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Chapter 244 – Spiritualization of the Body

The Spirit Transformation level was truly wondrous. Shi Hao had submerged into a state where it was no longer a monotonous cultivation but rather a type of mental enjoyment.

His flesh was being refined in every possible way through the light of symbols, undergoing countless reconstructions to evolve the spirituality contained within. It was as if seeds of life were sown into the soil as he watched them sprout, take root, and carry out a flourishing growth. Life force grew increasingly abundant, as if there was a feeling of rebirth

Shi Hao currently sat in a cross-legged position. His forehead was glowing, and his divine consciousness was being satiated as he wandered about in a state of dao. His body went through endless changes, gleaming like the brilliance of a divine gold glaze.

Time flew by. The walls of Kun Peng nest were tranquil without any disturbance. All was silent except for a young man who yearned for cultivation, pouring in both his body and soul.

His mind was empty and clear, without any acute emotional fluctuations. A smile flashed from the corner of his mouth, reflecting his current mental state as he immersed himself within a joyful state of mind.

Before long, his body became obscured by a sphere of hazy light and scarlet clouds rose slowly from his glittering body. His skin was now fairer and more translucent than that of a woman, making him appear extremely beautiful.

This was a result of spiritual illumination, which had cleansed his entire body.

Pipa sound rang out, producing a sonorous tune that resonated through his limbs and into his skeleton. His entire skeletal frame was shining; every bone seemed to be trembling, making him shine even brighter.

A thin layer of film appeared over his bones, making them seem like metal. However, at the same time, they also seemed like crystals as they shone brilliantly. If there was someone here, they would have definitely cried out in surprised when they saw that someone at the initial Spirit Transformation Stage was able to achieve so much.

Normally one would start with the refinement from blood and flesh, yet he was doing it at all levels simultaneously. Even his bones deep inside his body were experiencing such changes.

When introducing spirituality into bones, this film of light was pivotal. Once attached, his bones became much stronger almost instantaneously. His body shone brilliantly, as if they were all divine bones.

This was a key step. The further spiritualization of bones will not only benefit one’s cultivation, but it will also significantly improve one’s agility and strength.

Apart from that, his blood and flesh were also improving. Every bit of progress was like entering another treasure trove! Spiritual light shone on his entire body, nourishing the flesh.

At that moment, he was glistening from head to toe, as if divine existences were sitting cross-legged inside him one after another, guarding his body and soul.

The integration of flesh and bone took place inside out and outside in simultaneously. The film of light emerged, and projected itself onto the body’s surface.

Shi Hao was covered by a light film, as if he was wearing a layer of divine skin. He looked sacred and distant, possessing a sense of perfection, spotless and flawless.

At this moment, he looked like a being of the divine realm that did not belong to this mortal world. His body was immaculate. His bones, blood and flesh kept changing, becoming increasingly bright and translucent.

Spirit Transformation meant one had to take in as much as nature could offer in order to evolve one’s spirituality and transcend beyond oneself. As if he had been covered in ceramic glaze, his body lit up the sky. There was no dust or dirt, only divinity.

The Spirit Transformation level was a process of reconstructing his true self. It was a transformation different from the previous stages. He had to start from his physical body to his spirit, then in turn towards the ten heavenly passages to connect the exterior world, bringing about a complete spirituality and evolution.

The change would start first from the blood to flesh. Afterwards, it would then emerge within the internal organs and bones before ultimately ending within deeper levels.

Yet now, when Shi Hao was transforming his spirituality, the change had happened to his entire body all at once without progressing by layers. There were no separations or oppositions, and the physical body was treated as a single entity while the spiritual transformation and evolution took place.

His blood was glowing, becoming glistening streams to nourish his flesh. Divine light then transpired from blood and flesh to cleanse his internal organs, making them clear and bright like pieces of jade. Finally, even his bones were illuminated.

The injuries from his recent fights were all cured. His internal organs glistened with an even greater brilliance, resembling works of art rather than human organs.

The process was both mysterious and vital for his development. The film of light appeared over every part of Shi Hao, gleaming and glistening brightly with exuberant vitality.

Time flew past, and eight or nine days had passed without his notice. Although all forces and clans had joined the battle and fought with one another, Shi Hao paid no attention, remaining absorbed within his world.

He had forgotten everything else. Cultivation and the study of dao were the only things he cared about.

He felt calm and peaceful without the slightest trace of anxiety, which was a stark difference compared to his mental state not long ago. From beginning to end, there was also a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Strand after strand of multicolored light curled up. As Shi Hao inhaled and exhaled the auspicious multicolored strands, strips of dragon-like energy moved in and out from his mouth and nostrils. He was breathing with a special rhythm, neither too fast nor too slow, as if there was there was a special pace to it.

Too fast was no good, and too slow would not do either; this was a rhythm of his own. After the dragon-like streaks of energy flew out, they circled about his body, separating him from the ground.

It was a strange and fantastic scene. The auspicious energy here was extremely dense, appearing incredibly mysterious. Shi Hao’s body continuously transformed, and the thin layer had fully stabilized. It infused itself into his blood, flesh, internal organs and bones, becoming an indistinguishable part of them.

Half a month later, Shi Hao finally opened his eyes. The walls of the Kun Peng nest were silent. Ancient trees were arranged side by side, producing thick spiritual essence.

His eyes were bright, containing a sense of spirituality within them. His entire being seemed extremely outstanding and distant. This was an embodiment of his body’s spiritual transformation, giving him an otherworldly appearance and a feeling of transcendence.

Needless to say, his cultivation state had improved and his fighting capacity enhanced. The effect was striking and he had overcome an important obstacle.

The Spirit Transformation realm was divided into several stages. The first was the spiritualization of the body, then came the reconstruction of the true self and the nourishing of spirituality of the ten heavenly passages.

Among these, spiritualization of the body was the most vital and essential stage. However, one could only get infinitely close to perfection, as reaching complete success was just too difficult. If one truly did reach such a state of perfection, then that individual’s power would become absolutely terrifying.

In reality, what most people did at this stage was simply the refining of diving light to cleanse their physical bodies and exercising their bones. The process would then go full circle, turning this stage into a repeating routine.

Even pure-blooded creatures found it incredibly difficult to achieve true perfect spiritualization. Of course, one could move onto the next stage and continue cultivation without reaching this nearly impossible state of perfection.

People have discussed ‘spiritualization of the body’ since ancient times, using it to name this stage. However, just how many were actually able to achieve it? Only a handful would succeed from every era.

“I’m still in the process of spiritualization. There’s still a gap between this and the true one.” Shi Hao said to himself.

When perfected, the body would become a spiritual embryo that could transform all kinds of spiritual powers for self use. Not only would his breathing and speed of dao comprehension become much faster during cultivation,  he could even redirect the spiritual essence of an enemy’s attack and use it for himself.

Spiritualization of the body was immensely beneficial. It contained endless wonders, and only those who truly perfected it understood how great it was.

All of a sudden, he felt an inward sensation and turned towards to look into the distance. A pair of lantern-like golden eyes emerged from the misty surroundings, containing within them an extremely powerful fluctuation.

It was a mighty being that was far from ordinary.

Shi Hao was alerted at first, but he loosened up soon after. It was actually just Hairy Ball. With a painful expression, it tumbled over while holding its belly with its tiny claws before finally climbing up the ancient wooden nest.

It rolled over towards Shi Hao, because it couldn’t even walk anymore. Only God knew what it hate eaten. Its small belly was sticking out, and his originally round body was now even fatter.

“So you went to pick spiritual medicines! No wonder your strength increased so much.” Shi Hao was amazed.

Hairy Ball was always sleeping these days, so Shi Hao speculated that it might be undergoing some kind of transformation to recover its divine power. Sure enough, this was exactly the case.

The fluffy and golden Hairy Ball woke up earlier and saw that Shi Hao was still immersed in cultivation. It then sneaked away to look for spirited medicines nearby. It feasted on the medicines and stuffed itself.

Rosy lights gushed out as soon as it opened it mouth, and spirited essence were spilling out from its nostrils and ears. Had normal people ate as much as it did, they would have bursted by now.

“Hurry up and recover yourself quickly. I’m counting on you to teach me those matchless divine abilities, like conjuring out three heads and six arms.” Shi Hao lifted Hairy Ball up and inquired about the outside situation.

Hairy Ball shook it head. It didn’t know much. The only thing it did after waking up was eating, and it did not have to walk far.

“You’re such a foodie!” The devilish brat gave its head a knock. He then rubbed his own stomach after realizing that it was growling with hunger.

With a flash, he disappeared from his current spot. An hour later, he returned with several spirited medicines in hand. He began to chew on them with a kachi sounds, as if he was eating carrots.

Hairy Ball gave him look of contempt and shouted in a zhizhi sound, meaning ‘you’re a foodie yourself, why telling me off?’.

The Kun Peng nest contained several forbidden forbidden regions that were full of spirited medicines. The lands were luxuriantly green, dazzling even those who looked from afar. Had these lands been located outside this place, even the ancient countries would start a fight over such resources.

“I must achieve the complete spiritualization of the body!” Shi Hao told himself and started a new round of cultivation.

By now he had learned enough about this level and was looking for ways to go beyond the limit. He strived to achieve perfection in each level and aimed to become legendary.

Another several days had passed before he opened his eyes again. Hairy Ball was acting furtively as it dragged back a stone tablet. Ancient characters were written over it.

“What’s this?” He was surprised.

Hairy Ball gestured to explain that it had stolen the tablet, hence the sneaky behavior.

Currently the world outside had fallen into chaos. All clans were searching in the nest, triggering forbidden formations from time to time. Mighty beings fell like autumn leaves, but they did make some great discoveries.

People had discovered some stone tablets. Although there weren’t any divine powers recorded on them, they were still valuable since these writings were left by Kun Peng, recording its life stories.

Seeing that the others were grabbing the tablets, Hairy Ball also joined in. Including this one, it had taken back eight pieces.

Shi Hao looked around and saw a pile of stone tablets. He studied them with patience, reading everything carefully. An idea came to him. Although the tablets did not contain secret methods, they did talk about the trainings and penances the Kun Peng went through after being born.

One of them even mentioned that this sea resembled closely to the birthplace of the Kun Peng. The similar environment was suitable for the young ones to train themselves.

Shi Hao stretched out. “Come, let’s go outside.”

Finally, they walked out of the Kun Peng nest and followed along the path. They found many people had also backed out. After exploring this place for so long and suffering so many deaths and injuries, they still hadn’t found the precious technique.

Many were getting doubtful about whether the nest contained that matchless divine power or not.

Everyone had become even more careful now. They only sent part of their teams to explore the nest and the rest waited outside, because continuing to rush forward would be too exhausting.

Putong! Shi Hao dived into the blue sea and started another round of cultivation to toughen himself.

Located at the bottom of the sea were the Cave of the Utmost Yang, the Abyss of Black Ice, and the Tomb of Fallen Stars, all of which were the most wonderful places to train for spiritualization. Common people might not set eyes on even one of them in a lifetime.

Flames surged high in the Cave of the Utmost Yang. The light glistened on the seabed, unextinguishable by the sea water.

Everything was sealed by ice in the Abyss of Black Ice. Frozen sea water filled the place. One could only get near by breaking through the ice.

The Tomb of Fallen Stars consisted of meteorites that had fallen from the sky, and there were even some divine iron ores that were extremely rare in this world. They had all dropped down from the sky, piling up high in this place.

These were terrifying places. Spiritual essence moved so violently that it could easily tear one to pieces. To toughen oneself in these places was like living in heaven and hell at the same time.

“Did the Kun Peng use these to train and strengthen itself when it was young?” Shi Hao said to himself before starting another round of tough cultivation.

He was absorbed by this place and had forgotten the nights and days. For exactly three months, he had introduced all kinds of spiritual powers into his body and pushed his physical strength to another height.

Finally, at the pitchblack bottom of the sea, a figure opened his eyes, emitting two flashes of divine lightnings. It was a striking scene. The figured murmured to himself. “Absolute Spiritualization of the body, I made it.”

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