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Chapter 289 – Gathering of Heroes

Shi Hao drove off, leaving behind those individuals with bodies scorched black from lightning. They were so angry that they were shaking. They never would have thought that they would encounter such a domineering individual. They were beaten in a simple and direct manner, and their carriage was stolen just like that.

To these people, this was simply extraordinary shame and humiliation. They had just exchanged attacks, yet they were instantly suppressed and tossed aside like burlap sacks.

Every word and action from that youth was done in a forceful and direct manner. He directly stole their cart, leaving them in a truly embarrassing state. This was the perfect example of offending the wrong person and getting beaten up instead.

When the lightning disappeared, their bodies were all charred black. These individuals felt like they were going to explode from fury as they climbed up from the ground. Is there even a point in going to the gathering now? They even had their carriage stolen away. This was just too shameful.

“Who is that fellow? Why haven’t I seen him before? He seems quite strong!”

“If we don’t attend the gathering and leave in such a sorry state, we will still be laughed at by others once they find out about this.”

The bronze carriage owner’s face immediately fell ashen. The trouble this time was truly completely self-inflicted! If he didn’t try to cause trouble and irritate that savage fellow, how could things have ended like this?

“The carriage is my grandfather’s. We can’t lose it.” He felt embarrassed.

“Let’s wait here for a bit. After we see someone we know, let’s go with them to the gathering. Otherwise, it would truly be too shameful to leave,” someone said.

Shi Hao’s mind was completely free of worry. Originally, he was alone during his journey, ridiculed and regarded as weird. Now, everything was better as he had finally solved his problem.

It was an uncommon bronze carriage with an older appearance. Carved on top were mountains, rivers, birds and beasts, as well as fish, bugs, diagrams of stars, and other things. In addition, the eight vicious beasts that pulled the carriage were all powerful. Vicious auras surrounded their bodies, and it was clear that they had participated in many battles.


Before he travelled far, the eight vicious beasts began to stir about restlessly. They were intelligent and knew that the owner had changed. As a result, they were a bit unwilling and wanted to rebel against Shi Hao.

“You all better act more obedient!” Shi Hao shouted and used his precious technique. A Golden-Winged Peng appeared and overlooked them from the skies.

A wave of oppressive energy passed through them, and the eight vicious beasts immediately trembled, no longer daring to rebel. A terrifying aura had descended, a type of natural suppression.

Shi Hao didn’t display the true Kun Peng precious technique and only used the damaged precious technique. Otherwise, he feared that someone else might notice and bring onto himself an absolute disaster.

He arrived at the Green Wood Garden, and what met him was a pair of towering stone gates. They were vast and enormous, like two small mountains. Currently, they were already wide open, and war chariots were entering one after another.

“Wu, this is Lord Lingyun’s war chariot. It seems like their young master has arrived.” Someone began to record this.

However, when Shi Hao greeted the people in front of the stone gates with a large smile on his face, the individuals in charge of registration felt their faces  go stiff. This… didn’t seem right?

“Those brothers lent their carriage to me.” Shi Hao began to chatter as he greeted them. He drove the carriage into the garden.

Green Wood Garden was extremely wide, and there was enough room to park the carriage. The area ahead was more restricted, with large numbers of vicious beasts guarding the area. However, they were all peaceful and did not roar.

This was because they were intelligent. Their owners had already instructed them previously not to create noise.

Shi Hao noticed that this place did not lack powerful war chariots at all. They all felt like powerful precious techniques, especially those with archaic descendents pulling the carriages.

Once the descendants matured, they would definitely be able to overlook a region, yet those war chariots all had top level descendants pulling the carriage. One could imagine what the master of the chariot was like.

“That’s the War King’s carriage. That’s the war chariot of an incredibly powerful lord…”

From what he heard from the discussions, Shi Hao learned that these were all younger generations trying to make themselves look better. They borrowed their grandfathers’ war chariots and rode them over, because there was no way these mature archaic descendants would obey them otherwise.

“Liu Han, you’ve also just arrived?” A voice sounded as soon as Shi Hao stopped the carriage. He turned around and saw a war chariot gallop over. A young individual revealed himself.

“Yi, you…” He was startled. He recognized the carriage, but noticed that the person on it didn’t match.

The youngster was similar in age to Shi Hao. He wore golden flood dragon clothes, as if he was a prince. His eyes flickered with light, possessing a type of unruliness as he examined Shi Hao.

“What is going on? Isn’t this Lord Lingyun’s carriage? Why is it in your hands?” The youngster asked with an oppressive tone.

“Oh, they lent it to me. I’ll just return it to them later.” Shi Hao answered and laughed in a friendly manner before leaving.

Green Wood Garden was extremely large. Shi Hao followed along the alley and passed through an ancient forest. He followed some of the more extraordinary looking youths and entered the garden depths.

When he reached this area, he noticed that the trees became more sparse. A large meadow and a lake appeared in front of him. It was dark blue and clear, just like an enormous gemstone as it stretched out.

There were many people here, and they were all young outstanding talents ranging from ten to older than twenty. Every single one was unordinary, and it was clear that they weren’t normal people. There were a few that were even more brilliant and promising with astonishing auras.

Shi Hao noticed some individuals who were particularly powerful, shocking even him. They didn’t seem like they were humans. The males’ gazes were like icy streaks of lightning, and the females were more beautiful than flowers.

“Wow, Princess Sixteen has arrived. She is a brilliant pearl of the capital. Who is that man walking together with her?”

“He obviously comes from an amazing background. It must be an extraordinary expert. Be careful not to speak any nonsense.”

In the distance, there was a figure with energy rising in spirals, and her golden battle dress drifted about. Princess Sixteen’s body was extremely alluring. Beside her was a red-haired male with an outstanding temperament.

Soon after, another incredibly gorgeous female appeared. She attracted everyone’s attention, and many people gathered around her.

“That’s Lord Huntian’s younger sister. Not only is she absolutely stunning, her cultivation is also extremely astonishing.” Someone said in a soft voice.

Not far away, her older brother seemed to attract even more attention. Regardless of whether it was males or females, they all crowded around him.

Lord Huntian’s black hair drifted behind him. His figure was valiant and tall, with dark golden battle clothes releasing dark light. As he stood there, his body seemed like a black mountain.

Currently, he was only twenty five years old. He was so young, yet he already received the title of nobility. He guarded the borders and obtained achievement after achievement. He serves directly under the command of Stone Clan’s nobles, and not long ago, he obtained the Blood Demonic Ruler from the auction house.

Lord Huntian was heroic and unyielding on the battlefield, but in real life, he was open-minded and laughed heartily without any restraint. His left arm was wrapped around the waist of a beautiful lady.

The girl moved her waist and struggled slightly. However, in the end, she stopped moving. Her face was completely red.

The surrounding individuals all laughed. Those young men walked forward and began to ask him about the matters at the border. Meanwhile, there were a few young ladies who also had passionate gazes. They also rushed over to try and chat with him.

“This fellow really is popular! Even a group of fatties are surrounding him.” Shi Hao muttered in a soft voice.

When the people around him heard this, regardless of whether they were male or female, they all became petrified. Fatty… were the people surrounding Lord Huntian that fat? Why didn’t they think so?! Those girls were all graceful, and only certain areas were more full.

“Yi, even that fellow who went to Little Western Paradise returned?” Not far away, there were people who said this with shock. This created quite a bit of commotion, and many people left for that direction to take a look.

This was a young prince. His smile was extremely brilliant, and beside him were many beauties. They were currently sipping wine in a joyous manner.

“Rumor has it that Little Western Paradise is full of solemn cultivators who were all known for their few words and their attention toward clearing the mind. However, this fellow truly is an abnormality. Each time he returns, he would always throw away all restraint and have girls all around him,” said someone in a soft voice.

However, no one dared to look down on this individual who was named Li Baiding. It was because he was rumored to have received the full extent of Little Western Paradise’s inheritance. His power was extraordinary and unrivalled, with no one under the age of twenty inside the capital able to match him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Shi Yi was just too incredible, the noble heir Li Baiding would have definitely appeared even more dazzling.

Even though that wasn’t the case, others still paid close attention to him. Right at that moment, a girl’s soft voice began to scold with anger, “Li Baiding, you… disappoint me! I am going to break off our engagement!”

Everyone looked over with shock. This was an extremely beautiful girl, but currently, she was so angry that her face was a bit pale. She truly couldn’t stand watching him act so immoral and flirtatious with these beautiful girls.

“Beautiful girl, are you talking to me? Come, want to drink a cup?” Li Baiding was quite drunk. He laughed in a wanton matter as he greeted her. As a result, the girl was so angry that her entire body began to shake.

Everyone was dumbstruck. This fellow was even more ridiculous than the rumors! His fiancée was one of the capital’s pearls comparable to Princess Sixteen and Thunder Clan’s oldest daughter, yet in the end, he didn’t seem to pay much attention at all.

“Throw him into the lake for me!” The girl spoke hatefully and ordered the old servant near her.


However, when that old servant moved, Li Baiding’s body began to emit a blazing precious splendor. A glaring Vajra1 appeared behind him, sending the old servants flying, and almost into the lake.

“What? That’s the secret Vajra great divine ability that isn’t spread outside of Little Western Paradise! Even those old characters couldn’t do anything to him?”

“Beauties, let’s continue drinking.” Li Baiding wrapped his arms around a girl’s waist and drank with her.

“You…” His fiancée was so angry she immediately turned around and left.

“What a carefree and abnormal fellow.” Shi Hao said softly. He hadn’t been here for that long, yet he already met quite a few strange individuals.

“Jealous?” Someone blew a stream of fragrance next to his ear.

“Jealous.” Shi Hao nodded.

“Sigh, so young, yet so rotten already. Now, I can be relaxed and give that pure fairy to you.” The heavenly fox race girl appeared with a smiling expression on her face.

Shi Hao turned around. To be honest, he really didn’t want to stay together with her. Even though this woman possessed an extremely alluring charm towards men, she was also incredibly dangerous.

“What’s the point of saying so much? Are you saying that you really can sell her to me?” Shi Hao challenged back, because the other party always ridiculed him like this. She always held superiority, and he didn’t want to be the one on the defensive all the time.

“Don’t worry, she will be sold,” the heavenly fox fairy laughed and said before leaving.

Her two legs were slender, her waist was like a soft willow, and she had a full chest and swan-like neck. Her skin was snow white like jade, and her charming face possessed an enticing aura. Her eyes were vivid and intelligent.

When she walked away, every single eye was on her, regardless of whether it was male or female. Even Lord Huntian’s eyes were flickering with an unruly light.

Soon after, many people rushed towards that direction. She was surrounded by many people, and it was truly like stars surrounding a moon.

“Yi, there are even people from the Martial Imperial Manor here.”

The people there recognized some of the martial Imperial Manor’s younger individuals. They all revealed different expressions, because the Great Demonic God’s battle had shaken the whole capital, shocking everyone.

However, in the end, he forced himself to leave. Currently, the Martial Imperial Manor was divided into two sides, and everyone felt as if it was no longer as powerful as in the past.

“What a shame! It isn’t Shi Yi. I wonder if he will return.”

When this name was brought up, everyone felt a shiver run through them. Even though Shi Yi was only sixteen years old, he definitely shook the capital. No one dared to show contempt towards him.

This was because everyone knew that if he was given a few more years, he would definitely sweep through any enemy with unrivalled power.

“Did Shi Yi return?” Someone asked.

Those that did not get along with the Martial Imperial Manor, in particular, began to provoke them. “Rumor has it that the Martial Imperial Manor has fallen apart. It seems that only if Shi Yi returns can everything be turned around.”

One of the Martial Imperial Manor’s youngsters had already drank a lot. Too many things had happened recently, so there was a lot of pressure inside the clan. As a result, he completely let loose here and drank his fill.

It was clear that he was partial to the Great Demonic God’s bloodline. In a drunk voice, he shouted, “What do you guys know? My Martial Imperial Manor doesn’t only have a Shi Yi. There is still someone who is a natural born supreme being. He won’t tolerate all of your contempt!”

“Hahaha… What are did we just hear? There is still a natural born supreme being?” Some of them began to laugh loudly.

“Wu, did you guys split up or something? Are you going to create a Demonic God Manor? Hahaha…”

“If you guys bring up Shi Yi, then we are willing to give our respect, and everyone else of similar age would agree, because no one in Stone Country is his opponent. He is worthy of the title ‘supreme youth’. I know that you are of the Great Demonic God’s bloodline, but it’s pointless to continue speaking like this. Other than Shi Yi, who does your clan have to depend on?” There were some people who were especially rude and spoke with sneers.

These words naturally stirred up quite a bit of discussion. There were some who nodded, and others who sighed in pity.

“I heard that Shi Yi is also going to return. Is this true? If he shows himself, then it would truly be something to look forward too. However, don’t bring up some made up natural born supreme deity.” Some people laughed and said.

“It’s true! Originally, our manor still had another child who was a natural born sovereign named Shi Hao!” That person berated loudly. His voice shook the entire lake in front of him, and the two words Shi Hao struck down on everyone’s ears like lightning!

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