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Chapter 295 – Suppressing the Demonic Spider

Shi Hao’s words sent the entire place into a dead silence. Was he so arrogant that he would blithely ignore the creatures of the Archaic Divine Mountains? From the way he scolded at those beings without any hesitation, it was like he was no longer a mortal man.

The crowd acted as if they were seeing a ghost and watched Shi Hao with aghast looks. Despite the fact that the Horned Dragon had warned a few of them, they still found it hard to believe.

When the Horned Dragon reminded them not to offend Shi Hao, the crowd assumed the teenager to be of similar level with the dragon. They had never expected to hear from him such undisguised berating towards the mighty expert of the Demonic Spirit Lake!

Awkward silence fell over the place. No one made a sound and all was quiet. Even jewels of the capital like Princess Sixteen, the eldest daughter of the Thunder Clan, and Gu Linglong were left with vacant faces.

“Those were some tough words. Well, let me have a look. Exactly who is so bold to say such things?” The frivolous voice came from afar as the speaker walked near. In an instant, the crowd felt that breath squeezed out from their chests. An enormous pressure closed in at them like a falling mountain.

It was a teeanger around fourteen or fifteen years old. He had long green hair and a pair of narrow eyes that glistened sharply. They were full of essence energy.

He was not walking very fast. His gait was steady and he looked perfectly composed. There was something cold and taunting in his gesture as he strolled near. He looked down at the crowd, as if everything was in his control.

To humans, the Demonic Spirit Lake was a forbidden land. Whatever creatures came out of that place would inevitably put every force on guard. Although the creatures were rarely seen, they were all incomparably powerful.

“Are you going to succumb to this guy, Horned Dragon? I wouldn’t take him so seriously, though. He doesn’t seem all that special to me,” said the green-haired teenager.

The Horned Dragon ignored him and said nothing.

Everyone’s eyes were on Shi Hao now. Many more people were gathering around, trying to witness the great battle that was about to be set off.

“What are you showing off for?” Shi Hao spoke suddenly. The provocation made the teenager’s eyebrow twitch uncontrollably. This was outrageous. Even after knowing that he was from the Demonic Spirit Lake, the boy still dared to provoke him. It seemed he had picked someone who like to play it the tough way.

The green-haired teenager stared at Shi Hao and watched him carefully. However, he could not sense any aura. Shi Hao was simply standing there in a peaceful manner, as if he was an empty valley. One could only feel the calmness coming from him.

The Horned Dragon said nothing, either. He was more than happy to play the role of a disinterested by-stander and felt no need to get involved in this mess. Besides, he was somewhat repulsed by this Demonic Spider and it would please him to see the spider suffer.

“Some people always think they are strong enough to lead a region and that their match are rare to come by. Little do they know that once taken into the entire wasteland, they become nobody.” The green-haired teenager said as he looked askance at Shi Hao.

“You know this yourself and you are still showing off here? Get lost already!” Shi Hao’s voice was extremely cold. Especially with the ‘get lost’ part, which he stressed with a forceful tone. Many people shuddered at his words.

The green-haired teenager went pale, for those were such humiliating words. He meant to teach Shi Hao a lesson, but had brought it upon himself instead. Shi Hao had also added the ‘get lost’ expression, which was too shameful for him to bear.

He yelled with a sunken face. “Do you have any idea who you are talking to?!”

“Aren’t you just a spider?” Shi Hao spoke in the most casual tone and with the most scornful look.

He had fought numerous battles with pure-blood creatures and had even eaten a Blue Luan in the North Sea. The unrivalled fighting spirit had long set in, which made him indifferent when encountering creatures of the Archaic divine mountains now.

The crowd around him, though, all changed their countenance at such words. The boy was so tough that he was actually looking down on a creature from the Demonic Spirit Lake. This was a ridiculously aggressive move. Everyone knew that a terrifying battle was about to start.

“You are asking for death!” Shouted the green-haired teenager. His lifted his eyes and easiness had completely gone. After all, he was only an adolescent and could not control his temper very well.

“Just by yourself? Get lost if you still want to live.” Shi Hao sneered with a relentless voice. He was never afraid of making a scene.

“Well said! Wonderful! Truly wonderful! I’ve long despised those spiders. Who do they think they were to act so wildly in the Martial Imperial Manor? Get lost!”

The drunkard laughed out aloud in the distance and stumbled over. A few people showed up beside him, looking worried. They supported him immediately and led him out towards the exit, afraid of getting into serious trouble.

“The people of the Martial Imperial Manor are tired of life and have no reason to exist any more!” Shouted the green-haired teenager. He was already greatly irritated by the arrogant Shi Hao, and now, that a drunkard was taunting him as well. He could no longer hold his temper.

“Pei! Who the hell do you think you are? Go back to your Demonic Spirit Lake and wait for Grandpa Fifteen to wipe you out!” The drunkard shouted back.

The crowd was astonished. Obviously, they knew about the incident in the Martial Imperial Manor, but they had never expected the conflict to reach such a level.

“The Great Demonic God is doomed to have his head cut off and die a miserable death. He means nothing to the Demonic Spirit Lake. How dare a nobody like you talk nonsense here? I’ll kill you!” The green-haired teenager finally made his move. He realised Shi Hao was hard to deal with and did not turn to him at once. Instead, he wanted to kill the people of the Martial Imperial Manor first, then fight a decisive battle with Shi Hao.

He needed to cut off a few heads and splash some blood in order to get rid of the embarrassment. He wanted to demonstrate his power and preserve his dignity.

However, he had just lifted his hand when another figure swept across and blocked his way. A voice sneered. “This is the capital of the human race. You are nothing but a spider. How dare you loosen your tongue. You are asking for death!”

A hush fell over the place. Everyone was greatly shaken by Shi Hao, for the young man was much tougher than they had expected. He not only scolded at the spider, but had now approached and looked down upon him.


The Demonic Spider was instantly enraged and could not bear any more. All of his green hair erupted suddenly, turning into a long green river engulfed over with flourishing light.

Shi Hao seemed completely cold and detached. His legs didn’t move, but instead directly lifted his hand to grab outwards. He didn’t try to dodge at all as the green symbols filled the sky.

A rumbling sound began to ring through the space around them. Everyone knew how terrifying that green hair was. It could easily shatter precious artifacts and could also be considered a type of terrifying weapon.

An explosion sounded from midair. The hair began to illuminate and divided into ten segments. They rushed towards Shi Hao’s arms like snakes. Symbols filled the sky, completely submerging that area with green divine light.

Everyone retreated in terror.

This demonic spider was too powerful. It used an incredible killing technique as soon as it arrived. The symbols that were created made the ground tremble and the blue lake chaotic. The divine might was just too fierce.


In just a split second, the blue light was extinguished. The youth at the center slapped down, completely twisting apart those ten snakes of green hair. They dropped to the ground in a simple and direct manner.

Moreover, at the same time, his palm pressed forward in an overbearing and powerful manner. A large millstone sized palm directly slammed into the green-haired youth.

The demonic spider roared in fury. It truly couldn’t tolerate his opponent’s harassment. The other party was looking down on him too much, actually doing all this without even moving. His left hand was placed behind him, and from start to finish, he only used one hand.

His two palms pushed outwards to teach his opponent a lesson, preferably breaking that youngster’s arm and making him the joke instead. The green-haired individual wanted Shi Hao to suffer.

However, in just a short period of time, he felt a tremble. He had a premonition that things were going to end terribly.

The palm that was casually pushed out was ridiculously powerful. The large millstone sized palm sealed his movements, and it was as if a mountain was slamming downwards. His palms felt like it was trying to stop an immoveable overwhelming force, giving him a horrifying feeling.


The green-haired youngster was sent flying by that enormous golden millstone-sized palm. He spat out large mouthfuls of blood, and his entire body violently shook. His eyes were full of shock and unwillingness.

If he hadn’t pulled back his palms at the crucial moment, the inexhaustible symbols would have directly broken his arms. That large golden-sized millstone was too powerful. It possessed a terrifying and overwhelming power.


The green-haired youth collided with an enormous boulder, and only then did his flight stop. Blood overflowed from his mouth, and behind him, that giant boulder quickly split apart before exploding.

This result made everyone’s hearts tremble. This was just too ferocious and overbearing.

Everyone began to look towards Shi Hao with faces full of shock. This was a pure-blooded creature, yet he was sent flying with a single palm! Just how terrifying was this?

Gu Lingyu’s face went completely white. He had wanted to fight over that ceramic bowl with the other party just now and even brought his sister to stir up trouble. He felt a wave of stress, and his body went weak. He found it difficult to stand without shaking.

Gu Linglong, Princess Sixteen, Thunder Clan’s oldest daughter were also all stupefied. Their beautiful faces were full of astonishment. Where did this incredible individual come from? Their hearts began to overflow with waves.

Only now did they realize how timely the Horned Dragon’s warning was. This youth was too crazy, even being able to overturn a black-eyed demonic spider. His was just too domineering and forceful!

Ah… The demonic spider cried out and was close to going mad. Light shone from its entire body, and symbols densely covered him as the original form was revealed.

A large spider emerged. Its body was covered in needle-like dark green hair, and all of them were brilliant. Its body was enormous, over several zhang in length. It suspended itself in the air and stared at Shi Hao.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Was this the real body of the Black-Eyed Demonic Spider? It’s appearance was too terrifying! Its eight legs were thick and flickering with cold light. They looked just like eight battle spears.


A metallic sound rang out as one of the spider’s legs slammed down from the skies. It was no different from a battle spear, and when it was pointed outwards, it was too sharp. It seemed like there was nothing it couldn’t tear through.

Shi Hao wanted to test it out. He threw out a piece of symbol bone, but in the end, it was pierced through and even shattered. The primitive precious bone turned into powder.

Everyone became astonished. Every one of their faces turned pale. This demonic spider was too strong! Just how many humans from this generation could face it head on?

“This is great! So Sturdy. It is really good material for making precious artifacts!” When Shi Hao’s words were heard, everyone became dumbstruck. Regardless of whether it was the geniuses of the capital’s pearls, they were all silenced.


Shi Hao’s palm slammed down on the spider’s leg, making the demonic spider cry out miserably. It saw cracks appear from the base of its leg with liquid flowing out. It was almost removed from that strike!

The demonic spider roared in fury and spat out a sparkling and white thread to wrap up Shi Hao’s body. The attack was too swift and powerful.

Shi Hao dodged, and the silk thread landed on the ground. This was a place where magical artifacts were displayed and exchanged, yet in the end, one weapon store had several precious artifact come into contact with it, immediately turning into green smoke and corroded into waste.

“So frightening!” Everyone felt great fear.

The demonic spider cried out in anger. It spat out strand after strand of silk, as if starry rivers were flowing out. They interweaved into a large web that was condensed from divine chains. It was incomparably dazzling as it covered Shi Hao.


Endless symbols poured out from Shi Hao’s body, unexpectedly forming a flame. It began to ignite. He was like a war deity as he threw himself forward.

He did not activate any precious techniques, but rather used the most fundamental bone text from the true primordial record to create a flaming blaze to contend against his opponent’s natural divine ability. This was the most pure flame of essence energy that could burn everything!


The divine chains in the sky were shattered, and those brilliant and resplendent rivers of starry silk were set ablaze. The demonic spider cried out loudly, because it never thought that a human who wasn’t older than itself would be so terrifying.


With a kick from Shi Hao, it was as if a golden pillar that propped up the heavens slammed down into the demonic spider’s body. It could clearly hear its body emit kacha sounds and crack apart!

It released a loud cry as it flew outwards. Its entire body was covered in blood, and it could no longer climb up.

“Not even at the consummate level of spirit transformation, yet he dares to fight against me?” Shi Hao said quietly. This kind of arrogance and  these words immediately subdued everyone there.

You have to understand that he didn’t even appear to be over thirteen or fourteen in age, yet he had reached the absolute limit of spiritual transformation. This was just too heaven defying, a speed that was even faster than the cultivation of pure-blooded creatures.

“Good, excellent! It feels so good!” The drunkard from the Martial Imperial Manor shouted.

Shi Hao raised his hand, and from his palm appeared a small bowl. It released strands of light, and with a shua sound, the spider was collected inside. It quickly shrunk and entered the bottom of the bowl.

“One of the five archaic poisons, important even when refining divine medicines. This is an important medicine!” He quietly said to himself.

Such a powerful spider was now only an inch in length. Its body had shrunk by many times, and its dark green body was lying at the base of the bowl, not able to move at all.

Everyone became petrified. Was this youngster joking? He considered such a powerful pure-blooded creature as just an important medicine?

Scorpion, spider, snake, centipede, toad; these were the five poisons that were needed to refine medicine. The five poisons that he was talking about were all forbidden demonic gods many, many years ago!

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