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Chapter 346 – Fire Emperor’s Kindness

“This older brother truly is a heaven warping martial hero!” When Shi Hao got up, these were the words he spoke, frightening Huo Ling’er until she almost fell from the precious artifact in midair.

She bit her lips and her eyebrows stood straight. Her beautiful large eyes were wide open; she truly wanted to give this devilish brat a good beating.

The tall individual that arrived was wrapped within a sphere of light. His movements resembled a dragon or tiger, making him appear extremely extraordinary. With every step he took, the ancestral ground would rumble, as if the great dao was resonating with his footsteps.

The aura this person emitted was astonishing. Every step took him several hundred zhang as he arrived from the horizon limits. He truly was treating this great land like a small field!

“Do you know how to speak properly? If not, then don’t say anything!” Huo Ling’er berated.

Shi Hao revealed a forced smile. He naturally knew who had arrived. Since Huo Ling’er even spoke, how could he not figure it out?

The Fire Emperor possessed an incomparably overbearing aura. Every single time his foot was lowered, it would seem as if the entire world would pulse. This was not an ordinary type of ‘unity with the heavens’, and instead an unique state possessed by a true ruler of this world.

Shi Hao’s face carried a smile. He glanced over at the emperor level figure and then glanced at Huo Ling’er, who was gasping for breath as she stirred her precious artifact to keep up.

“I pay my respects to your majesty, the Flame Emperor.” He opened his mouth again.

Huo Ling’er, who was grinding her teeth in fury, shot him a few looks. These words were finally somewhat passable. If he continued to call out like before, then she definitely would have gone down and fought it out with him.

“What did you say just now?” The Fire Emperor calmly spoke.

This was a dry and silent land. It was desolate without a single blade of grass growing, and only a large lake of magma could be seen nearby. The temperature was extremely high. No other figures could be seen in this region.

Shi Hao scratched his head and laughed awkwardly.

The Fire Emperor’s bearing was extraordinary. He didn’t say anything else. A figure like him was accustomed to dealing with great matters, so he wouldn’t be disturbed in the slightest even when facing creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains. Just now, he merely thought that what the youth said was somewhat interesting.

This wasn’t the Fire Emperor’s true body, but rather one of his spiritual forms. In other words, this was one of the Fire Emperor’s spiritual bodies. His descent into the ancestral ground was naturally unhindered.

In reality, even Shi Hao was feeling a bit restless. After all, this was Fire Nation’s ancestral ground, so as an outsider, it was rather inappropriate for him to be here.

“Since Huo Ling’er allowed you to enter, then there is no need to say anything else.” The Fire Emperor seemed to see through his thoughts as he spoke.

“I wonder if the Fire Emperor can offer any guidance.” Shi Hao asked with a modest tone. How could a great figure like this appear without any reason? He definitely came with a goal.

Generally speaking, his impression of the Fire Emperor was still rather good. Two years ago, when he was opening the ten heavenly passages within the Void God Realm, he was on the border between life and death. At that time, he had suffered the ambush of many sects, and only the Fire Nation sent troops to help him.

“I heard that you are rather gifted in cultivation, so I came to take a look.”

Shi Hao seemed to have thought of something and looked at Huo Ling’er.

“I saw that you were bitterly training without any result. Since my father, the emperor, had a spiritual body in the ancestral land, I requested for him to come here. If there is anything you do not understand, then you can consult him.”

When Shi Hao heard what was said, he raised his head. This was truly not a small amount of kindness. To invite the human emperor himself to help him dispel his doubts was truly quite an honor! It was likely that only Huo Ling’er could do something like this.

Frankly, Huo Ling’er wasn’t optimistic about his fight against Shi Yi. The other party had dual-pupils, and his natural talents were astonishing. Moreover, he even had Shi Hao’s supreme being bone, so he was simply unrivalled under the heavens. Last time, the battle seemed to have ended in a draw, but it was worth noting that Shi Yi hadn’t even revealed his most powerful abilities yet.

As a result, when she saw the Fire Emperor, she asked for his assistance to see if he could open up a path.

“Many thanks!” Shi Hao seriously offered his gratitude. His thanks were offered to both the father and daughter and not towards a single person.

The Fire Emperor was in unity with the heaven and earth. It was as if his presence wasn’t even there, but when they looked at him, they felt a tremendous pressure. It truly made others feel a sense of reverence.

“Why don’t you leave first?” He allowed Huo Ling’er to leave, and he himself stood sat on top of a piece of limestone. Immediately, this entire barren land was covered in mist, as if the energy of primal chaos was diffusing. The great dao could greatly be felt here.

Huo Ling’er left, and only two individuals remained.

“This world is going to fall into chaos. I hope that you can one day possess the strength to assist Huo Ling’er should the situation arise.”

These words were calmly spoken from the Fire Emperor’s mouth, making Shi Hao’s mind greatly tremble.

“The Fire Emperor can look down on the wasteland region. With you here, who dares to harm the princess?”

“Who can foretell the future? Many great characters will fall, and so nothing is impossible.” When the Fire Emperor spoke, he did not make any promises. He merely spoke this sentence to entrust this task to Shi Hao.

“Alright, I will do what I can!” Shi Hao did not make any promises and only replied in an extremely serious tone.

“If there are any areas of cultivation that you are not clear on, you can ask me,” said the Fire Emperor. His body was one with the world as he sat within the indistinct haze. Mist swirled all about, suffused with the aura of the great dao.

If any normal person was here, they definitely would have felt as if their souls were trembling. They simply could not endure this kind of pressure. However, Shi Hao nevertheless resisted it. With his ten heavenly passages opened, the entire place became peaceful.

This was the simplest form of a test. If the aura that the Fire Emperor naturally exuded couldn’t even be endured, then there was no reason for him to stay here and lecture.

The Fire Emperor possessed the qualifications. As the Fire Nation’s emperor, he inherited the legacy and had been at the heart of this country for so many years. The resources of the entire country were at his disposal. Like a guardian spirit, he was able to enjoy even the baptism of divine fire. His accomplishments and reputation had long been splendid and glorious.

Shi Hao did not act excessively courteous and earnestly asked for advice. He spoke about all of the matters that he was confused about, and the Fire Emperor replied sincerely.

In reality, not even those imperial princes had the honor of receiving the teachings of the Fire Emperor like this. They each followed their own masters in cultivation, so Shi Hao could be considered to have received a great opportunity today.

Later on, Shi Hao spoke about the divine light to form the cauldron, bells, and Kun Peng and seriously asked for advice.

It was because when forming Kun Pengs, it became incomparably difficult. He couldn’t cover his body densely like he did with weapons and could only vaguely form them.

When the Fire Emperor heard what he said, his gaze immediately rose dramatically. It was evident that the emperor was greatly stirred. “You have already reached such a level?”

“While in the Spiritual Transformation Realm, I was able to put these into practice and use this to break through the cultivation realm. Currently, I am hindered when trying to form Kun Pengs,” Shi Hao replied.

When the Fire Emperor looked at him, his gaze became somewhat strange. His thoughts seemed to be rather complicated, but in the end, he nodded and said, “You are truly not bad.”

“Why do you speak as such?” Shi Hao modestly asked.

“During many people’s cultivation paths, even if they have long become noble kings, they still would not touch this problem in their lives. It is simply because they do not have the qualifications.” The Fire Emperor spoke, and afterwards, he dispelled his doubts.

This question of Shi Hao’s was rather difficult. He had made contact with such a thing while still in the Spiritual Transformation Realm and even obtained some results alone. This was truly shocking.

Strictly speaking, this type of problem would only form in the Engravement Realm, but it was specific to each individual’s experiences. It was something that they would face at the crucial point  of their cultivation path after countless years. As for the pursuit of its solution, it was something that accompanied one all the way until they became a supreme expert and even into higher cultivation realms!

“Upon becoming a deity, your problem might be resolved. At that time, you will see a fundamental change that will lead to an astonishing heavenly might.”

When Shi Hao heard what was said, he couldn’t help but become speechless.

He had originally thought that this was his own impressive achievement and something that only he could comprehend. Since the Fire Emperor was coming here to offer his teachings, the devilish brat wanted to grant the other party some enlightenment and benefits as well. However, he never expected that the emperor would have already known about this, and that this was something that outstanding individuals would all eventually face.

Shi Hao merely experienced it prematurely since he used this method to break through the Spiritual Transformation Realm. It turned out that this was a great problem that would puzzle him until he became a deity and not something that could be solved in his current cultivation realm.

Even the brilliant individuals from ancient times would only come into contact with this problem after reaching the perfection of the Engravement Realm. Shi Hao’s current situation left the Fire Emperor speechless and greatly shaken.

The Fire Emperor sat there for half a day. Eventually, he left.

Shi Hao lowered his head and sank into deep contemplation. Today, his benefits weren’t small. At the very least, his path became much brighter. It would be enough as long as he steadily advanced forward.

Based on what the Fire Emperor said, if he was able to convert the divine light into countless primordial symbols as complex as the Suan Ni, Black Tortoise and Kun Peng, then he would have already arrived at the gate of the divine.

“Then I will just begin engraving symbols while comprehending the profound mysteries of the Kun Peng precious technique at the same time!”

Shi Hao muttered to himself before starting his cultivation.

The Fire Emperor did not come here empty handed, granting Shi Hao a divine manor. It emerged after the ground fissured within the magma.

Shi Hao entered and began to focus on cultivation. As for this favor, he was greatly thankful inwardly, engraving into his memory the Fire Emperor’s kindness. What he needed the most right now was time.

It was clear that this divine manor was quite different from the the ancient palace that appeared normally within the ancestral ground. It was flowing with a faint golden radiance.

“Why do I feel like cultivating here for a day is comparable to that of ten or even a hundred days outside?”

Because of this, he relaxed and focused on his studies. He was not scared of squandering time and began to comprehend the dao and natural laws without worry.

Upon letting go, one’s potential would become much greater. Shi Hao’s mind became clear without the slightest distraction. He wholeheartedly poured himself into cultivation.

Refining the divine lights and engraving the symbols were also a part of his analysis of the Kun Peng’s primordial symbols. He earnestly studied this world-changing divine ability.

Catching the Yang Fish and using the spiritual divinity to promote his cultivation realm was important, but comprehending the unrivalled precious technique in his hands was even more crucial.

As a result, he fully set aside his worries within this manor where he did not have to worry about time. He began to bitterly study in seclusion.

Eventually, he even brought out a praying mat, which was an item he obtained from the Kun Peng’s nest. It was formed from elder wood and was an incredibly rare treasure. As he sat on top of it, his entire presence seemed to have faded.

Finally, the faintly golden ancient palace released a grand and majestic sound of sutras being chanted. It could allow one to easily sink into the mindset of dao comprehension. Meanwhile, the praying mat was also as such, releasing boundless sounds of ancient scriptures, making the results even more terrifying.

The world itself seemed to have changed vaguely. It was as if this place had returned to the archaic era. A large black-colored fish leapt from the deep sea, causing the ocean waves to reach into the stellar skies and cleanse the heavens.

Dark light blossomed from its entire body. Symbols appeared everywhere with seemingly no space in between. It began to stir the force of the moon, greatly shaking the heavens.

Soon after, golden multicolored light swirled about. The great sea vanished, and an enormous bird angrily took into the skies. It rushed into the boundless universe, and as its golden wings moved, great stars would be shattered, putting the great void in great turmoil.

It condensed the power of the sun, obtaining a ferocious power that could not be stopped. The starry sky seemed like it couldn’t contain its true form.

On top of the praying mat, Shi Hao sat with his legs crossed. He seemed to be moving up and down within the archaic world. At times, he would raise waters thirty thousand li into the air, and other times, he would soar into the nine heavens.

He was comprehending the Kun Peng’s technique and personally experiencing this great dao. It was as if he was living through the life of the Kun Peng himself. It was a rather wondrous type of feeling.

In the end, the black-colored great fish and the enormous bird merged into one. The sun and moon mixed together to form the true Kun Peng. It was a fish, but a bird at the same time as it underwent constant changes.

With a hong sound, Shi Hao erupted with a wave of terrifying energy. The entire palace resonated in response, and in the end, the faintly golden ancient palace cracked before exploding.

“Success! I’ve thoroughly comprehended the Kun Peng’s precious technique!”

Shi Hao opened his eyes. Excitement, joy, and even more so a sense of satisfaction could be seen on his face. He was unexpectedly able to thoroughly comprehend the technique today!

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