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Chapter 300 – The Enraged Rain Clan

The cold-faced Shi Ziteng no longer had those casual and carefree qualities about him. His eyes were flickering, and quite some time had passed before he spoke again. A frightening chilliness was spreading out from him.

The rest of his company did not hesitate to express their anger. These people did not ask for Shi Ziteng’s advice and acted on their own to suppress the teenager, resulting in this mess.

It was an insult beyond imagination. The several people they sent out were not only killed, but also had their heads delivered back. The gesture was one of complete ridicule and humiliation!

“Is he declaring war against us? He is merely a teenager after all. Even with his exceptional background, without anyone else guarding him, can he really confront the entire Marital Imperial Manor by himself?!”

A middle-aged man said grimly. His killing intent surged, and he could not sit still any longer. This was an incredibly serious provocation. If they didn’t deal with this, what kind of face would they have left.

Within the Tiger Gate Tavern, Shi Hao sat within the courtyard. He figured that the other party would definitely erupt into anger. Moreover, they probably wouldn’t target only him, but also place blame on others.

“In order to kill me, you all will probably blame many others. All of you have gotten used to acting overbearingly,” Shi Hao said to himself. He felt like something big was stirring up after he humiliated them in such a way. Either way, the human emperor’s birthday was coming up, so the days were lining up.

“Go to the Rain King Manor and ask if Yu Lin returned first.” Shi Ziteng said.

At this very moment, an overcast atmosphere filled the Rain King Manor. Many people’s faces were ugly. When that heavy box was opened, there was actually a head. It belong to one of their clan’s experts.

Blood was dripping out, and Yu Lin’s eyes were still widened with fear. It seemed like he had received a great shock before death and his eyes were still filled with unwillingness.

“Is this a provocation against my Rain Clan’s prestige?!” One of them roared in anger.

Soon, the clan became incomparably depressed. After experiencing the Great Demonic God’s anger, the Rain Clan’s popularity within the capital was at an all time low. That event had put them into an extremely passive state and completely left them humiliated.

Now, whenever the Rain Can was brought up, people would always think back to the Great Demonic God’s great slaughter within the manor. They were truly humiliated and the losers during that incident.

This was completely different from the great glory and prowess established since the olden days. It completely overturned their reputation and left them in utter defeat.

“It was sent over from the Tiger Gate Tavern’s people. Get to the bottom of this! We cannot act benevolently any longer. No matter who they are, we cannot let them go!”

“What if the they are declaring war on us and waiting for our reply? This is starting a war!”

The Rain King Manor’s next few days were quite difficult. Everyone felt stifled by anger. A single Great Demonic God made their entire clan unable to lift their heads, yet now, something else happened. Many people naturally found it unbearable. This was just like a fuse that would trigger a huge explosion.

“This is fine. Let’s see who dares to target my clan. Let’s use this chance to break out from this situation and relieve some of our people’s anger. We have to let the capital’s people know that our Rain Clan is still an ancient family in the end!” A clan ancestor said.

Soon after, several upper level figures of the Rain Manor hurried over to inquire about the situation. They immediately erupted into fury because this was absolutely infuriating.

Recently, they have always been investigating the devilish child’s matters. There were some that began to doubt if he was the Great Demonic God’s descendant. They were in a completely terrible mood, so this new incident gave them something to pour out their anger on.

“Bring a group of people to surround the Tiger Gate Tavern. Don’t let him escape!” True anger was stirred up within the Rain Clansmen. They immediately made their move, sending out their experts.

The main street was in a state of chaos. Powerful beasts roared and the galloping of armored horsemen resounded through the streets. All of the passersby were shocked. They moved out of the way in fear of being caught up in the disorder.

The Rain Clan had moved, sending out a group of experts. They surrounded the Tiger Gate Tavern, making everyone stupefied. What were they trying to do? Was a great war going to break out?

The group was made of elite warriors that were reputed to be the Rain Clan’s best, yet currently, they were all dressed in plate armor with sharp weapons in their hands. They flickered with cold light as they sat on top of vicious beasts, releasing waves of killing intent.

“Yi, what happened to the Rain King Manor? After experiencing that disastrous event, they have kept an extremely low profile recently. Why are they making a big fuss again?”

“Great one, what is the meaning of this?” The manager of the tavern appeared. For him to be able to make his business so great and establish a place within the capital, he naturally had an unordinary background.

“Out of the way!” However, the Rain Clansmen paid no attention to him. They pushed him away and proceeded into the tavern and into the peaceful gardens.

Shi Hao’s courtyard was opened all the way. He had already waited for a long time, and was shocked to find that it was the Rain King Manor’s people that hurried over first. This was not the first time he came into contact with them.

“You are the one who killed my manor’s disciple?” The troops that entered had icy cold expressions. They were all exuding killing intent. They never expected that the opposing side would be so arrogant, waiting here the entire time.

“You all aren’t going to ask for the reason?” Shi Hao sized them up, and felt that these were all experts who had experienced bloody battles. It was almost as if they had just arrived from a battlefield, as their bodies still possessed the smell of blood.

“There is no need. You’ve killed our clan’s disciple, so no matter what excuse you have, you will still die!” Among them, a youngster spoke in an incredibly cold tone. In his hand was a black demonic blade that was currently pointed straight at Shi Hao’s head.

“Domineering, oppressive, conceited. These traits all perfectly describe you all. Who do you think you all are? Without even finding out who was in the right and who was wrong, you immediately rush to kill?” Shi Hao’s voice was cold.

“To provoke my Rain Clan, of course you would have this kind of attitude. Not just anyone can step on my clan. You cannot blame anyone else for seeking death!”

“Don’t think too much of yourselves. The Rain Clan is a king clan, and sounds great with someone even becoming a deity. It is an ancient family, but now, you all have already died out from everyone’s minds.” Shi Hao ridiculed.

“No matter what state the Rain Clan is, it is still not a place where any dog or cat can provoke. Provoking my clan means that you will pay the price!” The black demonic blade in that young man’s hands made qiang qiang sounds, shooting out blade radiance.

“This isn’t the ancient years. The Rain Clan has already declined through time. You all have believed yourselves as infallible for too long. With just people like you all, you still want to look down on the capital, sentencing people to death as you please? Truly laughable and excessively conceited. Too bossy and domineering.” Shi Hao jeered.


The black demonic blade lit up, releasing an expanse of symbols. The young individual hacked over towards Shi Hao’s head, directly taking action.


Shi Hao snapped his fingers. Symbols erupted with brilliance, and a thick streak of lightning flew out, colliding with that youngster’s blade. A dazzling light exploded, making kengqiang sounds ring out.

The black demonic blade shuddered. The lightning radiance flowed through it, making that young man’s body shake endlessly. Even though his cultivation was great, he still suffered under this attack.

“Those that dare offend my Rain Clan are few. You really are extremely daring!” A middle-aged man also spoke. His eyes were cold as they stared at Shi Hao. He wanted to find out more about his opponent.

Shi Hao laughed loudly and said, “Truly laughable. Not long ago, the Great Demonic God beat you down until you’ve all lost your helmets and armor. You were thrown into a completely desperate situation, to a point where you’ve all holed up in your manor and were too scared to come out. Even your main hall was torn up by others, so is that the awe and dignity you guys are talking about? Now, you all put on your arrogance again, looking like some unrivaled master who won’t yield no matter what. Don’t you think that’s kind of funny?”

Shi Hao’s laugh was especially ear-piercing. This was an undisguised ridicule, making them feel incomparably depressed and stifled. The Great Demonic God was like a great shadow that was imprinted within their hearts. It made all of them ache inwardly.


The demonic blade hacked down once again; that youngster rushed over again. He was an elite of the Rain Clan that had cultivated for twenty years, so he believed that he could suppress the young expert in front of him.

However, in reality, he underestimated Shi Hao’s strength. Without even the use of the Imperishable Golden Body, Shi Hao easily broke through the blade radiance and rushed forward murderously. His flesh flickered with radiance.


Shi Hao’s palm collided with the opponent’s precious artifact, and with a qiang sound, it struck on top of that black demonic dagger. Symbols blossomed, but soon after, they were extinguished. The entire blade shuddered and then cracked apart. In the end, it completely shattered!

Not only that young individual, but even the middle-aged people behind him were shocked at this result. Just how powerful was his strength to bare handedly shatter a precious artifact?!


Shi Hao slammed his palm straight into his chest. The young man flew outwards with his entire breastbone caved on. He suffered an irreversible injury, with his sternum seeming to have been completely broken.

He spat out blood from his mouth, and his face was completely pale. After colliding into the courtyard wall, earth and stone flew everywhere. Dust filled the air, and he could no longer climb back up.

The others were shocked. This youngster was too powerful! It was only a single encounter, yet the outcome was decided instantly. It was firm and forceful, and it was clear that his battle experience was plentiful. It made all of them a bit fearful.

At this moment, they all put away their feelings of contempt. Among them, one individual’s gaze was ice cold, and a haze surrounded his body. Large amounts of rain descended, and lightning accompanied it!

This was one of the Rain Clan’s true experts. After entering the Hundred Clans Battlefield, he reached the Engravement Realm. He was a formidable character.

Shi Hao did not dare to act careless. Just now, he relied on his lightning techniques to quickly move forward and ruin that young expert. However, the situation was different now, because the opponent was on his guard.

In just a split second, his body began to emit dark light, merging the small figure into his body. His strength erupted, making him an Engravement Realm expert.

An area of rain scattered down, and lightning hacked down. It completely descended on Shi Hao’s body, but within the kengqiang sounds, he wasn’t harmed in the slightest. He directly rushed forward.

At this moment, the Rain Clan’s experts were completely startled. They gasped in surprise, because even though they had their suspicions before, knowing that their opponent was definitely powerful, this degree of power still exceeded their expectations.

This was still only a young man! How could he possess the strength of a noble king? This was simply heaven defying!

“Attack!” The other individuals rushed out together, and all of those watching the fight took action. They all revealed their precious techniques and brought out their precious artifacts.

However, the end result completely terrified them. The youth was so powerful that it made their hearts palpitate. He seemed comparable to a noble king, as if he was invincible. With a single palm and pa sounds, precious artifacts were shattered one after another.

He was simply like a human-shaped dinosaur as he pushed forward! Even though one of the middle-aged men surpassed the Spirit Transformation realm, in front of that palm, his body might as well have been rotten wood. With a pu sound, his body exploded into four pieces.

This was just too powerful! The others were trembling with fear.


Another precious artifact descended while emitting light. In the end, it encountered the youth’s simple and rough fist and was smashed apart. It turned into a rain of light before scattering down.

“You… who are you?” The leading expert was now thoroughly alert. This was just too weird. Even if the opponent was a heaven warping talent, he still shouldn’t be this terrifying!

Shi Hao revealed his true appearance, purposely allowing him to see his real face.

“What? It’s you?!” These people all shouted loudly. At the same time, they felt shock and fear.

The Void God Realm’s devilish child? They immediately thought of many things. There were some rumors within the Rain Clan, with people making astonishing speculations about his background. At this moment, all of their faces paled, and they couldn’t help but repeatedly step backwards.

At this moment, what these people were thinking about was not to immediately kill the opponent, but rather to leave as soon as possible. It was because this swamp was just too thick, and their fear was too deeply rooted.

“You all should know my identity, right?” Shi Hao’s expression was calm as he said, “My grandfather has paid a visit to your manor, so how could the grandson not go as well? I also must follow in his footsteps.”

All of the Rain clan clansmen were shaken. The Rain King Manor did have these speculations, but the overwhelming majority did not believe such a thing. However, this youngster had now said it himself!

“You are… going to go to our Rain King Manor?” Someone trembled and said.

“Correct!” Shi Hao replied in an extremely decisive tone.

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