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Chapter 265 – The Great Demonic God

Grandpa Fifteen had already entered, yet a series of commotion was still happening by the city gate. The soldiers had neglected to fulfil their roles. Just now, they felt nervous and oppressed after a single glance from that old man, making them unable to question him.

“What happened?” The disturbance at the city gate had alerted the generals inside. A group of soldiers wearing shiny armors and holding flashing halberds immediately marched out from the main street, arriving just in time to run into Grandpa Fifteen.

Everyone was alarmed. This old man was too powerful to be ignored. The aura he possessed and the spiritual essence seething inside him resembled a great furnace that was ready to melt anything.

“He arrived while riding a Dragon Scaled Sparrow. That sparrow was a ridiculously powerful bird monarch!” One of the soldiers rushed over and whispered this into the general’s ear, reporting the situation earnestly.

The supervisor immediately shouted out hastily. Several figures flew over from the distance like streaks of rainbows. They were all extremely formidable generals. After arriving, they blocked the intersection.

The pale military officer at the city gate stood up and wiped away his cold sweat. However, his body was still trembling slightly. He muttered, “Our Rain Clan is in trouble.”  

He sped away, disappearing from this place in an instant.

“May I ask who this elder is?” On the main street, a solemn-looking general cupped his fist respectfully towards Grandpa Fifteen. When an expert this powerful showed up in the capital, they couldn’t afford to get careless.

“You’ve made some progress since then. You were all quick to react, but not quick enough,” said Grandpa Fifteen.

“Who… on earth are you?” One of the generals was both surprised and bewildered, as the old man somehow looked familiar. Even though he only had one arm left, the tall and mighty old man was still as impressive as a lofty mountain.

“You look a bit familiar. You are the War King’s little sixth, right? You even pooped in my hands when you were really little. Look how big you’ve grown.” Grandpa Fifteen smiled as he spoke.

The status of generals within the capital was incredibly high. Who dared to crack jokes at them normally? These were the future kings and lords of Stone Country! Even though some of them were still quite young, they were all outstanding individuals.

The War King’s little sixth was no longer little, and was now almost thirty years old. His face immediately flushed red when he heard these words. Who on earth was this old fellow? He actually dared to make fun of him like this.

His peers and soldiers nearby were all twitching their mouths. What kind of person was this man to ridicule a powerful general like him?

Some wanted to laugh, but they did not make a sound. Facing this old man felt like standing next to a giant prehistoric dragon, making even their souls shiver.

“You are… Grandpa Fifteen?!” All of a sudden, little sixth cried out in surprise.

“That’s right. I’m back.” Grandpa Fifteen laughed loudly and patted little sixth on the shoulder. The strength almost took his breath away, and his legs were hammered into the slab of stone underneath him by that abrupt force.

Grandpa Fifteen then left without another word with his wide sleeves flapping behind him. A large distance was quickly covered, as he could walk a hundred zhang with a single step. He was soon nowhere to be seen on this main street.

“Grandpa Fifteen!” After recovering from his astonishment, little sixth began to chase wildly after him.

“That was… the Senior Fifteen of the Martial Imperial Manor, the so-called Great Demonic God?!”

“Oh my god, that was the Grandpa Fifteen with the matchless divine arrows?”

This place erupted with excitement. Everyone’s expressions changed at these news. This was just too terrifying! Didn’t he fight a bloody battle with a mature Pi Xiu and end up dying somewhere?

Everyone felt their scalps go numb. Grandpa Fifteen was a powerful individual who dared to put up a fight with creatures residing in the Archaic Divine Mountains. His extraordinary prowess was unparalleled, and his might shook the capital back then.

When people discussed the great events of those years, they couldn’t do so without mentioning Grandpa Fifteen. He almost seemed to possess the power to rebuke the Heaven and Earth, leaving behind many legendary tales.

He was around fifty to sixty years old, and to the ancestors, he was still quite ‘young’. However, he was already referred to as a Great Demonic God thirteen years ago!

“Hurry, go back and report this quickly!” All the mighty ones sent people back to their clans on the spot to deliver the message.

One of the generals felt his face become completely devoid of blood. He had just arrived and was not able to meet Grandpa fifteen in person, but even more fear seemed to have grown inside of him.

He was from the Martial Imperial Manor, and without uttering a single word, he ran up the city walls at a tremendous speed. A few lines were quickly jotted down on a piece of paper. He then placed it on a small altar that was roughly one chi tall. With the flickering of divine patterns, a silver passage opened, and the letter was gone.

This was the capital, and the surrounding walls were equipped with altars like this one for the sake of rapid message delivery. He was truly frightened badly, sensing that a catastrophe was incoming.

He was raised within the Martial Imperial Manor, so he knew everything about that incident.

Now that Grandpa Fifteen returned, even if he didn’t turn the capital upside down, he would still never let this matter go. This was the unrivalled Grandpa Fifteen we were talking about! With a nature as resolute and unyielding as his, how could he possibly put up with his grandson’s supreme being bone being dug out?

Apart from him, another general from the Rain Clan’s face also turned ashen. He not only sent messengers back, but also used the small altar to deliver news immediately.

An undercurrent was flooding this main street. Few people knew of the return of the Great Demonic God and were trying to repress the news from leaking out too soon.

In the end, little sixth was not able to catch up to Grandpa Fifteen. The latter was too fast and disappeared in an instant with his wide sleeves fluttering behind him. The two weren’t even in the same league in terms of their abilities.

Emotions filled Grandpa Fifteen. After thirteen years, the capital looked all the more prosperous. The streets were full of carts and horses, and people were passing to and fro in a continuous stream. The sound of peddlers selling their goods could be heard everywhere.

Men and women filled every street and lane, with shops standing in great numbers. A hubbub of voices could be heard as people jostled each other in the crowd. For an old man who had been trapped in a destitute land for more than ten years, a busy town like this was incredibly welcoming.

He laughed heartily with a state of mind that was completely carefree. He strolled along until he arrived in front of a grand and majestic mansion beside the flourishing main street.

The mansion was extremely wide. On top of the vermillion gates, an auspicious beast held a ring in its mouth. Next to these two doors were two divine beasts carved from gemstones. White marble covered the floor, making it quite clear that this was the aristocratic mansion.

There was a sign on the large gates with three large characters written on it: Martial Imperial Manor1!

The word nobility, bestowed with the ‘hero2’ character, was enough to reflect its power and bravery. This place was definitely extraordinary.

“Halt! State your identity!” Someone shouted in front of the gates. After seeing the one-armed old man with shaggy clothes and broken armor, he immediately shouted for him to stop.

Grandpa Fifteen had a dissatisfied look on his face. He was even stopped by someone after finally returning home, and the words that were spoken were so harsh. He was rather upset after seeing this.

“Young man, it’s better to use a nicer tone when speaking.” He walked forward.

The person in front couldn’t hold on any longer. Grandpa Fifteen naturally exuded his aura, and when he approached, not even supreme experts could endure it. They would feel as if their flesh were splitting apart.

“You… Freeze! How can the Martial Imperial Manor be a place where you can randomly barge into?!” In front of the gate, a squadron of soldiers spoke with trembling voices. They were forced into a retreat.

“I’m returning home, so how can this be called random barging?” Grandpa Fifteen calmly replied.

“You… Returning to your own family? Who are you?” These people’s hearts trembled, because the other side’s aura was too powerful. Just his flesh alone was shining like a sun, burning so fiercely that everyone felt like they were being roasted alive.

“My name is Shi Zhongtian.” Grandpa Fifteen gave out his name. He sighed softly. After being trapped for more than ten years, no one back home even recognized him. Where did all those elders that watched the gates go? Why were they all switched out?

“Shi Zhongtian… Who is that? Never heard of that name before.” One of them spoke and began to discuss with his companions.

“It seems… a bit familiar-sounding.” One of them spoke in a soft voice, revealing a look of contemplation.

“Grandpa Fifteen… The Grandpa Fifteen back then. His name seemed to have been Shi Zhongtian!” Finally, there was someone who broke out in cold shivers. After speaking these words, he immediately began to shake.

“What?!” The group immediately felt a wave of fear. The one reputed as the Great Demon God had returned? How could that be? Didn’t he die already? Who here didn’t know who Grandpa Fifteen was?!

These people immediately became stupefied. Didn’t he pay the creatures of the divine mountains a visit and die outside as a result? Such a divine and unrivalled existence had reappeared?!

They couldn’t help but shake uncontrollably. When they saw his broken armor and the enormous bow on his back, these people began to fall back, because… they believed him!

With this kind of aura and unmatched self-confidence, who else could it be? This was definitely the return of Grandpa Fifteen! These people all began to shake from head to toe.

“Who came back, who came back?!”

With a kuang dang sound, the enormous scarlet steel doors were pushed open and an elder with white hair and beard walked out. When he saw Grandpa Fifteen, he was first startled. After rubbing his eyes, he was then shocked as he quickly rushed over.

“Old fifteen, is it really you?!” He was extremely moved, and he quickly grabbed Grandpa Fifteen’s remaining arm.

“Haha, it’s me. Seventh brother, after not seeing you for so many years, you seem to have become more intimate towards me. You don’t hate me anymore?” Grandpa Fifteen laughed loudly as he joked around.

“How could that be? And how could we brothers say these types of things? This is going to be a new chapter between us. Heavens, I… am not dreaming, right? Old fifteen, you… are truly still alive! Come inside quickly so out entire clan can become happy.” The elder had a big smile on his face as he spoke.

When they walked inside, a group of soldiers immediately walked out with an extremely serious expression. These individuals normally guarded the manor exits, and they were currently closing the large gates. This was a message to the outside world saying that they weren’t seeing any other guests today!

At the same time, within the depths of the manor, a small altar lit up. Letters disappeared one after another.

Within the depths of the mansion in a secluded place, an elder flowing with golden light was being stopped. He immediately spoke furiously, “Shi Li, Shi Yuan, what are you two trying to do?”

“Fourth brother, don’t be impatient. You should just rest there for a while. There is no need for you to go out.”

“Since you’re treating me like this, let me guess. Did Ziling return? No, you guys are scared of me saying things that shouldn’t be said… Could it be that an even more powerful figure arrived?!”

Stone Manor was truly rather large. Palace halls were everywhere, making it seem as if a heavenly palace had descended into the mortal world. However, this was completely normal due to the flourishing population of clan members.

Grandpa Fifteen slowly walked inside. He felt a wave of frustration and disappointment, because this time, he left for more than ten years. He was not able to enjoy the growth and happiness of his grandson. Now, the child must have already grown up, and so he could no longer see what he was like when he was little.

However, he was still rather happy. He was finally able to return home and reunite with everyone.

“Seventh brother, where are you taking me? I want to go to my own residence. Why are you bringing me to the main hall?” Grandpa Fifteen asked.

“Grandpa Fifteen, you left for more than ten years this time. Everyone had already thought that you left this world. We obviously need to gather everyone first so that you can meet all of them.”

There were many who were bustling around, trying to spread the news. The entire Stone Manor was busy with commotion and noise. It was almost as if everyone had been stirred up.

“Grandpa Fifteen, you are still alive! We missed you to death!” A group of people appeared. Some had tears flowing, some sighed with sorrow, and others were laughing heartily.

Grandpa Fifteen also felt a wave of emotion overcome him. After so many years had passed, these people had all aged. Back then, they all feared him, and so not many got close to him. However, so many gathered now, and moreover, why did none of the brothers that he was actually close with come?

Afterwards, some of the old ancestors also came, with Shi Li being one of them.

If Shi Hao was here, he would have definitely faced him with a cold attitude. Back then, he was the driving force behind the people who attacked his parents, as well as the one who shielded Shi Yi’s relatives. He was ranked ninth among the ancestors, and so his authority was extremely great.

“Zhongtian, for you to return alive is truly great news! My clan’s battle deity has come back alive. This mansion will have to celebrate for an entire month, hahaha….” Shi Li laughed loudly.

He was a level higher than Grandpa Fifteen in status, and was an old ancestor that truly had authority.

Grandpa Fifteen also smiled, but there was some doubt stirring within his heart. Why did none of the ones that he had good relationships come here? For example, there was the old ancestor fourth uncle who was like a golden lion, as well as his other brothers. Where were they?

“Uncle Fifteen!”


“Ancestor grandpa!”

A large number of experts entered the palace to pay their respects. There were middle-aged people and children who seemed extremely lively. They all shouted together in courtesy.

When Grandpa Fifteen glanced around, he realized that he didn’t recognize most of the kids. After ten or so years had passed, there were many new faces within the mansion. Some of the children’s natural talents weren’t bad.

“Grandpa Fifteen, you truly are formidable. You were able to escape such a huge disaster and live.” Some elders with extremely high statuses appeared. One of them had dazzling pupils and wore a gray gown, possessing a powerful aura.

His name was Shi Yuan, and among the ancestors, he was ranked fifth. During the battle that year, he fought against Shi Ziling while shielding Shi Yi and his mother, suffering a severe injury as a result.

He still had another identity, and it was that him and Shi Yi had an undeniable blood relation. He was his paternal great-grandfather.

If Shi Hao was here, he would have definitely recalled that within that underground room, there were two elders that had entered and left the room while he lied on that ice cold bed. While Shi Yi’s mother used that dark shadow to bloodily gouge out his supreme being bone, there was one who wanted that poisonous woman to die, while the other was doing everything he could to protect her.

The latter was precisely this person — Shi Yuan. This was also the person who fought intensely with Shi Ziling. This person’s personal views greatly affected the entire mansion’s decisions.

“Fifth uncle’s vitality seems to be great, getting younger and younger.” Grandpa fifteen spoke. He was a generation younger than the other party.

When Shi Yuan noticed the empty sleeve, he immediately knew that the other party lose one of his arms. With a sigh, he said, “Zhongtian, sigh, you arm… What happened? But regardless, it’s good that you survived!”

He then looked at Grandpa Fifteen’s enormous bow, and a glint shone within the deepest parts of his eyes. Other people had no way of seeing this.

With only one arm remaining, could the divine arrow still be so world-shaking?! Shi Yuan began to consider this, and he immediately felt much more relaxed.

“Fifth uncle has a good descendant! Yi’er has dual-pupils and is comparable to the ancient saints and deities. In ten or so years, he should definitely be able to shake Stone Country, right?” Grandpa Fifteen asked. His impression of Shi Yi was extremely deep, because that was truly an incredible child. In the future, his accomplishments would be unimaginable.

“Yi’er is truly quite excellent. Not only is he matchless in Stone Country, this is probably true for all of the Great Wastelands. Calling him a young supreme being wouldn’t be too excessive,” Shi Li spoke from the side.

Everyone inside the palace hall began to discuss and nod their heads in agreement. All types of praise sounded.

“Haha, my family’s Hao’er shouldn’t be that bad either, right? I always felt like that little fellow was quite unique. Back then, I never closely inspected his body, but as my descendant, how could he fall short?” Grandpa Fifteen was also rather confident.

When he left, Shi Hao’s supreme being bone had not fully appeared yet. Only when he left Shi Ziling and his wife did they find out, so the old man had no idea.

However, he was known as the Great Demonic God. Back then, even if little Shi Hao didn’t reveal any of that aura, he still had a feeling himself. He didn’t know that it was a supreme being bone, but he knew that his son wasn’t ordinary. It was precisely because of this reason that he went to search for archaic true blood in preparation of the best baptism possible.

This old fellow was extremely heroic, and was known for his unrivalled divine arrows as well as the nickname Great Demonic God. However, to his own clansmen and family, he was extremely intimate. For his own grandson, he was willing to leave for the Hundred Clan Battlefield. He was full of love towards Shi Hao.

When Grandpa Fifteen spoke these words, many people began to smile. However, upon closer inspection, one would find that they seemed a bit unnatural.

“Hao’er is also quite good. He really is rather breathtaking and second only to Yi’er. He is also a rarely seen genius,” Shi Li said with a smile.

The clan elders, ancestors and others all spoke. They began to parrot one another, giving Shi Hao praise.

However, they did not expect that Grandpa Fifteen’s expression would change. “Even though I don’t know what was special about Hao’er’s body, I understood clearly that it wasn’t simple. Could he really be second to Yi’er?”

Everyone became shocked. Regardless of whether it was those of high or low statuses, they all broke out in cold sweat. This… He truly was the Great Demonic God! Even without the appearance of the supreme being bone, he was already able to develop such a feeling?!

“Where is Ziling and his wife? Why haven’t they come to see me?” Grandpa Fifteen calmly asked.

“They are outside the mansion. They left for the western border and will come back soon.” Shi Li smiled while speaking. Even though he was a generation above Grandpa Fifteen, when faced with this old man, he still felt waves of fear.

Who was Grandpa Fifteen? Back then, he was reputed as the Great Demonic God! His pupils immediately became a bit cold as he swept his gaze over everyone. Then, he suddenly shouted in a loud voice, “Where is my Hao’er then?!”

This incredibly loud and divine voice sounded like lightning that struck down from the nine heavens. The entire main hall was shaking with weng weng sounds. Shi Li, in particular, felt as if lightning had hacked down on his skull, making his mind feel a bit fuzzy. With a kacha sound, the chair beneath him cracked apart, and he then landed with his bottom on the ground. His face was incomparably pale, and his body began to tremble uncontrollably.

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