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Chapter 318 – Disdain

Shi Hao truly acted how he wanted. Even in front of creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains, he was still extremely carefree, making these youngsters’ faces extremely ugly.

Of course, there were a few youngsters whose expressions remained neutral and indifferent. Their outstanding appearances did not show any change.

These people were all extremely powerful. Their family backgrounds were illustrious, and their bloodlines were noble. During the archaic years, their ancestors were known as gods and devils that roamed freely through the earth and nine heavens.

Meanwhile, the human race was comparatively weaker. When facing creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains, they would hold them in the same regard as gods. Ever since the ancient times until the present day, whenever youth like these walked around, they would all be surrounded by others, welcomed by countless humans. Humans would all feel intimidated, and as a result act humble and respectful. Where would they see someone as infuriating as Shi Hao?

There were a few youngsters that were extremely discontent. Their expressions were cold and their gazes were chilly. One of them said, “We are talking to you, yet your mind seems to be wandering around and you aren’t paying attention. What is the meaning of this?”

Shi Hao glanced at him and said, “Why do I care who you are? You act high and mighty as soon as you show up, and the first thing that comes out of your mouth sounds like you’re trying to lecture someone, yet you still want me to treat you with respect? From my perspective, it seems like you want me to eat you!”

The crowd was completely stunned. This was just too direct! Was he really revealing his savage nature as soon as he walked up? Even though they had heard rumors before, this was still a bit difficult for them to endure.


“You what you, go somewhere and cool off. Don’t be an eyesore!” Shi Hao shot them a look of disdain.

The group of disciples from the divine mountains were completely speechless. Meanwhile, those youngsters that were yelled at immediately felt their faces go pale. Wasn’t this fellow too arrogant? Normally, it was them who berated others, yet today, it was the exact opposite.

“Are you challenging the dignity of my divine mountain?” A youngster asked with an overcast expression.

“Are you challenging my dignity?” Shi Hao coldly replied.

Their words were extremely similar, but the meanings were completely different. One was a divine mountain, and another was himself. This made many people’s expression change. It was such a huge contrast, yet they were opposing each other with equal harshness.

“We’ve heard that you were arrogant a long time ago, but I never expected you to be even worse than what the rumors say. Don’t think that you are really unrivalled under the heavens!” A youngster threatened in a cold voice.

“Are you testing my patience? Don’t overestimate yourself!” Shi Hao was extremely blunt, not giving them any face.

With these words spoken, the atmosphere immediately became cold and those individuals could no longer leave. Killing intent seeped out, and they were ready to spring into combat. They couldn’t endure these attacks.

“Did you all come here to deal with me?” Shi Hao asked.

“Brother has misunderstood, we’ve only come to become acquainted with you. We’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time but never had the chance. Today, there is finally an opportunity to.” A youngster smiled and spoke.

Soon, the group separated. Eight or nine stood on the side and did not join the others. They were the ones that were comparatively gentle and did not possess overbearing attitudes.

The other individuals’ faces were ice cold, and their expressions were even uglier.

During these past few years, news of the savage child from the Void God Realm had travelled far and wide. Even those that came from the Archaic Divine Mountains retracted their conceit and arrogance when facing a human who opened ten heavenly passages .

As a result, there were some within these youth that showed restraint. They didn’t show any arrogance and watched calmly from the side. It was because they had heard too many things regarding this savage child and were not willing to provoke him.

Only those individuals who took pride in their Archaic Divine Mountains were discontent from the start. They possessed a natural sense of superiority, yet the other party didn’t seem to pay them any attention, so they became extremely angry.

“Yun Xi, last time, you’ve fooled me into going to the Northern Sea with only salted fish to eat for two years. In the end, I didn’t obtain anything and almost lost my life. Did you bring these people here to get rid of me?” Shi Hao asked.

The purple-clothed Yun Xi who was always in the back frowned and said, “Nothing to do with me.”

To Shi Hao, what kind of feeling did her words bring? Within the Hundred Shattered Mountains, the two were like fire and water. She felt that this brat was too hateful, daring to even bite her ear.

You have to know that within the great Archaic Divine Mountains, she was extremely outstanding and was regarded as a goddess.

Later on, after experiencing a string of events, she found that this devilish brat was extremely terrifying. His natural talents were too great, and if he was allowed to grow up, not even the divine mountains would be able to deal with him.

“You ate one of our companions in the Northern Sea, so why would you still treat us with such hostility?” Next to her, a silver-haired girl murmured. This was precisely Yin Xue.

“I only know that I was tricked by you guys. There is someone among you that wanted to get rid of me.”

“But that had nothing to do with us!” Yin Xue shouted.

“You were the ones that invited me out to sea, but in the end, one of you wanted to kill me! It really is bitterly disappointing.” Shi Hao shook his head as he spoke.

“Hello? You’ve already eaten Qing Yun who wanted to kill you. Could it be that you want us to apologize or even eat us?” Yin Xue was a bit upset.

The purple-clothed Yun Xi stood silently on the side like a gorgeous piece of art carved from ivory. Her beauty had no flaws.

“Of course! You guys need to apologize and compensate me for my losses.” Shi Hao’s skin was extremely thick as he spoke.

“What do you want?” Yin Xue naturally wouldn’t give anything, but she still asked curiously.

“You two should guard my village in my place.” Shi Hao spoke in a business tone.

“You… should just die!” The purple-clothed Yun Xi who hadn’t opened her mouth finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. It was because ever since she encountered the devilish brat in the Hundred Shattered Mountains, he would always shout noisily about capturing her like an archaic vicious beast to guard some stupid village for him.

Whenever she thought about that experience, she would always feel like going crazy.

“Hey, you all that aren’t involved, what are you doing here? Stop poking around and go do what you are supposed to do.” Shi Hao spoke towards the individuals with gloomy expressions.

The confrontation and exchange of words had long attracted the attention of the nearby guests. Many people were paying close attention, and they all felt an apprehensive fear.

Everyone knew about the devilish child’s savageness since a long time ago, but they never thought that he would reach such a level. While facing a group of pure-blooded creatures, or the future most powerful individuals in the wastelands, he didn’t seem to care in the slightest. On the contrary, he told them off when given the earliest opportunity.

In particular, after seeing this scene, many human youths felt incredible admiration. They felt as if their emotions were being battered by a torrential downpour. This was just too shocking.

Meanwhile, there were a few aristocratic young ladies whose eyes were flickering with radiance. This was a youngster that dared to lecture creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains! This kind of attitude gave them a hint of novelty and excitement.

At this moment, many youngsters were feeling a sense of joy. Normally, whenever a pure-blooded creature appeared, they would all feel extremely stifled and nervous. A group of them appeared this time, yet a single youngster directly pointed at and threatened them.

This… made them completely speechless. At the same time, they were stirred up. There were some who cried out in anguish when they compared themselves to Shi Hao. Their ages were similar, but why was there such a huge disparity between them?

From the group of Archaic Divine Mountain youngsters that had gloomy expressions, one walked up and said, “Qing Yun was a friend of ours, yet you killed and even ate him. How do you want to pay back this debt?”

Shi Hao’s expression was unperturbed as he said, “Didn’t I already say that it was to get revenge on that Green Luan? There’s no need for it to be so complicated. Just step up and I’ll give you an explanation.”

There were eight or nine youngsters on the side that included Yun Xi and Yin Xue. They did not participate and expressed their uninvolvement in this matter. These people had been rather calm since they arrived.

There were only four individuals remaining, and their ages ranged from fourteen to eighteen. All of their expressions were extremely cold.

“What, are you guys the ones that want to be taught a lesson? They why don’t you all just come up together.” Shi Hao shot them a look of contempt, as if he wasn’t the least bit concerned.

Within the surrounding crowd, all the human youngsters looked like they had been injected with chicken blood. They clenched their fists and held their breaths after seeing the savage child speak with such a tone. His words resonated with them, making them extremely moved.

“He… isn’t scared of Archaic Divine Mountains’ retaliation?” A young aristocratic lady spoke in a soft voice. She was extremely stirred up, and her small face was flushed red.

“Has he not done enough ridiculous things? He has been known as someone who angers deities and mortals alike, yet he is still leaping and frisking about. That fellow definitely has some kind of backing.” Another young lady clenched her fists and said.

Those individuals that originated from the Archaic Divine Mountains had malicious looks in their eyes. They’ve truly had enough today. After coming here, they weren’t able to show off their awe-inspiring authority and were instead repeatedly told off by a human youngster. It truly made them feel like they were being choked.

“I am going to fight you!” Among them, one youngster coldly said.

“Sure, but shouldn’t we make some kind of agreement first? For example, if I were to accidentally kill you, could I just bring your body away and barbeque it?”

“This is intolerable. We will fight over there!” Those youngsters couldn’t take it anymore. This fellow’s mouth was too sharp and hateful.

Shi Hao was astonished and said, “It’s the Human Emperor’s birthday, yet there is a place for fighting?”

“There were such arrangements made. They were done to liven things up for the emperor.” One of the people on the side spoke up, and it was a palace bodyguard. His age was quite great and appeared to be extremely aged. He had long noticed the situation here.

Right next to the heavenly palace, there was an arena for practicing martial arts constructed for the imperial family. However, when they arrived, he found that there were already people fighting here.

The Imperial Palace staff had already made preparations. They predicted that there would be those that would want to fight, and so they permitted such confrontations here.

It could be said that this was rather unusual. This was the restricted Emperor Palace, yet such a thing really was happening. As a country founded on martial principles, Stone Country’s customs always leaned towards the valiant. Even the imperial family was like this.

Several of the youngsters discussed among themselves for a bit, and soon after, one of them walked out. He had a head of gray hair, and even his eyes were gray in color. He possessed a chilly aura and was going to fight Shi Hao.

In the distance, there were some noble kings fighting intensely, but it didn’t attract anywhere close to as much attention as the fight that was about to take place here. Countless young talents had hurried over, and their eyes were all flickering in anticipation for this battle.

The martial arena was extremely large, and it could simultaneously host many battles. It seemed like it was prepared for extremely powerful individuals, and great formation patterns had been laid out in fear of this place being destroyed.

“It has been said again and again how formidable you are, but I will only believe the result. If you are killed, then all of those rumors will go up into thin air.” The gray-haired youngster said in a cold voice.


A sphere of resplendent radiance blossomed with wuwu sounds. It directly flew towards Shi Hao with incredible power. The terrifying fluctuations made even the formation patterns below the Martial Arena tremble gently.

Many people became scared, and ominous feelings crept up within them. Their entire bodies trembled, as if they were going to faint on the spot.

“Ancient sacred weapon!” Shi Hao was astonished.

This was a sacred weapon, moreover a complete one. There was no damage to it at all, and once activated, its power would reign supreme. Fluctuations suppressed downwards like vast waves.

If nothing unexpected happens, then Shi Hao would be directly suppressed and blasted into ashes. There wouldn’t be any suspense, because an undamaged weapon like this was extremely rare. It was just too easy for it to defeat someone at the spirit transformation level.

Shi Hao thought of the broken sword, but in the end, he didn’t move. It was a damaged artifact, so he didn’t know if it could withstand this attack. The thought of using the small pagoda came to him, but he felt like it wasn’t worth it. In the end, he remembered another object and raised his left arm.

Strong winds surged mightily, and intense fluctuations were released. Everyone cast their gaze over and they were greatly shaken by what they saw. An ancient sacred artifact was actually revealed in this confrontation! This was a bit inconceivable.

Shi Hao felt a chill. This was definitely something bestowed by by a supreme expert from the Archaic Divine Mountains. It was a supreme treasure, and something not even a supreme expert could make. It had to be something that was passed down.

This was a planned slaughter. The other party definitely received the consent of his seniors to kill him here. It was supposed to be a swift and decisive strike that wouldn’t leave any chances open.

He faced the incoming sphere of light. At the same time, a thought appeared in his mind. Other than that enormous spider, there was now another supreme expert he wanted to get rid of from the divine mountains!

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