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Chapter 299 – Heads Delivered

The witch left and did not give out any more information. However, her words made it so that Shi Hao could not calm down for a long time. These things were just too shocking.

The great vicious creatures, sinful descendants, other powerful creatures that entered the wasteland region, igniting a divine flame, true deities… These keywords were continuously tossed around his mind, and it would be a while before they would disappear.

The surroundings of the Green Wood Garden was rather vast, with many bronze war chariots parked about. Just as Shi Hao passed this place, he saw Liu Han’s group. When he thought about how they got others to try and defeat him, he waved and said, “Let me borrow your war chariot again. Later on, you can get it back from the Tiger Gate Tavern.

His words were spoken in a carefree manner. Those individuals all felt their faces darken, but soon after, they wilted like frost-bitten eggplants. Why were they so unlucky? They encountered this freak again.

They did not act out in anger at all. All of their arrogance as heirs of noble kings was put away. This young master even dared to threaten the Demonic Spirit Lake! He didn’t even give any face to Shi Ziteng and instead fought back with equal harshness.

They decided that they were inferior and were not on par with pure-blooded creatures. Currently, when they saw this youth, all of them began to rant in fear. As they watched him walk over and climb into the bronze war chariot, all of them stood there rigidly.

“Don’t bully others so much in the future. Don’t think that you stand on top of the world just because you are children of noble kings and stir up trouble everywhere. Otherwise, next time, I’ll directly put you guys into the Heaven Transforming Bowl and let you have a heart to heart chat with that little spider.”

Shi Hao left behind those words before leaving on the bronze chariot. This made the group feel indignant, but they had no choice.

“Aiyou, Liu Han, you are quite incredible! Are you trying to be on good terms with that person from Supreme Palace by lending him your carriage?” Someone asked.

“Get lost!” Liu Han was simply angered bad. Fury filled him as he roared here, drawing quite a few eyes and whispers.

Quite a few people found out about what happened, and they all began to laugh.

Tiger Gate Tavern was located at a bustling part of the capital, and there were garden landscapes around it. It could be considered a luxurious place, so the price was naturally not low. There were man-made mountains, small streams, and other landscaping pieces. The layout of this area was carefully arranged.

He parked the carriage outside the tavern, but as soon as he returned, he noticed that something wasn’t right. He had been targeted. For revenge to happen so quickly made his heart harden.

He was completely fearless and was not scared at all of these small things. Instead, he feared that things wouldn’t build up quick enough. This time, the reason he came to the Stone Country capital was to make a powerful appearance and tell his loved ones that he was still alive.

Of course, the best time for that was during Stone Emperor’s birthday, when he could completely break everyone who meant harm against him. Only, it didn’t seem like things were going as planned.

A thin strand of smoke wafted into the air, surrounding this courtyard. Several flags were illuminated, sealing off this place. It was completely silent, reaching the peak of calmness.

“Why are you hiding with your tail out?” Shi Hao wasn’t scared at all. He stood within the courtyard while staring forward.

“Youngster, you are quite bold. You seem to have some guts, only, people like you don’t live for long. They all die from their stupidness and impulsiveness!” From the arching stone bridge, a middle aged individual walked out. With a pa sound, a fan was opened as he walked out in an extremely confident and easy going manner.

“Are you from the Martial Imperial Manor? Or a servant from the Demonic Spirit Lake? Maybe from some other power?” Shi Hao asked.

“Speak a bit more courteously.” The middle-aged scholar’s eyes were fierce. The blue clothes he wore made him look calm, and only those eyes were somewhat cold.

“You want to kill me, yet you want me to speak more courteously. There is something wrong with your head.” Shi Hao’s words were harsh. Within his sleeves, the small black golden figure appeared and was firmly gripped in his hands.

“You’ve acted unrestrained for too long. I admit that your natural talents are quite shocking and formidable, but you have to understand that not all geniuses are able to mature. So what if your identity is incredible? If I strangle you while you are still young and refuse you the opportunity to mature, everything you could have would be ruined!” The middle-aged scholar spoke in a malevolent voice. He was extremely direct, yet still seemed extremely calm. He spoke out everything he felt, as if he had Shi Hao’s life in his hands and could care less about what would happen in the future.

His strength was extremely great, and his cultivation surpassed Shi Hao’s. Currently, he did not feel any fear and felt like everything was in his grasp. He didn’t even feel like he had to hurry and take action, and instead wanted to humiliate and break the other party first.

“Why do you think you are all that? If you want to die, then just come over.” Shi Hao shot him a look of disdain.

“Being shown such contempt by such a young person made the middle-aged scholar absolutely furious. He was still a comparatively well-known expert, and today, he took action in place of the Martial Imperial Manor’s people. In the end, he was looked down like this by this youngster. It was truly unbearable.

“You are looking for death!”

The middle-aged scholar erupted with anger. As soon as his mouth opened, a divine flame was spat out, surrounding most of the courtyard. The temperature was raised to such a degree that it was somewhat shocking.

Shi Hao was considerably startled. This middle-aged scholar seemed rather quiet-looking and he didn’t expect that he was actually like a reckless dragon. Flames were spewed from its mouth as soon as the battle started, completely unlike his outward appearance.

He quickly dodged, because the opposing party’s flames could immediately scorch any flesh that made contact with it into ashes.

It was obvious that this was an expert at the Engravement Realm, one great realm higher than Shi Hao. His power was extremely terrifying. After entering this realm, one could truly become free and unfettered. It was like a bird leaping out from the sea and taking flight into the skies.

Someone who could reach the Engravement Realm was definitely an expert in the human race. No matter where they went, they would receive the respect of others. Well known figures could obtain the title of lord.

This cultivation realm was extremely difficult, requiring one to carve inscriptions into one’s bones and heavenly passages. At the same time, they need to break through the natural chains of order to truly lay out and arrange the patterns. Every single step was extremely arduous.

This was where one truly embarked on their own path. They were no longer confined to the symbols of vicious beasts or fierce birds that they began with and could now begin carving their own symbols.

Of course, the so-called one’s own symbols could only be simply assembled. It was impossible to create something innovative, as that was something that only supreme experts could do.

With a hu sound, Shi Hao dodged to the side. A lump of flame descended, and the man-made mountain was turned into magma. The fountain evaporated, and most of the courtyard became barren.

This was the dao flame of its own body. It was a special flame produced by symbols carved within the body in the Engravement Realm. This type of divine might alone could easily suppress any lower level cultivator.

However, what kind of person was Shi Hao? He was someone who continuously broke past limits! Even if he didn’t use the Imperishable Golden Body, he would still dare to fight against someone who had just entered the Engravement Realm.

“Are you used to always using these flames? Not bad, just like a mess cook,” he ridiculed.

When the middle-aged scholar heard what he said, his expression immediately became overcast. Previously, he was was refined and quiet like a scholar, but in the end, this brat’s sharp attacks was more than he could bear.


He opened his mouth and spewed out a wave of flames. At the same time, his entire body lit up, and strand after strand of symbols curled up around him. His entire body soared into the air, sending down a tremendous wave of flourishing divine light downwards.

This was the effects of the dao flame. It was being stirred on by his precious artifacts, surrounding every direction to suppress Shi Hao. He did not believe that a child a bit over ten could be that terrifying.

Regardless of how great your heavenly talent was, so what? The difference in cultivation realms was still unavoidable, and it was difficult to avoid the fate of death.

This time, Shi Hao did not dodge but instead directly opened all ten heavenly passages. Within some of them rested a Kun Peng, Suan Ni, Black Tortoise, and human spirit. As for the remaining heavenly passages, there was a clock, pagoda, cauldron, and others. These weapons could be condensed, brought out, and undergo evolution.

Once the ten heavenly passages opened, they began to absorb the dao flame. The endless spiritual essence began to disappear into what seemed like a bottomless pit as it was frantically devoured.

The middle-aged scholar was shaken. Even though he heard that this individual was unordinary, he still couldn’t help but change his expression. Ten heavenly passage, this was… heaven defying! He could actually meet such a magnificent view. This was truly a miracle.

The dao flame surged into the ten heavenly passages, making the interior bright and sparkling. They became more and more divine and auspicious, nourishing Shi Hao’s essence energy.

“Break open!”

The middle-aged scholar tried to calm his mind. His eyes flickered with murderous light as he focused all of his attention on activating his body’s dao flame. He wanted to completely blast his opponent’s heavenly passages to pieces through their cultivation disparity.

In reality, this train of thought was not wrong. Anyone at a greater cultivation realm had the ability to use their own fighting energy and divine might to blast a lower realm cultivator’s heavenly passages into pieces.

However, the ten heavenly passages were just too different from normal. His efforts at suppressing them was completely useless, and Shi Hao instead used this opportunity to endlessly absorb the flame’s essence. The flames could not even harm him in the slightest.


An ugly expression appeared on the middle-aged scholar’s face, because he found that he couldn’t make the heavenly passages explode. He fiercely brandished the fan in his arm, causing a four-colored ray of light to fly out. The heaven and earth rumbled and endless symbols flooded this place. It was as if a great mountain was smashing downwards.

This was a Four Division Fan, a type of powerful magical artifact. During the ancient years, it was known for its outstanding prowess.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to bring out its divine abilities in the present age, so the Four Division Fan was not comparable to the sacred artifact of that era. However, for an Engravement Realm individual, this item was still quite excellent.

Four-colored light flew out and hacked over like heavenly lightning. It seemed impossible to stop as it shot towards Shi Hao to obliterate him.  Any normal Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator would immediately be blasted to pieces by the overwhelming power of the Engravement Realm expert’s precious artifact.

Shi Hao felt the pressure, but he remain fearless. The other party had just taken the first step into the Engravement Realm and was not a true noble king.

His pupils flickered, forming a faint golden color. He decided that he was going test his strength here. From within one of the heavenly passages, a Kun Peng slowly appeared. It then spread its wings into the skies before rushing forward.

The Kun Peng was not that large, because the courtyard was sealed off. At the same time, he did not want to startle everyone, so he only used it within the limits of this region.


The four-colored light was scattered. The Kun Peng flew past and collided into the middle-aged scholar. Half of his body was immediately badly mangled, and the fan in his hands directly blew apart. It was a spectacle that was simply too hard to endure.

“What kind of precious technique is this??!” He was stunned. They had just crossed swords! He was an Engravement Realm expert, yet he couldn’t even block a single attack from a youngster at the Spirit Transformation Realm. This was just just too shocking.

As soon as Shi Hao released this strike, he had already decided that he would not let this person go. After using the Kun Peng’s divine ability, he would completely exterminate his enemy.

His mind could not calm down at all. He hadn’t even fully comprehended it yet, yet the Kun Peng’s murderous form already displayed such a heaven defying divine might. It was quite shocking and made him tremble slightly.

“Yi, there’s still other people. All of you need to be dealt with.” Shi Hao’s spiritual perception was sharp, noticing that there was someone else hiding in the dark within this courtyard. A normal person would not have discovered those  individuals.


His body erupted with light in a split second, and the black figure in his hand entered his body. The two were fused together.

At this moment, his entire body released dark light and flickered with an icy golden luster. After merging with the Imperishable Golden Body, his strength exploded and increased by a large amount.

Even though SHi Hao was quite strong and could defeat the middle-aged scholar, in order to accomplish his goal, he still used this precious artifact. He did not want to let the other people go.


A streak of bloody light emerged. The remaining half of the crippled middle-aged scholar widened his eyes in utter fear. He simply could not understand how his opponent could be so terrifying. With a single dash, he was beheaded.

It was just too quick. Even though he was seriously injured, this still shouldn’t have been the case. He just couldn’t understand it as he died with his eyes open.

The individuals that were hiding cried out loudly. They  struggled with everything they had, but they already knew what would happen. The opponent released the ten heavenly passages and locked down this space, so they could not move a muscle.

Shi Hao appeared in front of their bodies. Once fused with the Imperishable Golden Body, his entire body gave off a cold and isolated feeling. He mercilessly took action, and with pu pu sounds, those four individuals’ heads dropped to the ground. They all lost their lives.

He completely wiped this battlefield clean. After inspecting these people’s remains, he found that there really were people from the Martial Imperial Manor among them. There was even an expert from the Rain Clan, because there was a clan emblem on his corpse.

“I didn’t even explode yet. Why are you guys so impatient already?” Shi Hao said to himself.

Soon after, he called for a tavern employee to prepare some elegant gift boxes. He placed a head in every single one of them before sending them out.

The Tiger Gate Tavern’s people did not know what was inside and they merely had to deliver it to the destination. Four of them were sent to the Martial Imperial Manor, and one was sent to the Rain King’s manor.

“Do you want to erupt and retaliate? Then I’ll help you guys and accompany you guys to the end. When the time comes, I’ll pay you all a visit!” Shi Hao said to himself.

The Martial Imperial Manor’s four elegant gift boxes were quite heavy. There were symbols flickering about them, so the people inside all thought they were precious objects. However, when they opened them, all of their expressions changed.

With a pa sound, a stone table was smashed apart under Shi Ziteng’s palm. His expression was incomparably overcast. He knew that the people beside him had done something. They said that they would teach that youngster a lesson, and he didn’t stop him. They simply never expected that their heads would be sent back so quickly.

This was a bare and naked provocation, an utter slap to their faces!

Moreover, there was still one head missing, and that was the head of a Rain Clansman. He came together with the others and paid his respects to him. He also went out, so why didn’t his head appear? What kind of end did it meet?

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