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Chapter 273 – Shi Ziteng

“I’ve returned. It’s been a while, grandfather, have you been well? Allow me to pay my respects.” A person walked over from the curtain of rain with unhurried and steady steps. There was no light or protection symbols around him, yet not a single drop of rain fell onto his body.

He was a tall and slender man. There was a specific rhythm in his steady steps, which sounded both clear yet fleeting. If one did not listen carefully, they would not even be aware of this person’s existence, for he had unified himself with this bit of heaven and earth.

“Ziteng, I’ve been waiting for your return all these years. Grandfather has already been crippled!” Shi Yuan cried out. His face was currently ashen, and his voice was full of resentment.

“There’s no need to be afraid, grandfather. I am back now!” The voice of Shi Ziteng was turning cold.

When he showed up, the expression of many people in the Martial Imperial Manor changed.

Shi Ziteng was a powerful individual. Even though he was not very famous among the capital’s common folk, those who knew him better knew that he was extremely terrifying!

He was a mysterious person who kept a low profile. Normally, he would not deal with things personally, but once he did take action, the measures he used would be cruel and merciless. His opponents were rarely spared.

The reason why many people did not know about him was because he seldom made his appearance in the capital. He spent most of his time cultivating away from home and only came back once every several years, or sometimes as long as nearly ten years.

Rumor has it that he became a disciple of the Archaic Divine Mountains and took an archaic vicious beast as his teacher. He had been studying the great Dao all these years, and as a result, he rarely came back.

It was exactly because of this rumor that those who knew of his power dreaded him so much!

The Martial Imperial Manor cared a lot about this younger individual who spent most of his time outside and rarely came back. It was because many people knew that the rumor might not be fake at all!

“Uncle Fifteen, we haven’t seen each other for so many years. How have you been?” Shi Ziteng walked over and revealed himself. He looked to be in his late twenties, but the clan members all knew that he was actually in his forties.

He was a tall and upright man with white skin. His complexion resembled jade, and it was covered with a glittering and translucent glow. His eyes were as deep as a starry night sky, and his thick and jet black hair hung loose over his chest and back. He seemed to carry with him a unique aura.

In this world, there were people who would immediately give others a deep impression of greatness, that they would one day rise to power. Shi ZIteng was exactly this kind of person.

“Not great. After returning to the clan, what I saw caused me great sorrow and disappointment,” replied Grandpa Fifteen. His majestic figure carried great emotions as he spoke frankly.

“Uncle FIfteen, your body seems to be full of energy, so how could that be?” Shi Ziteng said.

“Why do you care? Didn’t you return to deal with me?” The Great Demonic God’s tone was extremely deep. A river of stars seemed to flow within his two pupils as he stared forward.

“I truly do not want to stand against Uncle Fifteen, but sometimes, there really is no choice… Since things have reached such a degree, what else can be done?” Shi Ziteng spoke plainly.

“You are aware and clear on everything that happened?” Grandpa Fifteen asked.

“Correct. I understand everything that happened back then, and I know what happened today as well,” Shi Ziteng replied.

The Great Demonic God’s expression became cold. He was aware that his nephew’s talents were extremely outstanding, far surpassing that of other geniuses by several times. His potential was extraordinary, so it was truly somewhat of a shame that he now had to confront him.

“Are you really going to continue down this path?” Grandpa Fifteen asked heavily.

“Uncle Fifteen, you should not have returned. The path that my clan has taken will eventually end in power and prosperity. With Yi’er here, we will inevitably rise to the peak.” Shi Ziteng’s words weren’t too loud, but it still possessed an intimidating aura.

“In other words, you are saying that with you and Yi’er here, I should not have returned, right? You believe that the two of you are enough to bring out clan to greatness.” The Great Demonic God eyes were bright as he looked at him.

“Perhaps.” Shi Ziteng smiled as he spoke.

“Shi Ziteng, you are too arrogant!” One of Grandpa Fifteen’s old brothers couldn’t help and shouted out.

“Seeming powerful on the outside, but actually empty on the inside. If you all continue like this, the Martial Imperial Manor will eventually fall apart and be destroyed.” Grandpa Fifteen already did not want to say anymore after reaching that point. What should be said had already been said a long time ago.

“Shi Ziteng, you should know that Yi’er’s supreme being bone was stolen. Do you feel no guilt?” A sect elder shouted.

“My wife has already died, impaled by Shi Ziling’s spear. If we truly look into this, how should this conflict be settled?” Shi Ziteng’s face became ice cold.

“You only recognize the severe punishment inflicted towards you by others. Why haven’t you thought a bit about the reasoning behind it all? A child that was supposed to be a supreme being was ruined and almost killed. How cruel is that?” A sect elder shouted.

“That’s why I am saying to stop dwelling in the past! Yi’er’s rise to power is unstoppable. Are there any among your heirs that are more outstanding than him? If there are any, then I will turn around and leave!” Shi Ziteng spoke coldly.

“To sum up everything, you are saying that I should not have returned, and should not have reorganized my clan. Correct?” Grandpa Fifteen spoke.

“Uncle Fifteen, you truly should not have returned. Yi’er alone is enough for my clan,” Shi Ziteng calmly said.

“Striking you down with one blow is a bit of a waste to your natural talents, but I wouldn’t be fulfilling the family law if I did not strike you down.” This was the Great Demonic God’s expressionless words. His face had already become overcast.

“Uncle Fifteen, do you think you can kill me?” Shi Ziteng laughed.

His mysterious eyes, spotlessly white skin, and strands of sparkling dark hair gave others a deep impression that was difficult to forget. It was as like the reincarnation of a heavenly being.

“You are still not enough!” The Great Demonic God only had these words.

“I am younger than you by ten years, and Ziling is younger than me by ten years. Even though cultivation is not dependant on years, but there is a definitely correlation. I am currently not your opponent, but if Ziling were to encounter me, he would not be my match either.” Shi Ziteng calmly spoke.

This made everyone’s faces pale. He mentioned that he wasn’t the Great Demonic God’s opponent, yet he also brought up Shi Ziling. Wasn’t this implying a threat?

“Thus, I invited the Rain King,” Shi Ziteng added.

Rain scattered down in this place. The concentrated raindrops poured down on the Martial Imperial Manner, making a group of people’s faces become ugly. They felt that this was an unbridled provocation.

“Shi Ziteng, this is a matter that should have stayed inside our clan, yet you invited an outsider. Can you still call yourself a descendant of Stone Clan?” A sect elder shouted.

“The clan has an internal issue, so I invited someone to pacify the situation. Is there something wrong with that?” Shi Ziteng asked.

A group of people became furious. Currently, the people on Grandpa Fifteen’s side held the advantage, so they did not want any more accidents to happen. As a result, they were extremely discontent.

As for Shi Yuan and those beside him, their spirits were raised. A frightening radiance flashed past their eyes. Based on his understanding of his grandson, Shi Yuan knew that he definitely would not only rely on this one individual, or else he would not have made his appearance.

The Great Demonic God looked at Shi Ziteng and said, “I will give you a single chance. Get lost!”

When Shi Ziteng heard these words, it was the first time his expression changed. That word was something that he hadn’t heard for a long time, and it has been many, many years since he last heard someone berate him like this. His master was was extraordinary, and could overlook the entire wasteland region. Who dared to act like this towards him?

“Rain King, you have two choices, which I have already told you earlier. One is to immediately leave, and the second is to have your Rain Clan dug up after you are defeated!” The Great Demonic God shouted coldly.

The curtain of rain around him was hazy and incomparably dense. Water splashed out with brilliance, making the Rain King seem even more mysterious.

“Old Fifteen, I fear that you don’t have that kind of power!” The Rain King spoke.

With a honglong sound, rain poured down endlessly. Following that, lightning erupted as silver snakes hacked down streak after streak. The entire imperial manor was lit up in a brilliant splendor.

This was the Martial Imperial Manor, yet he did not restrain his actions in the slightest as he released the endless rain. It made everyone in the manor incomparably angry and their faces bitter.

The Great Demonic God’s expression carried a hint of coldness as he walked forward with large steps. Meanwhile, he stared towards Shi Ziteng and the Rain King, deciding to dispose of them.

“Yi’er’s mother was one of my most beloved descendants, yet she was killed by Shi Ziling. This debt cannot be unpaid, and this kind of hatred cannot be left unsettled!” The Rain King spoke in a soft voice.

The old brothers behind Grandpa Fifteen became enraged. Why wasn’t the root of the issue brought up?

The Great Demonic God also became angry. His pitiful grandson was originally a natural born supreme being, yet his bone was gouged out and his body crippled. No one knows if he was still even alive, yet the father of the other party actually turned everything around. They were now turning the blame around and using force to support their argument.

“Have you thought about why Ziling would rebel? My grandson’s supreme being bone is inside whose body right now?!” Grandpa Fifteen’s voice was incomparably severe, and wounded emotions were deeply embedded within his deep voice.

“Shi’er is a dual-pupil, natural divine being. How could your grandson compare?” The Rain King sneered.

“If my grandson was still alive, even if he lost his supreme being bone, he would still similarly rise to power. He will surpass Yi’er sooner or later!” The Great Demonic God’s voice was very low, and his eyes were extremely cold.

He was truly sorrowful. When these thoughts of regret rose, he truly wanted to raise his head and roar towards the sky.

“If you aren’t satisfied, then find your grandson and have him fight Yi’er. We can then see who is strong and who is weak!” The Rain King spoke callously.

“Your heart is bottomless, and thus you are using this to infuriate me. You have already lost.” The Great Demonic God’s voice was extremely cold, yet calm as well. There wasn’t a single tremble in his voice.

“Today, under the invitation of one of the Martial Imperial Manor’s bloodlines, I will take action in the Martial King’s place. In order to eradicate the source of the rebellion, I will execute Shi Zhongtian here!”

With these words spoken, the capital began to shake. The Rain King used the ‘True Roar’ sound technique. His voice struck down like thunder, trembling the entire city.

“Put away your filthy rain. Don’t dirty my Martial Imperial Manor with your water. If you insist on barking here like a dog and not leaving, then die!” This was the Great Demonic God’s voice.

The voice similarly spread through the capital, raising a huge commotion. How was he treating the king of a clan? The Great Demonic God was acting so tyrannical! This was simply contempt for the Rain King.


A resplendent explosion of light erupted, rushing into the heavens and scattering the curtain of rain. The Great Demonic God took action. All of his hair stood on end, and as his eyes opened and closed, two streaks of draconic figures soared into the heavens. Their enormous bodies were enormous beyond comparison as they swept through this world.

There was a black dragon and a white dragon. After shooting out from his eyes, the extraordinary figures quickly enlarged and filled up the heaven and earth.


The Rain King took action, stirring up lightning from the nine heavens. It directly hacked down onto those two dragons with absolute power.


One of the large dragons actually opened its mouth to devour the sky-covering lightning radiance as it swept forward. Meanwhile, the other dragon soared into the clouds and released light itself, sending out lightning.


Lightning flashed and thunder roared. Inexhaustible electricity flickered, scattering the curtain of rain covering this world. All of them hacked down towards the Rain King.


When the Martial King met this attack, despite there being a barrier of light protecting him, he was still sent flying in a somersault backwards. The first attack from the Great Demonic God almost ended everything.

“Rain King, on what basis did you come to shout such nonsense in my clan’s manor? If you don’t leave, then die!” The magnificent Great Demonic God roared. He rushed over with large steps and smashed over with a fist.

“Open!” The Rain King shouted.

On the ground, the endless rainwater converged into a small river. They all flowed in reverse towards the sky to engulf Grandpa Fifteen.


After a roar from the Great Demonic God, a fist descended, breaking through the rivers that rushed towards the skies one after another. The symbols were pulverized as his valiant figure continued to smash down.


The Rain King used both hands to defend himself against the Great Demonic God.

However, in the instant the two collided, he felt as if he had been struck by thunder. This force was too ridiculous! It was as if a great mountain was falling down on him with incomparable weight.

He coughed out large amounts of blood before flying out horizontally.

With a weng sound, the heaven and earth was thrown into turmoil.

The Great Demonic God pursued and once again slapped down. With his immense power behind the attack, it was as if an archaic mountain was descending. It seemed as if it was going to smash apart the skies as countless symbols packed themselves within.

The Rain King once again tried to block it with his two arms, but he immediately felt a bone-shattering pain. The bones in his two arms seemed to be broken!

He coughed out large amounts of blood before being struck flying again.

“Why don’t you bring out that object that is related to divine beings! Otherwise, you aren’t enough to be my opponent!” The Great Demonic God shouted. His voice shook the entire capital.

This kind of power and great roar immediately brought a flush of red to the Rain King;s face. In the end, it fell ashen. His anger and resentfulness reached its peak as he shouted, “You are courting death!”

“The one looking for death is you!” The Great Demonic God’s palm slammed down again. The terrifying attack hid the sky and covered the earth like a vast cloud.

Every direction began to tremble. Today was definitely not going to end well, and a terrifying battle was inevitable. With divine creatures, it was naturally going to be shocking.

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