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Chapter 335 – Scripture Page

“What kind of stupid scripture is it?” In reality, Shi Hao did not care that much because he even had something like the True Primordial Record. It was something that someone like the Willow Deity held onto, so it was probably something that people in the wasteland region never even heard of.

“Who is this fellow? His manner of speaking is a bit too arrogant.” From the side, a beauty with large eyes muttered. There were some males around her as well.

When he entered this area, he noticed that there were more and more people. It was because there was a great battle happening up ahead, and everyone wanted to seize the scripture page. As a result, many powerful individuals had gathered.

“There are many big-headed people nowadays. You don’t have to pay him any attention.” A youngster with a sturdy build spoke. The gear he was wearing made him look rather unordinary.

Relatively speaking, these people were all rather powerful and quite impressive for their age.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t try to stir up conflict with them. After both sides passed each other, there were a few words that made his heart jump.

“Princess Huo Ling’er didn’t come in, but she did send in some people in her place. In the end, none of them seemed to have gained much,” said one of the youngsters.

The girl with large eyes muttered, “What a pity. Since older sister Ling’er missed this opportunity, with how much the Fire Emperor dotes on her, he might even bestow some kind of divine object to her, allowing her to receive a heaven defying chance.”

“Forget it. This is an unusual period of time. It is still not known whether or not the Ancient Sacred Imperial Palace will appear, so it is better if we stay on our guard. The reason the princess didn’t come this time might be to avoid the chaos and disorder. You all have seen that even though there aren’t many people that came from outside this region, they are all powerful individuals. They are just too powerful, and their actions are ruthless.

“Are you saying that they dare to play dirty??” The girl widened her large eyes.

“There are a few princes and princesses that are walking quite close to them. We don’t know what they have discussed among themselves, so it’s better if we keep our distance,” said one of the youths.

Shi Hao calmly listened while rubbing his chin. Where there were people, there would be rivers and lakes. Whether there were rivers and lakes, there were grudges and resentment. This was true even for related brothers and sisters…

These individuals seemed to have some kind of relationship with Huo Ling’er, and the girl with large eyes in particular seemed to be quite close to Huo Ling’er. Shi Hao gave them a look and decided that if there was a chance, it was still better to lend a helping hand.

“Hey, are you eavesdropping on us?” One of the youths was discontent after noticing that he did not leave. He showed Shi Hao an unpleasant expression.

“To give Huo Ling’er face, if danger ever happens to you all, just shout loudly. I’ll lend my assistance.” When Shi Hao finished speaking, he directly walked away.

Even though he wasn’t particularly interested in that scripture page, he still wanted to take a look to understand the situation. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be bad if he let something important slip by?

When those individuals heard these words, they all rolled their eyes. Who was this? Those words were just too big, as if he could run rampant through these ancestral lands with no fear.

“Who is this? Does he really think that he is some expert from the Archaic Divine Mountains?” One of the youngsters curled his lips.

“Of course not, but I have eaten those types of creatures.” Shi Hao turned around, and then with a single step, he travelled several dozen zhang. He quickly left for the distance, leaving these individuals stupefied.

“He really knows how to boast. This fellow’s way of speaking is just too unbridled.

A black speck was speeding along the horizon. Shi Hao followed the trail, and along the way, he saw too many bloodstains. There were many battles that broke out, and he saw a few corpses.

They did not only belong to humans. There were even a few bizarre creatures indigenous to the ancestral grounds, but the divine substances within them were removed.


War cries shook the air, and numerous figures appeared. They were currently engaged in a chaotic struggle; he had reached the source of the disorder. The scripture page was still being fought over, and this was the ninth time the page had exchanged hands.

Many people were fighting, numbering not less than a thousand. Shi Hao hid and watched the chaotic scenes from the side without taking action.

Other than the descendants of noble kings, there were still other aristocratic individuals and young experts that they had invited. For the sake of obtaining a single page of scripture, so many people had gathered here in a short period of time.

Along the way, Shi Hao also heard a few rumors. This scripture page seemed to have some connection to the opening of the Sacred Imperial Palace.

Rumors had it that there was a palace left behind by an ancient holy emperor within this fiery domain. Recorded within was everything that he learned, and this was also the Fire Nation’s first emperor.

“The human emperor from that generation was far more powerful than the current one. He was truly unrivalled under the heavens!”

“The ancient holy emperor studied the dao here and comprehended many divine laws and order. His gains from this place were truly profound.”

Someone commented in a low voice.

To sum it up, everything the Fire Nation’s first emperor learned was left behind within this ancestral land.

The current battlefield faced a great lake. Of course, this great lake was made from a vast expanse of scarlet magma. It was difficult to tell how vast it really was.

“Why aren’t you joining the fray?” It seemed like everyone was rushing into the battlefield to slaughter each other. A youngster walked over and spoke to Shi Hao.

Shi Hao could tell that something was different with a single glance. Even though this individual was in a humanoid form, he was not a human. A terrifying energy was currently being restrained within his body.

A pure-blooded creature, moreover one that might have originated from outside this region!

Shi Hao remained vigilant, because he felt that there wasn’t only a single individual’s presence. There were a few whose auras were even more powerful.

“I do not wish to join.” Shi Hao replied.

“You should still go and struggle for it. This is a great opportunity.” This youngster had a head of scarlet hair, and even his eyes were like balls of flames as they radiated fiery light.

Shi Hao ignored him and continued to calmly watch the battle.

“You really should go.” The youngster gave a push. He acted extremely forcefully, and there was a hint of a cold smile on the corner of his lips.

“En?” Shi Hao shot out a glare and avoided the palm. He felt that this matter was rather strange.

Suddenly, he felt a terrifying wave of energy. A few hidden individuals were stirring up their divine might to activate some kind of great formation. They were trying to revive something here.

“Do not fight any more, this place is in danger!” Shi Hao shouted loudly.

It was because he could tell that there were streaks running through the ground that were just like magma. A few individuals had constructed a terrifying symbol formation here and were carrying out a revival.

“You’ve lived for too long.” The scarlet-haired individual sneered and ferociously took action. His palm spewed out flames and displayed a shocking divine might.

Shi Hao was alarmed. This pure-blooded creature seemed to be about seventeen or eighteen, but he was already an Engravement Realm expert. It seemed like his cultivation was higher than his and was incredibly powerful.

At the same time, a great formation was being brought to life. Multicolored light soared into the heavens, as if they were going to pulverize everyone here. In just a split second, a terrifying might surrounded this area.

“Flame Python race, you all have gone too far. We’ve reached an agreement with the Fire Nation that allowed us to enter, but how could you all deploy this kind of killing technique?”

Six or seven elders appeared, and none of them were humans. One of them had a horn growing out from his forehead, another had a pair of wings, and there was even one with four pupils. They were all extremely powerful!

“I want to open the Sacred Imperial Palace and comprehend the true profound mysteries of this place. If that happens, then wouldn’t everyone here benefit?” The people that laid the formation appeared.

“You all are too unbridled. What kind of person do you think the Fire Emperor is? With strength like ours, if something actually happened, a single palm from him would wipe us clean unless some great sect master personally came.”

Those that were trying to break apart the great formation shouted. Their expressions were overcast and they did not want to allow the Flame Python race’s people do such extreme things.

“If we obtain what we want, then we will immediately leave. There won’t be any danger.” One of the elders that was arranging the formation spoke.

“That’s out of the question. Quickly destroy the formation!”


This area erupted with action, and miserable shrieks sounded. Within the formation, ten individuals were crushed into a bloody paste. They turned into strands of bloody light before flying towards the lake of magma.

“Blood Sacrifice Formation. You all are truly despicable. For the sake of opening the Ancient Sacred Imperial Palace, you all even dare to do such underhanded things?”

“These people are all about to die, so you all should join our Flame Python race,” those individuals advised.

After bringing about a killing formation like this, if nothing unexpected happened, the thousand people here were all going to die. For the Fire Nation, this was a type of unimaginable loss, and the consequences it would be incredibly terrifying. It would inevitably bring about the fury of the human emperor.

“I wish for this place to be free from calamity and chaos.” There was actually someone who was praying. He held a black stone in his hand and began to chant an incantation. Then, he transmitted sound, saying, “Fire Emperor, there are people who have violated the agreement. They wish to bring harm to the Fire Nation’s foundation.”

Suddenly, a banner descended from the sky, and with a pu sound, it stabbed into the great formation, collapsing all of the symbols that had gathered here. There were all thoroughly destroyed.

“Fire Emperor?!” Those that had laid the formation cried out in horror. They turned into large scarlet pythons and quickly fled towards the skies.

The banner on the ground stirred with a golden gale of wind. Those Flame Pythons were swept up and blasted apart in midair. They all turned into a bloody mist.

This scene was extremely astonishing. The thousand or so people quickly fled from the great lake, for they knew that they had been caught this time. The so called scripture was actually a trap.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. How sinister were these people? By laying out such a great formation to conduct a sacrifice of blood, just how many people would be killed?

The ‘scripture’ was actually bait to attract sacrifices to this place. The opening to the Sacred Imperial Palace was most likely below this great lake.


The golden banner separated from the earth and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The youngster that had confronted Shi Hao fell ashen and turned around to leave. Just now, he did not flee and managed to avoid being slaughtered. However, now that the banner left, he naturally wasn’t willing to stay any longer.

Shi Hao did not want to let him go, so he gave chase. It was because the elders that died weren’t pure-blooded, but this youngster was different. To Shi Hao, this was precious flesh medicine.

When the scarlet-haired teenager turned around, there was a cold smile on his lips. He was rather fearful back in the battlefield, but now that they left, he naturally became fearless. He was going to clean up this human that dared to challenge him.

Behind them, the thousand or so individuals were in chaos. After figuring out the situation, they all became startled and angered, so they began to disperse.

As for the elders from outside this region who wanted to break apart the formation, they also left and did not stay.

“Alright, there’s no one here. Do you still dare to challenge me?” The scarlet-haired youth stopped.

“Do you think you are worth anything?” Shi Hao said. He had even eaten a Green Luan, suppressed a Horned Dragon, and torn off a Zhujian’s flesh, so he naturally wouldn’t be scared of some pure-blooded creature.

A great battle broke out. Shi Hao used the power of the Engravement Realm to directly gain the advantage. The Flame Python was immediately shocked to find that the other party had laid low previously, tricking him.

This Flame Python was extremely powerful, with a cultivation level that was higher than Shi Hao’s. He purposely came here alone, exchanging over a hundred moves with Shi Hao.


Finally, after Shi Hao cut him down, its real form was revealed. A red python stretched out for over ten zhang. Its entire body was moist and red, as if it was carved from a ruby.

His saliva dripped down with hualala sounds. He finally killed another archaic vicious beast, so he was delighted for this fine food. He felt that even after he had his fill of this meat, there would still be enough left over for him to bring back to Stone Village for the villagers.

While cleaning out the Flame Python, he noticed a bronze document. It was supple and strong, and when he flicked it, a metallic sound was produced. It seemed both water and flame resistant.

“There really was a sheet of scripture?” Shi Hao was shocked. He had thought that the other party was laying down a killing trap and that it was terrifying lie. He never thought that there really was a sheet of scripture on this youngster’s body!

He read it carefully. The space between his brows furrowed, and afterwards, he revealed a look of shock. In the end, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. This text was just too crucial.

Based on what was written on it, it was possible for him to quickly improve his strength here. This was truly extraordinarily precious and invaluable. It made him even more joyous than if he obtained some kind of great divine ability.

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