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Chapter 326 – Heavenly Wasteland Lord

The crowd was extremely envious. This fellow was being highly regarded by the two fairies, and they were having a dispute over him. This made many youngsters’ blood boil, and all of them wanted to be in his place.

However, the person involved didn’t express anything. It was because Shi Hao knew that these two were extremely dangerous, and that it was entirely likely that they would point their swords against each other one day.

The jade plate was crystal clear, and the Nine Dragons cup on top was extremely refined. It was an extraordinarily beautiful piece of art. It possessed qualities of both metal and stone, yet seemed like neither. Nine streaks of multicolored lights flowed about, and the wine inside was dark green. Waves of fragrance wafted through the air.

Shi Hao gave his thanks and downed the Nine Dragons Cup after raising it up. He immediately felt a wave of heat surge within him, as if a flood dragon was travelling through his vessels. He couldn’t help but release a groan.

This completely shocked him. This cup of wine surpassed the little devil wine, and not only were there spiritual medicines inside, there were even components of divine medicines. This was a true divine brew and it was incredibly priceless!

In the next moment, a thunder-like sound rang out from within Shi Hao’s body. Green multicolored light erupted with great vitality. His entire body was illuminating, and he almost directly broke into the engravement realm.

His face immediately changed and he quickly stopped himself. He still did not want to advance into the next stage yet. Even though he was at the consummate level of Spiritual Transformation, he still felt like he could still polish it a bit. He was hoping to break through the ancient people’s limits.

However, this single cup of wine’s medicinal effects were extremely powerful and it was forcefully trying to advance his cultivation. Shi Hao was forced to directly sit down and circulate the symbols within his body to suppress it.

Finally, the sphere of dark green light was suppressed by him and compressed together. It slowly sank into his flesh, as he did not allow it to break through.

Everyone’s expressions changed. Many people knew that he was at the consummate level of Spiritual Transformation and reached the legendary level. He was shoulder to shoulder with the honorable elders of the ancient era, so why did he not break through and instead suppressed it?

The creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains were all shocked. Many of their people had guessed the reason. It was because they were quite powerful and understood more. For example, many of their ancestors had done similar things, and in the end, they became deities!

Yue Chan and the heavenly fox fairies were both amazed, and it was the first time the two of them looked so serious. They couldn’t help but reevaluate Shi Hao after seeing his actions, because this was a young talent that was just like a legend. He was ridiculously powerful, and this was not only compared to those within the wasteland region. He was comparable to even the talents that the ancient great sects wholeheartedly poured their resources into.

“Older sis, are you ready to serve a demonic king yet? It almost seems like I can see a piece of the future, hehe…” The heavenly fox fairy laughed lightly with curled lips. The ripples from her gaze could shake one’s soul, and her smile could collapse walls. She was incredibly lovely.

“There is still some kind of connection between him and my sect, so he cannot walk together with your school.” Fairy Yue Chan spoke with an extremely outstanding tone. Her entire being was beautiful and pure.

At the same time, the military arena was boiling with commotion. Two supreme experts were killed, and this was all done by a single youngster. It was truly difficult to believe, and so there was naturally great clamoring.

In the end, Shi Hao got up. He successfully sealed off the medical power and saved it for after he broke into the Engravement Realm to assist him in advancing quickly.

“I thank the Human Emperor!” He shouted in a loud voice.

By now, the military arena had quieted down by quite a bit, but everyone’s eyes were still on Shi Hao. He seem extremely calm, as his hair scattered down his tall and slender figure. His eyes were extremely quick-witted as he looked around.

Within the heavenly temple, streaks of golden flames rose. They blazed with such ferocity that even the space around them seemed to distort, giving people a rather frightening feeling.

“Title bestowed upon Shi Hao!” Suddenly, a loud voice sounded. It rumbled like the sound of thunder.

“The Stone Emperor regards you highly and wants to grant you the title of a lord!” When this sentence was announced, an uproar immediately broke out. Just how old was he? He was just a thirteen year old teenager, yet he was going to be granted a title of nobility?

“It is still too early to grant him the title of monarch, as his cultivation is too low. The title of lord is enough for now, since he knows that Shi Hao will break through sooner or later and can enter that realm.” Someone understood the Human Emperor’s intentions.

“Do you all feel that the title of lord can be given?” The Stone Emperor asked in an ordinary voice, but it shook the entire military arena. The imposing feeling that he gave out was just like that of a deity descending into this world, making everyone feel awed.

In just a split second, the entire arena became silent. Following that, the elite troops of the military arena rallied together. “Stone Emperor is wise and farsighted!”

They were definitely loyal, and at this place, the army consisted of at least tens of thousands. They shouted together, shaking the heaven and earth. Their voices resounded through the skies.

“I wonder what what title of lord will the Stone Emperor grant him?” Everyone asked.

“Heavenly Lord!” It was just two words, yet it made many people tremble. A thirteen year old heavenly lord, or the highest level before a monarch.

Everyone realized that Stone Emperor was mentally moved and classified Shi Hao as a possible successor. It was likely that he was regarded higher than all the others!

Someone that could sit in such a position had to consider many things, and so there were naturally some selfish motives, but also some things that had to be considered from a broad perspective. The Stone Emperor’s intentions might not be completely set on his heirs.

The military arena was completely shaken, and the tens of thousands of people were shocked. This was an extremely clear sign that in the days to come, a young heavenly lord will rise to greatness and possibly even become a Human Emperor in the future!

Meanwhile, the Archaic Divine Mountains and other great powers’ representatives were also moved. Their expressions changed again and again.

Shi Hao was the only one that could be considered calm. What was so great about a heavenly lord? The wasteland region was going to become chaotic, so this wasn’t anything special. Meanwhile, he was already dazzling enough today, and together with this kind of title, it was like he was situated right at the most dangerous part of a storm.

“Bestow upon Shi Hao the title of Wasteland Heavenly Lord!” It was just a few words, but it shook the world. The entire military arena was shaken, and the clouds in the skies were scattered by the golden flames. The scene was incomparably terrifying.

When everyone heard this, they all trembled and felt a wave of suspicion. They didn’t hear wrong, right?

Heavenly lord was already said and done, but why was there a ‘wasteland’ before this title? Did it represent the wasteland region?

Many people became silent. What was Stone Emperor trying to do by granting this kind of heavenly lord title? Even a few monarchs revealed strange expressions.

“Hahaha, congratulations, brother. We were descendants of Stone Clan to begin with, and now we are similarly heavenly lords, making us even closer.” Lord Huntian walked over to offer his congratulations. He was large and possessed a heroic appearance. While walking over, he held a young girl’s waste in an unrestrained manner.

The Human Emperor conferred a title with his respected authority, so how could everyone not be shaken? Many people had strange looks in their eyes.

Soon after, this place naturally could not be at peace. It was as if a meteorite had smashed into an ocean.

“Human Emperor, pushing him into a storm like this really isn’t favorable for him…” Within the central heavenly temple, an elder spoke. He position was the chief right under the Human Emperor, so his status was venerated.

It was clear that he wasn’t a human. When his eyes opened and closed, a shocking silver radiance would flash past his eyes.

“This can also be considered a test to see if he is actually a dragon or an insect. It will depend on his own performance whether he lives or dies.” The Human Emperor spoke.

After this battle, Shi Hao’s name shook the capital and was spread widely throughout Stone Country. A youngster rose abruptly like a shooting star, and his fame resounded through this boundless region.

He was the youngest noble king who established ten heavenly passages. He was known as the supreme youth, unrivalled within the Void God Realm. Even two supreme experts were killed by him… This string of glory altogether made Shi Hao appear incomparably dazzling and brilliant.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on him. A brand new noble noble mansion appeared within the capital, and it was originally a grand and imposing part of the imperial family, but after being cleaned up, it was conferred upon Shi Hao.

During the following days, Shi Hao’s mansion doorstep was almost trampled rotten by the endless stream of visitors. However, Shi Hao was nowhere to be seen, as he used this excuse to go into isolation.

He threw all matters into the hands of a few of his grandfather’s old brothers. Those individuals all moved out from the Martial Imperial Manor into the Wasteland Heavenly Lord’s manor. They’ve now officially split from the Martial Imperial Manor.

During these past few days, Shi Hao had constantly been contemplating his situation. He was currently standing before a great wave and was in a bad position. It was easy for him to become a target, so he decided to immediately leave.

In the following days, he met a few people like Lord Huntian and Huo Ling’er.

Soon after, a visit was paid to him by three members of the Thunder Clan. The first was the Thunder Clan’s eldest daughter, the second an old servant with great strength, and the third a middle-aged beautiful woman. The two females were unexpectedly the Thunder Clan’s oldest daughter and her mother.

Shi Hao invited them inside and chatted a bit. In the end, that middle-aged woman directly brought up the main topic and told him a shocking secret.

“Your mother is not from this region.”

“What?” Shi Hao immediately stood up. This was the first time his expression changed.

The Thunder Clan came here out of goodwill to give him this information.

Shi Hao’s mother came from outside this region. In the past, she saved this middle aged beautiful women and brought her to the Stone Country capital, and that was why she ultimately married into the Thunder Clan.

THe middle-aged woman did not go into detail and only told Shi Hao that his mother’s identity wasn’t ordinary. She came from outside the wasteland region to learn through experiences, but suffered a great disaster. She narrowly made it out with her life, but her cultivation was almost crippled. Later on, she encountered Shi Ziling and they became a couple.

“Your mother most likely returned to the mysterious region and back to her clan to seek after a divine medicine. However, she should have came back a long time ago if things went smoothly.” The middle-aged women did not go beyond this.

Shi Hao’s brows locked together as he said to himself, “Mysterious region.”

“But right now, you probably won’t be able to go there. This region is going to become chaotic, so the boundary between regions will be difficult to break through. Unless it is a great sect, one person will find it difficult to cross into another region.

Shi Hao was shaken to unexpectedly obtain this kind of information. He revealed a look of gratitude and said, “Aunt, thank you!”

The middle-aged beautiful woman accompanied his mother before, so it was not excessive for Shi Hao to address her as aunt. The beautiful middle-aged woman smiled and then told him everything she knew in a serious manner.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything and remained silent for a long time.

“Everything is because of me. Mother, did you encounter some kind of trouble out there? Is it our clansmen that made things difficult for you, or is it some other power?” Shi Hao said to himself. His expression appeared neutral without any great fluctuation of emotion. “Since it’s difficult to cross regions, then I will rise to greatness within this wasteland region. One day, when I become powerful enough, I will march into the mysterious region!”

“I have two daughters, and when I was still young, I joked with your mother that they would both be married off to you.” The middle-aged beauty laughed while speaking.

“Mom, younger sister finally had the opportunity to come back, but she is about to be scared off by you.” The Thunder Clan’s eldest daughter pulled at her arm and acted childishly. She didn’t want her mother to say random things.

“Those are just jokes after all. We never made any type of real agreement back then. Who would have expected your sister to be so be so cowardly and return to the divine mountains in the middle of the night.” The middle-aged beauty’s face was full of doting.

Shi Hao giggled. He finally recalled some vague memories and couldn’t help but say, “Aunt, you gave birth to two beautiful fatty sisters.”

Ah pu!

Thunder Clan’s eldest daughter had just raised her teacup, but in the end, she directly spat out the mouthful of tea out of her mouth. “Is this how you praise others?”

Shi Hao saw them off. He took a long time to think things over.

Soon after, there were other people that came to visit since it was still Shi Hao’s period of glamor. There were naturally many people who wanted to become friendly and rope him into their side.

After all, he was still only thirteen years old, yet he was already so powerful. Only heaven knew of the great accomplishments he would achieve in the future!

The heavenly fox fairy also came and discussed privately for a few hours. Not long after, fairy Yue Chan also paid a visit to talk to him for a while.

In the end, Shi Hao decided to leave. The capital was too bustling with activity and also too restless. He could not cultivate here, and he definitely did not want to be in the center of all the complications targeted at him.

“Wait for a bit longer!”

Before he left, he made this kind of decision.

Soon after, he declared war!

“Does Shi Yi dare to fight?!”

He did not know whether or not the other party left his cultivation and returned to the capital. However, there had always been a rumor that Shi Yi would make his appearance!

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