence. He wanted to entice this little newborn bird to treat him like a loved one. Either way, it had just been born, so what did it know?

However, this small bird almost choked from these words.

“You are male!”

“What?” Shi Hao went stupid. This bird had just been born, yet it was already able to refute others? He quickly tried to salvage this situation and said, “I am your father.”

“You dare to take advantage of me, I’ll bite you to death!” The small bird spoke in an overbearing matter, shocking Shi Hao until his jaw almost fell off. This was just too aggressive! Was it really born just now?

“What are you saying? I am your father.” Shi Hao said.

Within the Heaven Transforming Bowl, the small sparkling red bird raised its head and looked at him. It didn’t say anything and looked at him as if he was an idiot.

“Hey, little fellow, are you trying to rebel? Not even recognizing your own family.” Shi Hao was starting to have a bad premonition.

“What are you trying to do by putting me here? Are you trying to cook and eat me?” The little bird asked, as if it didn’t believe his good intentions at all.

Shi Hao knew that things were turning sour. This fellow wasn’t like a young bird that had just been born at all! It seemed extremely cunning and not easy to deceive.

“Why do you seem kind of familiar?” the little bird asked.

“I also feel like I know you, but you were just born!” Shi Hao tried to worm his worm his way into being friends. He knew that it was useless to try and deceive it.

“You are that baby from Stone Village?” The little bird’s words were clear and sharp, but its attitude wasn’t really likeable. It was too arrogant, as if it was a conceited princess.

“You are… the Little Red from back then?!” This time, Shi Hao’s jaw really dropped into the bowl. This little shit… But something isn’t right! Little Red was the size of a palm, but it was an existence that could fight against the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.

This fellow was the size of a fist and had just emerged from an egg. It didn’t really match.

Even though they were both entirely red, but isn’t that the case for all the other birds of that species? If they were the same breed, then it would be difficult to distinguish one from the next.

When it heard ‘Little Red’, the fiery bird immediately felt a shiver. All of its feathers stood up straight, puffing it up to the size of a large fist. Its eyes emitted an evil light, and even though it didn’t have teeth, it still fiercely bit down.

Then, with a peng sound, it flew out from the Heaven Transforming Bowl. It threw Shi Hao inside with a single move and looked at the little bowl with contempt.

“You beansprout brat, you even dare to call me Little Red?!”

“It really was you!”

“You actually dare to be tough mouthed, I’ll first give you a good beating!”

Following that, miserable cries sounded. Even though the devilish brat was heaven defying, in front of Little Red, he couldn’t retaliate in the slightest. He was surrounded by fiery light and almost cooked through.

“Little Red, you are biting the hand that feeds you! It was the Willow Deity that saved you!” Shi Hao shouted.

He never would have thought of encountering Little Red here, moreover from an egg! When he thought about how he even wanted to deceive it by pretending to be its parent, his face began to flush with regret.

The devilish brat was put in his place, and only after crying for an hour did it stop. Little Red flung the bowl and sent him out. “Back then, you were only a few years old, so I didn’t want to argue with you. Today, not only did you disturb my cultivation, you even tried to take advantage of me and try to pass off as my parent. Completely absurd!”

Its words were sharp, clear, and incredibly sweet-sounding. However, at this moment, it seemed incredibly harsh as it looked at the scorched black body of Shi Hao from a branch.

“I’ve truly set myself up for grave misfortune…” Shi Hao grimaced in pain.

“Why did you run here?” Little Red asked.

“I was just about to ask why you were here!” Shi Hao was not convinced, because he knew that the other party would not act too viciously. Just now, it just wanted to vent out its anger.

“I am the Fire Nation’s Guardian Spirit, so of course I would be here.” Little Red had a proud expression as he shot him a look of disdain, as if he was just a ground beetle.

“Even you… can be a Guardian Spirit?!” Shi Hao sat up and was truly in disbelief. He had previously thought from Little Red’s temperament that his age shouldn’t be that great. At the very least, he didn’t think that it was an ancient fellow.

“What are you trying to say? Are you looking down on me? Do you want another beating?!” Little Red was furious. It hated it when others questioned its status.

“You are… the ancient deity? The one that the Fire Nation has worshipped to this day?” Shi Hao widened his eyes.

“I’m not. That’s my mom.” Little Red was embarrassed and couldn’t help but reveal a look of shame. Then, it shouted, “Anyway, the current Guardian Spirit is me!”

“I say, that golden monkey fell into Stone Village. The mountain treasure is in his hands! Have you seen it?” When Little Red spoke these words, Shi Hao immediately trembled!

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