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Chapter 316 – Huntian

“No problem. The only problem is if you can bear it. Fairy on the left, witch on the left, demonic sovereign at the center. The question is, can you do it?” The witch challenged.

Fairy Yue Chan remained expressionless. She was extremely pure and holy without the slightest flaw. When she heard those vulgar words, she would act like she always did and ignore them.

“Why wouldn’t I be able to?” Shi Hao asked.

“If you can, then first suppress this fairy. That is the true nature of a demonic king. Otherwise, stop thinking random things.” The witch laughed.

In the end, Shi Hao left and walked out from the Moon Gazing House. He left behind the fairy and the witch’s confrontation to silently think. He didn’t see any problems right now, and the two of them wouldn’t do anything.

The future, however, wouldn’t be so certain. It might end up in a bitter war. Those two were ridiculously powerful, and both were outstanding individuals that belonged to great sects that could not be bound by a single region.

“This is it for today, I’m going to go cultivate. Don’t bother me, or else I’ll bring both of you to the village!” The devilish brat fiercely waved his fists at the restaurant.

He was still a devilish child that came from the wastelands. After feeling threatened, he immediately swore to bring them away forcefully.

“Haha, not completely eat them?” In the distance, a young girl giggled secretly. Even though she didn’t possess fairy Yue Chan’s and the witch’s suffocating beauty, her appearance was still rather moving. Her body was tall and slender.

It was clear that she understood Shi Hao and knew his catchphrase ‘eat you all’.

The devilish brat immediately felt a wave of shame. How could this be seen by someone? He had been so deep in thought that he didn’t notice anything.

“You’re… Lord Huntian’s sister?” He finally recognized who it was. He had seen this young lady from far away before in the Green Wood Garden. At that time, she had been surrounded by a group of young men.

“My brother invites you to have a chat.” The young lady had a slight smile as she spoke.

“Lord Huntian is looking for me?” Shi Hao was astonished. This was a period of time where ordinary people definitely wouldn’t bother with him to avoid bringing themselves some kind of disaster.

“My brother’s temperament is extremely straightforward and he feels that you are quite a good person. In my opinion, the two of you are birds of a feather. He wants to have a drink and chat with you, and couldn’t care less about what others think.” The young girl murmured.

“Okay, I’ll pay him a visit.” Shi Hao nodded.

Lord Huntian was Stone Country’s youngest lord, and was only twenty five years old. He had been granted his title of nobility several years ago. His natural talents were incredibly shocking, and it was clear how powerful he was.

This was a secluded garden that was also a restaurant. However, it only accepted specific guests. Those that were not frequent visitors couldn’t even get in.

It was obvious that Lord Huntian’s power and influence were extremely great. As a new up and coming lord, he had the authority to be a guest here. He knew about this hidden location.

There were many courtyards within this garden, and there was one that was open wide. The surroundings were beautiful and tranquil, and all types of rarely seen plants could be seen. They were extremely fragrant.

“Carry all of you away? Hahaha… You truly are bold. It seems like I’ve been imitated!” Lord Huntian laughed loudly and invited Shi Hao inside.

There was a jade table displayed within the courtyard, and there were many rare dishes on top of it. He didn’t know what kind of spiritual wood the chairs were made from. It didn’t seem particularly luxurious, but spiritual essence swirled about vaguely. This was a place extremely suited for enjoying wine and small gatherings.

Lord Huntian’s figure was tall and large. His hair scattered down like a waterfall, and his pupils were penetrating. While speaking to Shi Hao, there were several girls at his side. They were all important young ladies from the capital.

“No matter how bold I look, I’m just hot air. Unlike you where it’s actually put it into action, getting four in one go.” Shi Hao said in a familiar tone right from the start while looking at those four young ladies.

“They weren’t forced to come by me. We are all of similar interests. Let’s drink again. They are also quite curious and wanted to meet you,” Lord Huntian said.

Lord Huntian was someone whose temperament greatly changed depending on where he was. On the battlefield, he cuts down his enemies decisively with astonishing power. During his downtime, he acted extremely casually. Right now, he was talking and laughing with a girl by his side, seeming extremely carefree.

“Now that you are drinking with me, aren’t you scared of some others outside becoming hostile towards you? I have quite a few enemies, you know,” Shi Hao said.

“Who would I be scared of?” Lord Huntian smirked. He didn’t seem to care in the slightest, and then he hinted for the beauties beside him to pour some wine.

“Are you not scared even if those great powers and noble king level powers come after you? What if that enormous spider sets its eyes on you? Won’t it be troublesome then?” Shi Hao reminded. He did not wish for those he was that he had friendly relations with to be harmed.

“How many days longer can it even jump around? The wastelands is going to become chaotic anyway. Don’t look at how powerful some of these creatures are now. Sooner or later, they will be on the receiving end of a blade.” Lord Huntian spoke without the slightest bit of fear.

Shi Hao was startled. Was this some kind of tribulation? Would it even affect experts at that level? It really was a bit scary.

He had a feeling that Lord Huntian knew something, as if he understood quite a bit. Was he calmly waiting for the great chaos?

“It almost seems as if you couldn’t care less about the wastelands’ impending great chaos, as if you were just a bystander,” Shi Hao said.

“What will being scared do for me? If we can obtain some small thread of opportunity, we might even benefit. After the great chaos breaks out, what ancient country, what large spider? None of them would be able to remain.” Lord Huntian’s words were absolutely fearless. It seemed like he wasn’t even scared of the girls beside him leaking this information

He looked at Shi Hao and said, “Who knows, we might have the chance to work together in the future. With this great disorder coming into this region, those outside might not be able to send large numbers in, so it will still depend on people inside like us. We might both be able to rise.”

Shi Hao silently thought for a bit, and then nodded his head. In that brief moment, he thought of many things, and in the end, he asked, “Where did you obtain this information from?”

“My teacher,” said Lord Huntian.

It was clear that this was someone with quite a bit of influence. Shi Hao couldn’t dig any deeper, because everyone had their own secrets.

“I decided to meet with you today because I felt that your disposition matches mine quite well. Tearing apart the Rain King Manor, and then a great battle in the Martial Imperial Manor proved your boldness, and that’s something I admire. Come, come, come, let us chat a bit about romance. Training an army and going to war are my specialty, but talking about worldly affairs is still my hobby.” Lord Huntian was completely unrestrained as he embraced a girl beside him and allowed her to feed him.

“Are you trying to show me how at ease and extraordinary you are by making me watch helplessly from the side?” Shi Hao was a bit discontent as he poured himself a drink as well.

“Hehe…” On the side, a young girl walked over and poured some wine for him as well.

“I look forward to the day when you carry both fairy Yue Chan and that witch back. I feel like there will be a day when you will actually do it.” Lord Huntian laughed loudly.

There was no way that he invited Shi Hao over only to talk about romance. The main point was to exchange some opinions on the impending turbulent times. He did not look down on Shi Hao’s age at all.

“The so-called deities in our region aren’t actually true deities, but our region is extremely suitable for bringing up true deities. That’s why even those two great sects couldn’t  hold themselves back.”

When Shi Hao heard what was said, he asked, “I’ve always been quite curious. Just how powerful is the Heaven Mending Sect and the Sky Severing Sect? Can they really control an entire region?”

“They are truly quite powerful and terrifying. They are so powerful that both you and I could only look up to them. It’s almost impossible to find any true deities within the wasteland region, but as for those two great sects…” Lord Huntian didn’t speak into detail.

“It really is dull. So much conflict and fighting, what is the point?” Shi Hao said as he drank some wine.

“In reality, I don’t want to participate in the great disorder, because we aren’t really qualified. However, if me and you don’t take action, then it’s impossible for us to survive. It is all for the sake of self-preservation,” said Lord Huntian.

“I might as well just hole up inside a mountain forest or something. I’ll bring back two fatties and then go into hiding to avoid this disaster. By then, my cultivation will be good enough. Who will dare provoke me then? I’ll just eat them all.” Shi Hao hiccuped from the alcohol and spoke in this way.

“Haha… then I can’t help you there.” Lord Huntian laughed loudly.

“I’m quite curious, exactly who is taking action and bringing about such chaos?” Shi Hao asked.

“Taboo!” Lord Huntian’s eyes narrowed and seemed to possess a bit of fear. Taboo; this was what his teacher personally told him. Even great sects from outside this region were going into action to take advantage of it.

There were also rumors that this ‘taboo’ was the arrival of all these great sects.

“Watch, when the great chaos arrives, there will be people who will try to assert their strength in this wasteland region. At that time, we will be involved as well. Instead of letting this happen, we might as well seize what we should possess instead.” Lord Huntian spoke quite a bit, making Shi Hao’s expression change. This was for the sake of not being controlled in the future, and it was going to be extremely terrifying.

Lord Huntian spoke again. “Some people have set their eyes on the boundless skies and vast stellar seas. There are also those who are focused on our wasteland region, those who are interested in mortal affairs, and even the people who are satisfied with growing their own necessities.”

“I only want one thing. A free world.” Shi Hao said softly.

“Then you will have to rise to power in the wastelands, control the entire wasteland region and become the great emperor. Only then, could you obtain what you want, otherwise… Hah!”

The two of them had been drinking for a long time already, and both of them were already completely intoxicated. They didn’t even know what they were talking about anymore, and in the end, Lord Huntian patted his shoulder and said, “I offer my wishes that you can bring those two girls back to your village. I feel like this will make things extremely interesting, giving the great powers outside our region an unforgettable impression, hahaha…”

“Wait for my good news.” Shi Hao was also drunk. He carried one of the girls and left, bringing about a huge shriek.

“Put down my sister!” Lord Huntian shouted.

Pa! Shi Hao slapped the luxurious bottom and said, “I was just wondering why something was quite different. I’m leaving.”

He hiccuped and left while swaying back and forth.

“A great disorder is going to begin…” Shi Hao said to himself.

Time passed by quickly, and several days passed in a flash. The Human Emperor’s birthday had arrived, and the majestic palace was completely opened. Important guests all entered.

Shi Hao became famous instantly, and as a result, he naturally received an invitation. This was because the Human Emperor personally paid attention to him and saved him from the clutches of that great spider. As a result, he had a golden invitation card in his hand and was considered a respected guest.

Of course, this was not something that the Stone Emperor himself instructed, but rather something that the people below him decided based on the circumstances. It was impossible for everyone to personally pay their respects to the Human Emperor, so they took action based on what they felt was appropriate.

The lofty palace was grand and vast. This was an ancient structure that flowed with golden splendor under the multicolored light of a sunrise. It seemed just like an ancient temple.

Upon entering, one would find their bodies to be incredibly tiny in comparison, as if it was constructed for giants. The building was so large that it was shocking, and an incredibly majestic atmosphere filled this place.

At the doorway to the inner palace, there were two enormous Bi’ans crouching. They were powerful and terrifying ancient beasts that possessed formidable power and grandeur. Their bloodlines were incredibly astonishing.

It was rumored that within the depths of the imperial palace, there was an old Bi’an that had lived for a long time. It had become an existence similar to a guardian spirit, and it was the beast that protected the imperial family.

“The imperial family really is incredible…” Shi Hao sighed. He made many speculations just from seeing a small portion of this place.

Guests entered unceasingly, and the number of people here grew larger and larger. They were all experts, and the auras they released made others’ hearts palpitate. Without a doubt, this place was going to be bustling with noise and excitement today. In addition, there were bound to be some unusual events that were going to happen.

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