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Chapter 254 – Opening of the Kun Peng Treasury

Shi Hao’s fist smashed through Mo Shang’s chest, and pipa sounds rang as it broke through numerous bones. Golden symbols curled up around his fist as it completely bore through Mo Shang’s body.

Blood gushed outwards. Mo Shang released a loud shout, his entire body feeling as if it had been set on fire. He shone brilliantly, using a secret technique to fly backwards and break free from that fist.

He held the halberd upside down to stabilize himself while staggering about. A bloody hole appeared in his chest, and several pieces of broken bones could be seen. Blood poured out from the wound; it seemed extremely terrifying.

The golden armor he wore was shattered. It couldn’t protect him from the force of that fist at all! There was blood all over his body, and his injuries were severe.

The sea region was momentarily silent, but soon after, a huge clamoring erupted. Everyone was absolutely astounded by what had just happened. Originally, Shi Hao was about to die, so they never could have expected that the one to receive heavy injuries was actually the sea deity descendant.

The situation had completely reversed, leaving everyone stupefied. Everything had happened too quickly. The one that was doomed to die was actually brimming with energy, while Mo Shang who was immersed in the ‘heaven and man as one’ state was actually injured to such a degree. His entire body was covered in blood as he retreated.

“How did it turn out like this? Mo Shang actually suffered such a huge blow! Such a thing has never happened before!”

“This creature that came from dry land is too terrifying! He truly is a supreme youth!”

The crowd exclaimed in amazement as they all began to discuss the events that had just happened.

The creatures of the sea were even more so shaken. To them, the name Mo Shang was equivalent to an unrivalled figure. Within the Spirit Transformation realm, there was no one that was his match. As a result, he was often known as a reborn Sea Deity.

However, currently, he received such huge injuries. His chest had been pierced through, and blood continuously dripped out. Could he even continue fighting?

In the distance, there was a huge expanse of scarlet color. The sea was boiling, and hundreds of thousands of Flaming Fish had gathered there. While standing among them, the red-armored Han Tian seemed like a demon god. He coldly muttered to himself, “So powerful.”

Old ancestors of various sects, nobles that came from all different directions, supreme experts that came from the Archaic Divine Mountains and many others’ expressions all changed after seeing this. They were all felt rather upset as they watched watched attentively.

The results of this battle exceeded everyone’s expectations, filling them with excitement. This human youth destined to rise to greatness; his performance was absolutely stunning and terrifying.

“I haven’t even stepped inside the Kun Peng nest to compete for the precious technique yet, and I’ve already been injured. I truly did not see this coming.” Mo Shang laughed mockingly at himself from the distance.

Blood was still flowing, and there was an extremely terrifying hole in his chest that completely connected both sides of his body. He took out a jade jar and poured out a translucent and sparkling blue pill into his palm.

An aroma immediately wafted through this sea region. In addition, it was so bright that his palm and the seawater below reflected its brilliance.

“That’s… the Sea Deity Pill?!” A huge sensation broke out within these waters. Everyone stared with their eyes widened, and even a few supreme experts became shocked. There were many who almost ran up to steal it.

“No, it’s not a divine pill left behind by the Sea Deity, but it is still quite incredible. It is an invaluable precious pill that was slowly refined from all types of spiritual ingredients.”

The crowd soon realized that it was medicine created from a recipe left behind by the Sea Deity. Even though it wasn’t a divine pill, it still possessed extraordinary medicinal efficacy.

Mo Shang swallowed the pill whole. Light began to radiate from his entire body, and blue symbols flickered around him, causing pipa noises to sound from his flesh. The hole in his chest  began to mend itself at a visible speed.

The crowd was aghast as they watched this scene. It was just too incredible! The medicine possessed a miraculous efficacy, surprisingly mending his body with such speed.

Needless to say, this medicine was made from this world’s rarely seen treasures, and it quite likely even contained some divine medicines inside. Otherwise, how could it be so effective? Only a divine medicine could make flesh grow back on bones so quickly.

Mo Shang’s body radiated once again, and symbols lingered about him. His body was restored to its optimal state, and with the golden halberd in hand, his eyes once again carried a look of contempt, making him look like a demonic fiend. He once again stared at his opponent!

On the other side, however, Shi Hao seemed completely indifferent. He didn’t look back at Mo Shang, and only looked at the piece of luminous flesh in his palm while deep in thought.

“This is the only time you’ll be be able to injure me. I understood what happened, so I won’t suffer a second time.” The sea deity descendant spoke to himself. His fighting spirit once again surged vigorously.

Everyone felt a shiver run through their bodies. Mo Shang was naturally tenacious

“Is this turtle meat, flood dragon meat, or fish?” Shi Hao talked to himself. He then lifted his head and shouted to Mo Shang. “Which clan on earth do you belong to? Is your original form human-shaped? I can’t eat humanoids, it will disgust me.”

Everyone became dumbfounded after hearing this. They were expecting a fierce battle between two giants, yet once this fellow spoke, why did he completely ruin the atmosphere?

Did he really not care about this situation, only caring about himself, or did this he say these words to irritate everyone on purpose? How could he behave like this? In such a struggle of life and death, he was actually only thinking about food.

Only some of the terrestrial creatures knew what was he was thinking. He really did want to eat, and he had always defeated his opponents this way; he really was this savage.

“Look carefully, somebody is going to suffer greatly. Are the incidents of the Hundred Shattered Mountain and the Void God Realm happening again?” Someone spoke in a soft voice.

Purple-clothed Yun Xi and her companions also looked at one another in dismay. The guy really knew how to throw everything into disorder. He was truly trying to defy the heavens!

Mo Shang was infuriated. Who did Shi Hao think he was? No one dared to belittle him before! Within this sea, even those supreme experts would feel a restraining fear and avoid provoking him. This devilish brat was too hateful. He looked like he was trying to identify what kind of species the piece of flesh from Mo Shang’s chest came from. Was he truly thinking of eating it?

“I’ll kill you!”

Mo Shang rushed forward, determined to fight to the death.

“Since you aren’t going to answer, then I’ll just assume that you aren’t a humanoid creature. I’ll capture you first,” said Shi Hao. Following that, he released a roar before dashing with increased ferocity. After fighting for such a long time, he was also getting irritated. He didn’t want to drag this battle endlessly.

Golden symbols interweaved and precious techniques disturbed the sky. The duel became white-hot, boiling the sea and shifting the mountains. Their final engagement was extremely fierce.

The talented Sea Deity descendant was incomparably powerful and unrivalled among his peers. He was sure to look down upon the world in the future and become one of the mightiest creatures of the wasteland clans.

However, a youth as formidable as he was met his match today. He still could not defeat Shi Hao after such a long time, and now, Shi Hao also seemed to have gone mad, his attacks becoming more and more intense.

Shi Hao roared. His entire body illuminated and was covered by densely packed symbols. The heavenly passages were all opened, trying to crush and destroy everything.

The battle frightened all of the older characters, and even the faces of supreme experts became ashen. Their eyes continuously moved about in fear of missing anything.


Suddenly, the sky cracked and the earth split. Blue seawater flowed backwards and the island trembled as the golden Kun Peng shattered at an incredible speed. Those gaps were now extremely wide.

“It’s open! It’s completely open!” Everyone shouted in surprise. Their attention shifted at once from the two young conquerors to the enormous ancient nest.

The golden divine nest split open like a blossoming flower, revealing the resplendent dao field inside. A thousand beams shone in all directions, and auspicious essence curled in the air. The sky was densely covered by symbols, and the resounding sounds of sacrifice could be heard.

At this moment, time seemed to be turned back to the archaic years, where the chants of deities and divine music filled people’s ears. Mysterious symbols emerged endlessly from the sky.

The Kun Peng nest had completely opened. The dao field inside was radiating splendidly, attracting everyone’s attention. The crowd could not hold themselves back any more as they all dashed forward.

The first batch entered unharmed and rushed into the dao field. They stepped on the golden path, as if entering a heavenly realm. They were looking for the world-shaking precious techniques.

Seeing this, the rest stopped hesitating and also followed suit. They entered in swarms and fought their way into the archaic abode.

“The divine liquid, there’s a pool of divine liquid!” The dao field of Kun Peng was no common place. Someone spotted the divine pool immediately after they broke in, causing a large fight to break out.

Finally, the sect forefathers, regional lords and elders could not sit still anymore. Seeing that nothing strange had happened and that it was not some kind of dangerous trap, they all leapt inside.

Shi Hao and Mo Shang stopped fighting as well. At this moment, nothing could compete with the treasure of Kun Peng. They both craved the great divine power and were determined to take it for themselves.

Mo Shang jumped onto the altar and blasted out a supreme beam of light, killing many mighty beings. He then stepped on the beam and arrived at the head of the line.

At the same time, the altar shrank and spun around, landing in front of him. It turned into a real battle platform that was ready to carry out a large slaughter at any time.

Shi Hao also got in and also demonstrated his power within the cave. He forced back the crowd, took out his jade bottle and took away the last dozen or so drops of liquid from the divine pool.

These were drops of sea spirit liquid, not real divine liquid. They couldn’t be compared to the Immortal Spring, but were still similarly priceless. It was blue and quartz-like, formed from the condensed essence of the sea.

It could be used in medicine and the refinement of artifacts, and was second only to the real divine liquid.

They had just reached the legendary abode, yet they had already discovered a divine pool like this. Many people managed to grab some, and so they were naturally in high spirits.

The crowd rushed further inside and arrived deep inside the legendary abode. A golden sea startled them all. How could there be a sea in the abode of Kun Peng nest?

“The archaic Kun Peng had seen through Nature itself. The ancient nest is a small world in its own, yet there are still smaller worlds inside of this world. This really is awe-inspiring.” A supreme expert became deeply moved.

 The group of people rushed into the legendary abode’s deepest parts. After encountering a golden sea, they all became astonished. At this time, the Flaming Fish youth Han Tian suddenly leapt up and dove into the golden sea.

Meanwhile, Mo Shang the Sea Deity descendant also fought his way. He also entered the sea depths.

Other sea creatures also seemed to have realized something. They plunged into the golden sea one after another and rushed towards the seabed.

“The Kun Peng Cave is in the sea, and the divine treasure is there!”

The crowd shouted, and the terrestrial creatures also came to their senses. They all jumped up and rushed into the divine golden sea.

Shi Hao’s entire body lit up like a heavenly deity and he also killed his way over. Upon reaching the ocean floor, he saw an even more imposing cave. After entering, he found that the interior did not have any water.

Countless symbols rushed towards him from all sides as soon as he stepped inside. A killing force immediately shook the sea floor.

“Go away!”

He shouted loudly, and his divine voice echoed throughout. The ten great heavenly passages linked up into a divine ring, surrounding him like a blazing sun. An impenetrable defense immediately protected him, blocking all of the precious techniques.

Moreover, as he walked forward, explosions would sound and blast apart many enemies. No one could stop him.

“He’s too powerful, kill him first!” An expert shouted out. He wanted to join hands with everyone to take out Shi Hao first.


The group was about to take action, when Shi Hao shouted promptly and summoned the shackling domain. The group were frozen still with their earlier poses, and even though their precious instruments were still shining and symbols had just lighted up, they could not move.


At his command, golden symbols turned and directly crushed these people into pieces. A bloody mist rose, leaving no one alive.

The crowd in the distance all watched with horror. The area around Shi Hao immediately became vacant, and not a single person dared to linger about. None of the experts wanted to target him any longer, and all of them charged towards the legendary cavern’s abyss.

There were a few supreme experts whose gaze flickered about. They originally wanted to head in this direction, but their expressions were now rather complicated. They were quite scared of him, and even some of the noble lords’ eyes were filled with killing intent.

“I’ll say it again. Don’t anger me!” The devilish brat warned the masses with a serious expression.

 “Heng!” An elder snorted.

Shi Hao felt his skin tighten with chilliness. He immediately turned around. “Don’t make me destroy your spiritual body!”

He was quite tyrannical. After sensing the murderous discontent, he returned fire at once, as if ready to vent his violent rage at any moment.

 The crowd was startled, especially that supreme elder. Who did he think he was, talking to them like that? They then realized that this was not the outside world, but a special sea area. Most of them had only sent their spiritual bodies here.

“Oh my god, that’s the Divine Bronze Lamp of Illumination!” Cried someone, looking ahead disbelievingly.

Two supreme experts were already engaged in battle. They were currently fighting intensely over a small ancient lamp within the cave.

Red flames appeared, and a terrifying aura was released. Han Tian, whose name rivalled Mo Shang’s, emerged in his scarlet armor. Flames overflowed into the heavens. With a single movement, he seized the bronze lamp from those supreme experts like extracting teeth from a tiger’s mouth.

The Divine Lamp of Illumination was said to be an archaic artifact that used divine blood as fuel. It was mysterious, terrifying, and incredibly powerful. No one expected to find one here.

The fact that it was being used merely as a source of light instead of being displayed as a precious artifact made everyone amazed and stupefied.

Weng longlong.

Deep inside the legendary cavern depths, symbols flourished brilliantly. They gave off the harmonious sounds of the great dao.

“The precious technique is inside! There are Kun Peng symbols as well as many archaic artifacts and supreme treasures!” Everyone went mad and rushed inside.

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