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Chapter 242 – Free-For-All

Time was now extremely crucial. There wasn’t a single moment to spare, or else someone else was going to get it first. Everyone’s minds were filled with these thoughts as they killed their way forward.

Murderous shouts immediately reached its peak, and experts fell down in large amounts. Blood and bone blossomed into the air, clearly showing the enticement of the Kun Peng’s divine technique.

They all began to fight while risking life and limb, brandishing their precious artifacts while rushing forward.

Only a short period of time had passed, yet the ground was already littered with corpses. At the entrance to the ancient nest, skeletons of the dead were piled into a small mountain, containing with it the remains of all types of creatures.


Everyone shouted loudly as they used their precious artifacts. Bone texts were packed densely in this place, turning this place into a field of demons. So many creatures died that the blood converged into a small stream.

“Hurry, they are about to enter!” Everyone shouted. The situation was anything but reassuring. The group of people who held the bony remains of the Kun Peng were trying to prop open the small crack of an entrance, and were on the verge of succeeding.

Shi Hao was mixed in with the crowd, encountering attacks here and there. He carefully dealt with them as he also killed forward. The crevice into the nest was already quite large, and there was already someone that rushed in.

The area around the crack was even more fierce. Roars could be heard from time to time as all types of symbols surged and flooded that area. A group of experts were immediately shaken until they felt unstable and coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

Shi Hao had just arrived at the entrance when he was attacked. Beside him, a large sledgehammer smashed down with brilliant light. The extremely large weapon was swung over by an ocean beast, creating wuwu noises.

With a hong sound, Shi Hao avoided it, but miserable shrieks rang out from the group of creatures near him. After being struck, they immediately turned into a bloody paste.

A light tremble vibration was released. The symbols on those the sledgehammer burned brilliantly, as if a volcano was erupting. They began to swirl about before smashing down on this place, killing everyone within this group.

This was a top expert within the spirit transformation realm, far surpassing other cultivators in this realm. It had revealed its own technique, and was currently unrivalled in strength here. The silver sledgehammer weighing several hundred thousand jin swept out towards everyone here.

This ocean beast’s body was entirely white. It had the head of a flood dragon and the body of an alligator, but its claws were quite long, allowing it to travel upright. Its enormous body gave off an enormous pressure itself.


Shi Hao swung out his sword. Black light flickered from his his hands, immediately slicing the enormous sledgehammer into two with the blade radiance.

He did not tarry here any longer and rushed into the nest through that crack. The fighting inside was even more intense as heavenly opportunities awaited everyone.

The ocean beast was shocked and followed behind. It had avoided Shi Hao’s sword, but as it held its broken sledgehammer, it was incredibly angry.

“All of you, get out of my way!” With a roar, it spat out an expanse of silver bone text that turned into searing light. WIth a hu sound, it directly melted a group of cultivators into ashes.

“Powerful loose cultivators from the ocean floor!” Everyone was shocked. These creatures had great inheritances and weren’t easy to deal with.

Fights were happening all over the place inside. Many creatures were currently engaged in combat to gain an edge in seeing the Kun Peng’s precious technique. At every corner, blood as being spilt as people paid for this chance with their lives.


A wave of symbols immediately attacked Shi Hao as soon as he entered this archaic dao land. The experts were all fighting, and as soon as someone got close, they would attack that individual.

The broken sword shone, blocking the densely packed symbols. He rushed towards a relatively emptier area to defend himself.

Even though there were many people who rushed in, there was still a sufficiently large area. This place was a world of its own. They couldn’t see the ancient trees of the Kun Peng nest, they could only see a mist-covered wide space.


Not far off, a flood dragon was sliced apart, and its original form was quickly reflected by its corpse. It was over several hundred zhang in length, creating a rather shocking sight.

It was obviously an expert that exceeded the Spirit Transformation realm. However, after being helplessly suppressed, it could only die without displaying all of its divine might, dying in battle here.

Of course, the ones that tried to kill him weren’t just mere descendants. Those that could enter weren’t weak. All of them had outstanding backgrounds with no lack of pure-blooded creatures.

This place was incredibly spacious, but a large amount of killing was still taking place here. All of these powerful individuals were fighting in muddled warfare as they followed an ancient road into the depths of the cave.

Along the way, there was a large battered boulder that was plain and dull. There was a line of text carved on it: Swallow the sun and moon, refine the primal chaos.

Everyone stopped and sucked in a breath of cold air. Only the Kun Peng could do such a thing, right? It’s level of cultivation was unfathomable, and just the slightest bit of its energy could make people stunned. Its power was simply unfathomable.

In that instant, the great battle erupted. It became even more intense, because there were some diagrams carved into that enormous rock. A Kun Peng was spreading its wings into the skies, covering the nine heavens.

Even though it was indistinct, the intimidating fighting aura was already through the roof. Its feathers were neatly spread out, as if they were going to pierce through the heaven and earth. This kind of overbearing aura was truly unmatched.

It was just a single diagram, yet it made everyone begin to fight fiercely. It was because there was a unique dao within, making everyone want to take it for their own to carefully study.


A flying sword descended, and even though it was only about a dozen inches long, it was incomparably sharp. It released a golden energy that flickered with brilliance as it hacked towards the powerful individuals. Many precious artifacts were broken as a result.

Shi Hao was also within the range of this attack. He quickly dodged to the side, avoiding the strike. The ones that were around him were immediately sliced in half, causing blood to rush high into the air.

They were clearly quite a distance away, yet they still similarly suffered from the attack. It wasn’t because they were weak, but rather because this flying sword’s power was too great. It possessed a purple luster and flowed with auspicious energy. A single slice killed a large group of people.

Its owner was a fish, a monstrous fish that was a meter in length. Purple scales covered its entire body, and its tail could allow it to walk upright. Two dragon fangs hung from its mouth.

Apart from this, there wasn’t anything unique about it. Purple energy diffused from all over its body, releasing an extremely formidable fluctuation!

“Amethyst Fish?” Someone shouted with a look of shock. This was an exceedingly rare creature that existed in legends.

These creatures could swallow worldly essence and store it as amethysts. This was an incomparably precious treasure! Just a single bit of it could allow a precious artifact to improve its grade. For flying swords in particular, adding a bit would immediately make it incredibly sharp and powerful.

An Amethyst Fish that was so skilled and powerful was naturally quite terrifying. Once a rarely seen creature like this was able to cultivate successfully, then they would become extremely powerful creatures.

Even though this was the case, after the experts saw its purple flying sword, their eyes immediately burned with desire. This was a rarely seen treasure! An amethyst sword without any impurities would make even those from the Archaic Divine Mountains envious.

“To set your eyes on me, you all might as well keep dreaming.” The Amethyst Fish sneered. Even though it was only a meter tall, the fluctuations it emitted made people feel as if they were facing an enormous beast.

It opened its mouth and spat out a mouthful of purple energy. That flying sword immediately became even more splendid and transformed into a purple sun before sweeping through everything like rotten vines. Precious artifacts shattered in succession, and a few people cried out loudly. Their blood splashed outwards as corpses began to fall down.


Purple energy drizzled down from the flying sword. It rotated in the air and arrived in front of that giant boulder. With fierce slash, stone fragments flew out everywhere. That diagram was carved out by the monstrous fish.

The meter length Amethyst Fist opened its mouth and inhaled. That stone slab shrunk and entered his mouth before disappearing.

Everyone shivered inwardly. This was an incredibly powerful creature of the sea.

Upon seeing it obtaining the stone plate, none of them tried to stop it, because they could see this this wasn’t some supreme treasure. How could the true Kun Peng’s precious technique be so easy seized?

This path was incredibly long, and the dao field was extremely vast. After walking for more than ten days in a row, they still didn’t reach the end. This was definitely a world of its own, or else such a thing wouldn’t have happened.

Along the way, the devilish child would fight intensely with others from time to time. Even though he had the broken sword in his hands, he still received injuries, because there were just too many powerful individuals here.

“It’s you! Where do you think you are going?!” A loud shout rang out. The green-haired youth was holding a golden whip as he rushed over murderously.

This was not a soft whip, but rather in the shape of a sword. It didn’t have a point and had four edges as well as twenty-eight segments. Rather than calling it a whip, it was more correct to call it a short rod with a handle.

During these past few days, the green-haired youth had recovered his injuries. However, every time he thought back to that past scene, the area between his legs would suddenly ache terribly. He was simply torn apart alive! For a pure-blooded creature like him, this was simply inconceivable amount of shame and humiliation.

“Stop him, don’t let him get away!” Qing Yun shouted loudly.

Several divine servants rushed over, shining brightly one one after another. They were all like old lions with long hair and beards as they released the most powerful force they could muster.

“Don’t go!” Yun Xi opened her mouth, ordering the old servants beside her to stop.

“Loser that got ripped apart by me, why did you appear again? Do you want to go for round two?” The devilish brat ridiculed. The broken sword in his hands swept out, hacking out with black light.


As the symbol horn sound. The beast horn released silver ripples that poured over like great waves, blocking the slash. An earsplitting explosion was released between the two.

This was a supreme treasure from the Archaic Divine Mountains, and it was something that the divine servants relied out to deal with all types of situations. It was not destroyed even after encountering all those terrifying creatures.

Shi Hao knit his brows; this horn was formidable after all. Once the silver ripples were released, it was was like a cage of sword radiance. This was definitely a supreme ancient treasure.

The ancient beast horn emitted light and confronted that broken sword. The two collided again, and even though they couldn’t exceed the power of Spirit Transformation here, it was still extremely terrifying.

Several divine servants rushed over. Qing Yun sneered, and with the green and gold whip in his hands, he soared into the air like a great peng before hacking towards that space.

“You dare to fight me in the sky? Aren’t you scared of your legs being split open again?” The devilish brat mocked. Within such an intense fight, these words were extremely ear-piercing and out of place.

However, it was extremely effective. When Qing Yun though of the last battle, his legs immediately became unstable. He couldn’t help but tremble, and the powerful force from that attack was immediately disrupted.

Haha… The devilish brat laughed loudly, seeming completely carefree. Meanwhile, Qing Yun bit his lip as his entire face fell ashen. He truly wished he could immediately kill his opponent.


The divine servants’ attacks had arrived. Shi Hao’s ten heavenly passage flared upon facing this and began to revolve with the power of Spirit Transformation to fiercely contest it. However, he was was struck with so much force that his entire body shook, continuously forcing him back.

In the end, he had just entered this cultivation realm. Compared to those that were truly at the peak, his cultivation was still considered relatively low. To be able to fight at such a level was already quite shocking.

Afterall, would any other creatures at the spirit transformation realm dare to fight the divine servants? It was entirely possible for them to become bloody paste after receiving a single attack, dying on the spot.

Shi Hao realized that his cultivation level was still comparatively lower. He really should study the dao and advance his cultivation, or else he was going to pay dearly for it. However, time was of the essence, so how could he have the time to calmly cultivate? If he missed this opportunity, then he would most likely not have the opportunity to obtain the Kun Peng’s precious technique again.

“The end is in sight!” Suddenly, a loud shout rang out, causing noise to immediately fill this spacious area.

All of the fighting stopped as everyone rushed forward towards the exit, all of them trying to outdo one another.

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