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Chapter 322 – The Savage Youth

The Golden Spider was burning with anger. An immature brat was bold enough to show him this kind of attitude, as if he was lecturing some disciple.

It was unforgivable. The kid even patted him on the shoulder as if he was extremely carefree. From the way the kid acted, all of this seemed natural to him.

Thunderclaps cracked and golden lightning curled and coiled about as they filled the sky. The Golden Spider exploded with rage as he extended out a giant golden hand to suppress Shi Hao and erase him from this world.

The imperial bodyguard dressed in grey appeared out of nowhere and gave a little cough. The air went still, freezing the Golden Spider in mid-air along with the sequences and orders he gave out.

The crowd was astonished, for it was the first time they ever saw the imperial bodyguard make a move. A single cough from him was mighty enough to confine the powerful Golden Spider and imprison him.

“It’s the Human Emperor’s birthday today and no one is allowed to create any disturbance. If you need to duel, use the arena,” said the imperial bodyguard.

Beside Shi Hao, the little wolf howled and jumped over at once, gnawing fiercely at the Golden Spider’s leg. Within seconds, pieces of the golden feather clothes flapped in the air. A large part of his leg was exposed after the clothes were chewed on.

The crowd felt their hearts skip a beat at this moment. How could a small wolf no more than a foot long be so powerful? Those were precious clothes, yet they were useless under its teeth. The little wolf even left terrible paw and bite marks on his leg.

This was a pure-blood creature we are talking about, whose flesh was tougher than fine iron and could not be dented by common weapons!

The little wolf was only a foot or so in length and seemed rather ordinary. Shi Hao had walked it around earlier, but the crowd did not pay much attention to it. They had never expected it could cause damage to a pure-blood creature.

Divine light flickered across the imperial bodyguard’s eyes. Shock was revealed in his expression, for he had locked the entire place down, but the little wolf was able to break the seal and was unaffected. The way it gnawed fiercely at the Golden Spider was incredible!

He withdrew his divine force, or the entire leg of the Golden Spider would have been eaten up by the little wolf. It was already covered in blood.

“Come back, little gray. That leg’s poisonous and it stinks, so don’t eat it.” Shi Hao called out to the little wolf, worrying that it might get hurt.

The moment the Golden Spider was set free, he became furious. He gave the imperial bodyguard a nasty look first and smashed at the little wolf with an open hand. A gust of golden-colored wind sprang up.

The little wolf was remarkably agile and moved at least ten zhang away with a shua sound, leaving only an afterimage behind. It then wagged its tail and took a detour back to Shi Hao, then rubbed its head against his legs.

“The martial arena is that way.” The imperial bodyguard gestured to the other side with an intimidating gaze. Despite his old age, he still reminded people of a sacred sword hibernating beneath an abyss, concealing its sharp edge from the rest of the world.

“Go. Your head is mine!” The Golden Spider sneered. He would never forget what had happened with this teenager, which had enraged him greatly.

“Do you think I would go just because you told me to? You are neither edible, nor a pretty fatty. Plus, you’re so arrogant. Why should I listen to you?” Shi Hao would not go with him.

“The archaic Golden Spider represents a sacred and harmonious type of energy. Its flesh is surrounded by golden clouds and is not poisonous at all, which is quite unusual among the demonic spiders.” Someone whispered secretly.

“Really?” Shi Hao’s eyes were wide open.

Discussion from other people confirmed this statement. Golden Spiders were sacred pure-blood creatures that did not have any poison in their system. Legend has it that in the archaic times, a Golden Spider had even become a heavenly deity that was able to look down on the rest of the world.

“Fine, I’ll accept your challenge. I’ve never tasted a spider before, so this is a good opportunity.” The devilish brat howled and ran headfirst to the arena.

The Golden Spider was so furious that his face was drained of all color. That boy had accepted his challenge for such a ridiculous reason. The only thing he could think of now was killing Shi Hao as soon as possible. His lungs were about to burst from anger.

The Golden Spider quickly headed for the martial arena and was impatient to get it over with. He needed to kill this human teenager now, because every minute Shi Hao was alive was a minute of torture for the Golden Spider.

A group of pure-blooded creatures followed them, among which several young individuals were the most noticeable. They had come here with the Golden Spider and would not miss this fight.

The crowd in front of the heavenly temple was surprised. Many stood up and set off for the arena, looking forward to this duel. Needless to say, this one was only an appetizer. If the Golden Spider failed to kill Shi Hao, the supreme expert would be Shi Hao’s next opponent.

There was something wild and ancient about the vast martial-art arena. Legend has it that the stones used to pave the ground here were taken from archaic battlefields. A great sealing formation was then set up here.

The arena looked endless, which made those standing in it feel insignificant.


The Golden Spider charged while surrounded by golden lightning, making even the space around them tremble. He had gone berserk and wanted to kill Shi Hao at the first opportunity.

“Be careful. He has the armguard of the Heavenly Divine Mountain. It’s a divine magical instrument.” Some pure-blooded creatures reminded him.

The Golden Spider was startled by these words and released his golden lightning from quite a distance away. The blinding light covered the entire heaven and earth. Everything looked misty and blurred under the crackling sound of those bolts.

“Do I really look like such a fool? I’d have nothing to eat if I smash him into mush with the armguard.” Shi Hao mumbled and indeed did not use them. Instead, he fused with the Imperishable Golden Body. He was once again wrapped within the black gold armor.


Ten mountainous Suan Nis stood tall and upright in the battlefield, and fortunately, the arena was large enough to fit them all in. They roared and devoured all the lightning before turning into ten beams of purple lightning and striking at the Golden Spider.


It was a duel between the lightnings, both of which exploded into blinding lights. In the end, black smoke rose up and all electricity disappeared.

Everyone had to admit that the Golden Spider was a mighty being. Despite his young age, he had long been a noble lord, and such was the most frightening quality of the pure-blooded creatures. Once they grew up, their strength would follow suit to a corresponding level rapidly, making them terrifyingly powerful.

He smashed forward with his fist, but Shi Hao sneered and did not move from his position. He received the attack with his own fist, and the impact created a scorching heat and a blinding light.

The sound of the explosion was louder than a thunderclap and absolutely earsplitting. Neither of the two moved, yet their fists were still spattered with blood.

“This…” The spider gasped. Shi Hao’s fist was too sturdy, and he felt its tremendous strength. He tried to block it with his golden spiderweb at the last moment, but the bones in his fingers were still wounded and almost broke apart.

How tough was his flesh? The pure-blooded Golden Spider tried to overpower a human being with his strong physique, but in the end, he felt like he was kicking against a steel plate. When he recalled that Shi Hao had also established ten heavenly passages and had almost no weaknesses, he was immediately alerted. He had to take out this human teenager as fast as possible, or he would become a big issue in the future!

It was true that Shi Hao did not use the divine armguard, for the magical instrument would cost him too much energy. Moreover, he did not want to grow into the habit of depending on it. Since he was capable of fighting on his own, he would rather not use his ultimate weapon. Apart from that, he also wanted to see the other precious techniques of the Golden Spider to learn more about the archaic demonic spiders’ unique aspects.

The Golden Spider was definitely a mighty enemy. With the fighting capability of noble kings, he could command wind and rain, stirring up all types of chaos in this place

Layer after layer of his golden spiderweb blotted out the sky and covering up the sun, which almost made Shi Hao suffer great harm. The golden spiderwebs were extremely tough and difficult to destroy.

“Go to hell!”

As the battle approached its end, the magical image of a giant Golden Spider appeared behind the Golden Spider himself in spite of the fact that he was still in his human form. The image was horrifying beyond belief. Rows after rows of divine chains surrounded him before hacking outwards.


Shi Hao flicked his finger, striking against the divine chains. The metallic sound was earsplitting and shook people to their souls.

Shi Hao was astonished himself. Any other person might not have been able to withstand that attack. Divine chains of order like those could definitely pierce through numerous precious artifacts. They were almost unstoppable.

The Golden Spider fused and unified with the magical image in countless streaks of resplendent golden light. The chains of divine orders circled around him, making hualala sounds.

The spider now looked like a deity covered by a golden glow. Its ferocious aura gushed out, as if tidal waves were charging at Shi Hao!

Shi Hao secretly activated the Kun Peng technique, and his fingers illuminated with a black-speckled light golden color. Once again, he knocked away the divine chains flying at him with his fingers. With metallic sounds, the chains were a blasted into pieces again.

The Golden Spider was greatly shocked. How terrifying was the strength contained within those fingers?! Even his most powerful weapon, the chains of divine orders, were severed. The power produced by his fingers was incredible!

After experimenting with the Kun Peng technique, Shi Hao withdrew it and opened his ten heavenly passages instead. His entire body illuminated as he activated the abilities of his physical body and symbols.


His aura was powerful and abundant. It was as if a true dragon that was hibernating in the abyss had woken up and stormed into the sky to exert all of its power.

Shi Hao grabbed a few of the golden divine chains and snapped them in half with kacha sounds. After using his greatest power, he found out that it was possible to withstand the divine chains in this way.

“No!” The Golden Spider screamed loudly.

Tremendous pressure overwhelmed him at that instant. The youngster was now enraged and unleashed his fiercest attack against him.

Shi Hao did not use his ten heavenly passages to lock the place down, but instead struck out with his fists incessantly. He only used the basic symbols recorded in the Primordial True Record that could turn even the most common things into something miraculous.

“Divine Fists of the Great Peng!” The imperial bodyguard whispered in surprise. A streak of golden light flickered through his eyes at the same time, and those pupils reminded him of the Golden-winged Peng.

In fact, Shi Hao was only using the most primordial symbols to understand the Kun Peng precious techniques, evolving and altering them as he pleased. Later, his fighting technique changed, now resembling a roaring Suan Ni. It was as if he could shake down the divine moon down from the nine heavens.


The Golden Spider was smashed away by a fist. Blood gushed out of his mouth as he shook violently. Following another strike, pi pa sounds crackled and more than a dozen bones were broken.

The crowd was petrified. They could see how terribly powerful Shi Hao’s fists were. That was a pure-blooded creature of a noble king’s level, yet a scratch from those fists was enough to make him miserable.

While they were amazed at the turn of events, the Golden Spider had changed into its original form. The human form could not withstand the attack, and a giant golden spider over ten zhang long appeared instead.


Shi Hao struck out again with a fist, and the Golden Spider gathered all of its strength in defiance. However, one of its legs was snapped by the attack, and it collapsed to the ground in a pool of blood.

Shi Hao summoned the Heaven Transforming Bowl. The grayish pottery bowl twirled and illuminated. Auspicious multi-colored clouds rose out of the bowl and took the Golden Spider in. It shrank to a foot of so in length before dropping into the bottom of the bowl.

“It… was suppressed?” The crowd was dumbfounded.

The shock was especially prominent to those young men who came along with the Golden Spider. The battle had ended so fast, and a pure-blooded creature at the noble king level was subdued by a human teenager just like that.

“I’ve never tried a spider before. I wonder what it tastes like?” Shi Hao lifted that spider leg onto his shoulder that was several zhang long. He spat out symbols from his mouth that turned into flames to immediately roast it

He took the leg out of the arena and back to the banquet, releasing flames along the way to cook the golden leg.

Everyone was trying to get as far away from him as possible. This was too… savage. He really did roast it? During a birthday celebration?

Before long, the aroma of cooked meat called out to Shi Hao. He removed the golden outer layer of the spider leg, which was of a hard shell texture. He peeled it off in the same way he would eat a lobster, revealing the white flesh inside that sparkled with translucent luster.

“It really is edible, unlike common spiders!”

Shi Hao took a large bite and yelled out immediately, apparently smitten by the taste. He then gulped down some wine, very satisfied with the result.

“This is so delicious. The meat is fresh and tender, even better than the meat of the Green Luan.”

Many people broke into a cold sweat at his words.

This was truly unbelievable. The Golden Spider became his food in the blink of an eye, which almost made them wonder whether he was even a human, for they had never met anyone so savage.

“Human, you have insulted the Demonic Spirit Lake. Even a deity cannot save you now!” An enraged roar came from the distant sky, which belonged to the archaic demonic spider.

He left before the banquet started to avoid meeting the Human Emperor and ended up having to witness this scene. Ill fate had fallen upon an offspring that he doted on.

“Go to the military arena and let them fight there.” Just then, streaks of golden flame rose up from the central heavenly temple. They were incomparably resplendent, and the sky seemed to almost melt from the heat. The Human Emperor himself had given his approval.

The military arena was not here, but was located quite far from the Capital. A massive force was stationed there, for it was the place to train the troops.

The crowd watched expectantly. What kind of backing did this savage teenager have exactly? Was it powerful enough for him to challenge a supreme expert from the divine mountains?

All of a sudden, the central heavenly temple was lifted out of the ground, together with the public square. They were detached from the capital, becoming a giant flying magical artifact. Everyone was astonished.

In what seemed like an instant, they travelled through the sky and left the capital. They arrived at a vast military arena. They descended onto what now seemed like a place that was extremely suited for a fight between powerful individuals!

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