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Chapter 317 – Imperial Palace

Under the illuminating sunlight, the entire palace was covered in a layer of golden light. Countless people were hurrying over, as if they were making a pilgrimage. The grand and imposing buildings towered into the heavens.

After all the powerful individual arrived and formally entered Stone Country’s restricted areas, they felt an ancient and evolving feeling. They were witnesses of this generation’s magnificence.

A generation’s outstanding expert sparked his divine flame, established an ancient country, and ruled over millions of millions of rivers and mountains; these majestic and boundless buildings recorded the stories from countless years ago.

“After cultivating to a certain level, sometimes, a single idea could make an incredible difference. The imperial palace has cultivated to such greatness already. Was the supreme expert from back then scared of not having enough space?” Shi Hao guessed  randomly.

This was because there wasn’t just a single building, and all of them were all enormous. Every single one of them was like a mountain. When standing before them, one would feel extremely insignificant.

The sound of flowing water could be heard everywhere. Not only were there fountains, there were streams linking up the entire palace beside the main path. The scenery was extremely beautiful. Within the streams, there were fish and shrimp. From time to time, even flood dragons would appear.

There was definitely more than a single flood dragon. Their thick bodies extended from tens to hundreds of meters in length, and light flickered through their scales and dragon feelers. Their horns were sparkling and translucent, giving them a mystical appearance.

At this moment, everyone was shocked from the scenery. Other people would grow fish that were pleasant to look at, yet Stone Country’s imperial palace actually raised flood dragons. This was just too shocking, like the difference between heaven and earth.

“Yi, there is a white tortoise as well. According to legends, the tortoise’s swirling white pattern was an auspicious sign, an omen of long life. It’s an incredibly rare flesh precious medicine!”

Everyone sighed in admiration. The creatures in these waters were all rarely seen. Outside of the flood dragon and white tortoise, they also saw a scarlet lotus. Its entire body was bright red like burning flames. They were growing in large numbers, and their fragrance wafted through the air.

“This… is just too extravagant!” Everyone was shocked again and again.

That scarlet lotus was a well known spiritual medicine, yet they were growing in such abundance here for landscaping purposes. This made many people swallow their saliva.

“This isn’t actually a waste. When the imperial palace needs to refine medicines, they will come here to pick them from the waters,” said a noble king. It was clear that he visited the imperial palace regularly and knew about its circumstances.

Clear and pleasing chirps sounded from above them. A few colorful Luans flew past, and they were all incredibly beautiful with long plume feathers and brightly colored wings. They circled around the imperial palace, giving it an auspicious feel.

Everyone was in deep admiration. Every scene within the imperial palace possessed exceptional magnificence. Those were descendants, yet they willingly resided here. It was clear that Stone Clan’s backing was deep and powerful.

The palace city naturally had many ancient trees, and there were many old trees that were several thousand years old, with some that were even more ancient. Numerous branches extended from them, and leaves covered them luxuriously. They were upright and strong like dragons as they extended towards the sky.

There were many people who came, and there were no lack of sect masters, noble kings, and other aristocrats. There were also many powerful unaffiliated cultivators and pure-blooded creatures. They all possessed powerful backgrounds.

After passing through an enormous arched gate, everyone arrived at the central heavenly palace. When they arrived here, they found that the ground was covered in a layer of clouds that continuously moved about but only reached the knees.

This was their final destination, as the human emperor’s birthday celebration was going to be held here.

There were clearly creatures of all different types that had entered this heavenly palace. They were all emitting shocking auras that made others tremble. These creatures included a Golden Sparrow that was several meters in length and a giant that was over twenty meters in height.

“Are those creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains?” Everyone was astonished. Only those types of guests could sit with Stone Emperor in this heavenly palace.

Everyone else could only remain outside in the public area. There were already many jade chairs and tables arranged, and with white mist swirling about, it made this place seem like a heavenly realm.

The birthday feast obviously wouldn’t start now. It was still too early.

Many people began to group up and exchange greetings. This was a good chance for them to get to know and befriend some large figures. They were originally assigned to seats in the lounge, but they didn’t go there.

Soon after, they all got together and many experts began to laugh heartily. They were in twos and threes as they talked about topics of mutual interest.

Shi Hao wandered around, not recognizing most of the people there. However, when others looked at him, many of them revealed peculiar looks. They all began to discuss secretly and point him out.

Without a doubt, he was someone that was well-known. Many people recognized him, because after the great battle within the capital, he drew attention from all directions.

There were a still a few people that Shi Hao knew about here, like the Martial Imperial Manor’s people and a few other nobles. There were also a few outstanding individuals he encountered within the Green Wood Garden.

He enthusiastically greeted them without missing a single one. As long as he recognized them, he would definitely go up and say a few things. For example, when he saw the Rain Clan’s people, he would walk up and pat their shoulders intimately, wrapping his arms around their shoulders.

Yu Feng’s face fell ashen, but he didn’t dare move a muscle. He had cultivated within the Heaven Mending Pavilion in the past, and conflict had already sparked with Shi Hao there. In the Void God Realm, he was even killed by the other party. He had to spend a long time in recovery to return to his former condition.

Everyone’s expressions were strange. Even people like them could get along?

To Yu Feng, this was truly a type of torment. His entire body felt uncomfortable as Shi Hao’s arms wrapped around his shoulders. However, he wasn’t strong enough. He really wanted to kill Shi Hao with a slap.

Finally, the devilish child saw Shi Ziteng, and he immediately abandoned Yu Feng and walked up. He immediately asked how the injuries of this uncle of his were and if they were serious.

Shi Ziteng’s face was expressionless. He turned around and left.

“Hey, aren’t you all from Tuoba family? You guys came too? You guys look good, I wanted to see you guys again.” When Shi Hao saw the family’s people, he rushed over and chatted in a friendly manner.

These people’s faces were all overcast. They suffered bitterly in the Void God Realm, and their entire pure land was pulled up by the roots and flattened. Many of their important figures were killed by Soul Shattering Needles, so they hated the devilish child greatly.

Wherever Shi Hao went, a group of people’s faces would immediately change and become extremely ugly. Was he trying to brew hatred? He only searched out those whom he had conflicts with!

“Yi, you’re that famous Prince Chi Yun from the Void God Realm! I think we met before. Back then, I might have accidentally killed a large number of people. Nothing happened to you, right?”

Shi Hao was truly making their lives absolutely miserable. He was completely unrestrained as he attacked at these people’s weak points. Prince Chi Yun was one of the young experts of the four great families, and so there was naturally some conflict between them.

The people that Shi Hao provoked were naturally all those that bore grudges against him that were difficult to get rid of. At the same time, Shi Hao didn’t want to coexist with them either, and there was going to be a life and death confrontation between them sooner or later.

Since he came to the capital, he wanted to utilize one of the little pagoda’s ‘great uses’. He did not mind if everyone became furious from his provoking, because he would just kill them all.

The group of people were truly angered badly, but they didn’t dare act out. This was the Stone Country imperial palace, so who dared to act imprudently? Only that thick-skinned brat would act in such a carefree manner and harass everyone.

Finally, he left, because he saw some people he was truly acquainted with.

At the arched door, many people were crowding around a young lady like stars around a moon. She was a bit taller than normal girls, and her fiery dress flowed up and down from her curvy figure. Her face was gorgeous, and a snow white neck led down to her full chest. Below her small waist were a pair of beautiful and slender legs. These traits together formed a figure that was absolutely perfect.

People from Stone Country’s imperial palace welcomed her, so it was clear that this was a guest among esteemed guests.

“Fire Nation princess has come to offer congratulations in the Fire Emperor’s place. He wishes the Stone Emperor eternal youth and heavenly grace!” Someone announced.

Everyone was astonished. Another human emperor has dispatched people to offer his congratulations.

“Fatty!” Shi Hao waved from far away and enthusiastically shouted.

Huo Ling’er was originally extremely happy and excited. She was surrounded by a outstanding individuals like a heavenly goddess.

When the word fatty sounded, she immediately felt a sense of familiarity, and then her countenance changed completely. It was because she saw Shi Hao walk over and wave in her direction.

She was fuming with rage between gritted teeth. She hadn’t seen this devilish brat in two years, yet he was still the same, hollering fatty at her. She was gonna die from anger. This was intolerable!

With a hu la sound, those outstanding talents around her immediately moved to the side. These people all knew how formidable this savage youth was, and none of them were willing to provoke him.

When he saw Huo Ling’er flip out, Shi Hao immediately restrained himself and didn’t call her a fatty anymore. “Junior sister, you have become prettier since the last time I saw you two years ago. The parts that should be fat are becoming fatter.”

The first half made Huo Ling’er happy, but the second half, what kind of words were those?!

“You were at the Northern Sea these past two years?” Veins jumped on Huo Ling’er’s sparkling white forehead , and she was holding herself back with great difficulty.

“I thank junior sister for her concern! I was tricked by a group of heartless people into going into the Northern Sea and ate salted fish for two years. It’s simply infuriating.” While speaking he stared at a group of people in the distance, and they were immediately stumped for words.

Those people actually came as well. They were descendants from the Archaic Divine Mountains.

“Are you okay now?” Huo Ling’er asked in a concerned manner. She had heard from a few rumors that the great battle at the Northern Sea was incredibly miserable. Even supreme experts fell, yet the devilish brat dared to venture there, it really was beyond reckless.

It was because she heard in some vague rumors that the devilish child was incredibly ferocious, killing the spiritual bodies of several supreme experts. In the end, he was killed within the Kun Peng’s nest.

Even though she heard news of his survival and return, she was still worried for a period of time.

“I’m fine, really. Even though I ate quite a lot of salted fish, I could still eat a piece of pure-blooded precious meat from the Archaic Divine Mountains. The taste was truly quite good,” Shi Hao said.

When the surrounding people heard this, they were all stupefied. This fellow killed pure-blooded creatures before? This was just too horrifying.

“We’ll talk more later. Let me offer birthday congratulations to Stone Emperor in my father’s place first.” After Huo Ling’er spoke, she was lead forward by the palace staff.

At this time, a small creature in her bosom woke up and cried out with an ao sound. It quickly jumped onto Shi Hao’s body.

“You…” Huo Ling’er was furious. Several years had passed already, yet the young deity still never forgot this fellow. She didn’t stop it and temporarily abandoned the small wolf before walking towards the central heavenly palace.

“Not bad, I thought that you became a thankless wretch and forgot about me.” Shi Hao laughed and took a look at it. He noticed that the small wolf’s size didn’t change, but a wave of extremely tyrannical divine force was surging from within.

However, no matter how he searched, he didn’t discover any symbols. He couldn’t understand why at all. Could this young deity have some kind of problem?

Not far away, a group of creatures walked over, bringing about much shock and astonishment. Those people could still be considered young, and there were males and females among them. They were all extraordinary and promising youth.

There were ten or so people. Some of them wore clothes with brilliant feathers, some had dazzling armor, and some had on beautiful dresses. The boys were heroic, and the girls were extremely beautiful. They attracted the crowd’s attention.

“They are creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains. All of these youngsters are terrifying, and if nothing unexpected happens, then the wastelands will be dominated by these individuals in the future.” Even a noble king sucked in a cold breath of air.

“You are Shi Hao, also known as the savage youngster?” One of them had already walked up. He asked while filled with ill intent.

“That’s me, did you need something from me?” Shi Hao asked as if he didn’t mind at all. His gaze passed through their bodies and landed on the exceptionally beautiful body of the purple clothed Yun Xi.

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