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Chapter 296 – Conflict Intensifies

Such a powerful pure-blooded creature was dealt with and placed into the bowl. Everyone was simply stupefied. They all kept quiet out of fear because this was truly a horrifying event.

Even the Horned Dragon was stunned. Even though it had realized quite a while ago that this youngster was powerful, it never thought that he was this strong. He was simply too monstrous! He was able to suppress that demonic spider without even spending too much energy.

“Release me!” The demonic spider struggled and tried to break free, but the bowl was extremely special and possessed the force of powerful secret symbols. Even though the bowl’s opening was not sealed, strands of symbols still circulated to suppress it.

The demonic spider was firmly stuck to the base of the bowl, and it couldn’t break free at all. As long as Shi Hao gently activated it, a terrifying force would appear and refine it.

“Do you really think I’ll release you just because you are telling me to? Even a small spider like you dares to stir up trouble in the capital. If you aren’t worth suppressing, then who is?” Shi Hao spoke while propping up the bowl and staring at it.

He had completely treated this pure-blooded creature like a normal spider. “Guarding the village is definitely no good, but you alone aren’t enough to use as fuel for refining medicine. After all, you are still a small spider, so I still have to raise you a bit.”

Everyone went stupid after hearing these words. Who was this person? Raising a pure-blooded creature? This was even more frightening than raising a pet. This was simply like raising a pig to kill when it was fattened.

At this moment, Princess Sixteen, Thunder Clan’s oldest daughter, Gu Linglong, and the other pearls of the capital were all frightened stiff. This was just too shocking.

“You are…” A noble king’s heir consulted. Such a powerful figure appeared here, yet none of them knew his identity. Too little was known about this person.

“I’m just a passer-by.” Shi Hao laughed and did not say too much.

“Brother, you are truly a good person. Today is such a joyous day! I can’t thank you enough for suppressing that spider today!” The drunkard from the Martial Imperial manor had sobered up. Such a great event had caused his drunkenness to completely dissipate.

There were still a few young people on the other side. Their faces were extremely ugly, because they had arrived together with that demonic spider. There were people from the Martial Imperial Manor and other creatures in that group.

“Could this brother give me a bit of your time?” A young person spoke.

“If you have anything to say, then just say it.” Shi Hao calmly said.

“You have to know that he came from the Demonic Spirit Lake, so his status is quite extraordinary. Doing things like this isn’t too good, so I ask that this brother be magnanimous and let him off this time.” The youngster spoke.

“What do you mean not too good? Are you saying that you could bully others tyrannically just because you are from the Demonic Spirit Lake? This is Stone Country Capital, and not the Demonic Spirit Lake.” Shi Hao’s expression became extremely serious. His voice became louder and louder. “You are the Martial Imperial Manor’s child, not this spider’s servant. Your surname is Shi, not Spider. Do you know what you are doing? Why aren’t you making yourself scarce?!”

The youngster’s face became flushed with anger after being yelled at, and he almost flew into a rage out of humiliation. However, he didn’t dare act because the youngster in front of him was too formidable. In a soft voice, he said, “You’ve brought a huge disaster onto yourself, and no one can save you!”

Shi Hao gave him a look of disdain and shouted. “Idiot, you still don’t understand? After such a thing happened, you still dare to get yourself involved as a child of the Martial Imperial Manor. You really are impossibly stupid. You are a hateful embarrassment to the entire manor.”

“You…” Those people were completely at  loss for words. Their faces were thoroughly red as they were filled to the brim with anger. They were partial towards Shi Yi’s bloodline, so they walked in with the Demonic Spirit Lake’s people. They were absolutely furious now.

“Get lost!” Shi Hao shouted. It was just two words, yet it struck down onto the Green Wood Garden like lightning. Not far away, the blue lake began to surge. Waves soared into the skies.

Everyone was astonished. This youngster was too strong. After berating the archaic Demonic Spider descendant, he then excoriated the noble king’s heirs. He was completely fearless here, just like a supreme youth.

“You group of degenerates, get lost! You are an embarrassment to your clan!” The drunkard and other individuals from the Martial Imperial Manor also shouted. They had long felt that the other group of people were a disgusting sight.

“Fine, fine, fine. You all wait!” Those individuals were ashamed into anger. They turned around and left after giving Shi Hao a hateful glare.

Shi Hao released a cold snort. With a swing of his sleeve, a hu noise sounded, engulfing those people into the air with a frantic gale. With a putong sound, they all fell into the lake like drowned rats.

“Hurry up and get out of my sight. If you let me see you acting like that demonic spider’s stupid henchmen again, then I’ll directly kill all of you.” His voice was so cold that it chilled others to the bone.


At this time, not only were the drunkard’s people shouting, but even the other heirs of noble kings began to shout. Stone Country was a country founded on martial prowess. As direct descendants of noble kings, many people were full of bloodlust.

During the past few days, there were powerful pure-blooded creatures that had entered the capital claiming to have come for the human emperor’s birthday. This brought about a bunch of noble kings to adopt a servile attitude. They would ingratiate themselves into making friends with these powerful creatures, making quite a few of the powerful noble kings feel disgust.

Today, Shi Hao’s powerful manner naturally excited many people’s bloodlust. They all became hot blooded and stirred up.

Xixi… The heavenly fox fairy’s laughter was extremely brilliant as it rang out. Her teeth were spotlessly white, and her body exquisitely undulated up and down. Her clothing couldn’t conceal her wonderful curves at all. As her black hair scattered outwards, her sparkling white face was absolutely gorgeous. Her large eyes were clear and full of life.

When such an otherworldly girl walked over, everyone couldn’t help but open up a route. The witch opened her mouth and said, “This demonic spider really is a disaster in your hands. Why don’t you give him to me?”

Everyone was stupefied. She actually asked for a pure-blooded creature. Was this an act of sharing the calamity with the youth? What kind of relationship did these two individuals have?

Shi Hao’s reply surpassed everyone’s expectations. He directly shook his head and refused. “Not giving it to you. This is one of the five archaic poisons and can be used to refined divine medicine! This is an essential medicine.”

“Don’t you know? If you don’t hand it over, then there will be a huge disaster in the near future,” the heavenly fox fairy said.

“Are you saying that there won’t be a disaster after I give it to you? There will still be others coming out of hatred. Meanwhile, this is a primer for divine medicine, so if you want it, then exchange for it with some treasure.”

This was originally a gathering of geniuses, yet in the end, it developed to such a state. Many people’s eyes were focused on Shi Hao. His appearance was truly outside of their anticipations.

Not long after, Lord Huntian walked over to clink cups with Shi Hao, laughing heartily. He offered words of praise and admiration, calling him a heroic youth.

This was a powerful lord that had been granted the title of lord many years ago. However, he was only twenty-five this year, as well as the youngest official that protected the borders. His military fame was brilliant.

He embraced a beautiful girl and left in a happy and free manner. He did not say much, and only told Shi Hao to pay him a visit should he ever find himself by the border.

Following that, another well-known noble king’s heir walked up to make friends and clink cups with Shi Hao. Regardless of whether or not he could overcome this trial, anyone could tell that this powerful youth was worth getting to know.

Shi Hao was surprised to find that the number of pure-blooded creatures here exceeded his expectations. Other than the Horned Dragon, he also saw a Bifang and Zhujian. These were all opponents he had faced within the Hundred Shattered Mountains, yet they were now here in humanoid forms.

Other than these few creatures, there should still be other guests from other Divine Mountains because he saw the purple-haired girl Yun Xi with a hurried glance. The other party did not come over and instead discussed something with some other powerful creatures.

“It’s really lively here! I wonder if any supreme experts will reveal themselves. It seems like the wasteland region really will become chaotic. The disciples that the divine mountains dispatched should be here to learn about the situation, right?” Shi Hao said to himself.

“You really are interesting. So powerful, yet no one has ever heard about you before. Could it be that you are from outside this region?” The Thunder Clan’s oldest daughter walked over with a beautiful smile. She raised her cup from the distance to offer a toast. Her red lips on top of the jade cup were bright and beautiful.

Gu Linglong was also by her side. Her expression was extremely unnatural because not long ago, she still wanted to suppress Shi Hao. In the end, a series of events occurred that left her embarrassed. As for her brother, he had long hid himself far away in fear.

“I heard that you have a sister?” Shi Hao casually asked because he faintly recalled such a thing.

“What are you trying to do?” The Thunder Clan’s eldest sister was incomparably alarmed. Her sister was the pride of the Clan. She had been taken in under the Archaic Divine Mountains and was an outstanding talent.

Moreover, the Thunder Family’s second young lady was known as the capital’s number one beauty. She was above all the other pearls, and too many people had their eyes on her.

“Nothing, just asking,” Shi Hao smiled and said.

On the side, Gu Linglong and the others finally loosened up a bit. They all laughed and revealed looks of understanding. However, the Thunder Clan’s oldest daughter frowned and shot him a sidelong glance.

Right at this moment, a wave of disturbance came from the distance. There were vicious beasts howling, and a war chariot was rumbling over. It actually traveled in the air and descended from the sky.

“They have arrived! It is the war chariot of a noble king!”

“That’s… Shi Ziteng!”

Everyone cried out in alarm, and the Green Wood Garden boiled with noise. Even though they had already predicted as such, when the expert arrived in person, everyone still felt their minds shaken. They had clearly come to deliver punishment.

The war chariot stopped, and several people walked out. They walked on the fragrant grass with calm and collected faces.

Shi Ziteng was a legendary figure that had paid his respects to the Demonic Spirit Lake. In the past, he had always been extremely mysterious. Not many people knew about him, but now, they were able to confirm his existence.

Even though he had kept a low-profile throughout all these years, once he took action, none of his enemies would remain alive. There were quite a few great figures that had provoked him, but now, they were all corpses.

And now, he had personally arrived. This was definitely a great disturbance.

Shi Ziteng’s hair shone. His skin was as white as jade, and his expression was extremely steady. His gaze was calm, and from his appearance, he only seemed to be about twenty-seven or eight. He did not seem to be angry, and as he walked over, each step seemed to make the world pulse.

At this moment, everyone’s voices vanished. The entire place became completely quiet. It was as if the heaven and earth had merged into one figure, and the entire being was releasing its terrifying sound.

Everyone began to tremble inwardly!

“You suppressed the Demonic Spirit Lake’s heir?” Shi Ziteng spoke.

Behind him, there were several individuals that ranged from twenty to forty years of age. They were all extraordinary and circulating their powerful auras. Their eyes were sharp and penetrating as they looked over together.

Shi Hao raised his head and looked forward. From their familial relationship, he should be calling the other individual uncle, but currently, he did not feel a single bit of affection. On the contrary, he felt his heart becoming extremely cold.

“That’s me.” Shi Hao calmly replied. He held a small bowl in his hands that seemed extremely ordinary, but auspicious multicolored light was flickering within. A dark green spider was lying at the base of the bowl without a single movement.

Everyone’s attention was focused on this place. They all felt as if a violent tempest had descended!

“Why don’t you release him.” Shi Ziteng opened his mouth and spoke just as calmly as before. He was clearly just standing there, yet it gave everyone a feeling of inexistence. It was as if he had completely blended into nature.

“Not letting him go!” Shi Hao replied. This was not the first time he faced Shi Ziteng, but it was the first time that they collided face to face.

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