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Chapter 250 – Emerging From Isolation

Shi Hao sat there cross-legged, full of vigour and freshness. Within his head, a divine flame was burning. It wrapped itself around his imprint of true spirit as if he was a deity.

He made it! He had reached the legendary state!

Beside him, a Kun Peng flapped its wings and a Suan Ni uttered long cries while circling his body. The scene was frightening, as if the two creatures were guarding a heavenly deity.

Shi Hao first spiritualized his body, then reconstructed his true self, reaching the legendary states and limits in both cases. These achievements brought him extraordinary benefits, significantly improving his combat effectiveness.

“Can I consolidate my strength even further?”

There was one place in the Cave of Utmost Yang that Shi Hao had not stepped into, and it was a stone platform in the deepest parts of the cave. It had always been a forbidden area, since not even Shi Hao was powerful enough to sit on it.

He stood up and adjusting himself to an optimal state. Then, he stood on the platform, bracing himself for this new wave of impact.


In next moments, what he was experienced was a living hell. It was more unbearable than having one’s soul cut open, producing a pain that was utterly excruciating. The true flame crackled, invading his soul like streaks of lightning.

The real fire bore a formidable divine power as it tried to dismember Shi Hao’s body. The pain was not only confined to his physical body, but traveled into his spiritual imprint as well. The flames were trying to obliterate everything.

“This is too powerful. I’ve reached my limit and can’t go on any longer.” Shi Hao was terrified and backed out immediately. He then sat down cross-legged again to neutralize the fire.

It was clear that he still needed to achieve the absolute perfection of spiritual transformation before he could enter this forbidden place.

The Spirit Transformation realm consisted of three stages, the first two of which he had reached their legendary states. As for the last one, he had also cultivated to a deep level, but he still had not reached the peak of perfection recorded in legends.

Shi Hao sat with his legs crossed. The fiery light turned into lightning before fusing into his body and mind, illuminating this place resplendently.

With the pipa sound, his entire body became shiny and translucent. He looked clear and flawless, more aloof and deity-like than ever. However, when he opened his eyes, divine light would erupt suddenly, revealing an aura of mightiness.

To be calm like a real deity and move like a devilish monster; this produced a type of mysterious and powerful aura. Moreover, it was still growing stronger, making him appear even more enigmatic and fathomless.

Finally, all was over, and Shi Hao stepped out of the Cave of Utmost Yong before moving towards the sea surface. His strength had soared dramatically, making it so that he did not fear any of the mighty ones in this sea.

Too many things had happened in these past two years. The mighty ones had fallen and the talented had arisen. The sea had been dyed red by the blood, but it had also granted many people great fame.

“Lord of the Black Sea was defeated! He died at sea!”

Once these news were released, the entire blue sea was shaken. The creatures of the North Sea were all astonished. The one that had just died was a powerful individual that rose abruptly to power after coming here. Despite being so young, he had already been granted a title of nobility.

“Lord of the Earth Feather has fallen!”

Before long, another piece of news came out, and this time, it was the terrestrial creatures’ turn to get terrified. The fallen one was a highly reputed lord that was extremely well known.

“Herald of the Elder Sea Demon has been killed!”

The message caused a sensation. A great battle happened some distance away, and over ten big names died. All of them had influential backing and were respected in their regions, yet they were still killed here.

The seawater there  became scarlet from the flowing blood. Schools of Fighting Turtles and Silver Sharks swarmed over there. The frenzied sea creatures went crazy as they gulped down the bloody red water.

None of those that died were weak creatures. When news spread that dozens of big names had died in a single battle, it was simply too shocking.

“Who killed them?” Everyone changed their countenance. This was just unbelievable! It was not easy for them to reach their level, so how could so many of them be killed at the same time?

“Supreme experts, and more than just one! They grasped all types of powerful ancient techniques, and their cultivation levels are all at the peak of spiritual transformation. They began to slaughter everyone after being angered.”

Once these news began to spread, they would undoubtedly cause quite a stir. What kind of characters were supreme creatures? These experts weren’t limited to a single region, and could easily exert their power over the entire wastelands.

Most of the supreme experts resided in divine mountains, and they were regarded as the mightiest experts of their region. Whenever they came out into the world, a shocking event would occur, causing great disorder.

These types of figures appeared, moreover more than one, stirring up the turmoil this time to even greater heights. Everyone felt like a mighty storm was coming.

It was possible that they had lost patience after waiting for so long and made preparations for the last battle. If they still could not obtain the Kun Peng’s precious technique, then these people might back off.

“Descendant of the Sea Deity is fighting with the Mermaid Clan!”

With the great chaos rising, all types of disturbances began to surface. The sea deity descendant seemed invincible as he swept through this ocean region during the last two years. His every action drew the attention of many.

The Mermaid race were born with natural beauty, and they were also a powerful clan of the North Sea. During the archaic years, people from this race had even become deities. With such a rich historical background, they were definitely a great force within these seas.

Right now, sky-high tidal waves were surging, and the great battles were extremely fierce.

In this sea region, a youth with blue hair and piercingly bright eyes was holding his halberd in one hand while single-handedly fighting the mighty mermaids. Waves were splashed high into the sky all around him.


The golden halberd swept across the air, producing violent fluctuations. Golden waves swept through all of his opponents, causing numerous cultivators from the Mermaid Clan to cry out loudly. Cracks began to appear all around their bodies before they exploded into pieces.

The scene was rather terrifying to watch. The blue sea had turned red, and a bloody mist began to spread. Countless corpses floated on the water surface.

The Sea Deity descendant was called Mo Shang. With the halberd in one hand, he possessed the prowess to defeat all incoming enemies. He was absolutely peerless, suppressing this entire sea region by himself. No one could compete against him.

The Mermaid Clan was defeated and forced to retreat from this area. Many creatures of the sea paid their homage in front of the sea deity descendant.

It was clear that the reason Mo Shang conquered all these experts was not only to seize the Kun Peng precious technique, but also to prepare his own divine ascension. He ambitiously followed in his ancestor’s’ footsteps to become a deity in the North Sea and command all other clans.

In another sea area, another fight was going on at the same time. Crimson light filled the sky as the Flaming Fish clan approached the Kun Peng nest; they were going to carry out a great operation this time.

An imposing youth in scarlet armor was covered in resplendent light. He slaughtered in all directions with the scarlet stick in hand, forcing back a large group of older experts, occupying this area by himself!

He was the peerlessly talented youth of the Flaming Fish clan named Han Tian, a proud young conqueror that was just as famous as Mo Shang within this North Sea.

His fight with Mo Shang two years ago had shaken this entire sea area, because their decisive engagement became so intense that it made all other creatures terrified. In the end, both sides suffered losses, resulting in a draw.

Since then, neither of them fought all out again. It was clear that neither of them held a clear advantage over the other, so they decided to save their strength. With the feud between their clans, they were doomed to meet again in a bloody battle.

On the other, a group of old servants had gathered together, none of them willing to get any closer. There were a few young men and women at the center of the crowd, all of them appearing to be dignified and extraordinary.

These were all creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains. They had grouped up together, showed disdain towards all others. They were definitely a powerful force, and even after travelling to the sea, they still seemed perfectly confident in themselves.

“The nest is about to crack open, and no one can wait any longer,” murmured someone.

On the island, cracks were appearing on the Kun Peng nest. After such a long time, it was no longer as stable as before, showing signs of breaking apart.

The entire nest was jet black, yet the cracks seemed to be burning brightly like the openings on an active volcano. Streams of flaming lava began to flow down from these cracks.

Young powerful youth and senior experts all appeared in the surroundings, none of them able to stay calm. They all felt as if something was going to happen, since the Kun Peng nest was about to open.

Ordinary creatures had been chased away and could only watch from afar. Those who dared to stay were all powerful individuals that had arisen in the past two years. They had all established their names through numerous killings.

“Make way, here comes Mo Shang!” Someone whispered.

Everybody knew who Mo Shang and Han Tian were. They were too famous in this sea, and their existence frightened all creatures.

The Sea Deity youth came in his golden armor. While marching over the blue sea, he pointed his golden halberd at all the forces in front, creating a huge area of chaos. No one dared to stop him, all of them moving out of the way.

He rushed here with his clan once the battle with the Mermaid Clan was over and directly stepped directly onto a high altar. He looked down on everyone, making him appear incredibly outstanding and unmatched.

Even the supreme experts were not willing to fight these extraordinary youth to death, because the risks in doing so were simply not worth taking. With their cultivation suppressed, it would be extremely difficult to tell who would win.

Surrounding the Kun Peng nest were all outstanding figures. Among them were disciples of divine mountains, lords of regions, ancestors of ancient sects, and supreme experts. It was impossible for ordinary people to even get close to this place.

The crowds in the distance were all packed densely, because the other experts weren’t willing to leave. They all watched from afar, because even though they couldn’t come any closer they were still not willing to give up. They all waited for an opportunity from the distance.

The sea was split open, and out came Shi Hao. The water surrounding his body evaporated, and as soon as he saw the current situation, he muttered to himself, “I didn’t arrive too late. The Kun Peng nest had just began to crack open.”

This time, he once again received a different feeling when he stared at that dark ancient nest. The golden ripples that was spread out when it cracked were affecting him greatly.

“I can see more symbols. Does this mean that only by following the Kun Peng’s path can one discover the ultimate profound secrets?” He began to feel rather troubled.

Shi Hao was extremely serious. As he stared at the island, he realized that the nest was changing. It quickly turned golden, and the entire structure became absolutely dazzling. A multitude of symbols surged, and soon after, they began to link together.

“They seem to contain some sort of message!” Shi Hao was startled. This time, his gains were even greater than before! As the symbols flickered, an important message appeared that mentioned the Kun Peng’s precious technique.

He stopped moving and began to carefully sense and analyze this message. He wanted to seize these strands of symbols and thoroughly understand them.

He now believed that cultivating in the Cave of Utmost Yang, Abyss of Black Ice and Tomb of Fallen Stars, as well as following the path of a young Kun Peng were absolutely key processes. It was entirely possible that only by doing so could one figure out the secrets of this place.

“Did the Kun Peng intentionally arrange this?”

In the end, he was able to obtain a set of mysterious symbols, but he was unable to understand them due to their strangeness and complexity. However, he was convinced that they weren’t precious techniques, and were completely irrelevant to the Kun Peng’s divine ability.

“This teenager looks familiar. He… Is the thief from two years ago!” Someone recognized him.

Shi Hao walked on the ocean surface and proceeded forward. He too wanted to approach the nest, which unavoidably brought him face to face with the other experts. Once he got closer, he began to attract even more attention.

Many young conquerors, regional lords and forefathers were here. There were even some supreme experts that were lying low.

“It’s you?!” The people from the Archaic Divine Mountains looked at him coldly. Their eyes were wide open, and several old servants stepped out.

In particular, there was a green-haired youth that walked out from among them that emitted a terrifying aura. His eyes were like bright suns as they produced an intimidating radiance.

After Qing Yun had been killed, roasted golden by Shi Hao, and even eaten by him, their clan sent reinforcements. In addition, they even formed an alliance with the other divine mountains.

“Come here and accept death!” On the other side, Mo Shang, the Sea Deity descendant standing on the altar, was even more direct as he pointed his golden halberd at Shi Hao. He possessed an unrivalled attitude, not putting anyone within his eyes.

In the distance, a gray flood dragon floated up from the sea, turning into an elderly individual. Within his ice cold expression was a grotesque look, as if it craved to immediately kill the devilish child.

People began to suspect that this was the Elder Flood Dragon. Two years ago, its spiritual body had been beaten up severely by two individuals, making it so angry it almost choked to death. It had always been looking for their whereabouts ever since.

These creatures weren’t the only ones. There were other creatures and experts that stared murderously at Shi Hao.

“I’m warning you. Don’t mess with me, or I’ll eat all of you!” The devilish brat spoke savagely. He seemed just as confident as he was in the Hundred  Shattering Mountains.

He had reached the peak of the Spirit Transformation level and was only one step away from the absolute legendary stage. He did not fear a single person in this place.

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