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Chapter 235 – The Land of Death

The beast hide was cut in two by the golden spear. Over a hundred men exploded into pieces, immediately filling the air with a bloody mist. The headless creature was too powerful; no one could face it head on.

“Run, or else we will all get killed! This is a holy being that fought to death within this sea during the ancient era. Its will to kill will never fade!” Even the divine servants were shaken by it, let alone the others. None of them stood a chance.

“Wuwu…”One of the old divine servants took out a beast horn, which was a supreme treasure. It blew out a wuwu sound, and the resulting ripples expanded to lash at the headless knight.

The rest summoned their treasured artifacts before running in all directions. The split-up was necessary, or they else they would have been completely wiped out, dying together in this battlefield.

The wuwu sounds were deafening. As the beast horn radiated in all colors, silver ripples began to spread and disturb the sea. Waves rose and fell violently, almost touching the sky.

However, the headless creature was extremely powerful. It lifted its spear towards the horizon, causing an extraordinary golden radiance to slash everything. All of the ripples created by the beast horn were dismantled.


The hoofbeats shook heaven and earth. The huge black horse stepped on the sea surface before leaping into the air. Its steps were like thunder as it soared upwards, creating an absolutely astounding scene.

The divine servants were terrified, because they could not fend off its attack. They could not buy more time even if they wanted to. Seeing this, they no longer dared to confront this creature any longer and started to flee.

However, the headless holy being was too mighty. With a sweep of the golden spear, wind howled like thunder and the sea roar ferociously towards the sky, defeating everything.


Six to seven mighty divine servants exploded all at once. Their bodies became pieces of flesh and blood-stained white bones flew in all directions. One sweep and they were all destroyed.

The power was invincible. The remaining killing desire of an ancient holy being alone could cause a disturbance of this scale. It carried everything before it, and would stop at nothing.  

“Be quick!”

The divine servants holding beast horns were the only survivors, and they were fleeing as fast as they could. The horn glowed with a precious light that surrounded them, carrying them away at a crazy speed.

“Run! Quickly!”

The others’ faces ashened and fled in all directions. It was a life-and-death escape. They were no match for the headless knight, and staying here would surely lead to death.

The endless sea was vast and boundless. They split up during the escape, but many were still killed. The sweep of the golden spear almost slashed the sky open. Blood spilled into the distance.

People like the purple-clothed girl and the green-haired boy were specially taken care of by the divine servants. They were defended by treasured artifacts as they moved at top speed.

However, they could not avoid the attack. The headless holy being chased after them. It waved the spear, and the golden light soared. Two divine servants sacrificed themselves to cover the rear, their bodies exploding soon afterwards.

Even beings as powerful as them could do nothing about it. Blocking it by force would only mean death. The treasured artifacts would split apart, and the remaining glittering pieces would then fall into the sea.

This was what an attitude of true invincibility looked like. It answered to no one, yet even a holy being as mighty as this one had fought to death in the ancient times, falling into this sea.

“Let’s gather at the sea where the Kun Peng nest is. We’ll go separate ways!”

There was no other way. They all split up and dashed far away into the forbidden seas. Right now, survival was the only thing that mattered, everything else was forgotten.

The devilish brat was of course among those being chased. However, after all the divine servants nearby had been killed off, he found himself somewhat safer.

The headless knight turned to hunt down other divine servants. The horse galloped in the other direction and was soon far away from him.

“He has no head and no consciousness. The only thing left is the eternal desire to kill. The more powerful they are, the more dangerous it is for them to be here since the knight’s acute sense can detect them. Is this what’s going on?” Shi Hao talked to himself.

He then stopped talking. Controlling the golden Dragon Scissors, he soon fled from the scene and ran deep into the sea.

After all, the headless holy being had already died in the ancient time. He was under a peculiar condition now, controlled by an evil desire to kill. He was no longer a complete living creature, therefore after a while, he sank into the sea and did not appear again.

Even so, the team from the Archaic divine mountain had been severely damaged. Of all the three hundred or so people, only dozens survived, and the rest had all been killed.

Apart from the divine servants holding the supreme beast horns, the rest would exploded right away even by a scratch of the spear. It was a heavenly prestige that no one could fend off.

Several hours later, somewhere deep into the sea, the team reassembled. No one said a word, and they all looked miserable. The experience was so terrible. They had not even reached the forbidden place, yet they lost almost everyone.

This expedition of discovering the remains truly started off terribly. Maybe this was an ominous sign!

“How could this have happened?” Everyone was frowning, afraid of failing.

Another four hours passed and no one else had shown up. There were no more than sixty survivors, and the rest were mostly like dead.

However, the most unacceptable fact was that some teenagers who were direct descendants of the divine mountain were also killed. Their divines servants and guards had almost all died in the battle as well.

The only ones left were the purple-clothed girl, silver-haired girl, red-haired boy, Shi Hao, and the hostile green-haired boy. “Why did this happen to you, my lady? How am I going to tell the master?” A divine servant covered in blood was crying aloud. A beautiful girl, a pure-blooded creature, had withered beside him.

“This was not supposed to happen! We haven’t even stepped into the Kun Peng’s nest yet. This place is no better than the devil’s land.”

This region was full of cold winds and pouring rain. Many were wailing sadly, and even creatures as mighty as the Archaic divine mountain ones were not invincible here. They too were attacked after entering this vast sea.

“Can we still make it?” The silver-haired girl asked. Her name was Yin Xue, or ‘silver snow’, and her face of full of sadness. That girl was a good friend of hers, and now that she had passed away, Yin Xue felt absolutely awful.

“We’ve already come this far, and the Kun Peng nest is within our reach. We cannot give up now.” Said the red-haired boy. He was called Chi Hou, meaning ‘red fire’, and was a powerful and strong-willed boy. His resplendent eyes were forceful like blazing suns.

“We must obtain the Kun Peng treasured artifact. It is the matchless divine power of the mightiest ten archaic savages, so we cannot afford to let it go to others. It’s so powerful that even the balance of the great wasteland will be affected,” said the green-haired boy coldly. His name was Qing Yun, or ‘green cloud’, and had chilly eyes.

Several divine servants were all sighing. Danger was waiting ahead, but could they turn back now? After seeing so many die, leaving now would be too shameful.

However, the beginning of their journey thus far was truly disastrous. Too many people had died before they even reached the destination, and as a result, a shadow had been cast over everybody’s mind.

Only six divine servants had survived. They frowned and started a discussion.

“This journey is going to be extremely difficult. The Kun Peng remains have probably overlapped with the ancient battlefield. Each time it appears, this water would become a devil’s sea.”

“In the past, ancient holy beings have scrambled for supremacy here with the gods of the sea. They were probably also fighting for this divine power.”

Although the divine servants’ positions were lower than the teeangers, these powerful creatures were in fact the main combat force now. Their decision would have significant impact on the rest of this journey.

Shi Hao was unsettled. Only a small amount of sea creatures had appeared, but the consequence was horrifying, and the ferocity was no less than the wasteland.

He felt this journey forebode disasters rather than blessings. Now that the group had lost more than ninety percent of its members, would they still have the strength to contend against others? He began to wonder how the other groups were faring.

The beast horn began to emit light, becoming similar to a mountain ridge as it soared through the sky. They stood on it while looking down at the vast sea ahead.

Finally, after travelling for an entire day and night, they approached the place recorded in the ancient scrolls. What appeared before them was a sea of death; most of the intruders that set foot in it had died there.

As they approached, a shout could be heard. “Halt! The Supreme Flood Dragon has ordered the sea to be sealed. No one is allowed to go in!”

The sound came from a seabird that was several zhang in length with black feathers and azure eyes. At the first glance, it looked like a crow. It opened its bloody mouth and shouted at them.

“It’s a Sea Slave, an amphibious creatures that can both fly and swim. They are quite powerful, and usually work for other sea creatures as their guards.”

The Supreme Sea Devil was waiting ahead and the Supreme Flood Dragon had blocked their rear. Both had ordered for the sea to be sealed. This was not a good sign. Could it mean that the mighty sea creatures had also learned of the situation, and were going to join in the competition?

Now that stopping was no longer possible, breaking the blockade with force was the only option.

“Stop them!”

Outside the forbidden sea, a school of silver sharks appeared. Runes spurted out from their mouths, turning into densely knitted divine lights. They rushed into the sky before attacking everyone.

Sea creatures were not only enormous, but also powerful. Each silver shark was extremely huge and caused mountain-high waves to splash out. The waves were infused with formidable precious techniques as they slammed over.

The wuwu sound started, disturbing the air. The silver ripple from the beast horn began to spread like waves as it rushed forward.

The battle started. One side was trying to get in, and the other side was doing everything to stop them.

The sea fluctuated violently. Blue waves soared into the sky as runes crossed each other like lightning. They battle was extremely fierce.

The ten-or-so people from the Archaic divine mountain used their supreme beast horn to break the blockade and entered the terrifying sea of death. Tens of bodies of silver sharks were left behind.

“You are all dead meat!” Angry roars came from behind.

From the distant sea appeared silver dorsal fins. The scene was extremely formidable. Tens of thousands of sharks were closely packed and came at them unbridled.

“Oh my god… This sea is horrible. The boundless water contains so many creatures. Mighty beings like them can show up in the tens of thousands. There’s no way we can fight this.” Even the divine servants were petrified.

Those silver sharks were no common sea creatures, and were all mighty beings. Now that they came in such huge numbers, the Archaic divine mountain team dared not to put up a fight, soon fleeing as a result.

They finally escaped into the forbidden sea, and the fog was thickening all around. Blue seawater rose and fell, with vapor obscuring the surroundings. The sun was blurred. They deeper they went in, the darker it became.

If things went on like this, they would very likely to get lost. The vapor filled the air and mist coiled up around them. All was quiet, this place was dead silent.

By then, the divine servants were struggling. They could barely operate the supreme beast horn beneath them. They had spent too much divine power here, and could not hold up much longer.

“It is as hard to stay aloft here as in the legends. This place is extremely energy draining, and the more powerful one is, the more unwilling that individual would be to enter here, as unforeseeable things might happen.”

They landed on the sea, using the beast horn as a boat. The horn released symbols as it sailed in the vast sea.

“We should be in the right place. I wonder where the Kun Peng nest is. Hopefully nothing will go wrong from now on.” Said a divine servant.

They sailed forward. The waters were calm without any waves. Shi Hao and the others didn’t feel anything unusual, but the divine servants immediately became shocked. They were suppressed, their cultivation level weakened!

The further they sailed, the more uncomfortable it became. The feeling of being suppressed was terrible.

“Yi? That’s not quite the case. Sometimes, the suppression is lifted. My cultivation is fluctuating, very unstable.”

“It’s clear that we are approaching the Archaic divine nest. Something is not right though.”

When the mighty experts approached the divine nest, their cultivation levels would be gradually confined until they were reduced to the Spirit Transformation level. The situation now was somehow different.

“The circumstances are different, and one does not have to be in the Spirit Transformation realm to enter the forbidden land. It seems like even mightier beings can also get in!”

After travelling for more than half a day, the divine servants came to this shocking conclusion after their repeated deduction and analysis.

Some shocking changes were happening within this ocean region, and it was possible that the Archaic Kun Peng nest was about to fully come into being and no longer force such restrictions.

Creatures from the divine mountain all rejoiced and immediately tried to contact the elders. If the elders came, then the chances of succeeding would become much greater.

Shi Hao was the only one that felt that something wasn’t right. These changes were very disadvantageous to him.

The forbidden sea was calm, even to a point of feeling lifeless. If no one spoke, the silence could drive them mad. The sea surface was perfectly flat.

The water mist waved in the wind and fog rose in the air. The surroundings were blurrier than ever, and the sun was nearly covered up. It was dim all around.

“Yi? What is that?”

Someone suddenly called out in surprise and pointed to the front where a glimmer could be seen. A mountain-sized ship that was in terrible shape appeared. Symbols flickered as it floated on the sea surface.

“That’s a battleship of the Southern Meteoric Divine Mountain. I’ve seen it before!” Said Chi Huo.

“He’s right. I have also seen it!” Nodded Yin Xue.

They all came from the Archaic divine mountain and had visited each other. They had met rivals among the disciples and descendants of other great forces, so they naturally knew about this remarkable battleship.

Obviously, the people from the South Fallen Divine Mountain had been attacked and their treasured ship had been destroyed here. They could not tell if anyone had survived.

This made them even more nervous. The dead sea was full of unknown dangers. If they behaved incautiously here, then those might become their last moments.

The fog was thickening. They kept moving forward, but things on the sea surface were hard to recognize. Everything was a blur.

“I can see a ship…”

Someone called out in surprise and pointed into the distance. Through the heavy fog, they could barely make up some ships sailing slowly. Some were as huge as mountains, and others were only over one zhang long. The ships were separated far from one another.

“This is so weird. Why aren’t they making any sounds?”

When the ships were closer, they could see greenish lights glimmering on them. The color gave the ships a miserable look, and was a bit frightening.

“How ancient are these ships… When were they made?” When they could see more clearly, even the divine servants became astonished.

“They are lost ships of the ancient time, called ‘ghost ships’. Don’t go near them, or terrible things will happen and we may all be killed!”

They turned to another direction immediately, trying to avoid the ships.


Shocking waves suddenly rose up. Enormous torrents shook the enormous beast horn. Even though symbols were still shining, they were still nearly overturned.

“Watch out!” Shouted Yin Xue. She looked behind the purple-clothed girl, and horror filled her eyes.

Hair stood up on all their backs as a murderous enmity chilled them to the bone. Kun Peng wings shone brightly on Shi Hao’s back. He threw the purple-clothed girl into the air, and he himself also dodged quickly from the spot.


A huge tentacle struck down on the place where they were standing. The beast horn was shaken as symbols flashed. It felt like an earthquake.

“How dare you!” The divine servants operated the beast horn together, releasing precious light to fend off the monster.

Huge waves rose up to the sky. A black monster as big as a mountain appeared from the sea, and each of its tentacles were long enough to reach the sky.

The beast horn was a supreme treasure itself, yet the monster could still face it head on, proving how formidable it must be. It was a leading figure of the great savages.

With a “honglong” sound, black lightning struck the beast horn, almost knocked it over. Runes penetrated inside, striking the precious light guarding them and attacking everyone.

At this moment, the beast horn was being struck chaotically. All the divine servants and guards moved to defend the teenagers.

The only one forgotten at this critical moment was Shi Hao. After all, he was only a stranger. When everyone’s fate hung in the balance, he was left out. No one came to him.


He was thrown away by a wave of turbulence and fell into the water.

“Not good!” Shi Hao was startled to see a tentacle coming at him like a mountain ridge.

“Ah, screw it!” His eyes flickered. Moving at top speed, he stepped on the sea surface and rushed onto one of the ghost ships that had been lost here since ancient times.

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