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Chapter 307 – Recognize

Shi Hao. For most people, this name was definitely unfamiliar. They had never heard of it before. However, when the important figures within the Rain Clan heard this, it was definitely not strange and it was a name they were extremely familiar with.

That year, Shi Yi’s mother pleaded with the clan, and as a result, an old senior was sent out from within. He assisted her in extracting the supreme being bone from young Shi Hao’s body.

These things were all kept secret, but it still lead to a string of disputes from Shi Ziling to the Great Demonic God and all the way to today. It truly gave them headache after headache.

None of this was a big deal because as long as some time passed, the situation would no longer be the same. After all, Shi Yi was going to grow up, and by then, he would be unrivalled under the heavens. When that time came, even if they were exposed, so what? What could Shi Ziling do? They wouldn’t even be scared of the Great Demonic God. It wouldn’t even matter if other people opposed them, because they would just be silenced through death!

The only thing they were scared of was the child from back then!

It was because they discovered some rumors from ancient texts and learned a shocking truth. If that child did not die and survived, he would become even more powerful and surpass everyone!

At this moment, one of the Rain Clan’s important individuals used the transparent bone mirror to reveal Shi Hao’s soul. He definitely possessed the same bloodline as the Great Demonic God and Shi Ziling. Moreover, a terrifying aura was released from his chest. This was an omen of the supreme being bone’s rebirth, giving them enough proof!

It was because they had also seen Shi Yi’s bone before, and it was precisely this type of aura. It released a pressure that was absolute and incomparable.

“It’s him, the child from back then. He… actually didn’t die!” The middle-aged individual quickly spoke to the elders around him, and every one of their expressions changed.

Several elders in particular felt their expressions become cold, and their gaze became incredibly gloomy. This was definitely news of the worst sort. How could it have ended up like this?

It was worth noting that once one lost their supreme being bone, their blood essence would also decline. Based on their speculations, that child was doomed to die in two years and cease to exist in this world.

“We’ve truly made a mistake back then… We shouldn’t have let him live, and it would have been better if we got rid of him regardless of the damage to our reputation. After digging out the supreme being bone, we should have directly executed him.”

An elder spoke in a low voice. His gaze was malicious, and it seemed like he felt greatly remorseful. How could that child still be alive after losing the supreme being bone? In the end, a huge disaster occurred.

“I knew it. Who else can open ten heavenly passages? Other than this kind of rebirth from the ashes to once again undergo rebirth into a heavenly supreme being, who else could do such a thing?!”

These important characters from the Rain Clan were shocked. They regretted not taking action earlier, and truly wanted to go back in time to directly cut down this child after stealing the supreme being bone.

“Everything is clear. He is trying to imitate the Great Demonic God by coming here. He is purposely trying to humiliate my Rain Clan,” one person spoke hatefully.

There are always people who never search within themselves for the reason and instead look outside, as if everyone under the heavens were created to serve them.

“Hurry up and kill him! We can’t let this disaster continue. If that youngster is allowed to grow up, then it will definitely bring about an absolute calamity!”

“Yes, we must get rid of him as soon as possible. Otherwise, Yi’er might not necessarily be able to suppress him in the future. This is a reborn heavenly supreme being, and his potential is endless.”

Without much hesitation, the Rain Clansmen came to a decision. They were going to kill him as soon as possible.

However, when they thought about killing him, they all felt a huge headache. When the other side wore those black golden battle clothes, his strength immediately reached the noble king level, making him difficult to deal with.

“Use all of our clan’s ancestral formations. Hurry up and arrange them! At the crucial point, the clan suppressing divine relic must move as well!”

The corners of Shi Hao’s lips revealed a cold grin. He silently adjusted his breathing to help his body reach its optimum state. All of the consequences of fighting the battle against the Rain Deity’s projection completely disappeared.

Several Rain Clan sect elders suddenly took action, and the ruins in front of them exploded. The gate and houses were completely razed to the ground, and a single artifact was revealed. It was a bronze board with characters inscribed on top, which was originally hung on top of the gate.

“That’s a formation diagram!”

Everyone was astonished, because they noticed that the sect elders were reciting incantations. It rushed into the skies and released a hazy earthen light from mid-air.

At the same time, from within the collapsed walls and courtyards several bone lamps came out. They flickered with brilliant radiance.

These lamps emerged from underground. They were artifacts buried under the ruins, and at this time, they formed a great formation to trap Shi Hao.

The Rain Clan had made many preparations. It seemed like they had already foreseen this kind of situation. The courtyard that seemed to have been destroyed still possessed other hidden murderous factors.

There was a total of four bone lamps and thirty-six spears. The bronze inscribed board trembled, and these artifacts began to attack Shi Hao forcefully.


The thirty six battle spears flew out and sliced in and out like beams of light. They were extremely dazzling, and they turned into shocking rainbows that streaked across the sky gorgeously.

Meanwhile, the four bone lamps shone with wisps of light. Green flames were scattered down from them to burn Shi Hao. They had sealed up this entire place, and they were going to eradicate him at the center.

This was one of the Rain Clan’s ancient formations. Under normal situations, it wouldn’t be used, but today, its power was borrowed to restrict Shi Hao. The others quickly rushed up and prepared to add support.

Shi Hao brought out the broken sword and fiercely stabbed it into the ground. He was going to use this precious artifact to destroy the formation patterns hidden beneath the ground. At the same time, he lifted his hand, causing light to erupt. A bowl appeared. It seemed like it could refine the high heavens as it stopped many attacks.

Following that, he brought out a stone box, and from within flew out the Eight Vicious Swords. They hacked in all directions and collided with the battle spears, causing kengqiang sounds to ring out.

Soon after, with a shake of his hand, the stone box was activated. It floated in the sky and caused the Eight Vicious Sword formation to arrange. The killing formation was used to break the opposing great formation, and both sides opposed each other with equal harshness.

“Eight Vicious Swords with the formation diagram!” The faces of the Rain Clan’s important characters were extremely ugly to look at. This was one of their clan’s rare treasures and was originally used to guard the gate, but in the end, it was stolen while still in perfect condition. It was now used against them, making them choke from resentment.


Sparks flew everywhere. One Vicious Sword hacked apart two battle lances as a string of sparks flew outwards. It was extremely sharp.

The Rain Clan’s people released a sigh. These eight vicious swords were truly great objects. They were invaluable. Being formed from the primordial symbol bones of archaic descendants, they were near indestructible.


Finally, one of the bone lamps suffered a strike and was hacked into by a vicious sword. A corner was lost, and the flame inside flickered, almost going out.

The formation was broken. Shi Hao leapt up, and the Heaven Transforming Bowl in his hands shone, swallowing the spiritual essence from all directions. The battle spears and one of the bone lamps were collected inside. They were directly refined into a pile of powder.

The base of the bowl shone, and a type of divine material was forged. This bowl could be used to refine many magical artifacts.

“The Rain Clan really is unlucky. Before, there was the Great Demonic God, and now, there’s is such a heaven defying savage child. They will definitely lose a lot of face after today’s incident.”

“Who exactly is that youngster? Did you guys hear what was said just now? It seems like the Rain Clan understood something through the unique ability of the bone mirror to see through the souls and bloodlines of an individual. What kind of background does he have?”

There were people discussing in low voices from the streets and in the air.

The devilish child’s life was a complete mystery, and not many people knew about his past. They didn’t know where he came from, but the Rain Clan seemed to have found out about his roots.

However, regardless of whether it was the devilish brat or the Rain Clan, none of them revealed anything. Everyone found it rather strange, almost as if a huge uproar would be created if the devilish child’s name was announced.

“Let’s just wait and see. I feel like his identity will be revealed publicly soon. His great display of power here must be for a certain purpose. His identity will be exposed soon.” Someone speculated.

Within the clan, a middle aged male ran over from the garden in the back with a horrible expression. “The guardian spirit… It left! It’s no longer in the manor!’

“What? What is going on? Where did it go, and when did it depart?” One of the Rain Clan’s sect elders shouted as he grabbed this individual’s collar.

After experiencing the Great Demonic God’s rampage, the Rain Clan had a deep feeling that their footing in the capital was no longer stable. They went to the ancestral land to invite over a guardian spirit, asking it to oversee this area.

Even though this was only a descendant of the ancient supreme guardian spirit, it was still powerful and could guard a region.

“It left to visit a friend, and should have left for several days already. It only left behind a brief note.” The middle-aged individual replied.

The Rain Clan’s people’s faces all fell ashen. How could such a careless slip-up happen? They haven’t even noticed this before, because the guardian spirit did not like to be disturbed by others. Normally, no one could enter that garden.

“There’s no other choice. He is currently a noble king with great strength. Even if we wanted to lead him into an ancestral formation to suppress him, he probably won’t fall for it. If we want to kill him, then using the Rain Deity’s decree is probably our only choice,” said one of the elders.

They felt extremely regretful. The guardian spirit wasn’t here right now. If he was, then they probably wouldn’t have to make use of the divine decree. That was a true deity’s magical artifact, and would not be used indiscriminately under normal situations.

“He must be eliminated. Otherwise, he will bring about an enormous disaster in only a few years. He dares to create such chaos in my clan’s land now, so when he become a true noble king in the future, would we even be able to deal with him then?” Someone said in a cold voice.

Kill Shi Hao; this was what was in every one of their minds. They couldn’t allow themselves to delay it any longer, because he would definitely become a disaster in the future.

Shi Hao felt that there was something suspicious. The Rain Clan’s strange movements startled him. He had been on guard this entire time. He muttered to himself, “That big spider really is rather calm. Why hasn’t he taken action yet? It’s not worth it to waste a use of the little pagoda here.”

He began to take steps backwards, preparing himself just in case. He had already caused enough of a disturbance today and already completely humiliated the Rain Clan and made them lose all face. This had also allowed him to vent quite a bit, and everything else could be left to the future.

“There is something I need here — the spiritual imprint left behind by a deity.” The small pagoda suddenly spoke.

When Shi Hao heard this, he became stupefied. He immediately knew what it was talking about. Wasn’t it the divine decree? He stated clearly that he wouldn’t waste one of the opportunities of the small pagoda to defeat the Rain Deity’s imprint.

“This time won’t count. Through my strength and your hands, collect the decree fragment.” The small pagoda said.

He clearly possessed great strength, but it still spoke in a mysterious manner, stating how the world was one of balance. It continued to say that to obtain something,  something must be lost.

Shi Hao was always skeptical whether this small pagoda was transferring some of its karma onto his body, because it had always exchanged for what it needed through him.

However, there wasn’t much he could do about that right now. He truly needed its overwhelming power.

“In fact, your Imperishable Golden Body could also recover a bit through this divine decree,” the small pagoda said.

Shi Hao gasped. This Golden Body was indeed formidable. Once it reached a complete and undamaged state, just how powerful would it be?

“Evil brat, do you think you’ve grown up and could harass my Rain Clan? Today, I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget. It might even be your final lesson, because you will not live to see tomorrow.” A middle aged individual from the Rain Clan shouted.

He hated that teenager bitterly because his son never returned. He was killed by Shi Hao in the Hundred Shattered Mountains.


In the depths of the Rain Clan, a holy radiance was released. There was an ancient temple over there, and within the palace hall was a small altar. Once it opened, the decree of a divine being appeared.

A golden rain of light that was both beautiful and dazzling covered the sky. A wave of majestic energy was released from within, intimidating everyone.

Not to mention the long streets, even the rest of the capital was completely shaken. Fear emerged within everyone’s minds as they watched this battle. Their knees became weak as they felt an urge to kneel down.

However, Shi Hao did not seem to be scared at all. He actually felt rather relaxed, because the small pagoda was going to take action.

Within the depths of the Rain Clan, it was as if a river of stars were surging outwards and a volcano was erupting. A rain of light filled the skies, and the aura that was released became more and more shocking.

“Youngster, you came to the wrong place. The Rain Clan is not a place that just  anyone can disgrace. You can now go die.” An elder coldly and emotionlessly said.

Suddenly in front of that temple, the rain of light suddenly grew much dimmer. It was almost as if a divine flame had gone out.

In the next moment, Shi Hao felt felt as if there was wind blowing through his ear. There was something entering the small pagoda, as if it was feeding on something. Meanwhile, he noticed that there was also a golden parchment that stuck to its body, merging with the Imperishable Golden Body.

At first, the radiance from the parchment was dazzling, but it soon began to fade.

The devilish child’s mind was immediately thrown into disorder. He felt as if these two fellows both benefited, yet he was the only one that didn’t. He took that piece of dim parchment and placed it into his mouth.

“Kacha!” He began to bite down fiercely.

In the distance, a group of important individuals rubbed their eyes forcefully. They felt as if their eyes were cracking apart as they all shouted in alarm.

“You dare?!”

What were they seeing? That fellow looked like he was gnawing on a carrot, and what he was really eating was a piece of the divine decree! Something similar was actually happening in the real world.

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