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Chapter 297 – Tit For Tat

Shi Ziteng had personally hurried over to this place, yet Shi Hao was still firmly rejecting his request. His face immediately became cold, and the atmosphere became extremely tense.

“There really is always a new generation to replace the last,” Shi Ziteng said. His mood did not fluctuate and still seemed as calm as before.

He was outstanding and almost otherworldly. His black hair scattered down, and his skin was brilliant white. His appearance was truly almost a bit too handsome, giving people the feeling that he wasn’t a human, but rather a piece of art. It was an appearance that one would never forget after seeing once.

Shi Hao’s expression was just as calm as before while confronting him. If he was able to capture the other party, then the true archaic demonic spider might make its appearance.

Only, Shi Ziteng was definitely not an ordinary person. As soon as they faced each other, Shi Hao determined that the opponent was a noble king grade expert. He was extremely difficult to overcome!

He had to activate the Imperishable Golden Body, moreover, he had to display the most powerful force. However, this might cause harm to that small black figure. If he did not do this, then he was not this man’s opponent.

Shi Hao was not scared of anything. He really wanted to use one of the small pagoda’s uses. If the enemy decided to attack him, then they would all be murdered clean! However, if he was really left with no other choice, then he did not oppose using it to kill one person.

“Young one, do you know that those who act excessively are often easily broken? For things like this, one has to understand how to make a choice and leave behind a bottom line. Otherwise, even the heavens will loathe you. There have been too many times when heavenly geniuses are killed off while still young.”

A middle-aged man walked out from Shi Ziteng’s back. His face was overcast, and his words were spoken in a slow and unhurried manner. A threatening feeling could be felt from his calm manner.

“Middle-aged people also die pretty often.” Shi Hao said without the slightest bit of fear. He shot back with equal harshness.

“Are you going to release him or not?” A young individual shouted.

These were all experts from the Martial Imperial Manor. If they weren’t Shi Ziteng’s cousins, then they were his nephews. They would naturally stand by his side and berate Shi Hao.

“There aren’t any people, but I do have a spider. However, I’m definitely not going to release it.” Shi Hao propped up the small bowl. Strand after strand of auspicious light swirled around the entrance of the bowl, trapping that dark green spider.

“I really don’t understand. Is the grand and magnificent Martial Imperial Manor going to enshrine and worship a large spider? To willingly become servants, do you guys even have any sense of self-respect left? Don’t forget that the blood of the king still flows through your bodies, and that you are Shi descendants of the human emperor. Don’t embarrass yourselves too much.” Shi Hao continued.

These were all criminalizing words. These were all people who have obtained their current statuses due to their relationships with the Demonic Spirit Lake’s bloodline. They were so angry that their faces became angry and their eyes cold.

“Youngster, you seem to be incredibly outstanding. I am quite curious. What sect are you a part of? Tell it to us. Who knows, we might be be closely connected.” Shi Ziteng finally spoke again, stopping those that were about to flip out in anger.

He carried a faint smiling expression, remaining calm from start to finish. This was a rare state of mind that far surpassed those individuals. It made the surrounding geniuses all feel like their hearts were being torn apart.

“I come from — Supreme Palace.” Shi Hao said to introduce himself.

When everyone heard what he said, they were all moved. This name seems so astonishing, only… they had never heard of it before. At the very least, none of the human geniuses knew of it.

There was no lack of pure-blooded creatures here, but they were all confused as well. They had simply never heard of it before. Was there really such a place?

Shi Ziteng laughed and said, “Quite a domineering name. However, forgive my inexperience, but I don’t have any impression of such a place.”

“I’ve heard of it before.” The heavenly fox-spirit walked over with agile steps. Her fine body’s was extremely curvy, and her appearance charmed all living creatures. Her snow white skin and quick-witted pupils made people’s minds flutter.

“The Supreme Palace only has a single disciple every generation. However, once they appear, they will definitely become a supreme being. They are not within this region,” the witch said.

When everyone heard what was said, they all sucked in a cold breath of air. When they looked towards Shi Hao, they were immediately full of respect. How could he have such an incredible origin? No wonder he was so powerful.

At first, no one paid attention to him, but now they truly felt like they had been careless. Other than the two fairies, there was actually another ridiculous figure from outside this region.

Shi Hao was speechless. Was this witch helping him? They really did match quite well! This made up Supreme Palace now truly sounded quite frightening.

However, he never expected fairy Yue Chan to also walk over. She fixed her gaze on him and said, “I have also heard of this Supreme Palace. It is an unsurpassed ancient palace.”

“This…” Even those that were still holding some doubts were now completely stupefied. Could it truly be real?

You have to understand that fairy Yue Chan and the witch stood on opposing sides. The two of them had a grudge towards each other and definitely would not support each other. However, right now, they both acknowledged this place, so it was unlikely for it to be fake.

Shi Ziteng’s expression remained unchanged. it was still as calm and collected as before. Precious splendor flowed within his eyes as he nodded and said, “A great background after all.”

“During the war of the ancients, the last person from the Supreme Palace was killed by the deities and devils, and since then, there have never been another supreme expert that have come from there. Endless years have already passed since then, truly a sorrowful story.” Fairy Yue Chan spoke softly.

The people were all amazed. After hearing what she added, there all stared blankly. The inheritance seemed to have been broken during the ancient years. Was this youth really the next generation after all this time and recreating its glory or was he just an impersonator?

With this information revealed, it once again placed people in doubt.

Shi Hao was astonished. Was there really a place like this? Fairy Yue Chan wouldn’t say something false, right? If it was a real place, then it really would be a coincidence.

Shi Ziteng smiled and said, “Formidable. Regardless, you are an outstanding youth in the present age.”

Shi Hao was stumped for words. He never thought that he would remain so composed and not erupt into fury at all. Instead, he was completely calm, possessing an outstanding manner.

Right when everyone was sighing in praise, Shi Ziteng once again became serious and said, “If a disciple from your sect was taken in as a prisoner, would you go to save them? Even if you came from the Supreme Palace and possess a shocking background and illustrious status, I am similarly fearless. After I take action, I will wait for your senior to come save you.”

His expression was resolute and grim as he took large steps forward.

Shi Hao sneered. This uncle really was formidable after all. Not only did he unmask his relationship with the Demonic Spirit Lake, he even avoided being looked at as someone powerful picking on the weak. Instead, he made it look like he was forced into a situation of no alternative, almost as if he was in a position of weakness when facing the great figures of the Supreme Palace.

It was only a few words, yet Shi Ziteng already expressed a lot. Everyone could infer quite a bit from what he said. He was going to withstand a terrifying supreme inheritance without fear.

What was really going on, however? Shi Hao believed that this uncle didn’t believe his words at all. It was likely that he was laughing coldly inside. He mere seized the opportunity to appear a bit more valiant.

“Old man, are you really going to go there? If you want to fight, then just walk forward. What is the point of scheming so much against someone younger than you?” Shi Hao transmitted sound directly to Shi Ziteng to ridicule him.

There were some things that could not be solved with words and would only be a waste of time. It was better to directly hit the problem at its center and make him unhappy.

Shi Ziteng’s snow white skin was like jade, and his black hair was thick. His outer appearance made him look like he was twenty-seven or twenty-eight. When called an old man, his smile didn’t falter at all. “You are thinking too much. However, even if you are a supreme youth, my Yi’er is one as well. Young people should avoid making themselves look foolish by not acting so arrogant. Otherwise, they will die prematurely.”

He revealed a sneer and pressed forward.

“In fact, the reason why I came to the capital was precisely to fight your Yi’er.” This time, Shi Hao directly spoke and did not transmit sound mentally. “Are you worried and want to get rid of me beforehand?”

With these words spoken, this place immediately burst into an uproar.

Who was Shi Yi? This was a heaven warping genius whose name shook all of Stone Country. There were just too many legends related to him. He was a heavenly dual-pupiled individual, the embodiment of an ancient deity; who didn’t know about him here?

This youngster actually came for Shi Yi, shocking everyone. Their hearts all began to stir with waves. Many people began to speculate what would happen.

“Could it be that he came?” When Shi Hao spoke this sentence, there were some that were inwardly startled. They began to reveal doubt as they stared at him.

“Is that so? I am quite happy to see that you have such a goal. I also wish for Yi’er to meet an opponent that could help him sharpen himself.” Shi Ziteng nodded. His expression remained calm as he said, “If you hand over my martial nephew, then I won’t do anything to you. I will give you a chance to fight Yi’er.”

Even though his words were spoken in a calm tone, there was a hint of coldness. There was also a type of hidden intimidation that was forcing Shi Hao to surrender and hand over that spider. Otherwise, his life would be in danger.

If Shi Hao handed it over, then he would be yielding to Shi Ziteng and his supreme youth belief would also be dampened. Shi Ziteng casually exhorted and seemed calm, but in reality, this was a forceful attack at Shi Hao’s heart.

“If you want to fight, then I’ll satisfy your wishes. Come here then. Afterwards, I’ll go fight your Yi’er.” No one would have thought that Shi Hao would act so powerfully. His gaze was clear as he pointed at Shi Ziteng.

Currently, who here didn’t know about Shi Ziteng’s power? After paying his respects to the Demonic Spirit Lake, his cultivation became deep and profound, to a point where he dared to openly speak in opposition to the Great Demonic God. Even though this young man was a heaven warping genius, he still wasn’t very old. Wouldn’t acting like this be the same as digging his own grave? This was just too much self-confidence, right?

This was the first time Shi Ziteng put away his smile. His eyelids jumped several times, and only after a short period of time did it return to normal. The opponent was acting equally harsh back! His age was so young, yet that hand was pointing at him. A wave of fiery anger surged within him. Could it be that he really could fight against him?

He was a naturally cautious person, and he always thought things through. He never acted in an overbearing manner, nor did he speak words that were too kind. He was now in a state of deep thought as he stared at Shi Hao.

As for cousins and nephews behind him, their tempers were not so great. They all became impatient and berated loudly. Their faces had ugly expressions, and two middle aged men threw themselves forward.

“You want to fight? You are looking for death!” A middle aged man was about to take action, and his expression was extremely bad.

“Come over if you want to die then.” Shi Hao’s words were even more vigorous, making Princess Sixteen, Thunder Clan’s oldest daughter, and the others stupefied. This fellow was too domineering.

“No one can save you now!” The opposing individual laughed coldly and pressed forward.

The heavenly fox fairy giggled and spoke at this moment. “What if my Sky Severing Sect interferes?” Her voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, just like the sounds of nature. She herself was even more of an incomparable beauty, possessing an appearance that could move all living things.

When these words were spoken, the expressions of everyone at the scene changed. The expressions of the individuals from the Martial Imperial Manor became even more unnatural. People like them naturally knew how terrifying this witch’s background was, and knew that she came from some incredibly great sect from outside this region.

Sky Severing Sect: this was the first time the geniuses here heard of such an inheritance. It made their hearts tremble.

Shi Hao sighed inwardly, feeling a bit dissatisfied. The witch seemed to want to protect him, but right now, he truly didn’t need it! He wanted things to get more and more complicated and eventually stir up that archaic demonic spider.

He naturally understood the heavenly fox fairy’s intentions. This was an undisguised way of roping him in. Facing the Martial Imperial Manor and the Demonic Spirit Lake like this, could he even repay her in the future?

The Martial Imperial Manor was one thing, but the Demonic Spirit Lake was a place as terrifying as the Archaic Divine Mountains. It was entirely possible that a demonic god rests there! Facing them like this proved the witch’s sincerity, and it also proved the Sky Severing Sect’s unrivalled power!

Shi Hao had a strong feeling that this battle was most likely not going to proceed any further. Shi Ziteng was not an ordinary person and would definitely not give in to his anger to attack.

You have to understand that even the human emperor treated this witch with great courtesy, and they even had a chat within the palace. This proved the might of her great sect, a sect reputed to be a supreme sect.

How was Shi Ziteng going to get himself out of this mess now? This was the most important question. If he directly turned around and left, then he would be losing too much face.

At this time, fairy Yue Chan also walked over. Her beauty was out of this world, not possessing the slightest bit of mortal air about her. The white clothes around her body were as white as snow, making her look otherworldly. It gave her the appearance of someone that could only be admired but never reached.

“Junior, when will your honorable son return? This time, the human emperor is celebrating his birthday. Will he return to the capital?” She spoke in this way, drawing the attention of everyone here.

Fairy Yue Chan was as beautiful as a flowering tree, as clear as a new moon, and as pure as snow. Her question made everyone tremble inwardly. Who was Shi Yi? Everyone knew who he was, and they were even more clear on how powerful his potential was.

The witch represented the Sky Severing Sect and chose that mysterious youth. It was clear that she was going to protect him from harm.

Meanwhile, was fairy Yue Chan going to select the dual-pupil Shi Yi? Could it be that they were going to oppose each other with equal harshness? What was the name then of that extraordinary sect behind her?

No one spoke anymore as they stared forward. The atmosphere became even more intense.

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