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Chapter 264 – Grandpa Fifteen

On the northern seas, green waves moved about. The devilish brat shouted loudly as he ran on the ocean surface. His head of jet-black hair fluttered behind him like black flames.

Shi Hao ran on the ocean waves quickly. From when he left Stone Village to search for the precious technique in the Northern Sea, two years had already passed. During that time, he became a master of the Spirit Transformation realm.

Even though he was still young, his strength was now truly great.

“What kind of creature is making such a disturbance?” The sea surface broke open, and several enormous silver sharks emerged. They had large silver white dorsal fins that were both sinister and scary.

“What in the world? He didn’t die yet?!” Among them, a silver shark was scared so bad that it began to shake uncontrollably. It immediately sank into the waters, not daring to poke its head about anymore.

Once those other silver sharks looked carefully and recognized his face, their minds were immediately thrown into disorder. They turned around and fled towards the depths of the ocean floor. That murderous monster was actually still alive! This was just too terrifying.

Back then, this youth unleashed a huge slaughter within the Kun Peng nest, sweeping everything before him. He had killed too many creatures, and even destroyed some of the supreme experts’ spirit bodies. He was truly unmatched at that time. This performance had shaken everyone greatly inside.

There were two great geniuses within the Northern Sea — Mo Shang and Han Tian. They were known as heavenly talents, and in the eyes of similarly aged ocean creatures, they were like deities. He had even fought with those two before, and both of them suffered losses. How could they not feel intimidated after seeing him?

Even descendants of creatures as terrifying as the ocean deity and the demonic deity-like flaming fish bloodline seemed to be somewhat inferior. This kind of result was enough to shake the entire world.

When the devilish brat had been sent into the Devil Refinement Cave by everyone’s attacks, his reputation did not fade away, but rather spiked up even greater.

Who had not heard about that battle? Was there anyone left that did not know about it? There were many who felt discouraged after finding out what happened. There were too many corpses piled on the altar underneath his feet, with even the floor dyed red from their blood. He rose abruptly to fame, becoming the supreme figure of the Spirit Transformation realm. His divine prowess was undeniable!

Those silver sharks all fled. In addition, once all the other ocean creatures saw the devilish child, they also began to frantically flee. They were not willing to stick around for even a second longer.

The devilish brat’s arrival was just like the spreading of a plague. All of the creatures would immediately flee, creating a scene that could only be described as bizarre. A single youngster was travelling on the undulating waves and forcing all other creatures to hide in retreat.

Half a month had passed since Shi Hao left the Kun Peng nest. He already found out that many of the great Divine Islands and other terrifying large powers suffered severe injuries, and that they had all become ‘sealed mountains.’

This was not only true for supreme experts. Even other powerful creatures that participated in that miserable battle like those from the Seabed Fish Palace closed off all entrances to their dwelling. They no longer appeared in the outside world, because they were all trying to heal and recuperate.

Generally speaking, the Northern Sea was rather peaceful. Almost every clan was in hibernation, because their experts were all trying to recover their vitality. As a result, they did not show themselves outside.

“So hateful! That fellow is still alive. I don’t know if the old ancestor can survive. I heard that a true Flood Dragon poisoned his body.” A few ocean Flood Dragons were speaking within the ocean.

The devilish brat ran towards the sunrise glow. He happily captured massive lobsters, crabs, turtles, and others along the way. Hairy Ball on his shoulder began to drool as soon as it woke up.

“This is all great stuff! Grandpa Chief, uncle Linhu, brother Dazhuang and the others have never tasted such things before. I’m going to bring these back for them to enjoy.”

Basked under the sunrise glow, a single youth travelled on the golden ocean surface. He was chasing after a group of ocean Flood Dragons. As waves rushed into the heavens, he looked like he was running after a group of cattle. The scene was rather shocking.

The devilish brat shouted loudly with incomparable happiness. The surface of his body was covered in a layer of golden radiance as he sped along like lightning. He had no idea that the grandfather he thought was long dead had actually broken free.

The black forest was far away. Grandpa Fifteen was travelling with large strides. Every step would cover several hundred zhang as he quickly left that place. Soon after, he left the mountain range.

The old man looked towards the brilliant sky and faced the splendid sunshine. It had been so long since he last saw this scene, so his heart was incomparably clear and full of joy. He was looking forward to meeting and reuniting with his loved ones.

“So many years have passed. I should prepare some more gifts for my grandson. I wonder if the jar of Pi Xiu blood I obtained back then is still there.”

His running speed was like that of flying as he rushed towards the distance. Eventually, he turned into a streak of light, reaching an extreme speed. He was returning to an ancient mountain range to retrieve the item he abandoned back then.

During the battle back then, Grandpa Fifteen suffered a severe injury. For the sake of breaking free from that mature Pi Xiu, he had to bury the jar of blood to prevent the Pi Xiu from tracking him.   

With the passage of so many years, he could only vaguely remember where it was. He didn’t know whether or not he could find it.

The battle back then was too miserable. Grandpa Fifteen had to pay an enormous price, losing one of his arms. If he hadn’t borrowed the force of a divine formation to send himself through the skies, he would have probably died then.

“Pi Xiu, we are fated to meet again. Isn’t your cultivation only a hundred and eighty years above mine? This old one will beat the shit out of you eventually and repay the favor!” The old man seemed extremely angry.

The Hundred Clan Battlefield was a place where all types of outstanding heroes fought for supremacy. What awaited one upon entering was a survival of the fittest. There was no one to blame but yourself if you died here.

Grandpa Fifteen had killed the younger one, only to find the older one later. It chased him outside the Hundred Race Battlefield, leaving his body in a terrible condition. He made a narrow escape, and nearly died in the Great Wastelands.

Grandpa Fifteen was an incredibly powerful character. Even if someone from the divine mountains chased after him, he wouldn’t be scared in the slightest. He would always mutter about going back to give those divine mountain folks a good beating.

If the outside world knew that this old man had this kind of thought, they might even be scared silly. Even the full force of an ancient country might not be enough to fight against that kind of power, and no one dared to casually offend such a place.

With Grandpa Fifteen’s speed, he quickly sped along. Later on, he borrowed the strength of his divine bow for flight. He travelled for several days, because the Great Wastelands was truly too vast.

“It should be this swamp.” He made his descent.

Within the swamp, a wave of rotting smell poured out. It was an extremely gloomy place with sparse trees scattered throughout. However, each one was extremely huge, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Within the swamp ooze were rotten leaves and even a few skeleton remains. The atmosphere was extremely bad.


Grandpa Fifteen’s palm slammed down. The sludge flew everywhere, causing the entire swamp to break apart. A huge abyss opened up that looked to be several dozen zhang in depth.

“Yi, it’s actually still here!” Grandpa Fifteen was extremely happy. With a wave of his hand, a jade container appeared. It flowed with luster, and contained within was sparkling and splendid silver blood.

When he opened the jar, a wave of fragrance immediately wafted out. The silver blood was sparkling and astonishing. A burst of dense energy rushed forth, immediately covering this swamp in a layer of silvery white sheen.

“What a pity, some of the spiritual nature has dissipated. A large part of the jar of blood essence I refined has been lost…” Grandpa Fifteen felt that it was rather unfortunate.

Back then, he did not carefully preserve it. He only placed it within the jar, and so after so much time had passed, a large part of its divinity disappeared.

However, regaining this jar after losing it still made him rather happy. Back then, it was precisely for this jar of blood that he suffered that tragedy, so he also felt rather regretful.


A roar sounded from the distance. A ten zhang long Wolf Elephant pounced over. Long green hair covered its entire body. It had the head of a wolf, but the nose of an enormous elephant. White teeth extended outwards. It had felt the powerful fluctuation of essence energy and quickly rushed over.

However, before this archaic descendant even got close, a purple cloud suppressed downwards.

An enormous bird that was over a hundred zhang in length swooped down and tore apart its body. Blood dyed the mountain cliffs red, and it was soon devoured. Afterwards, it dove towards the swamp.

“Dragon Scaled Sparrow! It’s flying speed is incredibly fast. However, don’t irritate me, or I’ll eat you. Wait, no. I’ll use you as transportation.” Grandpa Fifteen muttered softly.

It was an enormous purple bird. Half of its body was covered in scales, and the other half was in feathers. The scales covered its body, and feathers covered its wings and tail. On top of its head were purple plume feathers that stretched towards the sky, making it appear quite magical.

The Dragon Scaled Sparrow struck down without hesitation. Even though it felt the elder’s energy fluctuating, the true blood within that jar was too astonishing.

It was a ridiculously powerful Dragon Scaled Sparrow. For this type of species, it was extremely rare. It reigned supreme over its region. While resting within a mountain range in the distance, it felt the fluctuations of this place, proving just how sharp its spiritual perception was.

Even if another supreme expert or old ancestor saw this creature, they would also feel some restraining fear. They would knit their brows and become serious.

However, Grandpa Fifteen actually laughed when he saw this several hundred zhang long Dragon Scaled Sparrow throw itself over. He said to himself, “Be obedient and send me to Stone Country’s Capital. This really is a nice form of transportation!”

With a honglong sound, his grandeur suddenly changed. He soared into the air like a demonic deity, scattering out a peerlessly powerful aura. While in midair, he grabbed forward.

The enormous bird was shaken. How could that damn human be so terrifying? He transformed into such a powerful expert, and his force even surrounded his several hundred zhang long body.

“Behave, come here.” Grandpa Fifteen laughed loudly. His hair was like disorderly grass, and his beard was scraggly and unkempt. However, he was able to constrain such an enormous vicious bird.

The Dragon Scaled Sparrow struggled about and wanted to flee into the skies. However, after it was trapped by that enormous hand, it couldn’t escape. Strand after strand of multicolored light flowed out from the center of that palm and began to refine it as if it was a great furnace.

“Carry me on a trip. You are free to go afterwards.” The old man spoke.

In the end, the Dragon Scaled Sparrow surrendered. This enormous and terrifying overlord had naturally lived for an extremely long period of time. It knew that this human wasn’t worth provoking and was too frightening.

The several hundred zhang long enormous bird spread its wings. It turned into a purple cloud and brought with it a frantic gale, zipping past the mountain range skies with astonishing speed.

Such a powerful vicious bird naturally didn’t fear the appearance of any other creatures. It was not scared of being intercepted as it rushed ferociously into the clouds and towards the distant Stone Country Capital.

Many creatures were shaken throughout the mountain range. This was the unrivalled overlord of this entire mountain range, yet it actually yielded and became a mount!

The wastelands were extremely large, and its regions were extremely vast. Even creatures as fast as the Dragon Scaled Sparrow had to fly for several days before it approached Stone Country’s Capital.

An enormous wall made from blocks of jade-like crystals surrounded this place like a mountain ridge. A tall city gate tower rested within like a heavenly temple. It was majestic and imposing.

There were many people within the city walls, and there were numerous defenders as well. Countless symbols were engraved on those walls, making it seem as if great stars were swirling about this place. They shone with dazzling radiance, bringing this place a unique atmosphere.

Behind the towering walls, squadrons of soldiers were patrolling about. They were extremely disciplined. Their armors were shiny, and their weapons sharp. They flickered with cold metallic luster and gave off waves of killing intent.

This was the capital of Stone Country, so everything was naturally the best of the best. There were a few generals supervising the protection of this enormous city, so this place was well fortified. In particular, once the formation patterns were activated, the entire city would be surrounded by symbols and become difficult to penetrate.

The Dragon Scaled Sparrow’s descent immediately raised a disturbance within the soldiers on the city walls. Their hearts were thrown into disorder as they assembled.

As for the city gate, the entering and exiting vehicles, merchants, and others were even more alarmed and shaken. This vicious bird was just too powerful. Was it going to attack the city?

Grandpa Fifteen did not break the city regulations. He controlled the Dragon Scaled Sparrow and ordered it to descend. He patted the enormous bird and said, “Little one, you worked hard. You can leave now.”

Afterwards, he jumped down and walked towards the city gates.

Everyone was flabbergasted. Regardless of whether it was the soldiers that guarded the city or the peddlers and carriers, they were all indescribably shaken. This was a hundred zhang length demonic bird we were talking about here!

A few moments ago, there was still quite a distance separating them so they weren’t able to see too clearly. Now that they were able to see the Dragon Scaled Sparrow’s real body, everyone became apprehensive. This was truly an overlord that could even make old ancestors’ heads hurt.

Who was this heroic elder? He could actually act so casually around such a creature! What a terrifying figure.

“You are… what kind of person? What… are you trying to do?” The soldiers guarding the city walked up. They usually were intimidating, but when faced with this kind of elder, they felt like they were standing in front of a great desolate beast. Even their voices were trembling.

“I… have returned home!” The elder laughed amiably and revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth. The astonished group immediately backed up. Even though they could see that he was laughing, the aura he possessed made them tremble.

Where did this divine figure come from? It was just too terrifying. He actually possessed an aura like this, making their bodies feel like it was splitting apart. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

Grandpa Fifteen was extremely happy when he returned. He was laughing heartily as he walked inside the city gates.

Only after seeing him enter did an military officer’s face ashen. He sat down on the floor and muttered, “We’re finished. He was actually still alive. Heavens! The demonic deity has returned. This entire capital will be thrown into chaos. It shouldn’t be destroyed, right?!”

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